Friday, December 31, 2010

10 real life disney princesses

Georgia Democrat Compares GOP to KKK, brawl ensues

4stack cpu

hilarious and endless smashing of caze on openbsd channel

he topic for #openbsd is: Channel FAQ: | LATEST PATCH: 4.7#10 on Dec 20, 4.8#6 on Dec 17 | Ah! Things are back to normal.
(22:01:39) mischief: Dec 30 19:48:48.738606 rule 5/(match) block in on lo0: > S 3393797806:3393797806(0) win 16384 (22:01:40) mischief: e 0,[|tcp]> (DF)
(22:01:44) mischief: ARG
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(22:13:59) trebuchet: Bink: Is there a good resource where people discuss using partition layouts for security reasons, maybe with more stuff into inodes, disk medium, filesystem type, and quotas?
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(22:42:24) mischief: somehow my traffic to my lan webserver is ending up on lo0. and traffic from my lan network to lo0 is blocked somehow.. :\
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(23:08:15) republican_devil: the mystery of config files
(23:08:19) republican_devil: deep they are
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(00:37:23) Bink: mischief, sounds like you're doing it wrong
(00:37:38) mischief: Bink, antispoof lo
(00:37:41) mischief: :/ :\
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(00:38:05) Bink: why?
(00:38:41) mischief: that was breaking things
(00:39:05) mischief: also 'block return log on $lan_if' lol
(00:43:43) Bink: from man pf.conf...
(00:43:44) Bink: "Caveat: Rules created by the antispoof directive interfere with packets sent over loopback interfaces to local addresses. One should pass these explicitly."
(00:49:14) jumzi: Is it a known problem that you have to do "make build" twice in /usr/src to build it?
(00:49:27) jumzi: It errors the first time, then it goes fine
(00:49:52) Bink: never had that problem
(00:52:16) jumzi: Hmm... weird... Well for now that goes under "annoying"
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(00:55:02) Bink: you might want to try rming /usr/obj/* and making obj again
(00:57:12) martian67: jumzi, thats definately not normal
(00:57:21) martian67: was it a signal 11/sigsev ?
(00:57:44) martian67: *sigsegv
(00:58:04) martian67: if so, and if it failed at a different part, you may have hardware issues
(00:58:14) jumzi: Can't recall, i will check into it later
(00:58:24) jumzi: no, my hardware is awesome
(00:59:10) martian67: dont count on it
(00:59:24) jumzi: I usually don't
(00:59:58) jumzi: But i'm feeling lucky
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(01:14:47) CaZe: It's just OpenBSD's way of making sure that you really want to build.
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(01:17:05) jumzi: Yeah i presumed so
(01:17:51) republican_devil: is openbsd good on mac hardware?
(01:17:55) republican_devil: I got a mac laptop
(01:18:00) republican_devil: 1ghz
(01:18:05) republican_devil: 768m ram
(01:18:10) republican_devil: :(
(01:18:28) jumzi: Some say it looks good
(01:18:38) jumzi: I say bah!
(01:18:52) jumzi: But then... I can't even afford the clothes i'm wearing
(01:21:36) republican_devil: why not get a high paying computer job?
(01:22:10) republican_devil: damn on my 286mhz p2 openbsd 4.8 is good with pidgin and terminal, but firefox 3.5 SLOW
(01:22:17) republican_devil: is there an older firefox?
(01:22:55) CaZe: No.
(01:22:57) FenderQ: republican_devil I've used it on a macbook, worked great
(01:23:15) CaZe: They start versioning at 3.5 for everything now.
(01:23:40) republican_devil: caze dont be lame
(01:23:51) CaZe: No really it's true.
(01:24:58) republican_devil: cazy mentally span again I do not want to
(01:25:04) republican_devil: spank
(01:26:40) CaZe: whip
(01:26:44) martian67: ugh
(01:28:34) republican_devil: downloading seamonkey
(01:28:39) republican_devil: hmm
(01:28:44) tobiasu: haha
(01:29:11) republican_devil: is it krap?
(01:29:17) republican_devil: :(
(01:29:22) republican_devil: p2 268mhz
(01:29:34) Bink: republican_devil, you can't satisfactory browse the modern web on a ~200MHz machine. get over it or use lynx.
(01:29:42) republican_devil: jeesh with 268,000,000 operations per second I should be flyting through the web
(01:29:56) republican_devil: software bloat
(01:29:59) CaZe: Maybe Mosaic.
(01:30:12) tobiasu: republican_devil: try midori
(01:30:40) tobiasu: or better, elinks with a 256 color term
(01:30:48) Bink: install rdesktop and remote into a Windows box
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(01:31:05) CaZe: republican_devil: Are you overclocking it? :D
(01:32:02) republican_devil: no
(01:32:08) republican_devil: no bad idea tho
(01:32:20) republican_devil: elink!
(01:32:22) republican_devil: lol
(01:32:33) republican_devil: dillo renders many pages in CRAAAZY ways
(01:32:34) CaZe: 286Mhz is sort of an odd frequency.
(01:32:42) republican_devil: 268mhz
(01:32:52) republican_devil: pentium II
(01:32:56) CaZe: 266?
(01:33:04) CaZe: err 267
(01:33:21) Bink: I use my 266MHz box as a serial console. that's about it.
(01:33:56) republican_devil: cpu0: Intel Pentium II ("GenuineIntel" 686-class, 512KB L2 cache) 268 MHz
(01:35:28) CaZe:
(01:35:40) CaZe: That was $775 when it was released.
(01:36:05) republican_devil: heh I got quad phonom II 965 3.8ghx for under 700 with 8g ram
(01:36:08) martian67: thats one expensive list
(01:36:36) republican_devil: mays law: software become twice as slow each 18 month, cancelling moore law
(01:36:37) republican_devil: lol
(01:38:17) republican_devil: ok weird, I just installed mozilla-firefox, and it is same version as firefox35 [aka 3.5] I already have instaled?
(01:38:26) republican_devil: on ftp site says it is firefox 3.6
(01:38:29) republican_devil: hmmm
(01:38:33) republican_devil: kinda kooky
(01:38:41) republican_devil: anyone know why?
(01:38:55) CaZe: You're doing it wrong.
(01:38:58) FenderQ: you did something wrong?
(01:38:59) FenderQ: lol
(01:40:16) JavaAtom: wow
(01:40:25) JavaAtom: Miraculous failure of half of my ram. 1 side per two stick.s
(01:40:27) JavaAtom: stick*
(01:40:42) JavaAtom: Hooray Dell.
(01:40:58) republican_devil: # pkg_add -v mozilla-firefox
(01:41:32) republican_devil: # pkg_info|grep fox
(01:41:32) republican_devil: firefox35-3.5.11 Mozilla web browser
(01:41:32) republican_devil: mozilla-firefox-3.6.8 Mozilla web browser
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(01:45:54) republican_devil: intersting after pkg_delte firefox35 it comes up at 3.6.8
(01:45:55) republican_devil: hmm
(01:46:14) Bink: you got the bonus plan
(01:47:33) JavaAtom: wha.
(01:47:48) JavaAtom: Bink: Oh, btw, figured out the QoS stuff.
(01:47:53) Bink: cool
(01:47:55) republican_devil: maybe mozilla-firefox points to 35 until you remove it?
(01:47:56) republican_devil: hmm
(01:48:09) JavaAtom: Bink: It's not that great - OBSD does more with ALTQ.
(01:48:18) JavaAtom: Bink: Also, relies on routers supporting DSCP
(01:48:31) Bink: JavaAtom, that's for sure
(01:49:06) Bink: (OpenBSD can be your secret router that supports DSCP)
(01:49:23) JavaAtom: Bink: Yeah... I'm thinking of a way to do a transparent bridge.
(01:49:38) JavaAtom: If anyone has suggestions, I'd be all for it,
(01:49:56) JavaAtom: Otherwise, I keep reading my book.
(01:49:57) JavaAtom: :D
(01:50:16) Bink: I dislike transparent bridges, and so does OpenBSD.
(01:50:25) JavaAtom: eah
(01:50:27) JavaAtom: yeah*
(01:51:09) JavaAtom: wait... OBSD doesn't need to do NAT, just a basic bridge with queues...
(01:51:25) ***JavaAtom is getting terms all twisted 'round
(01:51:34) JavaAtom: It's nearly 1am here. I am tired.
(01:53:03) Bink: you can push 2x more packets through an OpenBSD box if you route. and you're far less likely to livelock.
(01:54:03) republican_devil: route!
(01:54:06) republican_devil: livelock
(01:54:07) republican_devil: !
(01:54:18) You are now known as mitt_romney
(01:54:31) ***JavaAtom still needs to read.
(01:54:52) mitt_romney: speaking of cpu, will openbsd work on that ARM cpu?
(01:55:08) mitt_romney: the one google ordered like multi core database box for for testing?
(01:55:35) jumzi: Your googling skills sux
(01:56:21) jumzi:
(01:56:38) jumzi: see armish
(01:58:19) mitt_romney: although your manners are subpar the link is interesting
(02:03:06) Termana: manners? What the fuck are they?
(02:03:10) Termana: :p
(02:03:48) wmoxam: s/interesting/informative/
(02:04:24) mitt_romney: the sillyness of how corporations build software astounds me
(02:04:34) mitt_romney: I think perhaps we shoiuld have a contest
(02:04:40) mitt_romney: here is the problem
(02:04:47) mitt_romney: present your solution in 2 weeks
(02:04:53) mitt_romney: best one einws
(02:04:56) mitt_romney: bad?
(02:05:00) mitt_romney: I dunn
(02:05:11) mitt_romney: I think project maanger are useless as tits on a mouse
(02:05:35) mitt_romney: SOA is insane to travel up n down a web stack to get data
(02:05:46) mitt_romney: instead of using the data structures
(02:06:02) mitt_romney: java creeps me out
(02:06:07) mitt_romney: I for some reason like tcl
(02:11:22) chris_osx: tits on a mouse are quite useful for the mouse babys
(02:11:45) mitt_romney: not if the mouse is a glass paperweight
(02:12:14) mitt_romney: although ambiguity could arise I admit
(02:12:15) chris_osx: not in that case
(02:12:36) mitt_romney: as useless as a keynesian phd from princeton?
(02:13:47) chris_osx: a deep freezer would be useless for an eskimo
(02:14:23) CaZe: As useless as having Mitt Romney on your ticket for President.
(02:14:59) mitt_romney: ah ha
(02:15:00) chris_osx: as useless as alcohol free vodka for a russian
(02:15:07) mitt_romney: except for those who lvoe good economy
(02:15:16) mitt_romney: and low governmetn spending
(02:15:25) chris_osx: i was for ross perot
(02:15:27) mitt_romney: as useless as windows for a unix man
(02:15:29) CaZe: Which is great as long as you don't mind losing.
(02:15:33) mitt_romney: i voted for ross
(02:15:37) chris_osx: good
(02:15:50) kwork: as uselss as linux for windows admin
(02:15:57) kwork: because linux admins can handle win :P
(02:18:00) mitt_romney: I guess gnu icecat browser is not available to openbsd?
(02:18:01) chris_osx: as useless as a doorstopper on the enterprise
(02:18:20) chris_osx: mitt_romney: lynx rules
(02:18:27) kwork: links (Y)
(02:19:37) mitt_romney: not for pr0n
(02:19:39) mitt_romney: lol
(02:19:57) chris_osx: mitt_romney: use ascii art converter
(02:20:41) chris_osx: pbmtoascii is your friend
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(02:22:19) chris_openbsd: why do you need gnu icecat for viewing your naughty sites?
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(03:14:28) mitt_romney: firefox kinda ocks up this box
(03:14:34) mitt_romney: seamonkey seems ok
(03:20:48) mitt_romney: anything like dstat for openbsd
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(03:43:03) oenone: mitt_romney: what _is_ dstat?
(03:44:14) bombuzal [~bombuzal@unaffiliated/bombuzal] entered the room.
(03:46:08) mitt_romney:
(03:47:07) ericb2: hello
(03:47:55) ericb2: FYI, OOo4Kids (and by suit OOoLight ) builds directly from sources in OpenBSD
(03:48:21) mitt_romney: what is oolight?
(03:48:37) ericb2: mitt_romney: less 40%
(03:49:05) ericb2: mitt_romney: like OOo4Kids, but not childish look, and will be adapted to adults soon
(03:49:13) oenone: mitt_romney: try systat
(03:49:25) ericb2: another information :
(03:49:39) ericb2: + the makefile (work in progress) :
(03:49:46) ericb2:
(03:50:00) ericb2: we'll try to finalize a port on OpenBSD
(03:50:19) oenone: why not port libreoffice?
(03:50:20) ericb2: please be gentle, we are learning OpenBSD
(03:50:41) ericb2: something is in preparation no ?
(03:51:31) ericb2: oenone: OOo4Kids == Education Project, means we work with students, we train them to the code, and invent
(03:51:51) mitt_romney: I use html abiword and gnumeric
(03:51:54) mitt_romney: although not much
(03:51:56) mitt_romney: :)
(03:52:01) mitt_romney: I cna hand code html
(03:52:02) mitt_romney: I rock
(03:52:10) ericb2: mitt_romney: :)
(03:52:12) mitt_romney: siag office looked c00l
(03:54:06) ericb2: mitt_romney: we let people choose. At the begining, I wanted to study performance issues, and remove Java was choice, to isolate other causes of slowdown
(03:54:37) ericb2: mitt_romney: OOo and derivates suffer the same issue : slowness, and too heavy
(03:55:14) chris_openbsd: ericb2: openoffice even runs smoothly on my eeepc with atom cpu
(03:55:26) mitt_romney: what about that lyx thingy
(03:55:31) mitt_romney: thats lke troff undernearth
(03:55:56) mitt_romney: be awesome to have html engine ediotr
(03:55:56) ericb2: chris_openbsd: how much of RAM ?
(03:56:01) mitt_romney: used all html for all editing
(03:56:23) mitt_romney: I tried to send a recruiter a html resume one time
(03:56:25) mitt_romney: bad idea
(03:56:26) mitt_romney: lol
(03:56:33) mitt_romney: they stuck on ms word
(03:56:36) mitt_romney: so funny
(03:56:54) oenone: for document exchange, use pdf
(03:57:06) _obook [~olivier@2a01:e34:ee77:ce60:21c:25ff:fe28:c750] entered the room.
(03:57:17) mitt_romney: isnt pdf like proprietary or something
(03:57:33) ericb2: mitt_romney: it is -> Adobe
(03:57:51) CaZe: Use LaTeX.
(03:58:11) mrcarrot: actually, last i wrote my cv i used LaTeX
(03:58:16) chris_openbsd: ericb2: 2GB RAM
(03:58:31) ***oenone writes everything serious with LaTeX
(03:59:01) mrcarrot: because i also work like a teacher i am using a lot openoffice... i need to know it well and be able to teach it to other
(03:59:03) oenone: including my CVs, my diploma thesis, university reports, ...
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(03:59:17) ericb2: chris_openbsd: OOo4Kids (like OOoLight) can run on 256 MB of RAM machines, like XO machines
(03:59:20) ***chris_openbsd thinks that LaTeX is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread
(03:59:24) CaZe: You can tell who is well educated because they use LaTeX.
(03:59:25) ericb2: chris_openbsd: XO is our initial target
(03:59:32) CaZe: And they pronounce it correctly.
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(04:00:35) ericb2: chris_openbsd: I must say 512 MB is far better, but that's a good challenge, and any speed improvement is visible :)
(04:01:20) mrcarrot: i have been making a few issues of a magazine with LaTeX.. but there i have to almost say it was a bit more work than to use other publishing tools. so much tricking to get the layout i wanted when latex works the other way around.
(04:01:43) mrcarrot: with latex i should not care about layout, just the content...
(04:01:46) mitt_romney: I like plain text or html
(04:01:48) mitt_romney: :)
(04:02:02) oenone: magazines are not really the target of LaTeX...
(04:02:06) mitt_romney: so what interfact o latex?
(04:02:17) mitt_romney: interface
(04:02:20) mitt_romney: :)?
(04:03:05) mrcarrot: mitt_romney: it is a bit like writing pure html code, just that the tags are completely different and different looking. it exports to beutiful pdf-documents
(04:03:36) mrcarrot: beatiful
(04:04:23) l0rd_hex [] entered the room.
(04:04:37) l0rd_hex: what do you do with a drunken sailor?
(04:05:10) mrcarrot: banning him?
(04:06:27) l0rd_hex: that's not part of the song
(04:07:40) mitt_romney: why not beautiful HTML documents
(04:07:42) mitt_romney: :)
(04:07:53) mitt_romney: I gota figure out a few placement things in html
(04:08:04) mitt_romney: I mean I can make a pic appea on the right
(04:08:11) mitt_romney: but not enuf other subtlety
(04:08:14) mrcarrot: mitt_romney: google a bit about latex and you will see what i mean :)
(04:08:29) mitt_romney: yeah cascading style sheet or soemthing in html apparently help
(04:08:37) l0rd_hex: plus I'd like to know if it's possible to use virtual users with opensmtpd, I have about 5 users I'd like to use on a not-very-busy mail server and I don't really want to create user accounts for them
(04:08:55) l0rd_hex: also, mitt_romney please stop taking my freedom
(04:08:57) mitt_romney: I frown upon virtualization
(04:09:00) l0rd_hex: ]
(04:09:06) mitt_romney: l0rd_hex: ?
(04:09:13) mitt_romney: how am I taking your freedom?
(04:09:16) mitt_romney: ;)
(04:09:23) l0rd_hex: Bob Beck once told me that virtulization is like a dead dove in a bag
(04:09:42) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: you're not the _real_ mittens romley?
(04:09:56) mitt_romney: lol
(04:10:11) mitt_romney: bob beck sounds smart, I meant the os and now apps can multitask
(04:10:23) mitt_romney: a webserver can house 1,000 virtual hosts
(04:10:40) CaZe: mitt_romney: Did you go to college?
(04:10:46) mitt_romney: yes
(04:11:21) l0rd_hex: Bob Beck smells like a polar bear after a week in vegas
(04:11:25) l0rd_hex: but he is very smart
(04:11:30) mitt_romney: and if I did not caze?
(04:11:36) mitt_romney: polar bear lol
(04:11:51) no_mind [7aa01e2c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(04:12:04) CaZe: I suspect you didn't.
(04:12:10) mitt_romney: caze what is your net worth to the nearest 1000?
(04:12:23) mitt_romney: I am actually a top performer academically.
(04:12:29) l0rd_hex: I'm serious, you go into his annex and take a good smell
(04:12:32) mitt_romney: and was rated a genius at 154 iq
(04:12:36) CaZe: mitt_romney: None of your business?
(04:12:44) no_mind: I have setup an openbsd based firewall and gateway. TI can ping any website internal network but cannot open any website from browser. How do I fix this ?
(04:12:52) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: CaZe poops in a bag if you must know
(04:13:01) l0rd_hex: no_mind: ip forwarding
(04:13:01) mitt_romney: I am furthermore a published author
(04:13:13) mitt_romney: I poop on caze a lot
(04:13:14) l0rd_hex: no_mind: didja do that?
(04:13:20) CaZe: I drove my Mitt Romney's old house the other day.
(04:13:22) mitt_romney: he asks for it
(04:13:23) CaZe: *by
(04:13:29) no_mind: l0rd_hex: yes
(04:13:45) no_mind: configured in sysctl.vconf
(04:14:10) mitt_romney: caze are you a published author?
(04:15:07) CaZe: mitt_romney: Yes, I keep a blog.
(04:15:13) CaZe:
(04:15:13) mitt_romney: link?
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(04:15:27) mitt_romney:
(04:15:35) CaZe: mitt_romney: 04:14:34
(04:15:51) mitt_romney:
(04:16:06) l0rd_hex: no_mind: what's your pf.conf look like?
(04:16:13) l0rd_hex: pastbin that shiz
(04:16:58) no_mind: how do I pastebin ? it is on a different network, where nat is not working ?
(04:17:26) l0rd_hex: no_mind: copy and paste your pf.conf into a like site
(04:17:29) CaZe: mitt_romney: What's your publication?
(04:17:37) mitt_romney:
(04:18:04) mitt_romney: as I am tempted to say none of your busiess, but I shall hold back
(04:18:11) mitt_romney: a short story was my frist
(04:18:18) mitt_romney: publication
(04:18:28) l0rd_hex: was it about the verious smells of Bob Beck?
(04:18:32) l0rd_hex: or various
(04:18:36) CaZe: Is it on Amazon?
(04:18:37) mitt_romney: you still haven't shown your blog craze
(04:18:38) l0rd_hex: either or
(04:18:55) mitt_romney: l0rd_hex: I think you should compse an ode
(04:19:00) CaZe: mitt_romney: 04:14:56 mitt_romney: 04:14:34
(04:19:10) l0rd_hex: perhaps I shall
(04:19:11) mitt_romney: that is not your blog caze
(04:19:25) CaZe: Yeah it is.
(04:19:30) CaZe: I wrote that awesome HOWTO.
(04:19:33) mitt_romney: ok make a new entry
(04:19:40) mitt_romney: ;)
(04:19:43) l0rd_hex: "what the heck beck?" by l0rd hexington VII NOP NOP NOP
(04:19:48) mitt_romney: LOL
(04:20:00) l0rd_hex: what is that smell, could it be an old tuna fish sammich?
(04:20:05) pitrh left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(04:20:14) mitt_romney: bob beck was in a hilarious youtube where he talked about the virtual filesystem or something
(04:20:30) mitt_romney: high hilarity
(04:20:36) l0rd_hex: he got drunk and tried to marry a vnode at our christmas party
(04:20:50) l0rd_hex: totally ruined jesus's birthday imho
(04:20:55) mitt_romney: what would the ofspring have envisage I ponder
(04:20:56) Old_Spike0 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(04:21:07) mitt_romney: jesus christ king of the jews!
(04:21:20) l0rd_hex: big deal, he didn't have CVS write perm
(04:21:49) l0rd_hex: annd science wasn't even invented yet
(04:22:06) mitt_romney: dymaxion car!
(04:22:12) mitt_romney: bubble houses!
(04:22:51) vxcvxcv is now known as DaZ
(04:22:56) l0rd_hex: CaZe: are you "DOLLAR_DEMOCRAT" ?
(04:23:29) CaZe: No, mitt_romney is.
(04:23:36) ***l0rd_hex is wrist-o-cat
(04:24:42) CaZe: He wrote that awesome HOWTO, where he tells people to move their entire /usr/ports to /home.
(04:24:52) mitt_romney: I mean it is true that you will see the most democratic action when each person keeps thier dollars and spends them as they are wont
(04:25:09) mitt_romney: craze why are you mad at me?
(04:25:19) CaZe: I'm not mad.
(04:25:21) CaZe: Are you?
(04:25:29) mitt_romney: I forget what I did, but I was not trying
(04:25:37) l0rd_hex: I did not know I could mount my 5 1/4" floppies with mount -t msdos
(04:25:42) l0rd_hex: until now!!!
(04:25:44) mitt_romney: it is similar when one accidentally steps on a beas nest
(04:25:48) mitt_romney: the beas are mad
(04:25:57) mitt_romney: but the person is lke oh crap what have i done
(04:26:06) mitt_romney: lol
(04:26:09) l0rd_hex: I think it's pronounced "bees"
(04:26:19) l0rd_hex: "beas" is the evil european spelling
(04:26:25) l0rd_hex: AND THEY HATE FREEDOM
(04:26:34) kwork: no we dont
(04:26:37) mitt_romney: a geas in dungeons n dragons was a mgic to make you go ona quest
(04:26:57) l0rd_hex: kwork: shh, I'm almost making sense
(04:27:10) kwork: l0rd_hex, thats usual for holidays
(04:27:23) kwork: expecting anything more would be way to optimstic
(04:27:25) l0rd_hex: I just ate a hotdog from 7-11
(04:27:27) mitt_romney: did you hear the UN started a commite to govern the interent
(04:27:29) mitt_romney: ?
(04:27:36) kwork: yeah
(04:27:38) mitt_romney: 7-11 rocks
(04:27:39) kwork: i wonder how it will realise
(04:27:49) l0rd_hex: I heard Obama was born on a tea train
(04:27:51) kwork: they are going to configure everyone routers :P?
(04:28:09) kwork: if govs wont make some BS laws
(04:28:11) kwork: nothing will hapen
(04:28:14) l0rd_hex: I proclaim myself KING OF THE TUBES
(04:28:15) mitt_romney: chris mattews said on tv "why does obama just send me a photcopy of his birth cert and ill end thatr chartter"
(04:28:35) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: he probably lost it in the move to the White House
(04:28:36) mitt_romney: runequest II is too overcomplicated a role playing game
(04:28:39) mitt_romney: Im kinda pissed
(04:28:52) l0rd_hex: I once lost 1/3 of a pizza during a move
(04:29:05) l0rd_hex: I put it into my digestive system for safe keeping
(04:29:37) l0rd_hex: no_mind: didja do that thing yet?
(04:29:54) mitt_romney: mm pizza
(04:30:13) mitt_romney: I got 50 horror movie pack from
(04:30:16) mitt_romney: rockin
(04:30:24) mitt_romney: and 50 movie scifi
(04:30:30) mitt_romney: <---life is grand
(04:30:51) l0rd_hex: why are you mad at Oburma for spending all your tokens when Ivana Bush tricked you into a water fight that cost like a billion zillion beans?
(04:31:34) l0rd_hex: plus Benji Burnankie had that cute little beard
(04:32:32) pitrh [] entered the room.
(04:33:26) clag [] entered the room.
(04:33:29) cmsimon left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(04:33:44) l0rd_hex: I'm talking to YOU romney,mittens
(04:34:54) mitt_romney: cuz obama spent more than bush by far
(04:35:06) l0rd_hex: you sure 'bout that?
(04:35:16) mitt_romney: and governmetn banking fed and fanny freddy etc caused 2008 and obama not fixing them
(04:35:20) mitt_romney: oh sure
(04:35:20) no_mind left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(04:35:27) CaZe: Obama fixed them.
(04:35:32) mitt_romney: on bailouts alone obama qudrupled bush
(04:35:41) l0rd_hex: weren't those bail outs happening when bushy was still prez?
(04:35:42) CaZe: He did a great job.
(04:35:48) mitt_romney: no no obama nad his cohorts are cuasing worst deficits ever
(04:35:50) mitt_romney: very bad
(04:35:58) mitt_romney: rsing governmetn spending very bad
(04:36:12) mitt_romney: should cut until difict much smaller
(04:36:17) l0rd_hex: you might wanna.. double check some of those hilarious calculations
(04:36:22) mitt_romney: bush did so so job
(04:36:24) CaZe: Should have cut tax breaks for over $250K.
(04:36:26) mitt_romney: obama terrible
(04:36:31) mitt_romney: obama 5x worse than bush
(04:36:40) CaZe: Oh wait, who made those tax breaks in the first place?
(04:36:52) mitt_romney: the soc aled bush tax cuts cut taxes for all americans
(04:36:55) l0rd_hex: Walter Kronkie!!
(04:37:04) mitt_romney: I dont see obama saying "ok no taxes unless you make 250k"
(04:37:06) mitt_romney: lol
(04:37:20) mitt_romney: the obama tax hike jsut passed, raised the death tax to 35%
(04:37:26) mitt_romney: imagine paying tax all your life
(04:37:29) mitt_romney: not squandering
(04:37:30) CaZe: You weren't paing attention last week.
(04:37:32) mitt_romney: then when die
(04:37:34) mitt_romney: gank!
(04:37:37) l0rd_hex: I can see Obama saying "don't poop in that corner, that corner is mine!"
(04:37:51) mitt_romney: I dont get capital gains at all
(04:37:58) mitt_romney: I alreayd paid tax on income
(04:38:03) mitt_romney: which is unconstituional
(04:38:12) l0rd_hex: I can see the cuts to education have not hurt your learn'd at all 100% very much
(04:38:12) mitt_romney: then if I dont blow my cash
(04:38:20) mitt_romney: if I maage by some charm to make some money
(04:38:23) mitt_romney: you take MORE
(04:38:27) mitt_romney: in "cap gain"
(04:38:30) mitt_romney: thats insane
(04:38:31) l0rd_hex: income tax != constitutional issue
(04:38:40) mitt_romney: income tax corect is unconstitutional
(04:38:52) l0rd_hex: not tissue, issue
(04:38:57) mitt_romney: the income tax few know was passed by promising to tax only those over X amount if income
(04:39:00) mitt_romney: same rhetoric obama
(04:39:16) mitt_romney: did you know that?
(04:39:31) mitt_romney: income tax was supposed ot be over 100k or some number back in the day
(04:39:36) l0rd_hex: do they tax people who make < $10,000 ?
(04:39:38) mitt_romney: suprise we now al pay
(04:40:01) mitt_romney: I think the say something like no taxes until make 30k?
(04:40:04) mitt_romney: I forget for sure
(04:40:52) l0rd_hex: what wrong with paying some taxes though? I enjoy paved roads and non-poisoned water
(04:41:18) CaZe: That makes you a communist.
(04:41:27) l0rd_hex: Commrade, no no
(04:41:29) kwork: the whole openbsd scene is commies
(04:41:38) kwork: giving something away for free
(04:41:40) kwork: that must be communism
(04:41:46) l0rd_hex: it's the Canadian way
(04:41:47) mitt_romney: it is a matter of degree
(04:41:56) l0rd_hex: also I think Theo is the the south of Africa
(04:42:04) oenone: giving away for free != communism
(04:42:04) mitt_romney: in the beginning import taxes paid for defense and government
(04:42:09) mitt_romney: but the governmetn was small
(04:42:14) mitt_romney: local governemtn more important
(04:42:21) l0rd_hex: could I fit the fovernment into a VW bug?
(04:42:23) mitt_romney: charity si a ok
(04:42:34) mitt_romney: as long as its not charity at gunpoint eh?
(04:42:36) l0rd_hex: lol, italians
(04:42:44) l0rd_hex: you can move to the moon ya know
(04:42:49) l0rd_hex: no taxes there
(04:43:01) mitt_romney: not much air on moon
(04:43:08) oenone: you can't own land on the moon
(04:43:10) l0rd_hex: just bring your own
(04:43:15) mitt_romney: Italians?
(04:43:29) mitt_romney: Italian ice cream I hear dis quite something.
(04:43:44) l0rd_hex: momma mia, it's a private industry
(04:44:14) l0rd_hex: okay, so move to the moon and provide your own oxygen.. the pesky government won't be pinching your bum there
(04:44:39) l0rd_hex: if you want, the gov't will provide the oxygen but you'll have to pay tax to pay for it
(04:45:15) l0rd_hex: unless you want to join Mittens Romney 3000 on the dark side (it's made of cheese)
(04:45:16) mitt_romney: rather reform usa a little
(04:45:35) mitt_romney: Mitt will make mincemeat out of Obama in a debate.
(04:45:41) mitt_romney: good ole mitt
(04:45:50) l0rd_hex: mincemeat = poop his pants?
(04:45:52) mitt_romney: hek he beat obama to working state wide healthcare
(04:45:59) mitt_romney: and so little pres about it
(04:46:06) l0rd_hex: why don't you guys want health care?
(04:46:21) mitt_romney: mitt made it a law like car insurance
(04:46:25) mitt_romney: have to have
(04:46:30) mitt_romney: and it worked
(04:46:34) CaZe: Romney is as good a candidate as Palin.
(04:46:42) l0rd_hex: it kinda seemed like the insurance companies were just geetin a few people angry and then the whole masses were like "OH SHIZ WE WANT iPADZ"
(04:46:46) oenone: l0rd_hex: who do you mean with "you guys"?
(04:46:47) l0rd_hex: lol
(04:47:02) l0rd_hex: oenone: Americanos
(04:47:07) mitt_romney: I am curious about canada system.
(04:47:18) l0rd_hex: here polar bears do all the work
(04:47:18) oenone: k
(04:47:20) mitt_romney: Id love to see some cost brekadowns
(04:47:27) oenone: i'm quite happy with German health care
(04:47:39) mitt_romney: how much does it cost per citizen?
(04:47:45) mitt_romney: and how many are covered?
(04:47:51) l0rd_hex: everyone is covered
(04:47:52) CaZe: Most countries spend about 6% of their healthcare budget on administrative costs.
(04:47:52) l0rd_hex: that
(04:47:53) mitt_romney: how are costs controlled?
(04:47:59) CaZe: The US spends 22%.
(04:48:00) l0rd_hex: magic
(04:48:16) l0rd_hex: we adopted all of the harry potter books as laws
(04:48:21) mitt_romney: 16% wasted it seems
(04:48:24) l0rd_hex: so we can just do spells and shit
(04:48:32) mitt_romney: ugh I hate harry potter
(04:48:37) mitt_romney: lame as hell
(04:48:42) mitt_romney: and the girl is homely
(04:48:44) l0rd_hex: is he the antichrist?
(04:48:58) mitt_romney: no that would be lady gaga
(04:49:30) l0rd_hex: okay, so you're not mad that your old administration tricked you into a 7 year war costing billions of taocs?
(04:49:34) l0rd_hex: *tacos
(04:49:34) mrcarrot: in finland the health care is for free (almost, something like 26 eur/year if you end up visiting a medic). but we have higher taxes instead. this is how it should be, i think
(04:49:37) oenone: radio gaga
(04:49:42) mitt_romney: well lets see
(04:49:49) mitt_romney: usa was attacked and 1000s died
(04:49:54) l0rd_hex: I mean, atleast health care you can .. use
(04:49:57) mitt_romney: saddam had wmd and no health inspector let in
(04:50:00) mitt_romney: mmm
(04:50:01) l0rd_hex: lol
(04:50:04) mitt_romney: well usa went in
(04:50:06) ***oenone must have missed when #openbsd became #politics
(04:50:12) l0rd_hex: did he hide them under his mattress?
(04:50:12) mitt_romney: russian n syrian moved wmd in time
(04:50:15) mitt_romney: as usa took over
(04:50:17) CaZe: Really? Saddam had WMD?
(04:50:27) l0rd_hex: oh right, I read that in people
(04:50:27) mitt_romney: and al queida fled to jordan and syria
(04:50:36) mitt_romney: yes a chem weapon lab truck was found
(04:50:41) mrcarrot: oenone: i think those are just drunk...
(04:50:42) mitt_romney: see rick santorums pres release
(04:51:01) CaZe: lol google santorum.
(04:51:09) l0rd_hex: oenone: it switches at midnight to a after hours jazz and politico club
(04:51:27) CaZe: Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum.
(04:51:48) l0rd_hex: mrcarrot: may I borrow your sauna?
(04:52:01) oenone: l0rd_hex: it's 11am
(04:52:13) mrcarrot: l0rd_hex: if you are kind...
(04:52:19) l0rd_hex: oenone: Teemu Selanne was going to lend me his
(04:52:28) mitt_romney:
(04:52:35) l0rd_hex: oops, I mean mrcarrot
(04:52:50) l0rd_hex: oenone: maybe where you are, but it's 3am here
(04:53:03) mrcarrot: l0rd_hex: in finland we have more saunas than what we have households...
(04:53:05) CaZe: mitt_romney:
(04:53:07) l0rd_hex: mrcarrot: I have beer
(04:53:12) mitt_romney: What I am curious about is if the health care system in canada is sustainable due to their lack of defense spending?
(04:53:23) l0rd_hex: we spend lots of defence
(04:53:35) mitt_romney: I think the USA should copy successful elements unjoealoously
(04:53:35) CaZe: Fox News. Jim Angle contacted the Defense Department who quickly disavowed Santorum and Hoekstra.s claims. A Defense Department official told Angle flatly that the munitions hyped by Santorum and Hoekstra are .not the WMD.s for which this country went to war..
(04:53:37) l0rd_hex: we also build high quality cedar fences
(04:54:17) mitt_romney: "Since 2003 coalition forces have recovered about 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent
(04:54:32) l0rd_hex: we, like Germany and Finland and possibly the moon pay more taxes so we don't die
(04:54:46) mitt_romney: the intelligence communities of germany uk etc confirmed that iraq was indeed block wepaons inspections
(04:54:51) mitt_romney: and so the USA made a choice
(04:55:02) mitt_romney: for safety
(04:55:08) mitt_romney: and the war was a smashing victory
(04:55:09) CaZe: mitt_romney: Next we can go to war with Iran over a box of bullets.
(04:55:20) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: "The war in Irock was over skittles and beer" - Dork Chainy
(04:55:31) l0rd_hex: FAX
(04:55:35) mitt_romney: I wish cheany would run for president
(04:55:35) l0rd_hex: do not ignore them
(04:55:38) mitt_romney: Id vote for him
(04:55:48) l0rd_hex: he pretty much was president
(04:55:50) CaZe: He was already president.
(04:55:54) mitt_romney: fact: capitalism works and communism fails
(04:55:59) l0rd_hex: he locked GW in a closet for like 8 years
(04:56:05) l0rd_hex: CaZe: ziing!
(04:56:14) mitt_romney: bsh had great economy and kept usa safe 8 yaers
(04:56:17) CaZe: Fact: USA is failing and China is winning.
(04:56:29) mitt_romney: government finance caused 2008 and fed didnt stop it with a truck flla princeton phd
(04:56:36) mitt_romney: all keyneiians I may add
(04:56:40) mitt_romney: nor did fed stop 1999
(04:56:43) mitt_romney: wooooo weee
(04:56:46) mitt_romney: fail o rama
(04:56:56) mitt_romney: then obama backs same government finance
(04:56:59) mitt_romney: fredy fannie fed
(04:57:09) mitt_romney: and obama wants o create a new microfed for highays
(04:57:12) mitt_romney: woo weee
(04:57:14) CaZe: And you continue to ignore the fact that Bush was President right in the middle of when that was all happening.
(04:57:28) l0rd_hex: wait, didn't like... the Bush administration bail out Freddy and Fanny?
(04:57:36) mitt_romney: clinton was one who signed decree that fannie had to lend to any poor idiot
(04:57:43) l0rd_hex: CaZe: we should mind meld
(04:57:43) mitt_romney: fanie n freddy +fed =2008
(04:57:46) mitt_romney: thanks billy
(04:57:52) DEChengst [] entered the room.
(04:58:14) mitt_romney: the bailoust were mostly democrats
(04:58:22) mitt_romney: half of republciancs held out
(04:58:30) l0rd_hex: FAX, double check 'em
(04:58:31) mitt_romney: all dems voted for it immedialty save kuchinich
(04:58:40) mitt_romney: and obama quadrupled bailouts
(04:58:49) mitt_romney: at least lehman went out under bush
(04:59:00) l0rd_hex: do you realize what would have happened if major banks collapsed?
(04:59:05) mitt_romney: yep
(04:59:08) l0rd_hex: we would be eating our shoes
(04:59:12) mitt_romney: banks would step in who didnt have problems
(04:59:16) mitt_romney: and buy up assets
(04:59:20) mitt_romney: and those would lend yep
(04:59:24) mitt_romney: aka nuthin
(04:59:29) mitt_romney: not at all
(04:59:32) mitt_romney: all scare tacitic
(04:59:35) l0rd_hex: those banks would have been foreign banks
(04:59:39) mitt_romney: no
(04:59:39) l0rd_hex: like the PROC
(04:59:53) mitt_romney: tons fo banks steed clear of mortgage bakced
(04:59:54) l0rd_hex: name one bank untouched by the finanial crisis
(04:59:55) l0rd_hex: ONE
(05:00:18) mitt_romney: id have to look it up
(05:00:31) mitt_romney: but many did
(05:00:34) mitt_romney: steer clear
(05:00:42) l0rd_hex: seriously though, so many of your banks are know owned by foreign banks
(05:00:49) mitt_romney: I dont know
(05:01:00) l0rd_hex: because no sizable bank could have bought up all these toxic assets
(05:01:05) l0rd_hex: and just wrote them off
(05:01:17) mitt_romney: oh they are slowly taxing that away
(05:01:24) mitt_romney: remember deficit is a interest bearing tax
(05:01:40) CaZe: mitt_romney: What was the stock market at when Bush took office?
(05:01:46) mitt_romney: I was talking to this guy in a bar
(05:01:49) CaZe: mitt_romney: And where was it when he left office?
(05:01:53) mitt_romney: when was the net bubble?
(05:02:10) mitt_romney: oh wiat was it bursting when clinton was stealign the silverware outa the white house?
(05:02:13) mitt_romney: ohhhhh yeahhh
(05:02:27) mitt_romney: you cant comapre a peak to a valley
(05:02:29) mitt_romney: jeesh
(05:02:38) mitt_romney: anyway back to the bar
(05:02:43) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: do you know what makes up the majority of your debt?
(05:02:55) l0rd_hex: DVDs at blockbuster
(05:03:01) l0rd_hex: JFK rented like 10 movies
(05:03:04) mitt_romney: this guy said "while usa was having all these problems many many hard assets were build, lots fo new housing stock"
(05:03:08) CaZe: mitt_romney: net bubble was '01
(05:03:10) l0rd_hex: and never returned them
(05:03:18) CaZe: mitt_romney: One year after Bush took office.
(05:03:22) mitt_romney: so this persons view was that hard assets-->usa crappy paper--->others
(05:03:32) l0rd_hex: then jimmy carter wanted to see "ice station zebra"
(05:03:39) mitt_romney: caze I fail to folow
(05:03:44) mitt_romney: please spit it out
(05:03:47) CaZe: mitt_romney: You fail period.
(05:03:54) CaZe: Just like Bush.
(05:03:55) mitt_romney: subjective boorish statement
(05:04:02) mitt_romney: x2
(05:04:04) l0rd_hex: be he couldn't because Lincon used the whitehouse's only phone number on the account
(05:04:17) mitt_romney: What is amazing
(05:04:21) mitt_romney: is that instead of GM
(05:04:28) mitt_romney: obama coulda bought AMD for 2B
(05:04:39) mitt_romney: and hired all the american poor to work in chip factory!
(05:04:42) mitt_romney: WOA
(05:04:43) l0rd_hex: bush coulda done it first
(05:04:45) mitt_romney: good communism!
(05:05:03) mitt_romney: all uneployed and poor should get 0 welfare but basic house making job
(05:05:08) l0rd_hex: are there even AMD factories in the USA?
(05:05:11) CaZe: How many workers can you fit in a chip factory in Germany?
(05:05:11) mitt_romney: then lots houses amde and houses cheap
(05:05:21) mitt_romney: does germany make a chip?
(05:05:26) mitt_romney: thats a good question
(05:05:29) l0rd_hex: mitt_romney: yes, potato
(05:05:30) CaZe: AMDs latest fab was opened in Germany.
(05:05:31) mitt_romney: siemens make chips?
(05:05:50) mitt_romney: what is the AMD of germany?
(05:05:57) mitt_romney: China has a chop
(05:06:00) mitt_romney: er chip
(05:06:34) CaZe: mitt_romney: How many jobs does making chips produce as opposed to working the entire supply chain of the auto industry?
(05:06:44) mitt_romney: I wodner how much the company that makes ARM cpu is worth now?
(05:06:55) l0rd_hex: Marvell?
(05:06:57) CaZe: You mean Apple?
(05:07:02) mitt_romney: jobs are not valueble in of themselves
(05:07:12) mitt_romney: there is always work since humans wants>needs
(05:07:31) hever [] entered the room.
(05:07:32) mitt_romney: the ARM chip might take over
(05:07:53) mitt_romney: heck if the S40 forth chip ever got aorund to making an internet pc with nice gui
(05:07:55) mitt_romney: they might
(05:08:10) l0rd_hex: I heard Obama hates guis
(05:08:20) mitt_romney: GI s maybe
(05:08:20) l0rd_hex: and he wants to turn everything back into 1s and 0s
(05:08:53) mitt_romney: you have spies in the administration don't you
(05:08:53) l0rd_hex: he was born in a cross fire hurricane
(05:09:00) mitt_romney: chris matthew funny
(05:09:17) mitt_romney: "why doesn't obama send me copy of his birth cert and ill end the discussion right now"
(05:09:22) mitt_romney: LOL
(05:09:24) mitt_romney: epik
(05:09:39) pgurumur_ [] entered the room.
(05:09:54) CaZe: Did Bush show anyone his birth certificate?
(05:09:57) mitt_romney: what is interesting about the healthcare problem
(05:10:11) l0rd_hex: seriously though, what would it really matter if he wasn't born in the states?
(05:10:17) l0rd_hex: would there be a do-over?
(05:10:19) mitt_romney: is a free market response would be "train 500,00 new doctors" and end the shortage
(05:10:23) l0rd_hex: flux capacitor style?
(05:10:27) mitt_romney: build 50,000 new hospitals
(05:10:37) CaZe: How much does it cost to train a doctor?
(05:10:42) mitt_romney: I am suprise reagan was shot
(05:10:45) mitt_romney: but obama not
(05:10:47) CaZe: Hint: Over $1M
(05:10:54) mitt_romney: lower that cost
(05:10:58) mitt_romney: mass production
(05:10:58) l0rd_hex: most doctors can be trained for a fried chicken and a pack of smokes
(05:11:05) mitt_romney: mass production
(05:11:13) You are now known as mass_production
(05:11:19) mass_production: mass productionis awesome
(05:11:32) l0rd_hex: I don't think just getting 500,000 doctors is going to solve your problem mittems
(05:11:33) mass_production: well college should be 3,000 a year
(05:11:37) mass_production: videotape the basatrds
(05:11:43) mass_production: have few lab oversers
(05:11:45) l0rd_hex: you'll have to pay more tax for that :)
(05:11:56) mass_production: heck I leanred more on the net and privatly than from top college
(05:12:02) mass_production: not really
(05:12:07) CaZe: mass_production: What college?
(05:12:07) hever left the room (quit: Max SendQ exceeded).
(05:12:09) l0rd_hex: which I'm 100% sure you went to
(05:12:14) mass_production: you see things can be done better for less money
(05:12:19) mass_production: thats the brilliance of the market
(05:12:28) mass_production: home school kids get 100% on tests
(05:12:32) mass_production: prefect SAt scores
(05:12:34) l0rd_hex: so the us gov should shop at walmart?
(05:12:42) mass_production: caze why does it matter?
(05:12:43) l0rd_hex: lol home school kids are retards
(05:12:57) mass_production: well thoe retards are getting engineering scholarhips
(05:13:00) mass_production: to top schools
(05:13:01) CaZe: mass_production: It matters because you didn't go to college.
(05:13:02) mass_production: her ein usa
(05:13:05) l0rd_hex: at 7-11 maybe
(05:13:06) hever [] entered the room.
(05:13:12) mass_production: who said I didn't goto college?
(05:13:15) pgurumur left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
(05:13:32) mass_production: I went to a school ranked in top 20 in USA for undergrad
(05:13:34) l0rd_hex: Mittens Romney told us
(05:13:34) CaZe: mass_production: I did.
(05:13:45) pgurumur_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(05:13:45) mass_production: I majored in economics
(05:13:49) l0rd_hex: lol
(05:13:54) mass_production: where did you go craze
(05:13:55) l0rd_hex: dude.. seriously
(05:13:55) mass_production: ?
(05:14:03) mass_production: l0rd_hex: did you goto college?
(05:14:14) l0rd_hex: University of Alberta
(05:14:21) mass_production: what did you major?
(05:14:25) l0rd_hex: pharmacology
(05:14:53) mass_production: hm
(05:14:55) CaZe: lol BC bud
crazygir CryptoCrack
(05:15:10) mass_production: Crze you went to boston college?
(05:15:16) CaZe: Nope.
(05:15:18) CaZe: You?
(05:15:22) mass_production: nope
(05:15:29) mass_production: I said top 20
(05:15:46) mass_production: l0rd_hex: so how did you get into openbsd?
(05:15:53) mass_production: does U alberta use openbsd?
(05:16:03) l0rd_hex: ... =
(05:16:06) CaZe: lol
(05:16:09) CaZe: looool
(05:16:47) l0rd_hex: ftp -? Connected to
(05:16:54) l0rd_hex: 'nuff said
(05:18:03) mass_production: ah is that where bob back lives?
(05:18:05) mass_production: er works
(05:18:14) mass_production: thats kinda cool
(05:18:26) mass_production: do the compsci courses on operating systems examine openbsd code?
(05:18:37) mass_production: that would be interesting indeed
(05:18:38) l0rd_hex: I dunno, we don't have computers
(05:18:49) mass_production: ??
(05:18:53) kwork: you have computers ?!?!?!
(05:18:57) hever left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
(05:18:58) mass_production: I must have misparsed that
(05:19:07) mass_production: sarcsm is such a booor
(05:19:13) mass_production: booo
(05:19:18) l0rd_hex: a "bpppr
(05:19:22) l0rd_hex: a "booor" indeed
(05:19:27) mass_production: here let me demonstrat
(05:19:30) l0rd_hex: a wild booor perhaps
(05:19:40) mass_production: "oh so you are afraid fo he vASt right wing conspiracy??"
(05:19:52) CaZe: That's not sarcasm.
(05:19:58) l0rd_hex: I am afraid for the US education system, that is for certain
(05:20:04) mass_production: "oh you believe spending MORE than you ahve is bad for a person, but stimulus for the governmetn eh?"
(05:20:07) mass_production: see?
(05:20:08) mass_production: boorish
(05:20:14) l0rd_hex: the " gave it away
(05:20:21) CaZe: That's just being illiterate.
(05:20:28) l0rd_hex: I SLEEP NOW
(05:20:42) mass_production: what do the compsci classes use for programming? scheme? ML? lisp?
(05:20:48) mass_production: please tell me its not python
(05:20:55) CaZe: FORTH
(05:20:58) l0rd_hex: we program directly in electricity
(05:21:04) kwork: mass_production, why not python?
(05:21:05) l0rd_hex: and we write the registers on a black board
(05:21:06) mass_production: caze you are very concerned with intelligence yet seem to have a low net worth
(05:21:11) mass_production: how do you explain this?
(05:21:14) kwork: mass_production, i would say you have far more todo with python then with lisp
(05:21:16) mass_production: [no sarcasm]
(05:21:31) CaZe: mass_production: Your question is wrong.
(05:21:33) mass_production: well MIT I heard switched to python
(05:21:49) l0rd_hex: I heard MIT just had a snake problem
(05:21:51) mass_production: kwork: ?
(05:21:57) kwork: ?
(05:21:59) mass_production: as in work to do?
(05:22:29) mass_production: python sigh alludes to monty python nto reptiles
(05:22:39) mass_production: silly oreilly books notwithstanding
(05:23:03) CaZe: mass_production: If you're claiming that a high net worth correlates to a high intelligence, then you are a counter example to your own claim.
(05:23:09) mass_production: kwork: mass_production, i would say you have far more todo with python then with lisp
(05:23:23) mass_production: kwork: I am perhaps not parsing this right?
(05:23:40) CaZe: mass_production: Seems pretty likely given that you're illiterate.
(05:23:41) mass_production: you would I guss prefer python? or mean lisp is less work?
(05:23:59) mass_production: CaZe: by definition if I can read your banal insults I am not illiterate
(05:24:33) mass_production: oh contrire to the intelligence claim I was measured with a high iq?
(05:24:44) mass_production: what pray tell does indicate a high intelligence to you craze?
(05:24:46) CaZe: Is that a question?
(05:24:56) mass_production: an addition to jon stewart late night marathons?
(05:24:57) CaZe: No.
(05:24:59) mass_production: perhaps
(05:25:09) mass_production: or having a poster of barak obama in my bathroom?
(05:25:15) CaZe: You put a question mark at the end of that sentence.
(05:25:22) CaZe: That makes it a question.
(05:25:31) mass_production: so eveyroine not a rabit bill clinton buddy is the same as a grantite gargoyle? is that it?
(05:25:44) CaZe: lol
(05:25:53) mass_production: my gosh I begin to wonder if you are someone who simply livs in mom basement
(05:25:57) CaZe: The more I point out your illiteracy, the worse you get.
(05:26:05) mass_production: until they apply to grad school or something
(05:26:12) mass_production: I can not explain your position
(05:26:32) CaZe: Of course not.
(05:26:47) CaZe: You know nothing of my position, because I haven't said anything about it.
(05:27:04) mass_production: well it is the heidth of impropriety for a penniless unaccmploshed rogue such as yourself to go on and on about the education of a fine fellow such as myself with a comfy net worth
(05:27:17) CaZe: Your net worth is $0.
(05:27:18) mass_production: in fact I am not ebing paid to listen to you as no doubt your shrink is
(05:27:23) mass_production: som please desist!
(05:27:23) l0rd_hex: heidth? that sounds like a $10 word if I every heard one
(05:27:34) mass_production: I have been rading jack vnace
(05:27:47) mass_production: and mr vance uses 50% words like deodand
(05:28:08) CaZe: What's a 50% word?
(05:28:12) You are now known as l0rd_dollar
(05:28:19) kwork: mass_production, i mean that i have had interactions with loads of python applications in my daily work
(05:28:20) l0rd_hex: CaZe: half of a 100% one :)
(05:28:22) kwork: never anything with lisp
(05:28:23) CaZe: Or are you saying that half the words he uses is "deodand?"
(05:28:33) l0rd_dollar: kwork: what do you think? is python nice?
(05:28:35) kwork: so for system administrator python is far more thing to know
(05:29:07) kwork: l0rd_dollar, its nice, but needs some time to get used do
(05:29:10) l0rd_hex: python is directly resposibly for the bail outs!
(05:29:24) l0rd_dollar: python is part of the evil republican inncer circle!
(05:29:28) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:29:33) kwork: nah you are talking about java there :P
(05:29:35) l0rd_hex: import freddie_mac
(05:29:45) l0rd_dollar: java is a democrat thru n thru
(05:29:50) l0rd_dollar: expensive and non productive
(05:29:52) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:30:09) kwork: java good because it works on all oses - is like sayin analsex is good because it works on all genders
(05:30:22) l0rd_dollar: import fed_spedning 9 trillion lending to forign banks[thanks mr assang]
(05:30:25) CaZe: santorum
(05:30:41) l0rd_dollar: object oriented programming is the roman numerals of computing
(05:30:48) l0rd_dollar: rick santorum
(05:30:54) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: You don't even know how to program.
(05:31:00) l0rd_dollar: R senator formely of PA
(05:31:14) l0rd_dollar: CaZe: do you run any open source projects?
(05:31:21) CaZe: Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.
(05:31:35) l0rd_dollar: gross man gross
(05:31:55) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:32:52) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: What programming languages do you know?
(05:32:58) l0rd_dollar: Santorum is a sexual neologism proposed by American humorist and sex-advice columnist Dan Savage in 2003 to "memorialize" then-US Republican senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania due to . [oh its a democrat newspeak I forgot]
(05:33:26) l0rd_dollar: the vast left wing conspitracy gets 2003 new words onto top of google in jsut 7 years
(05:33:29) l0rd_dollar: WOW
(05:34:09) l0rd_hex left the room (quit: Quit: casey, call pep pep).
(05:34:37) styelz: powa
(05:34:39) l0rd_dollar: so ronald reagan must by now be "a german artist who rose to power and waged world war2"
(05:34:51) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:34:57) l0rd_dollar: and the obama tax hike
(05:35:06) l0rd_dollar: is the expiring of evil bush tax cut
(05:35:07) l0rd_dollar: LOL
(05:35:10) l0rd_dollar: doublespeak
(05:35:16) l0rd_dollar: wow
(05:35:32) l0rd_dollar: and then kids lke craze read this and get knickers in a twist
(05:35:38) l0rd_dollar: but they can VOTE
(05:35:41) l0rd_dollar: wow
(05:35:56) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: Did you even vote in the last election?
(05:37:32) l0rd_dollar: did you?
(05:37:35) l0rd_dollar: i did yes
(05:37:40) l0rd_dollar: why?
(05:37:55) CaZe: No you didn't.
(05:38:06) l0rd_dollar: sure I did
(05:38:16) l0rd_dollar: but not for mr obama
(05:38:18) l0rd_dollar: ;)
(05:38:27) CaZe: Who did you vote for?
(05:39:38) l0rd_dollar: mitt romney in the primary
(05:39:45) CaZe: lol
(05:39:45) l0rd_dollar: john mccain in the general
(05:39:56) l0rd_dollar: I voted twice for george bush
(05:40:01) l0rd_dollar: and for ross perot
(05:40:02) CaZe: If you voted for him then why didn't he win?
(05:40:07) l0rd_dollar: as well as arnold schwartzennegger
(05:40:17) l0rd_dollar: well the majority voted the other way
(05:40:21) l0rd_dollar: thats usualy why
(05:40:26) CaZe: Did you ask him to show you his birth certificate?
(05:40:43) l0rd_dollar: I am curious about mr obama's
(05:40:52) l0rd_dollar: why doesn't he simply send it to chris matthews
(05:41:01) l0rd_dollar: chris has offered to end the controversy
(05:41:29) l0rd_dollar: caze when will you move out from moms?
(05:41:43) kwork: l0rd_dollar, you dont feed the trolls
(05:41:50) kwork: havent you learned anything from the irc :P
(05:41:50) CaZe: Because Chris Matthews is a fucking fascist?
(05:41:51) l0rd_dollar: if you are a good programmer you should make $$ enuf
(05:42:03) l0rd_dollar: fascism is governmetn control
(05:42:24) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: Did Bush show Chris Matthews his birth certificate?
(05:42:30) l0rd_dollar: kwork: where were we on the python front?
(05:42:36) l0rd_dollar: yes he did
(05:42:50) CaZe: No he didn't you liar.
(05:42:56) l0rd_dollar: sure he did
(05:43:07) l0rd_dollar: he was harvard MBA
(05:43:13) l0rd_dollar: you have to show it for admissions
(05:43:25) l0rd_dollar: and attourney general of texas
(05:43:31) l0rd_dollar: you have to show it during interview
(05:43:53) CaZe: Oh and Obama didn't go to Harvard.
(05:43:58) l0rd_dollar: bush did
(05:44:03) BWMerlin [] entered the room.
(05:44:22) oenone: i've got this xscale box.. what OS should i run on it?
(05:44:33) CaZe: So did Obama you idiot.
(05:46:02) l0rd_dollar: not for an MBA you moron
(05:46:09) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:46:44) l0rd_dollar: caze you are poor because you act this way
(05:46:48) l0rd_dollar: poor
(05:46:57) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: You are poor because you're illiterate.
(05:46:58) l0rd_dollar: focus on making money and being happy
(05:47:02) l0rd_dollar: I am not poor
(05:47:06) CaZe: Yes you are.
(05:47:13) l0rd_dollar: I am pretty well off as it turns out
(05:47:23) l0rd_dollar: adn in general quite happy
(05:47:25) CaZe: Are you on welfare?
(05:47:34) l0rd_dollar: perish the thought
(05:47:36) CaZe: That would sort of make you a hypocrite, wouldn't it?
(05:47:41) l0rd_dollar: yes
(05:47:45) l0rd_dollar: it would
(05:48:05) l0rd_dollar: hypocracy is part of the human condition unfortunatly
(05:48:14) l0rd_dollar: I mean humans are sexually competitive
(05:48:48) l0rd_dollar: it is our nature to catch all the hot momeners fo the opposite sex and destroy competitors, and secure supplies
(05:49:09) l0rd_dollar: fortunatly modern society evolved so we dont have rash killing and willy nilly theft
(05:49:26) CaZe: And you don't need to show a birth certificate for HBS.
(05:49:40) l0rd_dollar: I made that up
(05:49:44) CaZe: I know.
(05:49:45) l0rd_dollar: i never went to HBS
(05:49:49) CaZe: You make everything up.
(05:49:56) l0rd_dollar: if you say so
(05:50:02) l0rd_dollar: maybe I made you up
(05:50:03) CaZe: That's how I know that you didn't go to college, and you're poor.
(05:50:10) l0rd_dollar: no thats you caze
(05:50:26) l0rd_dollar: ;)
(05:50:31) CaZe: The fact that you're uneducated is pretty obvious.
(05:50:41) l0rd_dollar: interesting
(05:50:49) l0rd_dollar: what makes you say that?
(05:50:58) l0rd_dollar: because I didnt vote for mr obama?
(05:51:06) CaZe: Because you're illiterate.
(05:51:09) l0rd_dollar: millions of others are uneduated too I guess
(05:51:17) CaZe: Indeed.
(05:51:19) l0rd_dollar: including I dunno mitt roney who is worth what a billion?
(05:51:27) l0rd_dollar: and donald trump
(05:51:35) l0rd_dollar: and mr bloomberg
(05:51:40) CaZe: You can't even spell his name right you illiterate bastard.
(05:51:49) l0rd_dollar: they are uneduated tools as well?
(05:52:04) CaZe: If you say so I guess.
(05:52:09) l0rd_dollar: I am not a professinal typist sorry
(05:52:16) l0rd_dollar: caze why do I bug you?
(05:52:22) l0rd_dollar: at the core?
(05:52:23) CaZe: Though I'm sure Mitt Romney can at least spell his name right.
(05:52:28) l0rd_dollar: Mitt is cool
(05:52:40) l0rd_dollar: I hope he gets to be president in 2012
(05:52:46) l0rd_dollar: I will vote for him.
(05:52:47) CaZe: It will never happen.
(05:52:49) l0rd_dollar: again
(05:53:01) l0rd_dollar: he is the odds on favorite I hope you realise?
(05:53:13) l0rd_dollar: unless the gentleman in new jersey steps it up
(05:53:18) l0rd_dollar: or newt going nuts
(05:53:26) CaZe: Do you realize that he's a Mormon?
(05:53:31) l0rd_dollar: who do you see as front runner?
(05:53:33) l0rd_dollar: so?
(05:53:36) CaZe: Palin.
(05:53:38) l0rd_dollar: JFK was a catholic
(05:53:42) l0rd_dollar: palin lol
(05:53:52) CaZe: That's why Obama will get a second term.
(05:54:05) rajul [muaddib@unaffiliated/rapha] entered the room.
(05:54:07) rajul: Hi all!
(05:54:08) l0rd_dollar: ha haa!!
(05:54:12) l0rd_dollar: now your fantasize
(05:54:18) rajul: How can I give a normal user permission to do "crontab -e"?
(05:54:25) CaZe: I'll vote for Palin in the primaries.
(05:54:33) pgurumur [] entered the room.
(05:54:41) l0rd_dollar: mr obama wreaed the economy, wants to tax the internet, and riased taxes, and unocnstitutionally shoved comy health care on usa pubic
(05:54:44) l0rd_dollar: obama is gone
(05:55:01) l0rd_dollar: he will be lucky to escape a primary rival
(05:55:11) CaZe: Nah.
(05:55:22) l0rd_dollar: I would even go so far as to say that mr kucinich would be a beter cnadidante
(05:55:37) l0rd_dollar: sicne federal reserve haters such as me might vote dem jsut for fun in such a case
(05:55:40) l0rd_dollar: oh sure
(05:55:45) l0rd_dollar: obama is for sure 1 termer
(05:55:54) l0rd_dollar: oil catastrophy
(05:55:56) l0rd_dollar: 2 wars
(05:56:00) l0rd_dollar: big defense spending
(05:56:04) l0rd_dollar: by by mr obama
(05:56:05) rajul: er
(05:56:09) l0rd_dollar: unemplooyment
(05:56:10) l0rd_dollar: ;)
(05:56:21) rajul: i'm sorry to interrupt your on-topic politics discussion ... :-P

31:14) l0rd_dollar: CaZe: do you run any open source projects? (05:31:21) CaZe: Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes

31:14) l0rd_dollar: CaZe: do you run any open source projects?
(05:31:21) CaZe: Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.
(05:31:35) l0rd_dollar: gross man gross
(05:31:55) l0rd_dollar: lol
(05:32:52) CaZe: l0rd_dollar: What programming languages do you know?
(05:32:58) l0rd_dollar: Santorum is a sexual neologism proposed by American humorist and sex-advice columnist Dan Savage in 2003 to "memorialize" then-US Republican senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania due to . [oh its a democrat newspeak I forgot]
(05:33:26) l0rd_dollar: the vast left wing conspitracy gets 2003 new words onto top of google in jsut 7 years
(05:33:29) l0rd_dollar: WOW

libertarian on immigration

stack computers and koopman book

"While our nation is declining dangerously right now, a turnaround could be straightforward and simple with Libertarian steps like these: 1. Bring our

"While our nation is declining dangerously right now, a turnaround could be straightforward and simple with Libertarian steps like these: 1. Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan; 2. Stop rewarding failed companies with bailouts; 3. Cut taxes and spending and let the free market work.

Libertarians release top 10 disasters of 2009 Obama administration Note similarities to previous administration

libertarian party the way to go

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Libertarians oppose Republican plans to hang onto Obamacare

mouting 5 /14 inch old dos floppy on openbsd 4.8

dmesg shows 2nd floppy fd1 as unknown density

# mkdir /mnt/floppy

# mount -t msdos /dev/fd1Ca /mnt/floppy/

files now available in /mt/floppy!


capitalism does piss off the failed europe communist regimes. IT hurts to see other donig better by doing what you say isn't possible. The USA is the

capitalism does piss off the failed europe communist regimes. IT hurts to see other donig better by doing what you say isn't possible. The USA is the number 1 economy due to the productive power of capitalism. Obama is overspending. A defici is cuased by spending more than you have. The solution is to spend less. Canada did in 90s and thier deficit went away. Its like being fat you can exercise lil more or eat less. eating less works much better. USA will be no1 as long as it sticks to capitalism. Luckily once obama is gone in 2012 usa will get back to growing.

Has kuchinich ever cut governmetn spending? Has he ever stopped corruption? What has this guy done? I know he s the man reason democrats think they ar

Has kuchinich ever cut governmetn spending? Has he ever stopped corruption? What has this guy done? I know he s the man reason democrats think they are economy grrowing republicans but what is the reality of what he is done? I fear he may simply be a high spending democrat who creates unfunded pensions. PLease tell me I am wrong? Fannie freddy and fed caused 2008 which the fed didnt avert even though that is its mision. great depresion 9 years after fed created in 1913. Fed also didn't avert 1999 bomb even loaded with princeton phd in keynesian economics. examples please!

reddit and digg so heavily pro government sending

1 talk about deficits being caused not by over spending but by tax cuts? as if you can not simply lower government spending?
2 talk about wall street not the fed and fannie and freddy and government finance causing 2008
3 ignore how fed was created to stop 1999 and 2008 and loaded with PHD from princeton in keynesian economics did nothing to avert disaster
4 ignore how deficit is up under obama more than under bush
5 ignore how 2 wars have not been ended by obama
6 ignore how obama overspending in spit of fact that overspending cuased massive problems
7 ignore how obama did nothing to stop what caused 2008 wich was government finance

I mean are digg and reddit just shills for democrat party's keynesian excuses for failure?

jack vance novels

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.
111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.

http://111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.]111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.

ONE MORE PIG OFF THE PAYROLL Date: 2010-12-29, 12:39AM EST Reply To This Post Cops shouldn't be carrying guns in the first place. Instead of paying

Date: 2010-12-29, 12:39AM EST
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Cops shouldn't be carrying guns in the first place.
Instead of paying them $75k base pay and roll call pay, and pistol qualification pay etc... bringing them over 100k a year with a h.s. diploma, we should be hiring 3 cops for 33k each a year, and give them mace and stun guns. SWAT Teams making $100k each a year can respond to domestic assaults, bank robberies, etc... when called by flat foots walking the beat. There is no need to pay ever cop robo cop pay and for 33k a year you'll have people lined up around the corner for the job and there will be 3x the police visibility on the streets. As well, what the fuck is up with "desk duty"??? about a third all cops are on "desk duty". I'm not talking cops on dicipline, I'm talking regular cops, supervisors, seargents, lieutenants, captains, chiefs!

Cops belong on the street and administrators belong behind desks, again, cops shouldn't be promoted to desk duty.

And how about "detectives"? Boston "detectives" couldn't find their own asshole with a mirror and a back scratcher. God knows they can't reach their assholes over their fat asses. Just because you get fatter, doesn't mean your arms get longer. The money these pigs make for what they do is a crime.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

devon michaels

my first tcl program

cat p.tcl
# build html file from pics
#me 28dec2010

set pics.html [open "pics.html" w+]
set pics [glob /home/g/p/*.jpg]
foreach pic $pics {
puts ${pics.html} "aligator img src=\"$pic\" / left alligator"
close ${pics.html}

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Obama Has Lost The World" - Foreign Policy of the USA is in shambles.

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"Obama Has Lost The World" - Foreign Policy of the USA is in shambles.
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Obama Has Lost The World
Eurasia Review ^ | December 26, 2010 | Daniel Greenfield

________________________ ________________________ ___________________

After the 2010 elections, it’s not exactly news that Obama has lost America. But in a less public referendum, he also lost the world. Obama’s cocktail party tour of the world’s capitals may look impressive on a map, but is irrelevant on a policy level. In less than two years, the White House has gone from being the center of world leadership to being irrelevant, from protecting world freedom to serving as a global party planning committee.

Even the Bush Administration’s harshest critics could never have credibly claimed that George W. Bush was irrelevant. He might have been hated, pilloried and shouted about– but he couldn’t be ignored. However Obama can be safely ignored. Invited to parties, given the chance to show off his cosmopolitan sophisticated by reciting one or two words in the local lingo, read off a teleprompter, along with some cant about the need for everyone to pull together and make the world a better place, and then dismissed for the rest of the evening.

As a world leader, he makes a passable party guest. He has a broad smile, brings along his own gifts and is famous in the way that celebrities, rather than prime ministers and presidents are famous. On an invitation list, he is more Bono than Sarkozy, Leonardo DiCaprio not Putin. You don’t invite him to talk turkey, not even on Thanksgiving. He’s just one of those famous people with a passing interest in politics who gets good media attention, but who has nothing worthwhile to say.

The only countries who take Obama seriously, are the ones who have to. The leaders of Great Britain, Israel and Japan– who have tied their countries to an enduring alliance with America based on mutual interests and values, only to discover that the latest fellow to sit behind the Oval Office desk no longer shares those values and couldn’t give less of a damn about American interests. It’s no wonder that European leaders ignore him as much as possible. Or that Netanyahu visited America, while Obama was abroad. Or that Japanese politics have become dangerously unstable.

On the enemy side, the growing aggressiveness of China, North Korea, Iran, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda can all be attributed to the global consensus that no one is at home in the White House. And if no one is at home in the White House, then that’s a perfect time to slap the big boy around the yard. China is doing it economically, the rest are doing it militarily. They’re all on board with Obama’s Post-American vision of the world. But unlike him and most liberals, they have a clear understanding of what that means. The America of some years back, which actually intimidated Libyan dictator Khaddafi into giving up his nuclear program, without lifting a hand against him is long gone. So is the Cedar Revolution. Syria and Iran are back in charge in Lebanon. And in Afghanistan, the Taliban are laughing at our soft power outreach efforts.

Obama’s soft power approach emphasizes the ‘soft’ and forgets the ‘power’. It neglects even Clinton era understandings about the role of America in the world, and reverts instead to a Carter era sense of guilt that bleeds into hostility toward American interests and allies. While the rest of the world puts their own interests first, they act like a cog in some imaginary global community, turning and turning toward the distant horizon of international brotherhood. While China, Russia and most of the world walk down their backs and up their jellyfish spines, laughing all the way. And America’s allies gird themselves and prepare for the worst.

From the first, this administration has curried favor with America’s enemies by betraying and humiliating its allies. But these hideous acts of moral cowardice have not won Obama the approval of America’s enemies. Only their contempt. And a Nobel Peace Prize from a committee of elderly left wing Swedes, awarded not for any accomplishment, but for the lack thereof. For being a man without a country, a leader without a spine and a representative of America who gives no thought for the interests of that country.

Now that the Koreas stand on the brink of war, Iran continues its drive toward a nuclear bomb, Al Qaeda is going global, Hezbollah is on the verge of taking Lebanon and Mexico is on the verge of imploding– the impact of America’s absence on the global stage is all too clear. The countless cocktail parties and toasts have not changed the world. All they’ve done is highlighted the transition of the White House from world leadership to global party guest. Trip after trip has ended in photo ops and policy failures. Instead Obama is stuck dumpster diving into the futile quest for a Palestinian state, not because such an entity will make the world any better, but because it will make him look good.

Obama has no mandate at home, and he has even less of one abroad. America’s enemies do not fear him. Only our allies do. Kim Jong Il does not sit up nights worrying what Obama will do. Because the consensus in North Korea, Iran and the rest of the world is that the sea will rise, the sun will set and Obama will do nothing. Except maybe write a strongly worded letter, offset by some quiet backchannel diplomacy from his coterie of international left wing stooges reassuring the offender that, “No, Barry really isn’t mad at you. He’s just concerned. Really, really concerned.”

Liberal pundits mock the rough and ready style of conservatives like Reagan, Bush or Palin in world affairs, but what they fail to realize is that the over-educated naivete, trendy cosmopolitanism and buzzword rich approach of a Kerry or Obama come off as laughably pathetic on the world stage. Republicans might be hated, but they can’t be ignored. Democrats on the other hand are catspaws and pawns, fools who are so sure of their cleverness and determined to embrace every culture in the way that only the graduates of Ivy League institutions can, that any Third World vendor could twirl them around his fingers.

World leaders are rarely liked, but effective ones are respected. And effective world leaders don’t lead with appeasement, don’t compromise before the other side has even made an offer and negotiate on behalf of their country, rather than some intangible global consensus. They understand that they represent a country, not a popularity contest. They don’t travel abroad to be adored or be greeted with parades and gifts, but to achieve tangible results on specific issues. To do otherwise is not to be a world leader, but a celebrity who happens to have picked up a big title along the way.

To be a proper American president on the world stage, means choosing to be respected, rather than liked. Obama always chooses to be liked, rather than respected. Because respect comes from accomplishment and character, while ‘liking’ is a function of appearance and image. Aiming to be ‘liked’ is playing to Obama’s strengths. But being liked is irrelevant outside of an afterschool special. World affairs is not a networking seminar, it is a negotiation between countries who have billions of dollars and millions of lives on the line. And Obama has no idea how to play that game. Like the kid who never fit in anywhere, he’s still trying to be liked. And he’s willing to sell out American interests and allies to get the cool UN kids to like him.

Unfortunately Obama’s irrelevance is also America’s irrelevance. A Republican House of Representatives cannot do what Obama should be doing. And any attempt to show strength gets shouted down by the liberal punditocracy as treason and undermining the White House. As if anyone, anywhere could undermine Obama internationally as much as he undermines himself. The same liberals who considered Ted Kennedy’s treasonous offer of cooperation with the Soviet Union or Kerry’s trip to Latin American Marxist terrorists to be acts of courage, damn Republicans who supported allies in Ecuador and Israel as traitors. And so Obama must have a free hand to do it all on his own. To do what Kennedy or Kerry could have only dreamed of.

Obama has lost the world. He has made the country that he claims to represent into a shadow of its former strength and glory. And his irrelevance endangers American lives. Not just those of soldiers in war zones, laboring under restrictive Rules of Engagement, written so as not to offend Muslims. Not just those of Americans at risk for domestic terrorism under an Attorney General who sympathizes with terrorists, more than with Americans. But to everyone living in a world where countries like North Korea and Iran feel free to do what they want, where our economic rivals such as Russia and China advance their interests and their espionage, and where terrorists across the Muslim world grow in boldness and number because they have no one left to fear anymore. In America and around the world– Barack Hussein Obama endangers us all.

________________________ ________________________ ______________

Ouch. Cold hard truth right there.
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Re: "Obama Has Lost The World" - Foreign Policy of the USA is in shambles.
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Great article. It's not even two years into his term and yet Obama has managed to set this country farther back than any president we've ever had.
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archlinux crowned the greatest operating system in the world

25dec2010 In the first Innaugural admin awards archlinux has won best operating system.

The reasons arch edged out freebsd and netbsd surround the no upgrade abiity of archlinux that allows every part of the os even the kernel to be binary upgraded flawlessly and the stable yet current software installed with the pacman tool. Redhat linux a favorite linux distro and ubuntu fell to arch's superior abilities. Arch also scored points on dragonflybsd because compiling rare software on an up to date linux lacks the bugs found in dragonfly's pkgsrc.

Windows and proprietary unixes fell due to lack of stability, onerous charges for 100s of new installs, and heavy antivirus software slowing things down, problems that arch is free from.

Freebsd's offering of zfs was not enuf to sway judgement from archlinux getting the overall crown.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

reptilina mind control

set irssi to download files sent to you automatically into dir u started it from

04:17 < evil_vin1> ok found solution using irssi
04:17 < evil_vin1> this is wrong: /set dcc_autoget = ON but this is right
/set dcc_autoget ON

Friday, December 24, 2010

pidgin fix on dragonflybsd pkgsrc

1:43 <@thesjg>
01:47 <@Santabolt> evil_vin1: it's not on avalon?
01:50 < evil_vin1> whats avalon?
01:51 <@Santabolt>
01:54 <@thesjg> evil_vin1: there are several solutions if you read through that bug link
01:57 < evil_vin1> opens link, finds help, retry ing build
02:09 < evil_vin1> wow
02:09 < evil_vin1> had to hack
02:10 < evil_vin1> Adding a symlink from /usr/pkg/etc/xml/catalog to /usr/pkg/share/xml/catalog
02:10 < evil_vin1> fixes the issues.
02:10 < evil_vin1> but no /usr/share/etc/xml dir exists
02:10 < evil_vin1> so ln -s /usr/pkg/share/xml /usr/pkg/etc/xml
02:11 < evil_vin1> build now procreading
02:17 < evil_vin1> thank you for the link

crazy commie says to tell kid easter bunny false

chinese ghost cities

Obama Uses EPA to Seize Control of Energy Sector (Read WP posts from Van Helsing) | (Read MT posts from Van Helsing) Dems were able to ram Cap & Ta

Obama Uses EPA to Seize Control of Energy Sector
(Read WP posts from Van Helsing) | (Read MT posts from Van Helsing)

Dems were able to ram Cap & Tax through the House, but this debacle will never make it through the Senate, now that such a large number of people are aware that the government and media have been lying, and that global warming — or “climate change” as the lack of warming has forced moonbats...
...Read more

Dems were able to ram Cap & Tax through the House, but this debacle will never make it through the Senate, now that such a large number of people are aware that the government and media have been lying, and that global warming — or "climate change" as the lack of warming has forced moonbats to call it — has no validity whatsoever. But fortunately for advocates of totalitarian collectivism, Comrade Obama still has an ace up his sleeve: control of the faceless, unaccountable, and irredeemably leftist bureaucracy. Here's how it will be used for the next 2 years:

US President Barack Obama's administration said Thursday it will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, after legislation on climate change died in Congress.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it would regulate fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries — which together emit nearly 40 percent of US greenhouse gases — starting in 2012.

"We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce greenhouse gas pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans and contributes to climate change," EPA chief Lisa Jackson said in a statement.

Using a debunked hoax as justification for yet another outrageous power grab proves that the 2010 elections did not deflate the Moonbat Messiah's audacity, and that his lust for control is anything but measured and careful. Takeover of the energy sector will fit nicely with the federal government's newly acquired control of healthcare and the food supply. When all this power has been consolidated by the lumbering bureaucracy, calling America a free country will become an insult to the concept of freedom.

At least the Manchurian Moonbat is living up to one of his campaign promises. Remember when he said he would make energy prices "skyrocket"?

arnold v sergio

"If we were to get rid of ... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy t

"If we were to get rid of ... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy that corporate America would not be competed with unless foreign corporations started building their plants in America." - Congressman John Linder

republicans for tea party to replace

The Republican senators who voted yes on the repeal with the Democrats were Richard Burr of North Carolina, Mark Kirk of Illinois, John Ensign of Nevada, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, George Voinovich of Ohio, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both of Maine.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


forth as os

trading with the trend

A Simple Trend Following System

On Friday after the market [ IWM ] close, click on the >>> Valueline Geometric Index. Go to Weekly View and look at the Open of the previous week, then look at the % change of this week.

1) If you were long the market and this week change is -4% or more, on Monday morning reverse your position from long to short.

2) If you were short the market and this week change is +4% or more, on Monday morning reverse your position from short to long.

3) If you were long and the % at the end of the week is positive + …or if you were short and the % at the end of the week is negative – …do nothing and stay with your actual position until you get 1 or 2.

Martin Zweig 4% indicator in summary:

The Four Percent Model Indicator uses the Value Line Geometric Index. The model makes use of the weekly close of the Value Line Index. A buy signal is generated when the index rises four percent or more from the previous week. Similarly, a sell signal is indicated when the index falls four percent or more from the previous week. The signal can be traded on IWM or other major indexes.

Additional thoughts:

Although there must be numerous trading styles, the use of a mechanical system allows the development of a plan with rules of entry, exit and risk management. The hardest part is to foster the discipline necessary to weather the inevitable losses inherent to the use of any trading program.

This strategy won’t turn $10k in $100k within one year’s time, but the trading system offered is simple. Because of that very simplicity it is robust in terms of generating overall positive rates of returns while simultaneously minimizing the risk of ruin.

Critics say that no one would give away a succesful trading system and that if a profitable system were given away, it would no longer work since everyone would be using it.

Such criticism suggest ignorance regarding trader psycology. Good traders will argue that the primary reason for failure as a speculator is a lack of disciplined adherence to risk management rules.

The reality shows that the development of rock-solid discipline is among the most challenging endeavors to which a trader can aspire. If this were not the case, anyone could do it. While discipline is not a sufficient condition to win, it is a necessary condition.

The vast majority of traders with a system do not have the discipline to follow it.

Trend following is about surrendering to the now situation of the market. It’s about leaving our cherished opinions, hopes, judgements, conclusions and egos at the door. We don’t act on what we think the market should or will be doing, but on what the market is doing.

commies trying to tax internet n regulate it

"The cost of that action will be measured in investments foregone, innovations stifled, and most importantly, jobs lost. With America's economy in such a fragile state, the last thing the government needs to do is burden the private sector with more ill-advised regulatory red tape," a pack of nearly 30 Republican senators wrote in a letter to the FCC last week. They argued that the oversight expansion would be "unjustified and unnecessary" and that the Internet does not suffer from the affliction for which the FCC is offering a cure.

commies trying to tax internet n regulate it


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tcl tdom

Friday, December 17, 2010

GIT talk


Howard Fineman | HuffPost Reporting Become a Fan Tea Party Era Begins With Refusal To Debate 'Omnibus' Spending Bill Firs

Howard Fineman | HuffPost Reporting Become a Fan
Tea Party Era Begins With Refusal To Debate 'Omnibus' Spending Bill
First Posted: 12-16-10 09:53 PM | Updated: 12-16-10 09:53 PM

WASHINGTON -- The new, more Republican Congress won't arrive in town until next month, but the Tea Party Era unofficially began on the Hill Thursday night.

Republican leaders in Congress, blindsided by grassroots fury over the tax cut deal they made with President Obama, are now scrambling to show their allegiance to the anti-federal, anti-debt movement.

The GOP brass, led by Senate party leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), did so tonight by eagerly backing the successful efforts of Tea Party favorites to block debate on a $1.1 trillion "omnibus" spending bill that would fund the entire federal government until next October -- but which contained billions of dollars in "earmarks" Republicans, including McConnell, once stoutly defended.

The omnibus bill also contained the spending priorities of the Obama administration and the soon-to-be-ended Democratic-controlled Congress.

GOP senators, let by Tea Party acolyte Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), had demanded the entire 2,000 page bill be read by the Senate clerk -- a formality that is almost always dispensed with. Most of DeMint's colleagues privately dismiss him as a grandstanding freelancer who backed extremists who lost seats the GOP should have won. But McConnell and the rest of his team not only didn't want to challenge DeMint on the spending bill, they were glad to join him in showing their newfound distaste for earmarks.

Senate aides say it could have taken 50 hours to read the entire bill aloud. Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid would then have invoked cloture and, assuming he wins the vote, there would be 30 more hours of debate. That could push a final vote on the measure -- which would still have to be approved in the House -- until Christmas Eve.

But Reid announced Thursday night that he didn't have the votes he needed to block the maneuver or ensure debate after the reading of the bill. The reason, he said, is that nine Republicans who initially promised to support him had changed their minds.

Game, set, match Tea Party.

In the meantime, Congress now must pass another temporary stop gap "continuing resolution" to fund the government at current levels -- a measure that would not reflect any new Obama programs or policies, but which also would not have any new earmarks.

October 14, 2010 To the National Republican Congressional Committee, FairTax takes pride in its status as a single-issue and non-partisan movement.

October 14, 2010

To the National Republican Congressional Committee,

FairTax takes pride in its status as a single-issue and non-partisan movement. For that reason, we encourage your committee to understand its benefit as an important issue for any congressional candidate. We believe Republican candidates and voters will benefit from an honest, fact-based, truthful debate about the FairTax. If your committee finds itself advertising against any Democrats who support the FairTax, we urge you to avoid distorting the facts about the FairTax plan.

First, the FairTax plan would repeal all federal taxes based on income and completely close the Internal Revenue Service. It eliminates the following federal taxes: income tax, gift tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, alternative minimum tax, payroll tax and Medicare tax, to name a few. Further, the FairTax plan would implement a prebate system wherein a basic level of consumption, including food, clothing and shelter, are not taxed.

In this election season, candidates are displaying their support of the FairTax, and recent experience has shown that candidates who stand their ground are gaining ground with voters.

Historically Republican voting constituencies would be major beneficiaries of the FairTax. For this reason, we suggest that your smarter choice would be to embrace the FairTax rather than attack candidates who support it.

The FairTax does not make a judgment about the size of the federal government, or how it should spend the people’s money. The FairTax is just about a better way to collect the money needed to run the federal government that is more transparent, more efficient, more conducive to economic growth, and, yes, even fairer to all.

One can have a legitimate debate about whether they support or oppose the FairTax. But no one can justify dishonesty in public discourse about this serious issue for our country.

It doesn't get much better than this, December 14, 2006 By microsoft is not monop (Los Angeles CA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Th

It doesn't get much better than this, December 14, 2006
microsoft is not monop (Los Angeles CA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Silver Spike: The Chronicles of the Black Company (Chronicle of the Black Company) (Mass Market Paperback)
Far surpassing many many fantasy junk this was just insanely awesome and I had never heard of glen cook WTF!!!!

warrior group
plots within plots
very D&D

everything si trending toward D&D nbut won't just get there fully

"If we were to get rid of ... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy t

"If we were to get rid of ... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy that corporate America would not be competed with unless foreign corporations started building their plants in America." - Congressman John Linder

science fiction has been hijacked by leftwing dorks

look at nebula award winner for last 10 year

no wonder obama gets an award for eace when he ended no wars and ush get no award even though he liberated two countires


Thursday, December 16, 2010

:11 < republican_devil> netbsd prety nice 00:11 < jhell> shit netbsd runs on everything 00:11 < republican_devil> almost 0 press 00:11 < twiggz> netpb

:11 < republican_devil> netbsd prety nice
00:11 < jhell> shit netbsd runs on everything
00:11 < republican_devil> almost 0 press
00:11 < twiggz> netpbsd lacks apps.
00:11 < republican_devil> id use netbsd over most anthing but fbsd, archlinux, possibly nixos
00:11 < twiggz> its worse than openbsd in the application department.
00:12 < jhell> its even been installed on a Motorola Pager
00:12 < twiggz> yeah, and thats useful HOW?
00:12 < twiggz> its really not.
00:12 < republican_devil> what about the 900 nokia phone that runs leenuuxxx
00:12 < jhell> hell if I know lol
00:12 < republican_devil> anyone get netbsd on that?
00:12 < hosler> i want to try freebsd/gentoo isntall
00:12 < swills> bored.
00:12 < twiggz> gentoo is for ricers.
00:12 < twiggz> today, gentoo is a joke
00:12 < hosler> i use gentoo, and what is a ricer?
00:13 < republican_devil> archlinux won the linux wars 4 years ago
00:13 < twiggz> they dont even have a real stage 1 anymore.
00:13 < republican_devil> there are no contenders
00:13 < republican_devil> fbsd has only zfs to comete

tcl web servers in focus dandelion global warming is bs

republican_devil> archlinux is your only real competitor 20:50 < republican_devil> how does it feel to be #2 in the world? 20:50 < republican_devil>

republican_devil> archlinux is your only real competitor
20:50 < republican_devil> how does it feel to be #2 in the world?
20:50 < republican_devil> when will freebsd go all binary for software installs and be #1
20:50 < republican_devil> adn ditch upgrades for rolling release

tcl epoll kqueue vs select

Ask yourself: do I like no upgrades? Do I like up to date binary packages? Do I like auto dependency resolution that works unlike redhat? Do I like i3

Ask yourself: do I like no upgrades? Do I like up to date binary packages? Do I like auto dependency resolution that works unlike redhat? Do I like i386 and amd64 chip? Do I like a current kernel? Do I like stable rock solid enterprise platform that obsoletes redhat and takes on FreeBSD head to head? Can I live without ZFS that FreeBSd has? Do I like a platform where I will get few bugs compiling free software since most of it is devloped on linux not bsd? If you answered yes to all of these then welcome to Archlinux. To my view only the utility of ZFS outwighing the problems of having upgrades that can nuke you and compiling everything endlessly on FreeBSD is a competitive choice.