Friday, March 9, 2012

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" Of all the avatara in the Four Ages there is no doubt that Mazzarin was the most powerful and his death the most salient victory of the Dark during the Wind Age." " ... the seventh wave of Thrall stumbled and climbed over the slippery, piled dead and Mazzarin saw The Watcher with them and at last knew the number of his days."

" Of all the avatara in the Four Ages there is no doubt that Mazzarin was the most powerful and his death the most salient victory of the Dark during the Wind Age." " ... the seventh wave of Thrall stumbled and climbed over the slippery, piled dead and Mazzarin saw The Watcher with them and at last knew the number of his days."

500mil to hybrid comany and hybrid breaks down after 200 miles fisker karma got half a billion free thank obama commy support companies that cant produce

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Wow you democrats are dumb. You want to force people to pay for the health care and contraception of other people and label that a right? Communism out in the daylight there eh? Why not right to a mansion? a yaght? oh yeah because communism has never worked you fools!! Democrats need to get that ending all so called rights are what normal capitalism loving americans want and not your insane communism. Health care is universal - buy it!!! stop spending money on blockbuster video and beer!! stop having kid when your poor!! buy contraception not big stereo for car

If religious people at religiously affiliated institutions don't want to use birth control they can simply not take advantage of its availability. That's their right. Obstructing the rights of other people who disagree with them should not be permitted. ( submitted 29 days ago by unclefred 449 comments share save hide report top 200 commentsshow all 449 sorted by: new formatting help [–]falldems 1 point 10 seconds ago Wow you democrats are dumb. You want to force people to pay for the health care and contraception of other people and label that a right? Communism out in the daylight there eh? Why not right to a mansion? a yaght? oh yeah because communism has never worked you fools!! Democrats need to get that ending all so called rights are what normal capitalism loving americans want and not your insane communism. Health care is universal - buy it!!! stop spending money on blockbuster video and beer!! stop having kid when your poor!! buy contraception not big stereo for car

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tax google to get back ad rev citizens generate

Obstructionist Senate again votes down keystone pipeline. Lets kick all dems out this fall.

Senate rejects Keystone in 56-42 vote By Ben Geman and Josiah Ryan - 03/08/12 04:20 PM ET The Senate has rejected a GOP plan to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline after President Obama made personal calls to Democrats urging them to oppose it. The 56-42 vote staves off an election-year rebuke of Obama, but will give political ammunition to backers of TransCanada Corp.’s plan to build a pipeline connecting Alberta’s massive tar sands projects to Gulf Coast refineries. Despite Obama's efforts, 11 Democrats brushed off Obama on the vote and sided with Republicans. The 11 Democratic defections were Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Bob Casey (Pa.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Jim Webb (Va.). More Keystone pipeline news: Boehner: Obama 'lobbying against American jobs' Pelosi says Keystone might be 'worthy' but won't cut gas prices Energy chief: We want lower gas prices No Republicans voted against the measure, and 60 votes were needed to move forward. With gas prices rising, the issue has become an election-year political weapon for Republicans, who say Obama is passing up a chance to boost U.S. energy security and create jobs. Several of the Democrats who voted in favor of Keystone face reelection contests this year, including Casey, Manchin, McCaskill and Tester. Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), the measure's chief sponsor, told reporters after the vote that he'll continue seeking ways to advance Keystone. "All along we've said the highway bill was just one option. This is a project that got majority support in the Senate. We are making progress," Hoeven said. "We will see what else comes up, and I'm not even sure that we're done with the highway bill. Remember we have got to work with the House too," said Hoeven, who highlighted the Democratic votes for the amendment. RELATED ARTICLES Reid vowed Dems would kill Keystone amendment Boehner: Obama 'lobbying against American jobs' Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and other Democrats opposed to the project argued oil would end up going to Asia, and that the pipeline could even raise costs in the U.S. Obama rejected a cross-border permit for the Keystone pipeline in January. He said the decision was not based on the merits of the project, but instead in response to a 60-day permit decision deadline that Republicans demanded in a December payroll tax cut bill. Obama said the deadline would short-circuit review. The administration has invited TransCanada to reapply for a cross-border permit, which the company plans to do, and is also blessing TransCanada’s plan to proceed with a portion of the project to bring U.S oil from Oklahoma to Gulf Coast refineries. Obama personally urged senators to reject the amendment, and White House spokesman Clark Stevens, ahead of the vote, bashed the proposal sponsored by Hoeven and backed by GOP leadership. “Once again Republicans are trying to play politics with a pipeline project whose route has yet to be proposed, and despite the claims that this would somehow solve the pain families are feeling at the pump today, according to the company it would take years before it transported a drop of oil,” Stevens said in a statement. The amendment, unlike previous GOP efforts to simply create a deadline for an administration permit decision, would have bypassed the administration and approved construction, although the legislation would still require Obama’s signature. Obama in recent days and weeks has aggressively touted his own energy policies with a trio of speeches in battleground states. Powerful industry groups including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute, along with some unions, have lobbied strongly for the pipeline and argue that the State Department has already conducted a robust review of the project. TransCanada initially applied for a permit in 2008. Environmentalists and a number of Democrats strongly oppose the project over greenhouse gas emissions from extracting and burning oil sands, forest damage from the massive projects and fear of spill along the route. Just before the vote on the GOP amendment, the Senate also turned back an amendment from Wyden. The 34-64 vote might have given some Democrats political cover to vote against the GOP-led Keystone amendment from Sens. Hoeven, Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and David Vitter (R-La.). Wyden’s plan required “expeditious” review of the Keystone permit application, but also barred U.S. export of oil from the pipeline or refined products created from it. Hoeven said Wyden's bill would stop the Keystone project. “This amendment is designed to block the project, make no mistake … it requests that TransCanada start over after 3.5 years … and adds additional impediments to the project,” he said prior to the vote. “With gas prices going up every day … we need more supply, and not from the Middle East.” But Wyden said his amendment would ensure Keystone was built the right way. “This amendment ensures the Keystone pipeline is built by American workers using American steel and that our priority is reasonably priced energy for American families and business rather than their Chinese competitors,” he said. “When you build a pipeline that is 2,000 miles across the nation, our challenge is to do it right. There are two alternatives. This one gives us a chance to do it right.”

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Why doesn't obama call sarah palin and giev back bill mahr's cash?

It is “somewhat baffling that GM is willing to get involved in an alliance that it frankly does not need for size or complexity, while still avoiding any public plan to rationalize its European production, cut costs, or deal with labor rates,” according to an analysis by auto industry consultants IHS obtained by ABC.

Now You’re Bailing Out Peugeot in Addition to GM Friday, 09 Mar 2012 12:15 PM By Dan Weil Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article 0 in Share American taxpayers are now bailing out the French auto maker Peugeot as a result of the U.S. government bailout of General Motors. It works like this: U.S. taxpayers still own about 25 percent of GM. And last week GM announced that it will buy a 7 percent stake in Peugeot for about 320 million euros ($420 million). That means U.S. taxpayers will own about 1.75 percent of Peugeot. Editor's Note: You Deserve to Know What Obama and Bernanke Are Hiding From Americans That may not be a good thing. Last year, Peugeot’s auto making division lost $123 million, ABC news reports. Just last week, Moody’s downgraded Peugeot’s credit rating to junk, with a negative outlook, thanks to “severe deterioration” of its finances. GM says it wants in on Peugeot’s strong small car and hybrid vehicle technology expertise. And GM believes the deal will ultimately generate cost savings for both companies as they pool resources. But auto experts aren’t convinced. It is “somewhat baffling that GM is willing to get involved in an alliance that it frankly does not need for size or complexity, while still avoiding any public plan to rationalize its European production, cut costs, or deal with labor rates,” according to an analysis by auto industry consultants IHS obtained by ABC. Auto analysts tell The Wall Street Journal that the tie-up doesn't deal with the problem of chronic overcapacity in Europe’s auto industry, estimated at 20 percent or more.

no fuck you you communist morons. Rush has 18,000 more advertizsers, and if you shitheads read what rush said you would probably agree!! No normal american thinks that the tax payer should pay for birth control, no fucking way. Thats communism. Democrats are such shitheads. No country has pulled off the free mansion for everyone in history. Commnuism never worked and never will. Democrats who are true haters of ineqality are free to mvoe 10 homeless into their home tonight!!!

no fuck you you communist morons. Rush has 18,000 more advertizsers, and if you shitheads read what rush said you would probably agree!! No normal american thinks that the tax payer should pay for birth control, no fucking way. Thats communism. Democrats are such shitheads. No country has pulled off the free mansion for everyone in history. Commnuism never worked and never will. Democrats who are true haters of ineqality are free to mvoe 10 homeless into their home tonight!!!

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commies show thier colors when capitalsits organize and protest communist thievery of our tax dolalrs adn deficit spend to hide it, deficit spending is raising taxes

gavino having fun with stu in tcl channel on irc lolz

23:58] :) [23:58] stu you are in the class of fantasmic communists who hope for some dream [23:58] luckily they cant deliver [23:58] as mao or stalin did [23:58] <@ijchain> gavino, I'm richer than you. [23:58] lo [23:58] naaa [23:59] yer not [23:59] <@ijchain> yyyyyyyup [23:59] not atoll my good man [23:59] your poorer [23:59] poor and arrogant [23:59] never a good combo [23:59] <@ijchain> I don't even have to work, being born into the family that I was born in. [23:59] <@ijchain> into [00:00] <@ijchain> A nice rich Jewish family, with relatives in Israel! [00:00] <@ijchain> And Florida. [00:00] zzz [00:00] who cares [00:00] <@ijchain> you do [00:00] florida is awsome [00:00] <@ijchain> poor person [00:00] naa i dont [00:00] <@ijchain> yeah, we own some of it [00:00] stu I hope u can get job with startup running openbsd [00:00] :) [00:00] <@ijchain> hotels and such, i think [00:00] == gavino [6c0ddab8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds] [00:00] == MaxJarek [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds] [00:01] lol [00:01] communism is not the answer [00:01] stu [00:01] it never was [00:02] <@ijchain> why are you talking about communism? [00:02] [00:02] here is another site 4u stu [00:03] help u get some women [00:03] [00:03] this is another one [00:03] <@ijchain> 4u: [00:04] == superlinux-hp [~oracle@unaffiliated/superlinux] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds] [00:04] oh thats easy [00:05] women have kids [00:05] can run 100mil company if home all day with kid [00:05] and thats a communist sillly organization that make sup lies [00:05] odec [00:05] [00:06] here read up stu [00:06] == jon8 [~jon8@unaffiliated/jon8] has joined #tcl [00:06] * ijchain apw has become available [00:07] == ow [~drewanon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds] [00:07] <@ijchain> She has an adam's apple. [00:08] no shes a chica [00:08] too skiny for me [00:08] need soem fake boobs too [00:08] but atracive mentally [00:08] smart [00:08] rich [00:08] fameous [00:08] and capitalist

Thursday, March 8, 2012

high hilarity gavino rant

[Tcl and Tk | for eggdrop related questions, please go to #eggtcl on the EFNet irc network ( | NB: ijchain is a bot bridging a jabber chat]
[20:49] == le_gavino [6c0ddab8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #tcl
[20:49] -ChanServ- [#tcl] This channel is bridged to a Jabber chat via ijchain. ijchain is a bot. Set your IRC client for UTF-8 encoding in this channel.
[20:49]  ok
[20:49]  got some teknical questions about tcl
[20:50]  surrounding 16 cpu boxes and tcl apps
[20:51] <@ijchain>  le_gavino, wait a sec, I just have to hide you again.
[20:51] <@ijchain>  ahhhh, better.
[20:51]  fuking a colin
[20:51]  cmon
[20:52]  gavino, you would put less load on all of our chat clients if you just kept the same nick
[20:52] <@ijchain>  Yeah.  I might get energetic and start banning gavino.
[20:53] <@ijchain>  repeated violation of agreement not to change nicks, general trollishness, complete irredeemability, republicanism.
[20:53] == le_gavino has changed nick to gavino
[20:53] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify .
[20:53]  come on colin
[20:53]  dont be so ahrsh
[20:54]  don't drink and IRC
[20:55]  aaye
[20:55]  at least you shouldn't ;)
[20:55]  but I am very curious how to get a tcl app to use more than 1 cpu
[20:55]  I see the thread package is that the onyl way?
[20:56]  there is no even driven way?
[21:00] == nvrpunk [~tlnelson@] has joined #tcl
[21:05]  why are threads not good enough?
[21:07]  I don't know, I am vry ignorant.
[21:08]  So tcl-ers just use threads...when they want to grow a program that might be highly laoded and 100% cpu.
[21:08]  one poster on google groups said threads are easy to use
[21:09]  are you actually writing a program now?
[21:09]  no
[21:09]  I am learning tcl.
[21:10]  oh, ok
[21:10]  I work as a syadmin and have my own biz.
[21:10]  I enjoy using tcl and now use it almost exclusively and hav eleft bash beind.
[21:10]  work is forcing me to learn perl, which I find not as nice as tcl sofar.
[21:11]  you'll like some things, less like others
[21:11]  for webb apps I guess I could jsut exploit psotgresql and aolserver
[21:11]  the tutorial I have gone through up to dicts
[21:11]  and I find arrays a little harder to use that I had expected
[21:17]  jsut wodnering from more experienced tclers: are 16 core boxes a problem for tcl to exploit?
[21:18]  is thread package easy?
[21:19]  and for web is the problem already solved by postgresQL and aolserver naviserver or websh wtc
[21:19]  etc
[21:19] <@ijchain>  Sure, 2 drinks and it's off to bed.
[21:19]  so problems all solved
[21:19] <@ijchain>  colin:
[21:19]  I actually had the perl enthusiast guy at work ask me who uses aolerver ?
[21:19]  as if perl way better for web apps
[21:20] <@ijchain>  Oh, it's probably NSFW, for those of you at W.
[21:21] == nvrpunk [~tlnelson@] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
[21:25]  i wish I could jsut discuss these things with tclsers with more experience.
[21:26]  I hate being ignored.
[21:26] <@ijchain>  What do you want to know?
[21:26] <@ijchain>  The answer is: Tcl, threaded or not, has no concept of how many cores the box has.
[21:27] == tcleval [~funnyguy@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
[21:27] <@ijchain>  On starting on the road to not being ignored: Type properly.
[21:27] == awb [] has quit [Quit: awb]
[21:31] <@ijchain>  Speaking of perl, it's hard to beat things like  $ perl -pie 's/this/that/' filename
[21:35]  sed
[21:36]  ok so 16 core boxes can easily be exploited using tcl.
[21:36]  who said that?
[21:37]  why do you keep asking the same questions?
[21:38]  maybe you should consider using a real irc client which keeps logfiles of your conversations so you can read them again whenever you forget the answers, which would be monthly
[21:40]  thommey: I can't agree with your assertion.
[21:43]  you've been asking the multi-core tcl thing at least 20 times
[21:44]  and what would you say is the answer?
[21:44] <@ijchain>  The answer is: Tcl, threaded or not, has no concept of how many cores the box has.
[21:44]  exactly
[21:44] <@ijchain>  No, no, wait .....
[21:44]  ok let me step back, what would you say is the question I asked?
[21:44] <@ijchain>  As many as Aolserver can.
[21:45] <@ijchain>  "Can 16 core boxes can easily be exploited using tcl?"
[21:45]  and to that you answer
[21:45]  you write programs appropriate for your tasks, if you do have a use-case where you need to spread out computationally expensive tasks (!!!) across multiple kernel threads, you can use the Tcl thread package (you most likely have equivalents in every programming language - you MUST design the program for that, it doesn't automagically happen)
[21:45]  "Tcl has no concept of how many cpu the box has, threded or no"
[21:45] <@ijchain>  Wait ... is that   "16-core boxes"  or "16 core-boxes" ?
[21:45]  ok
[21:45] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[21:45] == River_Rat [~me@gentoo/contributor/riverrat] has joined #tcl
[21:46]  maybe you dont speak english as first language?
[21:46]  "don't"
[21:46] <@ijchain>  I didn't write "threded"
[21:46]  irc is not harvard englsih punctuation class
[21:47] <@ijchain>  We are all mature adults, quite capable of communicating effectively by proper usage of language.
[21:47] <@ijchain>  No one feels like trying to decode what you're trying to say.
[21:47]  English.
[21:48] <@ijchain>  "for webb apps I guess I could jsut exploit psotgresql and aolserver"
[21:48] == RiverRat [~me@gentoo/contributor/riverrat] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[21:48] <@ijchain>  What's a "webb app"?  What's "psotgresql" ?
[21:48]  an exploit is a daring adventure by one definition
[21:48]  well say one had a dell server with 16 cpu
[21:48] <@ijchain>  What is "threded"
[21:48]  he did mention he likes to come here and ask questions when he's drunk, so I'm assuming - in his favor - that he is
[21:48]  and one wanted to solve problems using tcl
[21:48]  oen would not want to waste 15 cpu would one?
[21:49]  I mean I am a systems engineer by trade.
[21:49]  Performance matters.
[21:49] <@ijchain>  Who'se oen? The guy that played Obi-Wan?
[21:49]  you do sound like a manager, not a programer, not even a system administrator
[21:49] <@ijchain>  Who's
[21:49]  That a name I have not heard in a long.....long time.
[21:49]  Befoer the dark times, before the empire!!
[21:51]  So Stu how would you use tcl to make sure that you were not wasting 15 of those cpu???
[21:51]  thonmney how would you?
[21:51]  spawn kernel threads that loop endlessly to make you happy
[21:51]  100% cpu usage on all cores, win-win
[21:51] <@ijchain>  Isn't the OS responsible for such things?
[21:52]  Well say someone was guna choose tcl or python to run thier new 50million dolar porn site.
[21:52]  and your answer would sway them one way or the other
[21:52]  please don't come here when you're drunk
[21:52] <@ijchain>  There is nothing in Tcl that can be used to make sure it runs on once cpu or another.
[21:52]  and your job was on the line and your one chance to get 4mmillion is stock options if the deal gets signed.
[21:52] <@ijchain>  How do you exploit 16 cores with python?
[21:52]  big money
[21:52]  no wammies
[21:52]  well one answer is stackless python
[21:53]  we're programmers, we tell them the truth, which is what stu said three times already
[21:53] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has joined #tcl
[21:54] <@ijchain>  "Stackless python does not make use of any kind of multi-core environment it runs on. This is a common misconception about Stackless, as it allows the programmer to take advantage of thread-based programming. For many people these two are closely intertwined, but are, in fact two seperate things."
[21:54]  here is something in stackles
[21:55]  I want the truth!
[21:55]  good man!!
[21:55]  I am not drunk thommey or I would have insulted you already.
[21:56]  the truth is that you still have a lot to learn, you're not asking intelligent questions
[21:56]  What if my questions answer could make you 4million?
[21:58]  you gota understand when business people or people evaluating tcl leave conversations such as this they just think "I couldn't get a straight answer"
[21:58] == superlinux-hp [~oracle@] has joined #tcl
[21:58] == superlinux-hp [~oracle@] has quit [Changing host]
[21:58] == superlinux-hp [~oracle@unaffiliated/superlinux] has joined #tcl
[21:59]  you could be poorer because you can't say oen way or another or simply that you don't know if thats the case
[21:59] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-bmgqjnrumqbjlqed] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[22:00]  I gather using aolserver and postgresql is the solution.
[22:00]  or threads.
[22:00]  I guess
[22:00]  although howto learn to use the threads pacakge is another mystery
[22:00]  hmmm
[22:00] * ijchain jenglish ...
[22:00]  you didn't state a real problem, there's no universal solution
[22:00] * ijchain jenglish ah, what the hell.
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Just because you have threads doesn't mean you can use multiple cores.
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Gavino: yes, to explote 16 cores with Tcl you must use AOLServer.
[22:01]  :)
[22:01] <@ijchain>  and psotgresQl!
[22:01] <@ijchain>  PostgresQL is optional, but recommended if you wanna really exploit those cores.
[22:01]  how about firebird DB?
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Other things that you can use are Common Lisp.
[22:01]  throw them all in
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Yeah! Hit 'em hard!
[22:02] <@ijchain>  Give those cores a good what-for!
[22:02]  buy the best hardware you can get, throwing hardware and money at problems always works
[22:02] <@ijchain>  No, you cannot use firebird DB.
[22:02]  an ibm mainframe would do
[22:02] <@ijchain>  Or WATFOR
[22:02]  so who would you write something like mogileFS in tcl?
[22:02]  something that would use 16 cpu?
[22:02]  make that 64
[22:02] <@ijchain>  You cannot write something like mogileFS in tcl.
[22:02] <@ijchain>  For that you need to use Forth.
[22:02] and replace all costly SANS
[22:03]  with commodity raid 0 jbods
[22:03] <@ijchain>  And if you use Forth, you can go up to 32 CPUs to exploit those cores.  But no higher.
[22:03]  jenglish sarcasm is th eleast intelligent form of humor
[22:04]  ;)
[22:04] <@ijchain>  I hope that answers your questions.
[22:04]  nop
[22:04] <@ijchain>  Actually, I belive it's puns that are considered the lowest form of humour.
[22:04]  and if your network connection seems to be too slow, you can always buy a "KillerNIC" from bigfoot, which has its own cpu!
[22:05] * ijchain stu 's getting gavino typing disease! It's infectious! Rnu!
[22:05]  lol
[22:05]  Guys I do like tcl.
[22:05] <@ijchain>  Do they?
[22:05] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:05]  And despite your being annoyed with me I do respect that you work on tcl.
[22:05] <@ijchain>  That's a bit personal, I think.
[22:06]  "you're"
[22:06]  you're expands to you are does it not?
[22:06]  yes
[22:06]  don't make me lawyer you thomney
[22:06]  lol
[22:06] * ijchain stu doesn't want to know what else the guys gavino does like.
[22:07] * ijchain stu ... like "How many cores do the guys you do do?"
[22:07]  stu are you into guys?
[22:07] <@ijchain>  No, you just said that you do guys.
[22:07] <@ijchain>  And they like Tcl.
[22:07]  not really
[22:08]  maybe you misunderstood
[22:08] <@ijchain>  "Guys I do like tcl."
[22:08]  yes
[22:08]  stu: ymmd :)
[22:08]  that what I said
[22:08]  I love lawyering
[22:08] <@ijchain>  Seems pretty clear to me: The guys that you do, they like Tcl.
[22:08]  nah thats your faulty reading of it
[22:09]  your faulty reading may explain why my simple questions are so hard for you
[22:09] <@ijchain>  Had you said:  "Guys, I do like tcl."
[22:09] <@ijchain>  That would be different.
[22:09]  lol
[22:09]  would have been different
[22:09] <@ijchain>  I understand now. Many of your male lovers like Tcl.
[22:09]  alas I wish I was gay
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Understandable - Tcl is a good language - for everyone! We don't discriminate.
[22:10]  I am big 6-6 blue eyed guy and get ltos fo women here in souther california near the beach, esp latinas love me
[22:10] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has joined #tcl
[22:10]  I am a total stud
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Even against gnu people.
[22:10]  and since I am rich
[22:10]  life is good
[22:10]  you gota realise
[22:10]  I have 154 iq
[22:10]  I have 0 insecurities about brains or brawn
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Yes, it's painfully obvious.
[22:11]  or sex really
[22:11]  I think some shemale look great when they look liek pam anderson
[22:11]  Its amazing what the surgery can do
[22:11] <@ijchain>  Well, you're also an ass who's hated by a large part of a large part of the programming communities on the Internet.
[22:11]  oh thats not true
[22:11]  you know its not
[22:11] <@ijchain>  Oh, I belive google will bear me out.
[22:12]  google is a pos
[22:12]  look up santorum
[22:12]  no amnners
[22:12]  manners
[22:12]  googel sucks ass
[22:12]  in fact as soon as I find another web interface to newgroups
[22:12]  I will never ever google again
[22:12]  I wish the whole company would die
[22:12] <@ijchain>  Haha -   gavino == the santorum of the 'net
[22:13]  hardly
[22:13] <@ijchain>  Interpret that any way you like.
[22:13]  more like the hans solo
[22:13]  james bond
[22:13]  I kinda feel myself akin to paul graham who didnt really mind what others were doing.
[22:13]  and had great success
[22:13]  your company will defeat google, I'm sure
[22:14]  why would I make a search engine?
[22:14]  no no
[22:14]  I am more interested in making things like a decent job site
[22:14]  a beter craigslsit
[22:14]  a pet adoption site
[22:14]  I'd adopt you
[22:14]  perhaps cheap storage site
[22:15]  a site where people could learn 4 html tags and use them for blogging with uplaoded pics
[22:15]  instead of complex web interfaces
[22:15]  tons fo possibilities
[22:15]  thommey: do you own your own websites? can I see a few?
[22:15]  are they websh?
[22:15] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-ygargxpeqnqtllmi] has joined #tcl
[22:15]  I don't own my own website, no
[22:16]  any tcl modules that write svg files?
[22:16]  do you?
[22:16]  well I have some blogs
[22:16]  not really owned no
[22:16]  so you dont have your won startup using tcl to make money?
[22:17]  how about you stu?
[22:17]  making any cash? jenglish?
[22:17]  leme see some live sites im curioisos
[22:17]  show me the money!
[22:17] <@ijchain>  jim:
[22:18]  thanks :) I'll look at that now
[22:18]  butfirst...
[22:18]  I apologize for feeding the troll, good night
[22:18] <@ijchain>  gavino, yes there is one web site I did.
[22:18] <@ijchain>  thommey, so'k, happens to the best of us.
[22:18]  im never a troll
[22:18] <@ijchain>  But it's in php. I write lots of other stuff in Tcl and Tk.
[22:18]  only a normal guy who smaks down offensive nerdo
[22:19]  jim is that an aolserver site?
[22:19]  not sure if it still is... but,, shouold be
[22:20]  cool
[22:21] <@ijchain>  Who cares? Websites are boring.
[22:21]  what I wonder is the biggest moneymaking site done in tcl?
[22:21]  I lvoe websites
[22:21] <@ijchain>  You don't know anything else.
[22:21]  guy at work teaching teh group perl says is perl
[22:21]  stu I know you dotn know what I know
[22:21]  no comment. that's not about tcl programming.
[22:22]  no no Im not saying goto the site
[22:22]  knowing and not knowing is also not about tcl programming
[22:22]  Im jsut saying its in perl
[22:22]  so its open source powered
[22:22]  it could have been done in tcl
[22:22]  perl is not about tcl programming... that's three... plonk.
[22:23] <@ijchain>  gavino: I doubt you know more than me about anything.
[22:23]  stu :) that would be feeding :)
[22:23] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:24] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[22:24] <@ijchain>  Yeah, sorry.
[22:25]  pffft
[22:25] * ijchain stu goes off to watch some "Die Antwoord" videos.
[22:25]  tcl might be 1 thing you do stu
[22:25]  have a lot of fun! :)
[22:25]  jim thanks for being ncie when other 3 were dooshes
[22:26] * jim takes deep breath into abdomen and then chest
[22:26] * jim exhales
[22:26]  am i really that bad?
[22:26] * jim feels more alive!
[22:26]  I jsut dotn understand the chaos I cause
[22:27]  never will
[22:27]  the three great mysteries:
[22:27]   - fish unto water
[22:27]   - bird unto air
[22:27]   - man unto himself
[22:27]  it's hard to explain water to a fish
[22:28]  chaos must be the water you swim in, and the reason you do not perceive it.
[22:29]  I mean I only busted out my personal stuff once they pushed me with thier irritating crap.
[22:29]  i was holding back for 30min
[22:29]  not easy for me
[22:30]  I know tons about unix and network but application efficiency is mystery to me.
[22:30]  ipc
[22:30]  threads
[22:30]  continuations
[22:30]  all kinda grey
[22:30]  I am lawful evil
[22:30]  capitalist
[22:30]  one thing to appreciate about what you said, is that you do realize you're busting out your personal stuff
[22:31]  I think fair trade and willing transactoins
[22:31]  are best
[22:31]  oh cmon
[22:31]  of course
[22:31]  jenglish went too far
[22:31]  just being pure wiseass
[22:31]  here is usa we beat people down for that kinda talk
[22:32]  now that sounds a bit much
[22:32]  but they kinda piss me offf
[22:32]  is it OK to be pissed off?
[22:33]  (ok, so the dumb joke is "better than being pissed on"... but we won't go there)
[22:34]  yeah
[22:34]  lol
[22:34] == jim [~jim@unaffiliated/jim]
[22:34] ==  realname : jim
[22:34] ==  channels : #tcl
[22:34] ==  server   : [Paris, FR]
[22:34] ==  account  : jim
[22:34] == End of WHOIS
[22:34]  can you forgive yourself for getting triggered/pissed off?
[22:34]  0 guilt
[22:34]  I think its good for people like those 3
[22:35]  I make mistake of thinking that I am dealing with tcl veterans
[22:35] <@ijchain>  gavino, why don't you just piss off and go bother some other adults?
[22:35]  I forget that european kids living with mom come in here
[22:36]  cuz ur a kid living in moms basement stu
[22:36]  and u act like it
[22:36]  do you realize that you're acting to trigger others right now?
[22:36]  well im reacting to stu
[22:36]  the key word is "reacting"
[22:36]  yes
[22:37] <@ijchain>  Look, your question about cores was answered. Now go away.
[22:37]  wouldn't you rather be proactive?
[22:37]  wel instict says put smak on stu tho
[22:37]  ok i will be proactive
[22:38] <@ijchain>  suicide!
[22:38]  do you want to be? (that's my current question)
[22:38]  yes
[22:39]  being proactive means having the jedi-level ability to see yourself being triggered IN THE MOMENT, seeing what your instinct says, then MAKING YOUR OWN CHOICE.
[22:39] == jon8 [] has joined #tcl
[22:39] == jon8 [] has quit [Changing host]
[22:39] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has joined #tcl
[22:40]  I always am its just more fun to smak down stu
[22:40]  you see stu doesnt care
[22:40]  he jsut has a piss
[22:40]  as the brits say
[22:40]  so why should I?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  Why should I care?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  About you?
[22:40]  why show any restraint atoll?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  You're an annoying shit
[22:40]  stu you are a moron :)
[22:40] <@ijchain>  On here and many many other places on the
[22:40] <@ijchain>  'net
[22:41]  you live in moms basement, and blame capitalism for your failure and wonder why women dont liek you
[22:41] <@ijchain>  Yeah, I'm a moron. At least I can program. And spell.
[22:41]  lol
[22:41] <@ijchain>  Man, you've got me pegged exactly.
[22:41]  well if your so smart why aint ya rich?
[22:41]  I am rich
[22:41] <@ijchain>  How do you know how much money I have?
[22:41]  I am getting laid nonstop
[22:41]  I am interested in using free software to get richer
[22:42]  and hacing fun doing it without dealing with moron ic little shitbags liek u
[22:42]  ok, so the two of you (equally, at the moment) are having too much fun...
[22:42] <@ijchain>  And yet, everyone hates you.
[22:42]  all igght?
[22:42]  nah
[22:42]  you do
[22:42]  cuz i put you in your palce nonstop
[22:42]  and make shedded zipzap of your silly arguments
[22:42]  and when i play let me lil mr lawyer i school you so hard you cry
[22:42]  lol
[22:43]  now, just take a breath, all the way into your belly, when full, expand chest
[22:43]  stu you are poor because you can't talk to people without throwing insult and calling name liek 5 year old
[22:43]  im not tense
[22:43] <@ijchain>  I forgot about the rule about dealing with the mentally ill.
[22:43]  I lvoe stu acting up
[22:43]  let me blast him again
[22:43]  make monkey of him yet again
[22:43]  again n again
[22:44]  stu if you dotn know an answer to a question then shut up
[22:44]  shut ur pie hole
[22:44]  they say in boston
[22:44]  lol
[22:44] <@ijchain>  I answered all you "questions" correctly.
[22:44]  nah
[22:44]  not 1
[22:45] <@ijchain>  Va chier, crisse de mongole.
[22:45]  your a weird n screwey guy
[22:45] <@ijchain>  As they say in my town.
[22:45]  stu look
[22:45]  if you had manners
[22:45] <@ijchain>  How many cores?
[22:45]  I would not have to insult you.
[22:45]  do you get that?
[22:46] <@ijchain>  Do you get that you are an annoying insect and I don't care what I say to you.
[22:46]  its the sign of a small ind to not argue issues n ideas in abstract and to call names.
[22:46]  a small mind stu
[22:46] <@ijchain>  And the only mistake I make is that I do talk to you because it prolongs your stay.
[22:46]  think on that
[22:46]  ad hom attacks
[22:46] <@ijchain>  And no one wants you here.
[22:46]  are for 5 year olds
[22:46]  naa
[22:46]  you are not the president of tcl
[22:47]  where are you from stu?
[22:47]  lol
[22:47]  gavino, you're covering the chat with you
[22:47] <@ijchain>  oh yes, you are not wanted. Why do you think you have to change nicks and beg people to unban you?
[22:47]  ask != beg
[22:47]  you goombah
[22:47]  it's almost 99%, and 100% of that is offtopic
[22:47]  ok jim what do you want to talk about?
[22:48]  tcl -> svg -> imagemagick -> png
[22:50]  starting with an example of the leftmost pair
[22:52]  unfortunately for me, people are unusually tired and I'll probably have to wait until they recover
[22:56]  fortunately for me, I think I can figure some of these things out
[22:56] <@ijchain>  gavino: What's a "tracking domain" ?
[22:56] == opello [opello@about/csharp/regular/opello] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[22:57] == opello [opello@about/csharp/regular/opello] has joined #tcl
[23:02] * ijchain steveboz has left
[23:03] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-ygargxpeqnqtllmi] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:07] * ijchain jenglish has left
[23:08]  net worth stu?
[23:09] <@ijchain>  ?
[23:09] <@ijchain>  I asked you a question. You said you're good with stuff.
[23:09]  whaqts your net worth stu?
[23:10] <@ijchain>  < 0
[23:10]  woa
[23:10] <@ijchain>  What's a "tracking domain" ?
[23:10]  i hav no more to say to u stu
[23:10] <@ijchain>  So, you don't know. Didn't think so.
[23:11]  my net worth is 5 figs stu
[23:11]  opps 6
[23:12]  the market will tell u stu
[23:13] <@ijchain>  I'm on welfare, so I get hard-working shmucks like you to pay for my life.
[23:13] <@ijchain>  Thanks!
[23:13] <@ijchain>  Keep working!
[23:13]  lol
[23:13]  undder real capialism no welfare
[23:14]  u ;)
[23:14]  u be turning butt stunts for food
[23:14] == MaxJarek [] has joined #tcl
[23:14]  lol
[23:14]  LOl
[23:14]  vot republican stu
[23:14]  drop the communism
[23:15] <@ijchain>  I'm not a USAian.
[23:15] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:15] == pikhq [] has joined #tcl
[23:15] == pikhq_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:15]  so you have a negative net worth?
[23:15]  what country are you in stu?
[23:15] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:16]  france?
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Let's talk computers.
[23:16]  germany?
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Canada.
[23:16]  LOL
[23:16]  LOL
[23:16]  LOl
[23:16]  kanukistan!!!!
[23:16]  no wonder you are such a dyed int he wool hardcore commy
[23:16]  your a commy stu
[23:16]  and I am your enemy
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:16]  in every way
[23:17]  I am a polytheistic freemarket capitalist american
[23:17]  oh yeah!!!
[23:17]  I am your phhantom menaceEE!!!
[23:17]  hows the communism stu??
[23:17]  hows that negative net worth feel?
[23:17]  lol
[23:17]  lol
[23:17] == awb [] has joined #tcl
[23:18]  I think USA should charge canada for defense!!
[23:18]  end the lumber traffifs both ways!!
[23:19] <@ijchain>  Ok, so you don't know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM.
[23:19] <@ijchain>  You're useless to me.
[23:19]  archlinux
[23:19]  it could be the greatest
[23:19]  os in the world
[23:19]  archlinux stu
[23:19] * ijchain jdc has become available
[23:20]  ;)
[23:20]  oh yeaheaheh!!!
[23:20] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-aldekkrzwgcaygwl] has joined #tcl
[23:20] <@ijchain>  I use OpenBSD, also from Canada.
[23:20]  its nice
[23:21]  pacakge maangemetn inferior to arch
[23:21]  and common lips bordeaux threads nor perlbal work on it
[23:21]  I do admire openbsd networking capabilities
[23:21]  it is in my top 5 fav os
[23:21] <@ijchain>  what's perlbal?
[23:21]  are you a longtime openbsd user?
[23:21] <@ijchain>  yes, like 10 years or something.
[23:22]  perlbal is the epoll/keque perl load balancer web server from danga interactive
[23:22] <@ijchain>  also 10+ years of tcl
[23:22]  NICE
[23:22]  mabye u good guy after all stu
[23:22] <@ijchain>  no, i'm not.
[23:22]  do you use carp and ipmp and all that good stuff?
[23:22] <@ijchain>  not to you
[23:22] <@ijchain>  never
[23:22]  hey
[23:22] <@ijchain>  no
[23:22]  openbsd user fine with me
[23:23]  do you use the openbsd web server the httpd modified from apache1 ?
[23:23]  all chrooted up n stuff?
[23:23]  how do openbsd users handle large 20 box storage? NFS3?
[23:23]  perls mofileFS is amazing to me
[23:24]  I know tcl86 compiles on openbsd 5.0
[23:24]  I did it last week
[23:24]  :)
[23:24]  coolio
[23:24] <@ijchain>  bfd. I already poster the 8.6 port to the ml.
[23:25] <@ijchain>  Since I'm the Tcl porter for OpenBSD.
[23:25]  no shit
[23:25] <@ijchain>  And I run -current, which is like at 5.1 now.
[23:25]  so pkg_add can install 86 now?
[23:25]  woaA!
[23:25]  you are hardcore
[23:25]  compiled?
[23:25] <@ijchain>  OpenBSD package management is superior to others.
[23:25]  except archlinux
[23:26]  pacman cant be beat
[23:26] <@ijchain>  No, there are no packages.
[23:26]  far beyond iopenbsd pkf_add
[23:26] <@ijchain>  When 8.6 is released then yes.
[23:26]  ah
[23:26]  what about 86b2
[23:26] <@ijchain>  Until then, there's the port.
[23:26]  ah
[23:26]  I prefer to compiel it meself
[23:26]  vs port
[23:26]  is port up to date?
[23:27]  I guess I could try that next time
[23:27] <@ijchain>  With the port, I also posted a script to dl the latest tcl/tk heads and make distfiles from them, which the port uses.
[23:27] <@ijchain>  Why is 'pacma' better than obsd pkg tools?
[23:27]  pacman is just awesome
[23:28] <@ijchain>  That's not much of a reason.
[23:28]  all the packages are up to date, and the linux kernel is just a pacakge
[23:28]  so to upgrade
[23:28]  pacman -Syu
[23:28]  and everything including the kernel get updated
[23:29]  PKg-add isnt bad
[23:29] <@ijchain>  Here, if you want the 8.6 port:
[23:29]  but gcc 4.7 is out
[23:29]  perl 5.14.2 is out
[23:29]  you can get those with 0 compiling on archlinux with pacman
[23:29] <@ijchain>  linux is not bsd
[23:30]  and bsd is not linux
[23:31]  I think postgresql transaction benchmarks find linux tops
[23:31]  see with archlinux unliek redhat ro shitty debian
[23:31]  I am on 3.2.9 kernel
[23:31] <@ijchain>  So you don't know anything about SPF and DKIM?
[23:31]  so I have all the performacne available
[23:31]  spf and dkim hmmmmm
[23:31]  nope dont ring bell
[23:32]  what are they
[23:32]  network protocalls?
[23:32]  are they known by any more common names?
[23:33]  this stuff?
[23:34]  do yo know about shmmax and shmall linux kernel params?
[23:34]  about what files to enable ethernet bonding or vlan configuartion under liux?
[23:34]  lvm commands?
[23:35] == pikhq_ [] has joined #tcl
[23:35] == pikhq [] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:35]  why you use parted or fdisk and why ??
[23:35] <@ijchain>  Hey, you said you know a lot about network stuff.
[23:35]  its not my bread+butter
[23:36] <@ijchain>  Linux is garbage, I don't touch it.
[23:36]  arent you impressid I know about crap and ipmp?
[23:36]  well no one pays to support openbsd
[23:36]  here in usa
[23:36]  so i support soalris and redhat
[23:36]  I know its a bummer
[23:37] <@ijchain>  Why would I be impressed? Anyone can know "about" things.
[23:37]  but I get 5-6k cash after taxes a month working from home
[23:37] <@ijchain>  of course you do
[23:37] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[23:37]  right
[23:37]  so I pile up my net worth higher and use trend trading
[23:37]  to keep it going
[23:37] <@ijchain>  This isn't a money-talk place.
[23:37]  even when market tanks
[23:38]  I reccomend trend trading by the way
[23:38]  Well I hope you can get a high paying job in a company usign openbsd.
[23:38]  or do a startup
[23:38]  that would be awesome
[23:39] * ijchain makr has become available
[23:39] <@ijchain>  moinmoin

no benefit for men to get married

Gallup: Half of All Americans Call Obama Presidency 'Failure' Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 04:59 PM

Gallup: Half of All Americans Call Obama Presidency 'Failure' Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 04:59 PM By Newsmax Wires A new Gallup poll released Thursday reports that half of all Americans believe the Obama presidency has been a "failure" thus far. Even the number of those saying it is a success (44 percent) falls far behind the number saying the same for Bill Clinton's administration just before his re-election bid in 1996 (64 percent). Most who believe that Obama's presidency has been a failure are Republicans, but in what could be a grave development for President Obama, 53 percent of independents said the same. Gallup also reports that "President Obama's average job approval rating for the month of February in Gallup Daily tracking was 45 percent, with 47 percent disapproving, unchanged from January. ... The 50 percent approval mark is a crucial one for presidents in a re-election year. All incumbents who have been elected to a second term had a 50 percent or higher average approval rating by February of that year, and in the case of all but George W. Bush, they maintained that through Election Day." The latest Gallup numbers show an uptick for the president, with 48 percent approving and 44 percent disapproving. Read more on Gallup: Half of All Americans Call Obama Presidency 'Failure' Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Why does newsmax not like Mitt Romney?

What the fuck?

why do democrats think commmunist though insurance is ok?

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Romney now shoe is for republican nomination and essentially the presidentcy since obama has been worst ever

debt 2008 8T debt under obama 16T and mayb 17T

shithead democrats and stephen chu use bury them in uncategorized paper method as fuck you to republicans investigating them, as fed does with its now bs transparency blizzard, vote all democrat out of office

Rep. Issa: Energy Dept. Wastes Money Burying Committee in Paper Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012 01:26 PM By Henry J. Reske Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article inShare Rep. Darrell Issa’s requests for documents from the Obama administration have created a wasteful barrage of thousands of pages from the Energy Department when it could use electronic delivery, he says, The Washington Post blog the Federal Eye reported. “The Department has delivered more than 300,000 single-sided pages in a series of productions of uncategorized paper,” the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wrote to Energy Secretary Steven Chu last week. “This approach to producing documents wastes taxpayer dollars and is inconsistent with DOE’s stated commitment to reducing paper waste.” The Energy Department has delivered 80 boxes of single-sided paper documents to the committee, the California Republican’s letter noted. The committee is investigating the department’s loan program that gave a $535 loan guarantee to Solyndra, a now-bankrupt solar company whose work the White House had touted. The department should provide electronic copies of documents instead of paper, Issa said. The Obama administration called the complaint ironic. “We’ve been saying for a year now that the sweeping requests for documents are too costly and too burdensome,” an official told the Post. “We’re pleased to see that Chairman Issa finally agrees with us.” © 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved. Read more on Rep. Issa: Energy Dept. Wastes Money Burying Committee in Paper Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

The ACLU took up her cause and billed the city and school district for its legal fees.

Rhode Island City, Schools to Pay ACLU Legal Fees After Prayer Banner Fight Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012 04:46 PM By Richard Wagner Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article inShare The city of Cranston, R.I., and its school district will pay $150,000 to the state American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) chapter for legal fees associated with the ACLU’s successful challenge to a prayer mural that had been displayed for nearly 50 years in a high school auditorium. The ACLU’s original bill was $173,000, said Raymond Votto, the school district’s chief operating officer, but school and city officials agreed on the lesser amount, the Providence Journal reported. At a news conference Tuesday at Cranston High School West, where the 8-foot mural had been displayed, Votto said the school district paid workers about $2,500 to remove it and a slab of the auditorium wall. The banner, a 1963 class gift, was removed on Saturday, and the auditorium was closed Monday for the repairs. The school removed the banner to comply with a judge’s ruling in the case of a 16-year-old atheistic student, Jessica Ahlquist, who complained that the prayer made her feel “ostracized.” The ACLU took up her cause and billed the city and school district for its legal fees. Read more on Rhode Island City, Schools to Pay ACLU Legal Fees After Prayer Banner Fight Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

“There was a concerted effort here to prevent the American people from knowing who Obama’s associates, friends were.”

Breitbart Editors: Media Hid Obama's Radical Mentor Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012 11:33 PM By Paul Scicchitano Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article inShare One day after the funeral of conservative online blogger and publisher Andrew Breitbart, his top editors took to the airwaves Wednesday night on Fox’s “Hannity” to expose what appeared to be a deeper relationship between President Barack Obama and radical black activist Derrick Bell than previously known. Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak and Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro presented a video clip during the program which they claimed had been intentionally hidden during the 2008 campaign to boost President Obama’s election chances. “It’s basically a cover up of pretty monumental proportions,” teased Hannity in his syndicated national radio program, “The Sean Hannity Show” prior to the broadcast. “There was a concerted effort here to prevent the American people from knowing who Obama’s associates, friends were.” Video footage shown during the segment captured Obama’s introduction of Bell at a 1991 demonstration when Obama attended Harvard and served as president of the Harvard Law Review. Obama could be seen urging fellow students to “open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell,” and the two men were shown embracing as Obama turned the microphone over to the controversial activist. In yet another video, recorded during a 2011 lecture by Harvard professor Charles Ogletree — an Obama mentor — Ogletree could be seen and heard on camera acknowledging his role in keeping the earlier tape of Obama’s introduction of Bell from surfacing. “Of course we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign,” he told students. “I don’t care if they find it now.” Pollak described Bell as the Rev. “Jeremiah Wright of academia” and accused him of having some “crazy ideas.” Bell died last year and Ogletree refused to appear on the program, according to host Sean Hannity. Shapiro also accused PBS member station WGBH-TV in Boston of selectively editing the clip to remove Obama’s plea for students to open their hearts and minds to Bell. “Just two months before this speech was given, Derrick Bell gave a controversial speech in Chicago where he said that America remains a racist country and the civil rights movement essentially was a sham because white supremacy remains the system and we’ve got to transform that system radically in order to get rid of racism,” according to Pollak. He added that Bell’s speech — and Obama’s introduction of him — has been noted in countless biographies and other accounts. “This speech that he gave about Derrick Bell is referenced and mentioned in many of them, but nobody bothered — either through laziness or active suppression — to find out what Obama said and what his connection was with Derrick Bell and to find out more about who Derrick Bell is and what he believed.” Fox News contributor Juan Williams, who also appeared on the program, said he was disappointed with the revelations that had been promised by Breitbart himself during a February speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. “I must say, I thought this was going to be so much more,” admonished Williams. “I thought this was going to be a smoking gun, as you described it. But it really didn't come to much.” Williams went on to question the premise of the segment. “For him to be a role model to Barack Obama -- what is that? Guilt by association?” But Michelle Malkin, author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies,” defended the segment. “Oh come on. No, no, no,” she interrupted. “I reject this idea that we should just shrug our shoulders and buy the PBS/BuzzFeed line that there is nothing new here. Stop it. This is news. They didn't want to talk about it then and they don't want to talk about it now.” © 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved. Read more on Breitbart Editors: Media Hid Obama's Radical Mentor Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

IRS Accused of Intimidating Tea Party Groups Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012 02:20 PM

IRS Accused of Intimidating Tea Party Groups Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012 02:20 PM By Marti Lotman Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article inShare A conservative civil liberties group alleges that the Internal Revenue Service is trying to “intimidate and silence” a host of tea party groups that have filed for tax-exempt status, reports CNS News. The American Center for Law and Justice contends that the IRS requested information about the groups, including “probing questions,” in a move that the center says violates the free speech and freedom of association rights preserved under the First Amendment. “This appears to be a coordinated attempt to intimidate tea party organizations by demanding information that is outside the scope of legitimate inquiry and violates the First Amendment,” said Jay Sekulo, chief counsel for the center. “These organizations have followed the law and applied for tax exempt status for their activities as Americans have done for decades. The problem here is the IRS has gone beyond legitimate inquiries and is demanding that these organizations answer questions that actually violate the First Amendment rights of our clients.” Read more on IRS Accused of Intimidating Tea Party Groups Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

reminder : the fed is treason

treason to steal money rom tax payers without vite and treason of politician to allow it and teason to lend tax payer money to israel and other foriegn governemtns and banks without elected officials saying ok

The banking regulation bill did everything except fixing the people who caused the problems for the banking crisis. Read more on Norquist to Newsmax: GOP Should Take Senate, Hold House Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now! Low-tax crusader and Republican strategist Grover Norquist tells Newsmax the country is suffering from a very weak recovery because President Barack Obama “did all the wrong things” in reaction to the recession. But as pundits tallied up the results from Super Tuesday, Norquist on Wednesday struck an optimistic tone on the GOP's chances in November. Whoever wins the exhausting battle for the Republican presidential nomination, he points out, that candidate will be a staunch Reagan conservative with a tough fiscal approach on spending. That's true whether it's Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul. But if Obama somehow gets re-elected, Republicans more than likely will be in control of both the U.S. Senate and the House, meaning Obama will not have any power of the purse. “If there is a Republican president then you can immediately move to do a budget and extend all the tax cuts and begin to cut spending," Norquist says. "If Obama is still the president, we have a train wreck, and Obama likes train wrecks because he takes advantage of that kind of crisis to try to push for bigger government. “Certainly it’s important to have a Republican House and Senate even with a Democratic president, but it’s difficult to get legislation passed. You can not give the president money, that’s not a bad first step, but you can’t cut taxes without the president’s signature.” Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, says Republican voters are engaged in “sort of serial monogamy” in choosing a front-runner because the candidates are “pretty much the same.” Story continues below video. Americans for Tax Reform is a coalition of taxpayer groups, individuals, and businesses opposed to higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. Norquist is also on the board of the American Conservative Union, a regular Newsmax contributor, and co-author of the new book “Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future.” In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, he assesses the current state of the American economy. “We had a problem with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mal-investing, then Obama, Reid, and Pelosi came in and they made everything worse,” he says. “So we have a very, very weak recovery going on now. This is a much weaker recovery than we’ve had in the past. In the third year of Reagan’s presidency he created 4 million jobs. We created like a million jobs last year. “We have a weak recovery because Obama did all the wrong things in reaction to the recession, and now what we need to do is the opposite — spend less, lower taxes, have deregulation, fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The banking regulation bill did everything except fixing the people who caused the problems for the banking crisis. “We have a huge challenge. Obama’s been taking us in the wrong direction for three years now. We need to do a U-turn.” Asked about the likely scenario in the immediate aftermath of November’s presidential election, Norquist responds: “It all depends on who comes in. “Right now it looks like the Republicans will hold the House and win the Senate — half the Democrats running for the Senate are vulnerable, very few Republicans running for the Senate are vulnerable. It should be a Republican House and Senate." Norquist says the current race for the Republican presidential nomination is different from those in the past. “In the old days — Taft, Eisenhower, Goldwater, Rockefeller — there were these ideological divides. You had two different wings of the modern Republican Party that wanted to go in two different directions. “Today the candidates running for president are all Reagan Republicans. So when Republicans are looking, they can be excused for lusting after Rick Perry and then moments later Herman Cain and then Newt Gingrich and then Rick Santorum. They go from one to the other in a sort of serial monogamy because they’re all pretty much the same. “So people pick odd reasons for being for one and not another. But it is a healthy thing that they’re all Reagan Republicans and we can choose.” In a similar vein, Norquist says that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum split the tea party vote in Tuesday’s Ohio primary because both seek to reduce spending. “The tea party is new people coming into the party. Tea party people weren’t politically active before but were terrified by Obama’s spending, so they came in and want to fix the spending issue. They can go for any of these candidates.” All the Republican candidates are “moving in the same direction of reducing rates and broadening the base and not bringing a tax increase,” he adds. “I think Rick Perry had the best tax plan of the year, and Newt Gingrich has one that is similar. They’ve all basically come out and said let’s dramatically reduce rates, let’s simplify the code. They’re looking at what Reagan did in 1986.” Legislators are reportedly working behind the scenes to formulate a program to combat the deficit that could resemble the Simpson-Bowles plan, which called for reduced spending and increased taxes. Asked if they are likely to have any success in pushing the new program forward, Norquist says flatly: “No, because the whole goal of Simpson-Bowles was to raise taxes significantly to pay for the bigger government of Obama. “The reason why Obama liked it was in the middle of it was a $2 or $3 trillion tax increase over the next decade. There were in theory some spending cuts. Obama never put any of those into his budget. Unfortunately all you get from putting Simpson-Bowles on the table is a tax increase, no spending cuts.” Assessing the success of his years-long crusade for low taxes, Norquist tells Newsmax: “The top tax rate is 35 percent, half of what is was when Reagan came into the presidency, so we’ve made some progress on reducing marginal tax rates. “But Reagan got it down to 28 percent, and now it’s drifted back up again, so we need to get back to the Reagan levels and then back on track to continue to reduce rates. The total tax burden and the total spending have shot up significantly unfortunately over the past years.” Asked if cutting taxes is the only way to shrink the size of government, Norquist responds: “Step one is never raise taxes. That’s why [we have] the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that Americans for Tax Reform shares with all candidates and incumbents in the House and Senate. If you say that taxes are off the table, we’re never raising taxes, then and only then do you get to a conversation of reforming spending. “Politicians like to raise taxes instead of reforming government. They want to raise taxes instead of reducing spending. So first you say no new taxes. “Now we need to do more reforms like some of our governors have done around the country — Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Scott in Florida, Perry in Texas, New Jersey’s Chris Christie, those are all governors who said no to tax increases, yes to spending cuts. “But if you don’t say no to tax increases you never get to the second part of that project. Our friend George W. Bush got the no tax increase part. He forgot the second part of the dance sheet, which is stop spending so much.” © 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved. Read more on Norquist to Newsmax: GOP Should Take Senate, Hold House Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

mogielfs in tcl

[00:09] ok I have a few experiences ater having made it to dicts in the tutorial [00:09] adn soem questions [00:09] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-tzcqaaxqqymssuft] has quit [Remote host closed the connection] [00:09] arrays seem awkward to use yet are the main data structure in tcl? [00:10] or do they get easier with practice? [00:10] and are dicts mostly better to use now? [00:10] I never learned c so I am not familiar with procedural looping algorithms although I did discover the finite state machine aka flag setting method [00:11] seems with that and the split on \n to reuce files [00:11] and regex when needed [00:11] once can then buuld up programs that respond to almsot anything [00:11] the whole upvar and mofiyingthing outside the current loop i have to still understand more about [00:12] I had perl training at work and named blocks seems to be perls way [00:12] overall I find tcl amazingly productive [00:12] so much so that I dont really use bash for scripting anymore [00:12] now what can in tcl replace what absh does with ssh box "comecommnd" aka runnig a remote procedure? [00:13] is that what channels are for? [00:18] I think something that emualtes mogileFS but using tcl would be cool. [00:19] the hard part is the program that accepts requests and then find the file on the least laoded backend server [00:19] but maybe wub or wibble could handle that [00:19] with a little polling over channels or something [00:20] the idea is to have 20 nodes each with 6 disks cheap, raid 0 softraid, and have tcl copy file1 N times among the 20 nodes according to policy [00:20] then if u lose 1 or 2 nodes who cares [00:20] and if you do [00:20] the program sorts it out by copying to up nodes so that the file is always on say 4 nodes at least [00:20] could be 10 for an important file [00:20] etc [00:21] then any incoming request goes to the most reposnsiv node [00:21] to start with could be dumb round robin but ideally woudl be smarter [00:21] this would get rid of need for crappy block level solutions that when they break wreak havok [00:21] and are expensive [00:22] and let you add hetergenoues nodes [00:22] as long as they can run tcl and have space [00:22] AWESOME [00:22] no more figgin nfs [00:22] then you migth have to have the wub have soem standbys on say 3 other nodes or something [00:22] to aovid single failurepoint [00:22] but hek http si so fast [00:23] and NFS so carppy [00:23] and then I guess for security your could do whatever wub or wibble use for auth [00:23] etc [00:23] although by time front end web app processes and calls for static files [00:23] backend could eb firewlaled ot all hell [00:23] and non of it be near the edge [00:23] of the entwork

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

politco is a democrat nuthugger website bigtime

politico should change its name to

if obama did nothing the economy would rebound, his overspending and giving $$ to friends is the problem

simple as that: democrats get rich not by producing but by cash giveaways from gov spending

there are no such thing as gay rights

your sexual preference doesnt give you certain rights or ability to force views on others

Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney captures Ohio primary in nailbiter over Rick Santorum Romney again seizes control of the Republican race for the White House Read more:

Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney captures Ohio primary in nailbiter over Rick Santorum Romney again seizes control of the Republican race for the White House Read more:

Is Sandra Fluke the poster child for entitlement society?

Is Sandra Fluke the poster child for entitlement society?

peyton manning should not have a superbowl and should not have 4 mvp this scrub only got a superbowl because of a 85 yard pass int call vs patriots in 2minutes left in game

jessica simpson never was hot with that face liek and angery hawk short and no tits

wtf are hollywood thinking?

peter schiff shows that obama deficits not energy policy is reason for gas and rest of inflation

Obama's remaking of America by Patrick J. Buchanan 03/06/2012

Obama's remaking of America by Patrick J. Buchanan 03/06/2012 313 Comments Anyone who believes America's culture wars are behind her should have started out Friday reading The Washington Times. The headlines on the three top stories on page one read: "California judges asked to say if they are gay." "'Tebow Bill' for home-schoolers dies in Virginia Senate panel." "Opt-out on birth control defeated in Senate." The California judges story dealt with the lately passed Judicial Appointments Demographic Inclusion Act, which mandates a survey of all of the state's 1,600 judges -- to find out how many are homosexual. Purpose of the law: "Promote and increase the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the ... judicial branch." The questionnaire sent to the judges asked each to identify themselves by race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Forty percent of the judges balked, refusing to reveal their sexual orientation. One percent said they were gay. One percent said they were lesbian. One judge identified himself as transgendered. Welcome to 21st century America. Under the old American ideal, the lawyers who proved the most qualified by wisdom and experience were to be elevated to the bench. The new ideal is that California's judiciary should mirror the diversity of the state. Whites, Asians, Hispanics, males, females, blacks, gays, straights and bisexuals are to be represented on the bench in the proportion that they are found in the population. Yet another triumph of diversity over excellence. Were an Olympic team or symphony orchestra to be chosen on the basis of this kind of diversity, they would be a joke. The "Tebow Bill," named for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who played high school football while being home-schooled, was crafted to allow home-schooled Virginia kids to try out for the tennis, football, baseball and basketball teams at their local high schools. The Virginia House approved the measure 59-39. But a Senate panel sank the Tebow Bill on an 8-7 vote, denying 38,000 Virginia home-schoolers their last chance to play high school sports. Every Democrat on the panel voted as the Virginia Education Association dictated. But it is the top story in the Times, about the 51-48 defeat of the Blunt Amendment, that best reveals the shifting correlation of forces in the religious and cultural wars sundering the country. The amendment of Sen. Roy Blunt would have assured Catholic institutions and Catholic employers of their freedom to opt out of providing health insurance coverage for contraception, abortifacients and sterilizations for employees, if they have religious objections. The position of the Catholic Church on this issue is neither new nor is it unknown. It was reaffirmed in 1968 in the famous encyclical "Humanae Vitae" of Pope Paul VI. Artificial birth control is unnatural and immoral. This is high among the beliefs that differentiate Catholic teaching from other Christian faiths. Nor is it any secret. And any government that orders Catholic institutions and employers, against their religious beliefs, to provide contraceptives, "morning after" pills or sterilizations for employees has crossed the line between church and state to trample upon the First Amendment religious freedom it was established to protect. Sandra Fluke, a 30-year-old student at Georgetown Law School, has emerged as the heroine of the Democratic establishment, being phoned by President Obama after her excoriation by Rush Limbaugh. And what is Fluke's demand? That Georgetown University pay for and provide birth control for herself and all coeds and law school students. Consider if you will the chutzpah on display here. Fluke attends one of the most prestigious law schools in America. She is among a cognitive elite whose future is secure. Why should she not pay for her own birth control, even if she has to borrow money? Why is providing her birth control someone else's obligation? This is not an abandoned woman on welfare. Why should other students or the university be forced to foot the bill for Fluke's exercise of her freedom to pursue her personal lifestyle? She has talked of $3,000 a year being the annual cost of birth control for a Georgetown student. Georgetown University and its law school presumably remain Jesuit institutions. For Fluke to demand contraceptives or birth control pills for herself and her fellow students is to demand that Georgetown enable and subsidize behavior the church and the Jesuit community teach to be immoral. Fluke has an extraordinary sense of entitlement. Undeniably this episode, where the Democratic Party, traditional political home of America's Catholics, is now demanding that Catholic institutions and employers be forced to subsidize what their church teaches to be immoral conduct, tells us much about the sea change that has taken place and is taking place across America. The America of Barack Obama that is emerging appears to be a country where civil disobedience may yet become a duty of traditional Christians and devout Catholics. The historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr. once called anti-Catholicism "the deepest-held bias in the history of the American people." In Obama's Washington, it is becoming so again.

PBS Clinton documentary: Just more lies Larry Elder is flabbergasted at claim Bubba took office during an 'economic crisis'

PBS Clinton documentary: Just more lies Larry Elder is flabbergasted at claim Bubba took office during an 'economic crisis' Published: 6 days ago by Larry ElderEmail | Archive Larry Elder is a best-selling author and radio talk-show host. To find out more about Larry Elder, or become an "Elderado," visit More ↓ Larry Elder is a best-selling author and radio talk-show host. To find out more about Larry Elder, or become an "Elderado," visit More ↓ Public Television touted the Bill Clinton documentary as a long-awaited warts-and-all piece. USA Today called the two-parter a “solid and even-handed account … of a remarkably skillful politician with an immense intellect.” While calling it “tedious and predictable,” the Washington Post described the documentary as “honest.” In the first hour, the documentary stumbled out of the gate. If it were a racehorse, they’d have to put it down. The whopper we get hit with right away and again and again is this: Clinton inherited a recession – not an economy that long ago came out of a recession. Never mind that 1993 – 19 years ago – is within the living memory of many Americans. Yet we are repeatedly told that Clinton entered office under a full-on economic meltdown. The narrator says: “Heading into the fall (of l992) … with the economy still faltering …” The narrator later says, “As Clinton took office in the winter of 1993, the economic crisis that had propelled him into office showed few signs of abating.” Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin adds: “We had had a recession. We had high unemployment. And there was a lot of uncertainty about whether the United States was going to get on its feet again or whether we could be in for a prolonged period of real difficulty. So he came into a very difficult environment.” Journalist Joe Klein describes Clinton’s first budget battle, in the late summer of ’93, as a gamble “in the midst of a recession.” And midway through the piece, the narrator informs us that “by the fall of 1994, the economy was growing again.” This is simply extraordinary, mind-boggling. Whether Bill Clinton was a good president, whether he deserves the credit for balanced budgets and projected surpluses or whether he should have been impeached are matters about which reasonable people can and do disagree. But whether Bill Clinton entered office “in the midst of a recession” and whether, in the fall of ’92 and the winter of ’93, the economy was “still faltering” and “showed few signs of abating” – these are matters of fact. The National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Mass., is the official keeper of the U.S. business cycle. It defines a recession as “a period of diminishing (economic) activity.” It tracks when recessions begin (a “peak” – the month when a period of economic growth ends and a downturn begins) and when recessions end (a “trough” – the month when the downturn bottoms out and the economy begins to grow again). Bill Clinton entered office in January 1993. According to the NBER, did he inherit a recession? Not even close. The recession began in July 1990 and ended eight months later, in March 1991 – a full 19 months before Clinton was even elected. Let’s be charitable. Perhaps the documentary used a different definition of recession. True, some experts use another standard: two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. But during Bush-41′s last year in office – 1992, the year voters elected Clinton – the economy grew every quarter, averaging 3.2 percent. But today, nearly two decades after the fact, the PBS narrator solemnly states that “as Clinton took office in the winter of 1993, the economic crisis that had propelled him into office showed few signs of abating” – even though the economy was then on its 22nd consecutive month of positive growth! Really? “In the winter of 1993 … the economic crisis … showed few signs of abating”? Jan. 29, 1993, seven days after Clinton took office, The New York Times wrote, “U.S. Says Economy Grew at Fast Pace in Fourth Quarter: The economy grew at a faster-than-expected annual rate of 3.8 percent in the final quarter of 1992, the strongest performance in four years, the Commerce Department reported today.” The confusion is understandable. Many in the media suffer from CRAP – Clinton Recession Amnesia Problem. CRAP spares few victims. Take MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who once said she knows little about economics and, bless her, seems determined to prove it. In January 2009, the month President Obama took office, Maddow said: “Clinton took the oath during an economic downturn, but that was a romper room compared to today’s down-crash.” In October 1992, as President George Herbert Walker Bush ran for re-election against Bill Clinton, the economy was 18 months into a recovery. But as Investor’s Business Daily noted, 90 percent of the newspaper stories on the economy were negative. Yet the following month, when Clinton defeated Bush-41, suddenly only 14 percent of economic news stories were negative! Given the media recitation of the false history of the state of the 1992-1993 economy – when Clinton entered office – why expect PBS to get it right? Historical revisionism occurs when someone challenges a conventional point of view. But the Clinton documentary – as to the state of the economy he inherited – is not historical revisionism. This documentary simply recites the “facts” as the traditional media see it: Clinton inherited a recession left by his Republican predecessor – and that’s that

deval patrick coverup

Crash dummy and dumber By Howie Carr Sunday, February 26, 2012 - Updated 1 week ago + Recent Articles E-mail Print (147) Comments Text size Share Here’s the question I’d like to see Gov. Deval Patrick asked this morning on network TV: “Gov. Patrick, what exactly are you and your pint-sized lieutenant governor trying to cover up by refusing to release his cellphone records from the morning he wrecked a state car at 5:20 a.m. while driving 108 mph, after which your scandal-ridden state police began a massive cover-up as your minion gave a series of preposterous explanations, each one more unbelievable than the last?” But the interviewer will be George Stephanopoulos, a notorious Democrat rumpswab. So Deval will get a pass in his tryout as an anti-Mitt Romney “pit bull,” an odd miscasting considering that the dog breed the governor more closely resembles is a Chihuahua, or maybe a toy poodle. But once Deval returns to Boston, it’ll be back to business as usual — stonewalling all legitimate inquiries about what really happened that November morning. Deval said the other day that releasing Crash’s cellphone records would set a “terrible precedent.” That’s exactly what Richard Nixon said in 1973 about releasing the White House tapes during Watergate. So, how’d that work out for him? Then Deval said, “I think asking him to prove a negative is wildly unfair and unreas-onable.” Well, no, it’s not. Because it would only take a few seconds to call up the cellphone records in question on the Internet and prove once and for all that Murray is finally telling the truth, that he was not calling or texting anyone in the moments before the Crown Vic achieved liftoff. It would be one thing if the little fella had been leveling with the public all along, but he hasn’t. Remember when he said he was going the speed limit? First he claimed he lost control on some black ice — no, he fell asleep. He was out getting a Herald — no, he was conducting a storm inspection. If there was nothing to hide, why did the state police immediately try to broom the whole accident without even checking the black box? Why did Murray demand to take a Breath-alyzer — or so he claims? Consider what would have happened if Mitt Romney’s lieutenant governor, Muffy Healey, had gotten herself into this kind of jam. Forget seconds, Mitt would have given her up in nanoseconds. Why is Deval engineering this entire cover-up? Is there something so toxic in those phone records that Deval is as much at risk as the Pillsbury Doughboy? Politically, Murray is a dead man walking, but Deval has a future, or at least he’d like to think he does. For once, the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast may be interesting this year.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black conservative commentator and author Deneen Borelli tells Newsmax.TV that she and other people of color who fight for conservative principles against President Barack Obama’s failed policies risk backlash from the liberal left. Read more on Author Borelli: Black Conservatives Risk Liberal Backlash Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

“The biggest spenders for campaigns and elections — literally going back to the 1930s — are not outside groups like American Crossroads, or super PACs, but labor unions,”

erik naggum rip long live lisp Erik Naggum hated Perl with a passion, and considered Perl to be a problem, not a problem solver.[10] He disliked C++, though not as much as he hated Perl, but he generally thought that C++ was too difficult to understand to such a degree that only about 5 people on the planet truly understood it and hence was of little value for humanity. Perl rant by Erik Naggum
From: Erik Naggum 
Subject: Re: can lisp do what perl does easily?
Date: 2000/03/28
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp

* ; ; ; h e l m e r . . . | I have been slowly learning lisp over the past year and have had someone | mention to me that I should learn perl, for jobs etc.

the unemployed programmer had a problem. "I know", said the programmer, "I'll just learn perl." the unemployed programmer now had two problems. having a job is not unimportant, but if knowing perl is a requirement for a particular job, consider another one before taking that one. this is true even if you know perl very well. life is too long to be an expert at harmful things, including such evilness as C++ and perl.

I once studied perl enough to read perl code and spot bugs in other people's programs (but later gained the wisdom that this was not an accomplishment -- spotting a bug in a perl program is like spotting the dog that brought the fleas), but I don't write in it and I don't ever plan to use it for anything (part of my new position is quality assurance for the systems I'm inheriting responsibility for, and part of any serious QA is removing perl code the same way you go over a dilapidated building you inherit to remove chewing gum and duct tape and fix whatever was kept together for real). also, very much unlike any other language I have ever studied, perl has failed to stick to memory, a phenomenon that has actually puzzled me, but I guess there are some things that are so gross you just have to forget, or it'll destroy something with you. perl is the first such thing I have known. this is your brain. this is perl. this is your brain on perl. any questions?

| If I learn lisp well will I be able to do what people do with perl[?]

no, you won't. however, there is a very important clue to be had from this: what people do with perl is wrong. perl makes a whole lot of tasks easy to do, but if you look closely, you will see that those tasks are fundamentally braindamaged, and should never have been initiated. perl is perhaps the best example I can think of for a theory I have on the ills of optimization and the design choices people make. most people, when faced with a problem, will not investigate the cause of the problem, but will instead want to solve it because the problem is actually in the way of something more important than figuring out why something suddenly got in their way out of nowhere. if you are a programmer, you may reach for perl at this point, and perl can remove your problem. happy, you go on, but find another problem blocking your way, requiring more perl -- the perl programmer who veers off the road into the forest will get out of his car and cut down each and every tree that blocks his progress, then drive a few meters and repeat the whole process. whether he gets where he wanted to go or not is immaterial -- a perl programmer will happily keep moving forward and look busy. getting a perl programmer back on the road is a managerial responsibility, and it can be very hard: the perl programmer is very good at solving his own problems and assure you that he's on the right track -- he looks like any other programmer who is stuck, and this happens to all of us, but the perl programmer is very different in one crucial capacity: the tool is causing the problems, and unlike other programmers who discover the cause of the problem sooner or later and try something else, perl is rewarding the programmer with a very strong sense of control and accomplishment that a perl programmer does _not_ try something else.

it's not that perl programmers are idiots, it's that the language rewards idiotic behavior in a way that no other language or tool has ever done, and on top of it, it punishes conscientiousness and quality craftsmanship -- put simply: you can commit any dirty hack in a few minutes in perl, but you can't write an elegant, maintainabale program that becomes an asset to both you and your employer; you can make something work, but you can't really figure out its complete set of failure modes and conditions of failure. (how do you tell when a regexp has a false positive match?) a person's behavior is shaped by the rewards and the punishment he has received while not thinking about his own actions. few people habitually engage in the introspection necessary to break out of this "social programming" or decide to ignore the signals that other people send them, so this is a powerful mechanism for programming the unthinking masses. rewarding idiotic behavior and punishing smart behavior effectively brainwashes people, destroying their value systems and their trust in their own understanding and appreciation of the world they live in, but if you're very good at it, you can create a new world for them in which all of this makes sense.

to really destroy any useful concepts of how software is supposed to work together, for instance, the best possible way is to ridicule the simple and straightforward concepts inherent in Lisp's read and print syntax, then ridicule the overly complex and entangled concepts in stuff like IDL and CORBA, which does basically the same thing as Lisp's simple syntax, and then hail the randomness of various programs that output junk data, because you can easily massage the data into the randomness that some other program accepts as input. instead of having syntax-driven data sharing between programs, you have code-driven glue between programs, and because you are brainwashed perl idiot, this is an improvement, mostly to your job security. and once you start down this path, every move forward is a lot cheaper than any actual improvements to the system that would _obviate_ the need for more glue code. however, if you never start down this path, you have a chance of making relevant and important changes.

that's why, if you learn Lisp and become a good programmer, you will never want to do what people do with perl. as such a good programmer, one in five managers will notice that you solve problems differently and will want to hire you to clean up after the perl programmers he used to be mortally afraid of firing, and you can push any language you want at this point -- just make sure you can find more programmers he can hire who know it and always keep your code well-documented and readable -- you do _not_ want to make any other programming language appear as random as perl to any manager. perl is already a "necessary evil", but still evil, while other languages don't have the "necessary" label, so if you screw up, it will hurt other programmers, too. this problem can always be minimized by simply being good at what you do. few perl programmers are actually good at anything but getting perl to solve their _immediate_ problems, so you have an incredible advantage if you're a good Lisper.

I'll concede, however, that it is very important to be able to understand what perl programmers do. if you don't understand what they are talking about, you won't understand what they are actually trying to accomplish with all the incredibly braindamaged uses of hash tables and syntactic sadomasochism, and you won't be able to see through their charades and "just one more hack, and I'll be there" lies.

here's a simple rule to use on perl programmers. if a solution is clean and complete, it will immediately look like a tremendous amount of work to a perl programmer, which it will: writing code that does the right thing in perl is incredibly arduous. this is the only positive use for perl programmers. like a really bad horror movie, where the evil guys have no redeeming qualities whatsoever and will hate anything beautiful or good, a true perl programmer will have a strong emotional reaction to any really good solution: there's no way he can improve on it with his perl hackery, and the very existence of his expertise is threatened.

then there are good programmers who know and use perl for some tasks, but more than anything else know when _not_ to use it. they are _very_ rare.

democrats are the enemy vote republican

stop communism

nuclear power puts oil company and israel outa biz, as oxygen hydrogen engine and elctric movers take over and electric train

well now we understadn what puffy communist environmentalism is backed by financially anyhow eh

shaqs big pumpkin head better be checked

saw somethign where shaq said he doesnt wan hear shit from walkton about cener down the power continuum, lol walton was better than shaq so whats pumpkin head shaq babbling about??? shaq u loking up power continnum to walton u pumpkin head nigger

Sunday, March 4, 2012

end all pensions and end fed and public school

end all costly govenment outputs

Inflation is secret government tax

Inflation happens when you print money from photocopier liek fed does without any production to back it up.

“I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the president’s apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion-dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of the week,” the former House speaker said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Gingrich Slams Media on Limbaugh Focus Sunday, 04 Mar 2012 10:49 AM By Amy Woods Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich accused “the elite media” of negligence for focusing on the contraception controversy that Rush Limbaugh escalated last week instead of reporting on the issues relevant to the campaign. “I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the president’s apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion-dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of the week,” the former House speaker said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The controversy erupted after Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress to lobby for the availability of birth control. Limbaugh, who referred to the woman as a “slut” while commenting on the issue during his radio show, apologized for his comments on Saturday. Gingrich said he is glad that the conservative radio commentator apologized but said there is no debate about access to contraception. “This is the most fundamental assault on religious liberty in American history,” he said, referring to President Barack Obama’s new requirement that insurance companies provide coverage for contraception for employees even at Catholic institutions that object to birth control. “It’s not about access to contraception. It is a question about whether or not a religiously affiliated institution should be coerced by the federal government.” When host David Gregory asked Gingrich about winning Georgia on Super Tuesday, Gingrich shrugged and said, “It is the biggest state in terms of delegates. It’s very hard for one of the major candidates to not carry their own state and continue to move forward.”

IF obama could not raise deficit or print money he would be forced to raise taxes for each program

which is honsetly what he does by other mans including fed and deficit, but people feel taxes

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ted Nugent Endorses Romney, Prefers Rick Perry Saturday, 03 Mar 2012 11:47 AM

Ted Nugent Endorses Romney, Prefers Rick Perry Saturday, 03 Mar 2012 11:47 AM 1 Rocker Ted Nugent has endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to a report in the Texas Tribune. "After a long heart&soul conversation with Mitt Romney today, I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him," Nugent wrote on Twitter. However, he qualified that he would rather be backing Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has left the race. “If the real Rick Perry had been at those debates, he would still be in the race,” Nugent explained. “It is my firm belief that Rick Perry would have [made] and would make the best president we could choose.” Nugent told the Tribune that one big thing that makes Romney attractive is that he has pledged to him that there would be no new gun laws in his administration.. In an interview with Phoenix radio host Mike Broomhead, Nugent argued that Obama was an "America hater" and out to "destroy freedom." He added that having Tim Geithner serve as Secretary of the Treasury was like have Jeffrey Dahmer run a children's playground. According to the Houston Chronical, Nugent gave this general opinion of the state of the union. “Basically, America is in a suicidal tailspin right now. Our government is out of control. The power abuse, the corruption, the insanity of spending money that will never exist… The conclusion based on all the evidence I can find is that Mitt Romney has the best shot at bringing the U.S. Constituion, common sense, and the American way back to the White House.”

rush on Obama communism: Where is it written that, all of a sudden, if you want something and don't have the money for it, somebody else has to pay for it?

rush on Obama communism: Where is it written that, all of a sudden, if you want something and don't have the money for it, somebody else has to pay for it? Friday, 02 Mar 2012 03:09 PM By Newsmax Wires Rush Limbaugh slammed President Barack Obama for making a phone call to a Georgetown law student whose stand on contraception prompted the radio-talk-show host to label her a "slut" on his radio talk show. Limbaugh said Fluke's insistence on wanting contraception made her a prostitute and the nation's taxpayers "pimps" for paying for her contraception. Limbaugh remained unflappable Friday despite the growing controversy that has caused at least one advertiser to pull funding from his nationally-syndicated show; the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has created an anti-Limbaugh petition. "That is so compassionate! What a great guy," Limbaugh chided Obama on his radio show today. "The president called her to make sure she's OK. What is she, 30 years old? Thirty years old, a student at Georgetown law who admits to having so much sex that she can't afford it anymore," Limbaugh continued. "And, thus, a new welfare entitlement must be created so that society will pay for it," Limbaugh said, adding that, "all of a sudden we're told that people who want to have sex without consequence, sex with no responsibility, and we have pay for it! We're told we have to pay for it — and if we object, that somehow we're Neanderthal." Limbaugh, however, said the insult here is misplaced. "Where is it written that, all of a sudden, if you want something and don't have the money for it, somebody else has to pay for it? I think the whole notion of being insulted here is misplaced. There are a lot of us insulted by this whole idea that is growing throughout the Obama administration, that the people who make this country work are somehow not doing their fair share. Not paying their fair share. We've gotta be punished even more. And here's the latest example of it."

try to talk to lisp guys it tuff, esp when you want to use lisp for real

(9:54:21 AM) The topic for #scheme is: (map surf-to '("" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "")) ; RIP John McCarthy, 1927--2011 (9:54:26 AM) leppie left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). (9:58:38 AM) attila_lendvai [~attila_le@] entered the room. (9:58:39 AM) attila_lendvai left the room (quit: Changing host). (9:58:39 AM) attila_lendvai [~attila_le@unaffiliated/attila-lendvai/x-3126965] entered the room. (10:02:11 AM) wingo: i had no idea guy steele edited the first ecmascript specification (10:02:28 AM) leppie [] entered the room. (10:02:32 AM) Nisstyre [] entered the room. (10:05:48 AM) attila_lendvai left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.). (10:07:23 AM) Lajla: wingo, he is also the guy behind Java (10:10:20 AM) noam_ left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). (10:10:56 AM) noam_ [~noam@] entered the room. (10:11:53 AM) samth [] entered the room. (10:14:11 AM) noam_ left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 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I am reading "The Scheme Programming Language, 3rd Edition" and I dont understand what "=>" is doing on this code actually I dont know what "=>" stands for (10:37:46 AM) Lajjla: tcleval, that's a form of cond (10:38:04 AM) Lajjla: It basically, if the condition is true, evaluates to the result of the condition with cdr applied to it (10:38:05 AM) asumu: tcleval: the right hand side of => is a procedure that's applied to the test expression. (10:38:20 AM) asumu: tcleval: Also, did you know that TSPL 4th edition is freely available online? (10:38:48 AM) tcleval: really? that is great! (10:38:54 AM) tcleval: I am going for it (10:39:21 AM) asumu: tcleval: (10:40:28 AM) tcleval: nice.. to be "complete" I could find a pdf or chm version so I can read it on my phone too (10:41:25 AM) virl left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (10:42:38 AM) tcleval: asumu: on the 4th edition I see [] instead of () on the same code I just show you. Is that racket specific ? Coz I am using gambit (10:43:06 AM) wingo: tsplv4 is r6rs (10:43:14 AM) wingo: in which [] is equivalent to () (10:43:39 AM) wingo: gambit does not implement r6rs (10:43:41 AM) tcleval: humm (10:43:47 AM) wingo: if you're on gambit, better to stay with tsplv3 (10:43:54 AM) tcleval: So I better stick with 3rd edition (10:44:20 AM) tcleval: anyway is good to know where to findo more info on scheme (10:44:58 AM) tuubow [] entered the room. (10:48:28 AM) asumu: [ and ( is interchangeable, so you could read 4th and just pretend they are the same. Or you can stick with 3rd, up to you. (10:48:53 AM) asumu: All of the TSPL editions (down to 2nd anyway) use syntax-case, for example, so Gambit won't support everything there anyway. (10:53:07 AM) rudybot left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). (10:54:59 AM) MrFahrenheit left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). (10:56:33 AM) rudybot [] entered the room. 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(11:53:52 AM) Lajla [~Lajla@2001:0:5ef5:79fd:148e:2b2d:ae33:eb94] entered the room. (11:56:38 AM) republican_devil: I have a while back, it seemed wuite awesome. (11:56:43 AM) republican_devil: quite (11:58:13 AM) bill_ [~bill@] entered the room. (12:01:45 PM) FireFly left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 255 seconds). (12:01:58 PM) wingo: qu1j0t3: #gavino (12:03:04 PM) You are now known as yes_imgavino (12:03:12 PM) yes_imgavino: I do really love lisp. (12:03:29 PM) yes_imgavino: perl really gives me headache (12:05:13 PM) chromaticwt: yes_imgavino: I like lisp too. do you use emacs? (12:08:32 PM) FireFly [] entered the room. (12:08:45 PM) yes_imgavino: vi (12:08:55 PM) qu1j0t3: wingo: oh gawd, i fall for it every time. (12:09:15 PM) qu1j0t3: all we need is Xah Lee in here and it's a party (12:11:11 PM) yes_imgavino: wow his post so boring on google groups (12:11:15 PM) yes_imgavino: usenet (12:11:26 PM) yes_imgavino: I mean I don't like perl either. (12:11:27 PM) yes_imgavino: lol (12:11:37 PM) yes_imgavino: picolisp seems interesting (12:11:50 PM) yes_imgavino: most jobs using java barf (12:12:26 PM) yes_imgavino: lastest thing si mongodb nodejs and mysql being used so at least not oracle crap (12:12:37 PM) yes_imgavino: wonder wah twould happen if used scheme without relational db (12:12:47 PM) yes_imgavino: would apps be better on same given hardware (12:13:54 PM) bill_ left the room. (12:14:18 PM) hopfrog [~bill@] entered the room. (12:17:06 PM) yes_imgavino: do any of you work in a place using such strategy? (12:17:10 PM) yes_imgavino: scheme all the way (12:19:55 PM) dnolen left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds). (12:32:56 PM) yes_imgavino: ? (12:33:04 PM) yes_imgavino: feel like the wub (12:33:14 PM) yes_imgavino: wish to discuss things but everyone silent (12:34:43 PM) tomodo: hey (12:34:53 PM) tomodo: i'm working on my AI (12:35:54 PM) tali713 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). (12:36:11 PM) tali713 [] entered the room. (12:36:54 PM) pdponze [~pierre@] entered the room. (12:37:01 PM) EmmanuelOga left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 244 seconds). (12:43:02 PM) chromaticwt: yes_imgavino: if you like lisp, you should be using emacs, it even has viper-mode for vi emulation, but not ex. (12:43:42 PM) adu [] entered the room. (12:43:57 PM) yes_imgavino: why (12:44:03 PM) yes_imgavino: vi si fine (12:44:07 PM) yes_imgavino: paul graham used it (12:44:14 PM) yes_imgavino: I find emacs a task in itself to learn (12:44:15 PM) yes_imgavino: zz (12:44:26 PM) yes_imgavino: plus if I am on terminal withotu x (12:44:31 PM) yes_imgavino: emacs no use eh (12:44:41 PM) yes_imgavino: oh wait it has termianl mode ok ok (12:44:45 PM) yes_imgavino: but why bother (12:44:53 PM) yes_imgavino: I think :sm gives em paren matching (12:44:56 PM) yes_imgavino: and away i go (12:46:07 PM) _schulte_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). (12:47:41 PM) C-Keen: auto-troll-mode (12:48:17 PM) samth: eli, ping -- troll infestation in aisle 4 (12:48:35 PM) yes_imgavino: not trollllll (12:48:38 PM) yes_imgavino: I am not troll (12:48:44 PM) yes_imgavino: not not (12:49:06 PM) C-Keen: where's Capt. Obvious when you need him (12:49:14 PM) tomodo: man fuck you guys (12:51:02 PM) EmmanuelOga [~emmanuel@] entered the room. (12:51:42 PM) yes_imgavino: I think a shop using lisp prevalence would go a long way toward beating most of what I see running on my precious linux machines. (12:51:44 PM) rudybot: