Sunday, February 26, 2012

schooling commy on smaller government

407 I am so sick of hearing arguments that "small government" will be better for America. Small government supporters, can you name even one country with a very high standard of living that has a small federal government? (self.politics) submitted 13 hours ago by gashmoney It just seems that every nation in the list of highest standards of living has a large government, high tax rate, and large social safety net 1082 commentssharesavehidereport top 200 commentsshow 500 sorted by: new formatting help save [–]falldems 1 point 39 milliseconds ago Well dunce, the USA, and USA is no1 and got that way due to small federal government. Notice the euro impoding at states going bankrupt as strong federal government aka communism grips europe and squuezes!! lol if government could wave wand and give us all a mansion it would, but that is a pipe dream, what it really creates are unfirable non sproductive assholes who demand automatic pay increses and pensions for producing nothing. As the percent of them gets bigger the country falters as USA is doing. permalinkeditdeletereply

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