Saturday, February 25, 2012

nuke israel lol rant also lustron homes

3:58:06 AM) deodand: hows the communism folks? (3:58:40 AM) paradox: nice and jewish (3:59:18 AM) RegEchse [~obscurant@] entered the room. (3:59:25 AM) mode (+v RegEchse) by moderatum (4:04:30 AM) keilty_ [] entered the room. (4:04:56 AM) mode (+v keilty_) by moderatum (4:09:49 AM) cjsarette [] entered the room. (4:09:56 AM) mode (+v cjsarette) by moderatum (4:10:24 AM) keilty left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 499 seconds). (4:12:52 AM) mode (-b *!*@ by moderatum (4:13:50 AM) deodand: lol (4:13:54 AM) deodand: nuke israel (4:13:59 AM) paradox: indeed. (4:14:09 AM) paradox: zionist terrorist scum. (4:15:06 AM) Lukin: lets nuke israel. Why not? (4:15:19 AM) Lukin: great idea (4:15:54 AM) paradox: how many nukes does israel have? (4:16:07 AM) Lukin: Many. (4:16:17 AM) paradox: nuking them would probable nuke the whole world (4:17:19 AM) Lukin: (4:17:43 AM) Lukin: it says 80-200 for Israel (4:23:54 AM) paradox: America should invade Israel for doing 9/11 (4:25:05 AM) Son0fSpam left the room (quit: ). (4:29:50 AM) seventh [seventh@] entered the room. (4:29:50 AM) mode (+b *!*@31.6.*) by coppertop (4:29:50 AM) seventh left the room (Kicked by coppertop (Banned: Abusive user or domain)). (4:33:52 AM) mode (-b *!* by coppertop (4:33:55 AM) deodand: roll un in (4:33:57 AM) deodand: remvoe jews (4:34:01 AM) deodand: give to palineans (4:34:10 AM) deodand: take awya all welfare from usa to area (4:34:16 AM) deodand: let it revert to crap sand desert (4:34:28 AM) deodand: build nuclea rpower plans by dozen for elctric ar (4:34:31 AM) deodand: be done with it (4:35:31 AM) luldangs [nY3hnbOpoZ@2001:470:1f0e:bee::2] entered the room. (4:35:58 AM) mode (+v luldangs) by moderatum (4:36:08 AM) deodand: luston home awesome (4:36:10 AM) deodand: all steel (4:36:18 AM) deodand: porcelain coating like stove (4:36:23 AM) deodand: 0 maintenance $7000 (4:36:27 AM) deodand: imagine that (4:36:32 AM) deodand: no rent or mortgage (4:36:38 AM) deodand: and make em tax free (4:36:42 AM) deodand: end all land taxes

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