Thursday, March 8, 2012

high hilarity gavino rant

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[20:49]  ok
[20:49]  got some teknical questions about tcl
[20:50]  surrounding 16 cpu boxes and tcl apps
[20:51] <@ijchain>  le_gavino, wait a sec, I just have to hide you again.
[20:51] <@ijchain>  ahhhh, better.
[20:51]  fuking a colin
[20:51]  cmon
[20:52]  gavino, you would put less load on all of our chat clients if you just kept the same nick
[20:52] <@ijchain>  Yeah.  I might get energetic and start banning gavino.
[20:53] <@ijchain>  repeated violation of agreement not to change nicks, general trollishness, complete irredeemability, republicanism.
[20:53] == le_gavino has changed nick to gavino
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[20:53]  come on colin
[20:53]  dont be so ahrsh
[20:54]  don't drink and IRC
[20:55]  aaye
[20:55]  at least you shouldn't ;)
[20:55]  but I am very curious how to get a tcl app to use more than 1 cpu
[20:55]  I see the thread package is that the onyl way?
[20:56]  there is no even driven way?
[21:00] == nvrpunk [~tlnelson@] has joined #tcl
[21:05]  why are threads not good enough?
[21:07]  I don't know, I am vry ignorant.
[21:08]  So tcl-ers just use threads...when they want to grow a program that might be highly laoded and 100% cpu.
[21:08]  one poster on google groups said threads are easy to use
[21:09]  are you actually writing a program now?
[21:09]  no
[21:09]  I am learning tcl.
[21:10]  oh, ok
[21:10]  I work as a syadmin and have my own biz.
[21:10]  I enjoy using tcl and now use it almost exclusively and hav eleft bash beind.
[21:10]  work is forcing me to learn perl, which I find not as nice as tcl sofar.
[21:11]  you'll like some things, less like others
[21:11]  for webb apps I guess I could jsut exploit psotgresql and aolserver
[21:11]  the tutorial I have gone through up to dicts
[21:11]  and I find arrays a little harder to use that I had expected
[21:17]  jsut wodnering from more experienced tclers: are 16 core boxes a problem for tcl to exploit?
[21:18]  is thread package easy?
[21:19]  and for web is the problem already solved by postgresQL and aolserver naviserver or websh wtc
[21:19]  etc
[21:19] <@ijchain>  Sure, 2 drinks and it's off to bed.
[21:19]  so problems all solved
[21:19] <@ijchain>  colin:
[21:19]  I actually had the perl enthusiast guy at work ask me who uses aolerver ?
[21:19]  as if perl way better for web apps
[21:20] <@ijchain>  Oh, it's probably NSFW, for those of you at W.
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[21:25]  i wish I could jsut discuss these things with tclsers with more experience.
[21:26]  I hate being ignored.
[21:26] <@ijchain>  What do you want to know?
[21:26] <@ijchain>  The answer is: Tcl, threaded or not, has no concept of how many cores the box has.
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[21:27] <@ijchain>  On starting on the road to not being ignored: Type properly.
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[21:31] <@ijchain>  Speaking of perl, it's hard to beat things like  $ perl -pie 's/this/that/' filename
[21:35]  sed
[21:36]  ok so 16 core boxes can easily be exploited using tcl.
[21:36]  who said that?
[21:37]  why do you keep asking the same questions?
[21:38]  maybe you should consider using a real irc client which keeps logfiles of your conversations so you can read them again whenever you forget the answers, which would be monthly
[21:40]  thommey: I can't agree with your assertion.
[21:43]  you've been asking the multi-core tcl thing at least 20 times
[21:44]  and what would you say is the answer?
[21:44] <@ijchain>  The answer is: Tcl, threaded or not, has no concept of how many cores the box has.
[21:44]  exactly
[21:44] <@ijchain>  No, no, wait .....
[21:44]  ok let me step back, what would you say is the question I asked?
[21:44] <@ijchain>  As many as Aolserver can.
[21:45] <@ijchain>  "Can 16 core boxes can easily be exploited using tcl?"
[21:45]  and to that you answer
[21:45]  you write programs appropriate for your tasks, if you do have a use-case where you need to spread out computationally expensive tasks (!!!) across multiple kernel threads, you can use the Tcl thread package (you most likely have equivalents in every programming language - you MUST design the program for that, it doesn't automagically happen)
[21:45]  "Tcl has no concept of how many cpu the box has, threded or no"
[21:45] <@ijchain>  Wait ... is that   "16-core boxes"  or "16 core-boxes" ?
[21:45]  ok
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[21:46]  maybe you dont speak english as first language?
[21:46]  "don't"
[21:46] <@ijchain>  I didn't write "threded"
[21:46]  irc is not harvard englsih punctuation class
[21:47] <@ijchain>  We are all mature adults, quite capable of communicating effectively by proper usage of language.
[21:47] <@ijchain>  No one feels like trying to decode what you're trying to say.
[21:47]  English.
[21:48] <@ijchain>  "for webb apps I guess I could jsut exploit psotgresql and aolserver"
[21:48] == RiverRat [~me@gentoo/contributor/riverrat] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[21:48] <@ijchain>  What's a "webb app"?  What's "psotgresql" ?
[21:48]  an exploit is a daring adventure by one definition
[21:48]  well say one had a dell server with 16 cpu
[21:48] <@ijchain>  What is "threded"
[21:48]  he did mention he likes to come here and ask questions when he's drunk, so I'm assuming - in his favor - that he is
[21:48]  and one wanted to solve problems using tcl
[21:48]  oen would not want to waste 15 cpu would one?
[21:49]  I mean I am a systems engineer by trade.
[21:49]  Performance matters.
[21:49] <@ijchain>  Who'se oen? The guy that played Obi-Wan?
[21:49]  you do sound like a manager, not a programer, not even a system administrator
[21:49] <@ijchain>  Who's
[21:49]  That a name I have not heard in a long.....long time.
[21:49]  Befoer the dark times, before the empire!!
[21:51]  So Stu how would you use tcl to make sure that you were not wasting 15 of those cpu???
[21:51]  thonmney how would you?
[21:51]  spawn kernel threads that loop endlessly to make you happy
[21:51]  100% cpu usage on all cores, win-win
[21:51] <@ijchain>  Isn't the OS responsible for such things?
[21:52]  Well say someone was guna choose tcl or python to run thier new 50million dolar porn site.
[21:52]  and your answer would sway them one way or the other
[21:52]  please don't come here when you're drunk
[21:52] <@ijchain>  There is nothing in Tcl that can be used to make sure it runs on once cpu or another.
[21:52]  and your job was on the line and your one chance to get 4mmillion is stock options if the deal gets signed.
[21:52] <@ijchain>  How do you exploit 16 cores with python?
[21:52]  big money
[21:52]  no wammies
[21:52]  well one answer is stackless python
[21:53]  we're programmers, we tell them the truth, which is what stu said three times already
[21:53] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has joined #tcl
[21:54] <@ijchain>  "Stackless python does not make use of any kind of multi-core environment it runs on. This is a common misconception about Stackless, as it allows the programmer to take advantage of thread-based programming. For many people these two are closely intertwined, but are, in fact two seperate things."
[21:54]  here is something in stackles
[21:55]  I want the truth!
[21:55]  good man!!
[21:55]  I am not drunk thommey or I would have insulted you already.
[21:56]  the truth is that you still have a lot to learn, you're not asking intelligent questions
[21:56]  What if my questions answer could make you 4million?
[21:58]  you gota understand when business people or people evaluating tcl leave conversations such as this they just think "I couldn't get a straight answer"
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[21:58] == superlinux-hp [~oracle@unaffiliated/superlinux] has joined #tcl
[21:59]  you could be poorer because you can't say oen way or another or simply that you don't know if thats the case
[21:59] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-bmgqjnrumqbjlqed] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[22:00]  I gather using aolserver and postgresql is the solution.
[22:00]  or threads.
[22:00]  I guess
[22:00]  although howto learn to use the threads pacakge is another mystery
[22:00]  hmmm
[22:00] * ijchain jenglish ...
[22:00]  you didn't state a real problem, there's no universal solution
[22:00] * ijchain jenglish ah, what the hell.
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Just because you have threads doesn't mean you can use multiple cores.
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Gavino: yes, to explote 16 cores with Tcl you must use AOLServer.
[22:01]  :)
[22:01] <@ijchain>  and psotgresQl!
[22:01] <@ijchain>  PostgresQL is optional, but recommended if you wanna really exploit those cores.
[22:01]  how about firebird DB?
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Other things that you can use are Common Lisp.
[22:01]  throw them all in
[22:01] <@ijchain>  Yeah! Hit 'em hard!
[22:02] <@ijchain>  Give those cores a good what-for!
[22:02]  buy the best hardware you can get, throwing hardware and money at problems always works
[22:02] <@ijchain>  No, you cannot use firebird DB.
[22:02]  an ibm mainframe would do
[22:02] <@ijchain>  Or WATFOR
[22:02]  so who would you write something like mogileFS in tcl?
[22:02]  something that would use 16 cpu?
[22:02]  make that 64
[22:02] <@ijchain>  You cannot write something like mogileFS in tcl.
[22:02] <@ijchain>  For that you need to use Forth.
[22:02] and replace all costly SANS
[22:03]  with commodity raid 0 jbods
[22:03] <@ijchain>  And if you use Forth, you can go up to 32 CPUs to exploit those cores.  But no higher.
[22:03]  jenglish sarcasm is th eleast intelligent form of humor
[22:04]  ;)
[22:04] <@ijchain>  I hope that answers your questions.
[22:04]  nop
[22:04] <@ijchain>  Actually, I belive it's puns that are considered the lowest form of humour.
[22:04]  and if your network connection seems to be too slow, you can always buy a "KillerNIC" from bigfoot, which has its own cpu!
[22:05] * ijchain stu 's getting gavino typing disease! It's infectious! Rnu!
[22:05]  lol
[22:05]  Guys I do like tcl.
[22:05] <@ijchain>  Do they?
[22:05] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:05]  And despite your being annoyed with me I do respect that you work on tcl.
[22:05] <@ijchain>  That's a bit personal, I think.
[22:06]  "you're"
[22:06]  you're expands to you are does it not?
[22:06]  yes
[22:06]  don't make me lawyer you thomney
[22:06]  lol
[22:06] * ijchain stu doesn't want to know what else the guys gavino does like.
[22:07] * ijchain stu ... like "How many cores do the guys you do do?"
[22:07]  stu are you into guys?
[22:07] <@ijchain>  No, you just said that you do guys.
[22:07] <@ijchain>  And they like Tcl.
[22:07]  not really
[22:08]  maybe you misunderstood
[22:08] <@ijchain>  "Guys I do like tcl."
[22:08]  yes
[22:08]  stu: ymmd :)
[22:08]  that what I said
[22:08]  I love lawyering
[22:08] <@ijchain>  Seems pretty clear to me: The guys that you do, they like Tcl.
[22:08]  nah thats your faulty reading of it
[22:09]  your faulty reading may explain why my simple questions are so hard for you
[22:09] <@ijchain>  Had you said:  "Guys, I do like tcl."
[22:09] <@ijchain>  That would be different.
[22:09]  lol
[22:09]  would have been different
[22:09] <@ijchain>  I understand now. Many of your male lovers like Tcl.
[22:09]  alas I wish I was gay
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Understandable - Tcl is a good language - for everyone! We don't discriminate.
[22:10]  I am big 6-6 blue eyed guy and get ltos fo women here in souther california near the beach, esp latinas love me
[22:10] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has joined #tcl
[22:10]  I am a total stud
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Even against gnu people.
[22:10]  and since I am rich
[22:10]  life is good
[22:10]  you gota realise
[22:10]  I have 154 iq
[22:10]  I have 0 insecurities about brains or brawn
[22:10] <@ijchain>  Yes, it's painfully obvious.
[22:11]  or sex really
[22:11]  I think some shemale look great when they look liek pam anderson
[22:11]  Its amazing what the surgery can do
[22:11] <@ijchain>  Well, you're also an ass who's hated by a large part of a large part of the programming communities on the Internet.
[22:11]  oh thats not true
[22:11]  you know its not
[22:11] <@ijchain>  Oh, I belive google will bear me out.
[22:12]  google is a pos
[22:12]  look up santorum
[22:12]  no amnners
[22:12]  manners
[22:12]  googel sucks ass
[22:12]  in fact as soon as I find another web interface to newgroups
[22:12]  I will never ever google again
[22:12]  I wish the whole company would die
[22:12] <@ijchain>  Haha -   gavino == the santorum of the 'net
[22:13]  hardly
[22:13] <@ijchain>  Interpret that any way you like.
[22:13]  more like the hans solo
[22:13]  james bond
[22:13]  I kinda feel myself akin to paul graham who didnt really mind what others were doing.
[22:13]  and had great success
[22:13]  your company will defeat google, I'm sure
[22:14]  why would I make a search engine?
[22:14]  no no
[22:14]  I am more interested in making things like a decent job site
[22:14]  a beter craigslsit
[22:14]  a pet adoption site
[22:14]  I'd adopt you
[22:14]  perhaps cheap storage site
[22:15]  a site where people could learn 4 html tags and use them for blogging with uplaoded pics
[22:15]  instead of complex web interfaces
[22:15]  tons fo possibilities
[22:15]  thommey: do you own your own websites? can I see a few?
[22:15]  are they websh?
[22:15] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-ygargxpeqnqtllmi] has joined #tcl
[22:15]  I don't own my own website, no
[22:16]  any tcl modules that write svg files?
[22:16]  do you?
[22:16]  well I have some blogs
[22:16]  not really owned no
[22:16]  so you dont have your won startup using tcl to make money?
[22:17]  how about you stu?
[22:17]  making any cash? jenglish?
[22:17]  leme see some live sites im curioisos
[22:17]  show me the money!
[22:17] <@ijchain>  jim:
[22:18]  thanks :) I'll look at that now
[22:18]  butfirst...
[22:18]  I apologize for feeding the troll, good night
[22:18] <@ijchain>  gavino, yes there is one web site I did.
[22:18] <@ijchain>  thommey, so'k, happens to the best of us.
[22:18]  im never a troll
[22:18] <@ijchain>  But it's in php. I write lots of other stuff in Tcl and Tk.
[22:18]  only a normal guy who smaks down offensive nerdo
[22:19]  jim is that an aolserver site?
[22:19]  not sure if it still is... but,, shouold be
[22:20]  cool
[22:21] <@ijchain>  Who cares? Websites are boring.
[22:21]  what I wonder is the biggest moneymaking site done in tcl?
[22:21]  I lvoe websites
[22:21] <@ijchain>  You don't know anything else.
[22:21]  guy at work teaching teh group perl says is perl
[22:21]  stu I know you dotn know what I know
[22:21]  no comment. that's not about tcl programming.
[22:22]  no no Im not saying goto the site
[22:22]  knowing and not knowing is also not about tcl programming
[22:22]  Im jsut saying its in perl
[22:22]  so its open source powered
[22:22]  it could have been done in tcl
[22:22]  perl is not about tcl programming... that's three... plonk.
[22:23] <@ijchain>  gavino: I doubt you know more than me about anything.
[22:23]  stu :) that would be feeding :)
[22:23] == _jdpage [~jdpage@unaffiliated/jdpage] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:24] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[22:24] <@ijchain>  Yeah, sorry.
[22:25]  pffft
[22:25] * ijchain stu goes off to watch some "Die Antwoord" videos.
[22:25]  tcl might be 1 thing you do stu
[22:25]  have a lot of fun! :)
[22:25]  jim thanks for being ncie when other 3 were dooshes
[22:26] * jim takes deep breath into abdomen and then chest
[22:26] * jim exhales
[22:26]  am i really that bad?
[22:26] * jim feels more alive!
[22:26]  I jsut dotn understand the chaos I cause
[22:27]  never will
[22:27]  the three great mysteries:
[22:27]   - fish unto water
[22:27]   - bird unto air
[22:27]   - man unto himself
[22:27]  it's hard to explain water to a fish
[22:28]  chaos must be the water you swim in, and the reason you do not perceive it.
[22:29]  I mean I only busted out my personal stuff once they pushed me with thier irritating crap.
[22:29]  i was holding back for 30min
[22:29]  not easy for me
[22:30]  I know tons about unix and network but application efficiency is mystery to me.
[22:30]  ipc
[22:30]  threads
[22:30]  continuations
[22:30]  all kinda grey
[22:30]  I am lawful evil
[22:30]  capitalist
[22:30]  one thing to appreciate about what you said, is that you do realize you're busting out your personal stuff
[22:31]  I think fair trade and willing transactoins
[22:31]  are best
[22:31]  oh cmon
[22:31]  of course
[22:31]  jenglish went too far
[22:31]  just being pure wiseass
[22:31]  here is usa we beat people down for that kinda talk
[22:32]  now that sounds a bit much
[22:32]  but they kinda piss me offf
[22:32]  is it OK to be pissed off?
[22:33]  (ok, so the dumb joke is "better than being pissed on"... but we won't go there)
[22:34]  yeah
[22:34]  lol
[22:34] == jim [~jim@unaffiliated/jim]
[22:34] ==  realname : jim
[22:34] ==  channels : #tcl
[22:34] ==  server   : [Paris, FR]
[22:34] ==  account  : jim
[22:34] == End of WHOIS
[22:34]  can you forgive yourself for getting triggered/pissed off?
[22:34]  0 guilt
[22:34]  I think its good for people like those 3
[22:35]  I make mistake of thinking that I am dealing with tcl veterans
[22:35] <@ijchain>  gavino, why don't you just piss off and go bother some other adults?
[22:35]  I forget that european kids living with mom come in here
[22:36]  cuz ur a kid living in moms basement stu
[22:36]  and u act like it
[22:36]  do you realize that you're acting to trigger others right now?
[22:36]  well im reacting to stu
[22:36]  the key word is "reacting"
[22:36]  yes
[22:37] <@ijchain>  Look, your question about cores was answered. Now go away.
[22:37]  wouldn't you rather be proactive?
[22:37]  wel instict says put smak on stu tho
[22:37]  ok i will be proactive
[22:38] <@ijchain>  suicide!
[22:38]  do you want to be? (that's my current question)
[22:38]  yes
[22:39]  being proactive means having the jedi-level ability to see yourself being triggered IN THE MOMENT, seeing what your instinct says, then MAKING YOUR OWN CHOICE.
[22:39] == jon8 [] has joined #tcl
[22:39] == jon8 [] has quit [Changing host]
[22:39] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has joined #tcl
[22:40]  I always am its just more fun to smak down stu
[22:40]  you see stu doesnt care
[22:40]  he jsut has a piss
[22:40]  as the brits say
[22:40]  so why should I?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  Why should I care?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  About you?
[22:40]  why show any restraint atoll?
[22:40] <@ijchain>  You're an annoying shit
[22:40]  stu you are a moron :)
[22:40] <@ijchain>  On here and many many other places on the
[22:40] <@ijchain>  'net
[22:41]  you live in moms basement, and blame capitalism for your failure and wonder why women dont liek you
[22:41] <@ijchain>  Yeah, I'm a moron. At least I can program. And spell.
[22:41]  lol
[22:41] <@ijchain>  Man, you've got me pegged exactly.
[22:41]  well if your so smart why aint ya rich?
[22:41]  I am rich
[22:41] <@ijchain>  How do you know how much money I have?
[22:41]  I am getting laid nonstop
[22:41]  I am interested in using free software to get richer
[22:42]  and hacing fun doing it without dealing with moron ic little shitbags liek u
[22:42]  ok, so the two of you (equally, at the moment) are having too much fun...
[22:42] <@ijchain>  And yet, everyone hates you.
[22:42]  all igght?
[22:42]  nah
[22:42]  you do
[22:42]  cuz i put you in your palce nonstop
[22:42]  and make shedded zipzap of your silly arguments
[22:42]  and when i play let me lil mr lawyer i school you so hard you cry
[22:42]  lol
[22:43]  now, just take a breath, all the way into your belly, when full, expand chest
[22:43]  stu you are poor because you can't talk to people without throwing insult and calling name liek 5 year old
[22:43]  im not tense
[22:43] <@ijchain>  I forgot about the rule about dealing with the mentally ill.
[22:43]  I lvoe stu acting up
[22:43]  let me blast him again
[22:43]  make monkey of him yet again
[22:43]  again n again
[22:44]  stu if you dotn know an answer to a question then shut up
[22:44]  shut ur pie hole
[22:44]  they say in boston
[22:44]  lol
[22:44] <@ijchain>  I answered all you "questions" correctly.
[22:44]  nah
[22:44]  not 1
[22:45] <@ijchain>  Va chier, crisse de mongole.
[22:45]  your a weird n screwey guy
[22:45] <@ijchain>  As they say in my town.
[22:45]  stu look
[22:45]  if you had manners
[22:45] <@ijchain>  How many cores?
[22:45]  I would not have to insult you.
[22:45]  do you get that?
[22:46] <@ijchain>  Do you get that you are an annoying insect and I don't care what I say to you.
[22:46]  its the sign of a small ind to not argue issues n ideas in abstract and to call names.
[22:46]  a small mind stu
[22:46] <@ijchain>  And the only mistake I make is that I do talk to you because it prolongs your stay.
[22:46]  think on that
[22:46]  ad hom attacks
[22:46] <@ijchain>  And no one wants you here.
[22:46]  are for 5 year olds
[22:46]  naa
[22:46]  you are not the president of tcl
[22:47]  where are you from stu?
[22:47]  lol
[22:47]  gavino, you're covering the chat with you
[22:47] <@ijchain>  oh yes, you are not wanted. Why do you think you have to change nicks and beg people to unban you?
[22:47]  ask != beg
[22:47]  you goombah
[22:47]  it's almost 99%, and 100% of that is offtopic
[22:47]  ok jim what do you want to talk about?
[22:48]  tcl -> svg -> imagemagick -> png
[22:50]  starting with an example of the leftmost pair
[22:52]  unfortunately for me, people are unusually tired and I'll probably have to wait until they recover
[22:56]  fortunately for me, I think I can figure some of these things out
[22:56] <@ijchain>  gavino: What's a "tracking domain" ?
[22:56] == opello [opello@about/csharp/regular/opello] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[22:57] == opello [opello@about/csharp/regular/opello] has joined #tcl
[23:02] * ijchain steveboz has left
[23:03] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-ygargxpeqnqtllmi] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:07] * ijchain jenglish has left
[23:08]  net worth stu?
[23:09] <@ijchain>  ?
[23:09] <@ijchain>  I asked you a question. You said you're good with stuff.
[23:09]  whaqts your net worth stu?
[23:10] <@ijchain>  < 0
[23:10]  woa
[23:10] <@ijchain>  What's a "tracking domain" ?
[23:10]  i hav no more to say to u stu
[23:10] <@ijchain>  So, you don't know. Didn't think so.
[23:11]  my net worth is 5 figs stu
[23:11]  opps 6
[23:12]  the market will tell u stu
[23:13] <@ijchain>  I'm on welfare, so I get hard-working shmucks like you to pay for my life.
[23:13] <@ijchain>  Thanks!
[23:13] <@ijchain>  Keep working!
[23:13]  lol
[23:13]  undder real capialism no welfare
[23:14]  u ;)
[23:14]  u be turning butt stunts for food
[23:14] == MaxJarek [] has joined #tcl
[23:14]  lol
[23:14]  LOl
[23:14]  vot republican stu
[23:14]  drop the communism
[23:15] <@ijchain>  I'm not a USAian.
[23:15] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:15] == pikhq [] has joined #tcl
[23:15] == pikhq_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:15]  so you have a negative net worth?
[23:15]  what country are you in stu?
[23:15] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:16]  france?
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Let's talk computers.
[23:16]  germany?
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Canada.
[23:16]  LOL
[23:16]  LOL
[23:16]  LOl
[23:16]  kanukistan!!!!
[23:16]  no wonder you are such a dyed int he wool hardcore commy
[23:16]  your a commy stu
[23:16]  and I am your enemy
[23:16] <@ijchain>  Do you know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM?
[23:16]  in every way
[23:17]  I am a polytheistic freemarket capitalist american
[23:17]  oh yeah!!!
[23:17]  I am your phhantom menaceEE!!!
[23:17]  hows the communism stu??
[23:17]  hows that negative net worth feel?
[23:17]  lol
[23:17]  lol
[23:17] == awb [] has joined #tcl
[23:18]  I think USA should charge canada for defense!!
[23:18]  end the lumber traffifs both ways!!
[23:19] <@ijchain>  Ok, so you don't know anything about setting up SPF/DKIM.
[23:19] <@ijchain>  You're useless to me.
[23:19]  archlinux
[23:19]  it could be the greatest
[23:19]  os in the world
[23:19]  archlinux stu
[23:19] * ijchain jdc has become available
[23:20]  ;)
[23:20]  oh yeaheaheh!!!
[23:20] == herdingcat [huli@nat/redhat/x-aldekkrzwgcaygwl] has joined #tcl
[23:20] <@ijchain>  I use OpenBSD, also from Canada.
[23:20]  its nice
[23:21]  pacakge maangemetn inferior to arch
[23:21]  and common lips bordeaux threads nor perlbal work on it
[23:21]  I do admire openbsd networking capabilities
[23:21]  it is in my top 5 fav os
[23:21] <@ijchain>  what's perlbal?
[23:21]  are you a longtime openbsd user?
[23:21] <@ijchain>  yes, like 10 years or something.
[23:22]  perlbal is the epoll/keque perl load balancer web server from danga interactive
[23:22] <@ijchain>  also 10+ years of tcl
[23:22]  NICE
[23:22]  mabye u good guy after all stu
[23:22] <@ijchain>  no, i'm not.
[23:22]  do you use carp and ipmp and all that good stuff?
[23:22] <@ijchain>  not to you
[23:22] <@ijchain>  never
[23:22]  hey
[23:22] <@ijchain>  no
[23:22]  openbsd user fine with me
[23:23]  do you use the openbsd web server the httpd modified from apache1 ?
[23:23]  all chrooted up n stuff?
[23:23]  how do openbsd users handle large 20 box storage? NFS3?
[23:23]  perls mofileFS is amazing to me
[23:24]  I know tcl86 compiles on openbsd 5.0
[23:24]  I did it last week
[23:24]  :)
[23:24]  coolio
[23:24] <@ijchain>  bfd. I already poster the 8.6 port to the ml.
[23:25] <@ijchain>  Since I'm the Tcl porter for OpenBSD.
[23:25]  no shit
[23:25] <@ijchain>  And I run -current, which is like at 5.1 now.
[23:25]  so pkg_add can install 86 now?
[23:25]  woaA!
[23:25]  you are hardcore
[23:25]  compiled?
[23:25] <@ijchain>  OpenBSD package management is superior to others.
[23:25]  except archlinux
[23:26]  pacman cant be beat
[23:26] <@ijchain>  No, there are no packages.
[23:26]  far beyond iopenbsd pkf_add
[23:26] <@ijchain>  When 8.6 is released then yes.
[23:26]  ah
[23:26]  what about 86b2
[23:26] <@ijchain>  Until then, there's the port.
[23:26]  ah
[23:26]  I prefer to compiel it meself
[23:26]  vs port
[23:26]  is port up to date?
[23:27]  I guess I could try that next time
[23:27] <@ijchain>  With the port, I also posted a script to dl the latest tcl/tk heads and make distfiles from them, which the port uses.
[23:27] <@ijchain>  Why is 'pacma' better than obsd pkg tools?
[23:27]  pacman is just awesome
[23:28] <@ijchain>  That's not much of a reason.
[23:28]  all the packages are up to date, and the linux kernel is just a pacakge
[23:28]  so to upgrade
[23:28]  pacman -Syu
[23:28]  and everything including the kernel get updated
[23:29]  PKg-add isnt bad
[23:29] <@ijchain>  Here, if you want the 8.6 port:
[23:29]  but gcc 4.7 is out
[23:29]  perl 5.14.2 is out
[23:29]  you can get those with 0 compiling on archlinux with pacman
[23:29] <@ijchain>  linux is not bsd
[23:30]  and bsd is not linux
[23:31]  I think postgresql transaction benchmarks find linux tops
[23:31]  see with archlinux unliek redhat ro shitty debian
[23:31]  I am on 3.2.9 kernel
[23:31] <@ijchain>  So you don't know anything about SPF and DKIM?
[23:31]  so I have all the performacne available
[23:31]  spf and dkim hmmmmm
[23:31]  nope dont ring bell
[23:32]  what are they
[23:32]  network protocalls?
[23:32]  are they known by any more common names?
[23:33]  this stuff?
[23:34]  do yo know about shmmax and shmall linux kernel params?
[23:34]  about what files to enable ethernet bonding or vlan configuartion under liux?
[23:34]  lvm commands?
[23:35] == pikhq_ [] has joined #tcl
[23:35] == pikhq [] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:35]  why you use parted or fdisk and why ??
[23:35] <@ijchain>  Hey, you said you know a lot about network stuff.
[23:35]  its not my bread+butter
[23:36] <@ijchain>  Linux is garbage, I don't touch it.
[23:36]  arent you impressid I know about crap and ipmp?
[23:36]  well no one pays to support openbsd
[23:36]  here in usa
[23:36]  so i support soalris and redhat
[23:36]  I know its a bummer
[23:37] <@ijchain>  Why would I be impressed? Anyone can know "about" things.
[23:37]  but I get 5-6k cash after taxes a month working from home
[23:37] <@ijchain>  of course you do
[23:37] == jon8 [Rush@unaffiliated/jon8] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[23:37]  right
[23:37]  so I pile up my net worth higher and use trend trading
[23:37]  to keep it going
[23:37] <@ijchain>  This isn't a money-talk place.
[23:37]  even when market tanks
[23:38]  I reccomend trend trading by the way
[23:38]  Well I hope you can get a high paying job in a company usign openbsd.
[23:38]  or do a startup
[23:38]  that would be awesome
[23:39] * ijchain makr has become available
[23:39] <@ijchain>  moinmoin

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