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forth tutorials

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reimplement which in bash

# function w { ( IFS=:; for i in $PATH; do [[ -f $i/$1 ]] && echo $i/$1 && break; done ) }; w sed

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So young lady, thank your government for the non-committal male.

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Date: 2010-03-24, 4:01PM CDT
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Well the young single guys aren't likely to marry you because the government will punish them. 20 years of marriage can only get you 10 years of alimony, or more ! Welcome to the Family Law in the USA !!!! States are making men pay for their cheating wife's illegitimate kids.

I mean who wants to fuck the same woman for 20 years anyway, so you'll cheat, and after she gets done taking half your assets, the government will make you pay for college too and child support way past 18 until the kids is done with college! p.s., even if you don't cheat, she might anyway.

I tell my sons, either go to another country when it's time to reproduce, or get the vasectomy now.

So young lady, thank your government for the non-committal male. Another case of government trying to solve one problem and creating another, one where only half-wits will marry and reproduce.

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* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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sage gaming


Lose Weight by Doing Pushups Eating Right to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

.bashrc bash prompt

PS1='[\u@\h \w]# '

Friday, March 26, 2010

gcc openbsd

openbsd desktop jwm setup

put into .profile as root
export PKG_PATH=''
then ./.profile to load
then pkg_add -v jwm
then pkg_add -v mozilla-firefox
then in /etc/system.jwmrc and replace "rxvt" with "xterm"
then in .xinitrc put "exec jwm"
then run startx
use menu on left to open xterm
hit shift + to make text in xterm bigger
firefox& to start firefox

go programming

Facebook Threatens Greasemonkey Script Writer

how we teach introductory computer science is wrong

apple weasils sue htc

installing aolserver 4.5.1 and tcl 8.5.8

=INSTALLING Aolserver 4.5

What are the advantages over any other web server?

20x Faster and massively scalable, and has all the features of an appserver builtin.

Phil Greenspun said it best:

notes on Installation: (read README)

get+compile your own tcl 8.4: (example)
./configure --prefix=/opt/tcl --enable-threads --enable-shared
make install

I pop it in my path:
ln -s /opt/tcl/bin/tclsh8.4 /usr/bin/tclsh

was a real bitch for me on Arch Linux this time around after it was easy before; until a guy named frankie on irc chat #aolserver (freenode server) gave me the following:

In aolserver-4.5/configure, comment out the below lines, and add right below them:
# case "$LDLIB" in
# *gcc*)
# LDLIB="$LDLIB -nostartfiles"
# ;;
# esac
LDLIB="$LDLIB -nostartfiles"
this now works:
/path/to/tclsh8.4 nsconfig.tcl -install /aolservers_new_dir
make install

In /etc/hosts you must have the ip of your nic matching `uname -n`
after you cp base.tcl to nsd.tcl; you must
chown -R your_user: /aolservers_new_dir

vi /etc/ and add path to tcl and aolserver /lib directory close and run ldconfig

cp -p base.tcl nsd.tcl

bin/nsd -ft nsd.tcl -u your_user & will start the server on port 8000.

then tune into http://your_ip:8000 and blam! your in bizness

fro a little guidance check out

Thursday, March 25, 2010

pike concurrency scheme


effective go parallelization tutorial

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less. ~Brendan Behan

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less. ~Brendan Behan

haskell operating system

Server: Address: (11:56:15) 2upper: google finally have a public dns for everyone to use

(11:56:15) 2upper: google finally have a public dns for everyone to use
2upper: Server:

openvz virtualization

haskell user threads can use mutliple cores

11:32:43) jlouis: gavino: yes, GHC can. Look at the -N +RTS option
(11:32:50) maltem: ozataman, :(
(11:32:51) kmc: gavino, yes, Haskell programs compiled with GHC can fork millions of lightweight Haskell-level threads, which are mapped onto a configurable number of OS threads (usually, one per core)
(11:32:51) Cale: If you have more expected need to extend the set of operations that act on the data, then the "algebraic" approach that dmwit suggested is better.
(11:32:55) MisterN: Cale: your site doesn't load :(
(11:32:57) dmwit: MisterN: f :: Foo -> D -> D
(11:33:00) mtnviewmark: SoC project: Make cabal have an option to do --reinstall-same-version recursively!
(11:33:08) Cale: MisterN: Oh, that's odd. I'll check my DNS record.
(11:33:14) dmwit: Well, there's a lot of options, I guess.
(11:33:22) kmc: gavino, what's more, you can write programs that do work on multiple cores (but have the semantics of single-threaded programs) without thinking about threads at all
(11:33:23) dmwit: Anyway, there's certainly nothing wrong with what you suggest.
(11:33:32) maltem: mtnviewmark, better yet, have it track profiling
(11:33:51) kmc: gavino, see

so user threads can take advnatage of multi cores?

(10:28:26) The topic for #cat-v is: A channel for all things cat -v: - Glenda Camp, fuck yea! - This Channel is 100% troll. :: Microtrolling live.
(10:28:31) gavino: I am me!
(10:29:01) gavino: so some freebsd guys were saying user threads are only good for certain algorithms and apps that use 1 cpu, not very good for 8 core boxes
(10:29:08) gavino: is that so?
(10:49:06) EthanG: there's a lot of anti-thread FUD about
(10:49:40) EthanG: ways of doing things become beliefs, beliefs resist change. I think that's all it is
(10:50:19) EthanG: learn too many techniques & you lose your flexibility
(10:53:09) __20h__: Learn too many techniques, sort them and get too flexible.
(10:53:53) EthanG: well in some ways yeah... I don't know what's wrong with so many that they have their ways of doing things & won't look at ohters
(10:53:55) EthanG: others
(10:54:34) __20h__: Maybe all developers should physicially work together with their users.
(10:54:36) __20h__: At least some.
(10:54:42) __20h__: That could increase usability.
(10:54:48) EthanG: yeah
(10:54:59) EthanG: eh... I have to go out, wish I didn't
(10:55:21) __20h__: EthanG, don't get hit by flying cats.
(10:55:53) EthanG: well... it's not raining cats & dogs right now. I hope it doesn't start up again
(11:14:30) bvalek2 left the room (quit: Quit: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe).
(11:15:05) gavino: so user threads can take advnatage of multi cores?
(11:18:06) maht1: yes
(11:19:45) maht1: const NCPU = 4 // number of CPU cores
(11:19:45) maht1: func (v Vector) DoAll(u Vector) {
(11:19:45) maht1: c := make(chan int, NCPU) // Buffering optional but sensible.
(11:19:45) maht1: for i := 0; i < NCPU; i++ {
(11:19:45) maht1: go v.DoSome(i*len(v)/NCPU, (i+1)*len(v)/NCPU, u, c)
(11:19:45) maht1: }
(11:19:45) maht1: // Drain the channel.
(11:19:46) maht1: for i := 0; i < NCPU; i++ {
(11:19:47) maht1: <-c // wait for one task to complete
(11:19:47) maht1: }
(11:19:48) maht1: // All done.
(11:19:48) maht1: }
(11:22:34) maht1: see scroll to parallelization

Harrison Fords ugly wife got how much in divorce?

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posix os threads vs application or user threads

(06:02:42 PM) The topic for #cat-v is: A channel for all things cat -v: - Glenda Camp, fuck yea! - This Channel is 100% troll. :: Microtrolling live.
(06:03:07 PM) gavino1: and what do people think of this?
(06:03:42 PM) gavino1:
(06:07:48 PM) You are now known as the_unmaker
(06:08:15 PM) You are now known as gavino1
(06:10:20 PM) uriel: gavino1: I'm *really* close to having had enough with the nick bullshit
(06:10:35 PM) uriel: gavino1: you *really* can't say you have not been repeatedly warned
(06:14:24 PM) gavino1: I had to change to login since gavino1 is not registerd
(06:14:30 PM) gavino1: I changed right back
(06:14:59 PM) gavino1: sorry for any problems is causes
(06:15:31 PM) uriel: that makes zero fucking sense
(06:15:40 PM) uriel: use a fucking nick you have registered
(06:15:45 PM) uriel: and fucking STOP FUCKING AROUND
(06:16:02 PM) uriel: you see anyone else in this channel doing the same kind of bullshit?
(06:16:06 PM) gavino1: no
(06:16:14 PM) gavino1: I have a registed name at work.
(06:16:21 PM) uriel: I DONT GIVE A FUCK
(06:16:34 PM) uriel: learn to use irc, god damn it
(06:16:36 PM) gavino1: I login at home and I get logged in as gavino1 since gavino is taken.
(06:16:44 PM) gavino1: I change to second nic to login
(06:16:49 PM) gavino1: then change back to gavino1
(06:16:52 PM) uriel: are you mentally retarded?
(06:16:58 PM) gavino1: no
(06:17:04 PM) uriel: well, then stop pretending that you are
(06:17:08 PM) gavino1: ok
(06:17:17 PM) uriel: your fucking justification makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE
(06:17:24 PM) gavino1: my work pc is on
(06:17:30 PM) uriel: I DONT CARE
(06:17:31 PM) gavino1: and that is using gavino
(06:17:38 PM) gavino1: ok
(06:17:42 PM) uriel: how many pcs do you think I have? how many pcs do you think the people in this channels has?
(06:17:48 PM) gavino1: I will from this moment on nto login here until I am finsihed with th enickery
(06:18:08 PM) gavino1: I am open to suggestions.
(06:18:18 PM) uriel: use your fucking BRAIN, that is my suggestion
(06:18:44 PM) uriel: there is no possible rational explanation for this:
(06:18:45 PM) uriel: 01:01 -!- gavino1 is now known as the_unmaker
(06:18:46 PM) uriel: 01:02 -!- the_unmaker is now known as gavino1
(06:18:52 PM) uriel: ok? is that hard to understand?
(06:19:31 PM) uriel: I don't give a fuck if you got one or a thousand pcs
(06:19:49 PM) uriel: and for the record, I'm nowhere nearly as annoyed by the nick change itself
(06:20:04 PM) uriel: as by your total complete fucking disregard of what people have told you
(06:20:11 PM) gavino1: I could not login to openbsd
(06:20:24 PM) gavino1: until I had logged into freenode as a nick with a password
(06:20:25 PM) uriel: and what the FUCK does that have to do with anything?
(06:20:36 PM) gavino1: that being the_unmaker
(06:20:43 PM) gavino1: then I changed back to gavino1
(06:20:58 PM) uriel: *not our problem* if you are fucking retarded enough to have a dozen different nicks you play around with
(06:21:16 PM) uriel: again, do you see anyone else here or in #openbsd or fucking wherever doing the same kind of bullshit?
(06:21:18 PM) gavino1: i wil try and logout at work going forward
(06:21:21 PM) gavino1: no
(06:21:24 PM) gavino1: point taken
(06:22:05 PM) martian67 is now known as very_angry
(06:22:09 PM) uriel: we don't give a crap how you do it
(06:22:18 PM) uriel: very_angry: very funny
(06:22:28 PM) very_angry: :p
(06:22:51 PM) uriel: really, I'm just pissed by the total disregard for what has been said before
(06:22:59 PM) uriel: and even worse, the total BULLSHIT excuses
(06:23:07 PM) uriel: few things piss me off in the world more than BULLSHIT excuses
(06:23:28 PM) jdp [] entered the room.
(06:23:59 PM) uriel: "just fucking because" is an infinitely better justification for any crime than some totally fucking retarded irrelevant bullcrap
(06:24:53 PM) uriel: if you do something, stupid or not, at least have the decency to take responsibility for your own actions
(06:25:21 PM) very_angry is now known as martian67|
(06:25:52 PM) uriel: martian67|: and making a stupid silly little point is not a very good reason either ;P
(06:26:00 PM) martian67|: sure it is
(06:26:10 PM) uriel: well, at least it is a half honest reason
(06:26:26 PM) uriel: or maybe I'm full of crap and i have double standards, who knows
(06:26:54 PM) martian67|: there is a bias that people have
(06:27:03 PM) martian67|: when people they like do bad things, its for other reasons
(06:27:13 PM) martian67|: when people they dont like do bad things, its because they are bad people
(06:28:17 PM) martian67|: thats why if you are going to be a useless scumbag its better to be everyone's friend
(06:28:23 PM) martian67|: haha
(06:30:54 PM) uriel: martian67|: I'm pretty good at being an scumbag to everyone, just ask garbeam
(06:32:59 PM) martian67|: uriel, you would be amazed what taking somebody aside and explaining your reasons carefully and fully does to people
(06:33:12 PM) martian67|: and not just logical reasons, emotional ones too
(06:33:38 PM) martian67|: ive gotten out of more self-imposed jams that way then i can even count
(06:42:01 PM) uriel: martian67|: I think we have given gavino1 more than enough explanations, and in return got a bunch of bullshit justifications
(06:42:09 PM) uriel: that is the main reason I got more and more pissed off
(06:44:54 PM) uriel: btw, didn't somebody say gavino1 had been banned from #openbsd? I wonder why....
(06:45:50 PM) uriel: of course, nothing wrong with being banned, i have been banned from more channels than i can count
(06:46:53 PM) gavino1: ok I am not trying to bullshit, I got home, I login, I forgot to turn off irc at work so gavino is logged in, I get loged in as gavino1, I try and /j #openbsd it says no, so I login as the_unamker, login to openbsd, then change back to gavino1 to appease uriel, and rage results
(06:47:17 PM) gavino1: what is the smart strategy in the future?
(06:47:27 PM) martian67|: gavino1, use a BNC
(06:47:38 PM) martian67|: or just a screen session
(06:47:51 PM) martian67|: it has the added benifit of logging things while you are away
(06:49:52 PM) martian67|: any time somebody mentions the word "enterprise" the price shoots up by a good 500%
(06:51:58 PM) uriel: and quality shots down by a few magnitude orders
(06:53:05 PM) uriel_ [] entered the room.
(06:53:23 PM) martian67|: FIX YOUR SHIT
(06:53:24 PM) martian67|: :D
(06:54:02 PM) uriel_: actually, I'm just checking how full of crap garbeam is
(06:54:07 PM) uriel_: er, gavino ;P
(06:54:14 PM) uriel_: and the conclusion is COMPLETELY
(06:54:41 PM) uriel_: there is zero need to change nicks to identify as a different account, even when that account is connected from another host
(06:55:40 PM) uriel_: so even without using a BNC there is just zero excuse for that kind of bullshit nick dances
(06:56:22 PM) uriel_ left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(06:56:57 PM) uriel: gavino1: clear enough?
(06:57:30 PM) gavino1: hate to be a retard but how do I log off the gavino account and login as it?
(06:59:28 PM) uriel: gavino1: you don't fucking need to log off! irc is not a 'single user' system
(07:00:13 PM) gavino1: ok, I just did /nick gavino "id is in use" error
(07:00:18 PM) uriel: I just logged to *the same* account from two different connections with two different nicks,
(07:00:24 PM) ***uriel facepalms
(07:00:48 PM) gavino1: I mean maybe I am missing something.
(07:00:57 PM) uriel: no shit!
(07:01:21 PM) uriel: I recommend that if you have trouble figuring out how authentication works in a given irc network, you consult the relvant documentation
(07:01:36 PM) uriel: I am *not* going to spoonfeed you what took me 30 seconds to figure out
(07:01:43 PM) gavino1: ok
(07:03:31 PM) kfx: if only there were a way to disconnect a remote session that had no physical operator
(07:03:50 PM) kfx: hmm a session with no corporeal entity, like some kind of 'ghost'
(07:04:23 PM) kfx: I wonder if there could be some kind of service that handles nicks and can clear out ghosts
(07:04:46 PM) srm__ left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
(07:04:46 PM) jse left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
(07:04:59 PM) uriel: kfx: crazy ideas you have
(07:05:55 PM) uriel: (I did the login test just to check if gavino1 was full of crap even without using such 'crazy never heard of ideas' you speak of)
(07:06:01 PM) kfx: yeah I don't know where I come up with this shit, I should write it down
(07:06:19 PM) kfx: these ramblings are like isolated nodes in a graph
(07:06:21 PM) uriel: must be some mushrooms you had for breakfasts
(07:06:26 PM) srm__ [] entered the room.
(07:06:27 PM) jse [] entered the room.
(07:06:37 PM) kfx: if I wrote all this stuff down, I could title it like 'free node documentation'
(07:06:49 PM) uriel: hahaha
(07:06:53 PM) uriel: that is scary
(07:07:00 PM) uriel: sounds almost like something lilo would have written
(07:07:26 PM) gavino left the room (quit: Disconnected by services).
(07:07:30 PM) kfx: hahahah
(07:07:31 PM) You are now known as gavino
(07:07:50 PM) azathoth99 [] entered the room.
(07:08:03 PM) gavino: uh
(07:08:05 PM) gavino: ok
(07:08:21 PM) gavino: I learn more on irc than I did at univeristy.
(07:08:58 PM) gavino: damn I'm slow though
(07:09:02 PM) kfx: yes
(07:09:11 PM) gavino: ok burning idiot question of the night:
(07:09:16 PM) martian67|: university isnt so much about learning stuff, its about learning work ethic
(07:09:21 PM) martian67|: forcing you to do something
(07:09:27 PM) gavino: I had worth ethic at 6th grade
(07:09:38 PM) uriel: martian67|: do people learn 'worth ethic' at university? are you fucking serious?
(07:09:53 PM) gavino: but common sense only in last year or so, and thats debatible
(07:09:57 PM) kfx: fuck work ethics, this guy needs 'reading fundamental instracutions' ethics
(07:09:57 PM) martian67|: uriel, id argue it forces you to actually buckle down and accomplish things
(07:10:10 PM) uriel: martian67|: university forces people to have the work ethic of a baboom
(07:10:31 PM) kfx: martian67|: that's a load; I fucked around in college almost continuously and received a B.Sc.
(07:10:38 PM) uriel: acoomplish what? drink two dozen beers in ten minutes?
(07:10:52 PM) kfx: at one point I was on the dean's list and academic probation simultaneously
(07:10:52 PM) martian67|: social achivement!
(07:11:11 PM) kfx: there's no 'summa cum wtf' though :/
(07:11:25 PM) uriel: hehehe
(07:12:11 PM) kfx: uriel: I'm porting my blog script away from bash!
(07:12:28 PM) uriel: kfx: wohow!
(07:12:32 PM) ***uriel is so impressed
(07:12:34 PM) kfx: uriel: to perl!
(07:12:38 PM) kfx: GOTCHA
(07:12:39 PM) uriel: damn!
(07:12:43 PM) uriel: I was going to say that
(07:12:52 PM) uriel: I SWEAR I was going to say "to what? to perl?"
(07:12:53 PM) uriel: damn it
(07:12:56 PM) kfx: hahah
(07:13:21 PM) uriel: I fucking knew it
(07:14:07 PM) kfx: 180 lines of bash is looking like it's going to be about the same amount of code in perl
(07:14:20 PM) kfx: I'm planning on making a Go version, just to be an ass about it
(07:14:41 PM) kfx: but the Go version is going to have to wait
(07:14:43 PM) kfx: until like
(07:14:45 PM) kfx: next week
(07:15:36 PM) gavino: no rc? I am underwhelmed..
(07:15:58 PM) kfx: I value your opinions deeply gavino
(07:16:03 PM) gavino: lol
(07:16:27 PM) gavino: lucky I have a low ego and thick skin....
(07:16:58 PM) gavino: ok I have burning question I can't wait
(07:19:06 PM) gavino: netbsd and freebsd show graphs of them being faster than openbsd in postgresql transaction processing on smp boxes......... now is it possible for something written using application level threads on openbsd, which apparently has slower os level be faster than something using os level threads on say freebsd? such that even on an os that has "slower" SMP at the os level,,,,the app can be fast due to application level threads....
(07:19:36 PM) kfx: oh boy
(07:20:05 PM) martian67|: thats actually a pretty good question
(07:20:25 PM) martian67|: gavino, openbsd sucks at I/O related things, thats the main bottleneck in most DBs
(07:20:39 PM) martian67|: all the threads in the world wont help you there
(07:21:13 PM) martian67|: because the openbsd kernel is giant locked, every IO request locks the kernel
(07:22:41 PM) uriel: plus, as we already told you: benchmarks are bullshit
(07:22:42 PM) kfx: the answer is more general than that
(07:22:54 PM) martian67|: kfx, oh?
(07:22:59 PM) kfx: user threads are almost always faster than kernel threads
(07:23:25 PM) uriel: use of any kind of threads in a *nix system already means you fucked up
(07:23:32 PM) kfx: but user threads require good smp support in the kernel or they'll block
(07:23:45 PM) kfx: which is what you're describing on openbsd, martian67|
(07:23:50 PM) gavino: how do you guys know this stuff? is this like c lore?
(07:24:01 PM) martian67|: reading reading reading
(07:24:04 PM) martian67|: always reading
(07:24:13 PM) martian67|: thats one of the *biggest* things in understanding IT
(07:24:16 PM) uriel: and doing this crazy thing called: *critical thinking*
(07:24:18 PM) martian67|: read everything
(07:24:38 PM) uriel: martian67|: all the reading in the world wont tell you what things you read are bullshita nd what things are not


one is in encino jamie castiel a cpa
(06:48:20 PM) mr_snake_1_cent_dozen_hj: his number is 818-788-3440
(06:48:43 PM) mr_snake_1_cent_dozen_hj: the other is in tarzana sarkis derderian also a cpa
(06:49:24 PM) mr_snake_1_cent_dozen_hj: his number is 818-705-7433

openbsd choice of c compiler


Oh, Canada! by Ann Coulter

Oh, Canada!
by Ann Coulter
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Ann Coulter
Do you believe states will be successful at rejecting Obamacare?
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Since arriving in Canada I've been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn't yet given, and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my "bucket list").

Posters advertising my speech have been officially banned, while posters denouncing me are plastered all over the University of Ottawa campus. Elected officials have been prohibited from attending my speeches. Also, the local clothing stores are fresh out of brown shirts.

Welcome to Canada!

The provost of the University of Ottawa, average student IQ: 0, wrote to me -- widely disseminating his letter to at least a half-dozen intermediaries before it reached me -- in advance of my visit in order to recommend that I familiarize myself with Canada's criminal laws regarding hate speech.

This marks the first time I've ever gotten hate mail for something I might do in the future.

Apparently Canadian law forbids "promoting hatred against any identifiable group," which the provost, Francois A. Houle advised me, "would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges."

Sean Hannity FREE

I was given no specific examples of what words and phrases I couldn't use, but I take it I'm not supposed to say, "F--- you, Francois."

While it was a relief to know that it is still permissible in Canada to promote hatred against unidentifiable groups, upon reading Francois' letter, I suddenly realized that I had just been the victim of a hate crime! And it was committed by Francois A. Houle (French for "Frank A. Hole").

What other speakers get a warning not to promote hatred? Did Francois A. Houle send a similarly worded letter to Israel-hater Omar Barghouti before he spoke last year at U of Ottawa? ("Ottawa": Indian for "Land of the Bed-Wetters.")

How about Angela Davis, Communist Party member and former Black Panther who spoke at the University of Zero just last month?

Or do only conservatives get letters admonishing them to be civil? Or -- my suspicion -- is it only conservative women who fuel Francois' rage?

How about sending a letter to all Muslim speakers advising them to please bathe once a week while in Canada? Would that constitute a hate crime?

I'm sure Canada's Human Rights Commission will get to the bottom of Francois' strange warning to me, inasmuch as I will be filing a complaint with that august body, so I expect they will be reviewing every letter the university has sent to other speakers prior to their speeches to see if any of them were threatened with criminal prosecution.

Both writer Mark Steyn and editor Ezra Levant have been investigated by the Human Rights Commission for promoting hatred toward Muslims.

Levant's alleged crime was to reprint the cartoons of Mohammed originally published in a Danish newspaper, leading practitioners of the Religion of Peace to engage in murderous violence across the globe. Steyn's alleged crime was to publish an excerpt of his book, "America Alone" in Maclean's magazine, in which he jauntily described Muslims as "hot for jihad."

Both of them also flew jet airliners full of passengers into skyscrapers in lower Manhattan, resulting in thousands of deaths. No, wait -- that was somebody else.

Curiously, however, there was no evidence that either the cartoons or the column did, in fact, incite hatred toward Muslims -- nor was there the remotest possibility that they would.

By contrast, conservative speakers are regularly subjected to violent attacks on college campuses. Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, David Horowitz and I have all been the targets of infamous campus attacks.

That's why the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (a sponsor of my Canada speeches) and the Young America's Foundation (a sponsor of many of my college speeches) don't send conservatives to college campuses without a bodyguard.

You'd have to be a real A-Houle not to anticipate that accusing a conservative of "promoting hatred" prior to her arrival on a college campus would in actuality -- not in liberal fantasies of terrified Muslims cowering in terror of Mark Steyn readers -- incite real-world violence toward the conservative.

The university itself acknowledged that Francois' letter was likely to provoke violence against me by demanding -- long after my speech was scheduled, but immediately after Francois disseminated his letter -- that my sponsors pony up more than $1,200 for extra security.

Also following Francois' letter, the Ottawa University Student Federation met for 7 1/2 hours to hammer out a series of resolutions denouncing me. The resolutions included: Continued...

htc bloackbuster on mobile phone

holy shit cindy silva got 80m from kevin cosner ! lol

heather mills deserves about 20,000 $

holy shit linda hamilton didn't deserve 50m

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marriage - don't do it it only benefits the woman unless shes loaded

I used to think because 99% say do it it's inevitable.
It's a lie.
You can do single anything you can married.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

james randy on phd-s

4th new release

php talks

the only acronym you will ever need

php and postgresql

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NEWT GINGRICH: We Have Only Just Begun to Fight

NEWT GINGRICH: We Have Only Just Begun to Fight

By Newt Gingrich


The American people will not allow a corrupt machine to dictate their future. Together we will pledge to repeal this health care bill and start over. This will not stand.

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This will not stand.

No one should be confused about the outcome of Sunday's vote. This is not the end of the fight it is the beginning of the fight.

The American people spoke decisively against a big government, high tax, Washington knows best, pro-trial lawyer centralized bureaucratic health system.

In every recent poll the vast majority of Americans opposed this monstrosity.

Speaker Pelosi knew the country was against the bill. That is why she kept her members trapped in Washington and forced a vote on Sunday. She knew if she let the members go home their constituents would convince them to vote no.

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine combined the radicalism of Alinsky, the corruption of Springfield and the machine power politics of Chicago.

Sunday was a pressured, bought, intimidated vote worthy of Hugo Chavez but unworthy of the United States of America.

It is hard to imagine how much pressure they brought to bear on Congressman Stupak (D-Mich.) to get him to accept a cynical, phony, clearly illegal and unconstitutional executive order on abortion. The ruthlessness and inhumanity of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine was most clearly on display in their public humiliation of Stupak.

The real principles of the machine were articulated by Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings who was impeached and removed from the bench as a federal judge, before being elected to the House when he said, "There ain't no rules here, we're trying to accomplish something. . . .All this talk about rules. . . .When the deal goes down . . . we make 'em up as we go along."

It is hard for the American people to believe their leaders on the left are this bad.

They are.

The American people will not allow a corrupt machine to dictate their future.

Together we will pledge to repeal this bill and start over.

Together we will prove that this will not stand.

2010 and 2012 will be among the most important elections in American history. These elections will allow us to save America from a left-wing machine of unparalleled corruption arrogance and cynicism.

Sunday was one more step in the fight against a "Washington knows best" and "Washington should run everything" attitude.

Let us turn now to the Senate to continue this fight for real reform, for real self government, and for policies that create jobs, improve health outcomes, and increase freedom.

Newt Gingrich is the former Speaker of the House. He is a Fox News contributor and founder of the Center for Health Transformation. The Center for Health Transformation is a high-impact collaboration of private and public sector leaders committed to creating a 21st Century Intelligent Health System that saves lives and saves money for all Americans. CHT is based on the following premise: Small changes or reactionary fixes to separate pieces of the current system have not and will not work. We need a system-wide transformation. Unlike other alliances, CHT unites stakeholders across the spectrum (providers, employers, vendors, trade associations, disease groups, think tanks) and government leaders at both the state and federal level to drive transformation according to a shared vision and key principles.

“Prevailing Wages”
“Prevailing Wages”

By Nathan Mintz | February 21, 2010

I had a long chat yesterday with a friend of mine who is in the construction/manufacturing business and has been for close to thirty years. His company builds many of the facades and pillars you’ve probably seen at the major hotels in Las Vegas. Recently, he received a bid request from the city of Burbank to install a 3 foot diameter covered pillar (a standard product for him) for a parking lot in the Burbank airport. He completed the bid and submitted an estimate of $37,000 total for the manufacture and installation of the pillar.

The next day, the contract manager with the city calls him back to inform him he had underbid the other bidders by more than 50%. The contracts manager asked him if he had taken the prevailing wages required to comply with government rules into account when bidding the job, along with other provisions such as mandatory overtime. Because he had only done commercial construction up to this point and was unfamiliar with “prevailing wage” rules, he hadn’t. He was asked to recalculate his estimate using the prevailing wage rules and resubmit his bid.

My friend recalculated the bid as requested and its cost went from $37,000 to $75,000. His installer, who he had paid $18 per hour previously, was now required to receive a “prevailing wage” rate of $49 per hour. The assistant, who had received $10 per hour before, was now required to make $35 per hour. In other words, the labor rates under the government rules were almost three times what he was paying competitively for the same job in the private sector.

To make matters even worse for him, it created problems for him down the road when he moved the same team back to a commercial contract: the workers were upset that they were making a third of the ludicrous wage they had received on the previous job. The profit margin on the contract was no greater for him, despite the higher cost. My friend decided to never pursue such a job again, because it was no more profitable for him and created numerous labor problems for him on the more profitable commercial contracts. As he put it to me: “I get these emails every day for prevailing wage contracts– and I just delete them. I feel bad overcharging the government that ludicrously and I don’t make any more money on them.”

Putting this in perspective, as a highly trained radar systems engineer with two college degrees and five years of experience, I receive a lower hourly wage rate (based on my salary) than the “prevailing wage” rate of $49 per hour that is mandated to be paid to arguably a semi-skilled laborer as “prevailing wages”. Why on earth did I go to college?

Now imagine these same rules being applied across the board and you suddenly understand why every construction contract in the state is overrun, which costs us billions each year. These contracts are known as Project Labor Agreements or PLAs, and as a state we must re-evaluate whether or not it makes sense to pay semi-skilled labor close to a six figure annual income when we have a double digit unemployment rate. By the way, one of the provisions in the Federal Stimulus states that these contracts must be in place for any construction contract of $25 million or more.

Post script- if you believe that this is too outlandish to be true, check out some of the regulations off of the state website: . The prevailing wage rate for a General Construction Laborer according to PLA rules: $26.33 per hour plus another $15.09 per hour in benefits for a total cost of $41.42 per hour.

Silly consumer, higher gas prices are good for you

Silly consumer, higher gas prices are good for you

March 23, 2010 by Ryan McMaken

This piece at CNN Money falls into what is an entire sub-genre of business writing in which economists and business writers get together to explain why the latest development in government-induced market failure is not a problem at all.

The piece explains why $3 gasoline is absolutely no problem whatsoever and is actually good for the economy. Now, move along and get back to spending your money on shiny trinkets.

The claims in the piece are perched upon the assumption that needless spending on gasoline is fine because it is still spending, and that expensive gasoline has only a minimal psychological effect because people will just shrug their shoulders and keep spending on consumer goods. Spending on consumer goods, of course, is the most important thing in this line of thinking since it is seen as the most important source of economic growth.

What is ignored is the fact that gasoline is only as expensive as it is because of artificial limits imposed on supply by government regulations, and because of the devaluation of the dollar. Every dollar buys less gasoline as the money supply continues to expand. And let’s not forget the 40 cents or so per gallon in taxes paid at the pump. And we’re just talking taxes paid by the end user. The taxes paid at various steps of the production process are hardly negligible.

Also ignored is the possibility that households that don’t have to spend an extra $100 on gasoline every month due to these effects might actually save that money or invest it.

The talk about psychological effects is simply rubbish. People may indeed shrug their shoulders and continue to buy the same amount of gasoline as they might have bought at $2 per gallon, but there will be a real world effect on the household budget that has nothing to do with how the consumer feels about it. The consumer now has less money to save for retirement or education or investment or anything else.

But none of this matters to the economists whose full time jobs consist in patting the heads of the masses and assuring them that all is well no matter what.

Monday, March 22, 2010

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who voted for the house health care bill 22mar2010

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Updated March 22, 2010
House Roll Call: Health Care Overhaul


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Mar. 21: In this image made from video, the vote tally for House Resolution 3590, the Senate health care bill, is shown.

The 219-212 roll call Sunday by which the House passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

A "yes" vote is a vote to pass the bill.

Voting yes were 219 Democrats and 0 Republicans.

Voting no were 34 Democrats and 178 Republicans.

There are 4 vacancies in the 435-member House.


Democrats -- Bright, N; Davis, N.

Republicans -- Aderholt, N; Bachus, N; Bonner, N; Griffith, N; Rogers, N.


Republicans -- Young, N.


Democrats -- Giffords, Y; Grijalva, Y; Kirkpatrick, Y; Mitchell, Y; Pastor, Y.

Republicans -- Flake, N; Franks, N; Shadegg, N.


Democrats -- Berry, N; Ross, N; Snyder, Y.

Republicans -- Boozman, N.


Democrats -- Baca, Y; Becerra, Y; Berman, Y; Capps, Y; Cardoza, Y; Chu, Y; Costa, Y; Davis, Y; Eshoo, Y; Farr, Y; Filner, Y; Garamendi, Y; Harman, Y; Honda, Y; Lee, Y; Lofgren, Zoe, Y; Matsui, Y; McNerney, Y; Miller, George, Y; Napolitano, Y; Pelosi, Y; Richardson, Y; Roybal-Allard, Y; Sanchez, Linda T., Y; Sanchez, Loretta, Y; Schiff, Y; Sherman, Y; Speier, Y; Stark, Y; Thompson, Y; Waters, Y; Watson, Y; Waxman, Y; Woolsey, Y.

Republicans -- Bilbray, N; Bono Mack, N; Calvert, N; Campbell, N; Dreier, N; Gallegly, N; Herger, N; Hunter, N; Issa, N; Lewis, N; Lungren, Daniel E., N; McCarthy, N; McClintock, N; McKeon, N; Miller, Gary, N; Nunes, N; Radanovich, N; Rohrabacher, N; Royce, N.


Democrats -- DeGette, Y; Markey, Y; Perlmutter, Y; Polis, Y; Salazar, Y.

Republicans -- Coffman, N; Lamborn, N.


Democrats -- Courtney, Y; DeLauro, Y; Himes, Y; Larson, Y; Murphy, Y.


Republicans -- Castle, N.


Democrats -- Boyd, Y; Brown, Corrine, Y; Castor, Y; Grayson, Y; Hastings, Y; Klein, Y; Kosmas, Y; Meek, Y; Wasserman Schultz, Y.

Republicans -- Bilirakis, N; Brown-Waite, Ginny, N; Buchanan, N; Crenshaw, N; Diaz-Balart, L., N; Diaz-Balart, M., N; Mack, N; Mica, N; Miller, N; Posey, N; Putnam, N; Rooney, N; Ros-Lehtinen, N; Stearns, N; Young, N.


Democrats -- Barrow, N; Bishop, Y; Johnson, Y; Lewis, Y; Marshall, N; Scott, Y.

Republicans -- Broun, N; Deal, N; Gingrey, N; Kingston, N; Linder, N; Price, N; Westmoreland, N.


Democrats -- Hirono, Y.


Democrats -- Minnick, N.

Republicans -- Simpson, N.


Democrats -- Bean, Y; Costello, Y; Davis, Y; Foster, Y; Gutierrez, Y; Halvorson, Y; Hare, Y; Jackson, Y; Lipinski, N; Quigley, Y; Rush, Y; Schakowsky, Y.

Republicans -- Biggert, N; Johnson, N; Kirk, N; Manzullo, N; Roskam, N; Schock, N; Shimkus, N.


Democrats -- Carson, Y; Donnelly, Y; Ellsworth, Y; Hill, Y; Visclosky, Y.

Republicans -- Burton, N; Buyer, N; Pence, N; Souder, N.


Democrats -- Boswell, Y; Braley, Y; Loebsack, Y.

Republicans -- King, N; Latham, N.


Democrats -- Moore, Y.

Republicans -- Jenkins, N; Moran, N; Tiahrt, N.


Democrats -- Chandler, N; Yarmuth, Y.

Republicans -- Davis, N; Guthrie, N; Rogers, N; Whitfield, N.


Democrats -- Melancon, N.

Republicans -- Alexander, N; Boustany, N; Cao, N; Cassidy, N; Fleming, N; Scalise, N.


Democrats -- Michaud, Y; Pingree, Y.


Democrats -- Cummings, Y; Edwards, Y; Hoyer, Y; Kratovil, N; Ruppersberger, Y; Sarbanes, Y; Van Hollen, Y.

Republicans -- Bartlett, N.


Democrats -- Capuano, Y; Delahunt, Y; Frank, Y; Lynch, N; Markey, Y; McGovern, Y; Neal, Y; Olver, Y; Tierney, Y; Tsongas, Y.


Democrats -- Conyers, Y; Dingell, Y; Kildee, Y; Kilpatrick, Y; Levin, Y; Peters, Y; Schauer, Y; Stupak, Y.

Republicans -- Camp, N; Ehlers, N; Hoekstra, N; McCotter, N; Miller, N; Rogers, N; Upton, N.


Democrats -- Ellison, Y; McCollum, Y; Oberstar, Y; Peterson, N; Walz, Y.

Republicans -- Bachmann, N; Kline, N; Paulsen, N.


Democrats -- Childers, N; Taylor, N; Thompson, Y.

Republicans -- Harper, N.


Democrats -- Carnahan, Y; Clay, Y; Cleaver, Y; Skelton, N.

Republicans -- Akin, N; Blunt, N; Emerson, N; Graves, N; Luetkemeyer, N.


Republicans -- Rehberg, N.


Republicans -- Fortenberry, N; Smith, N; Terry, N.


Democrats -- Berkley, Y; Titus, Y.

Republicans -- Heller, N.


Democrats -- Hodes, Y; Shea-Porter, Y.


Democrats -- Adler, N; Andrews, Y; Holt, Y; Pallone, Y; Pascrell, Y; Payne, Y; Rothman, Y; Sires, Y.

Republicans -- Frelinghuysen, N; Garrett, N; Lance, N; LoBiondo, N; Smith, N.


Democrats -- Heinrich, Y; Lujan, Y; Teague, N.


Democrats -- Ackerman, Y; Arcuri, N; Bishop, Y; Clarke, Y; Crowley, Y; Engel, Y; Hall, Y; Higgins, Y; Hinchey, Y; Israel, Y; Lowey, Y; Maffei, Y; Maloney, Y; McCarthy, Y; McMahon, N; Meeks, Y; Murphy, Y; Nadler, Y; Owens, Y; Rangel, Y; Serrano, Y; Slaughter, Y; Tonko, Y; Towns, Y; Velazquez, Y; Weiner, Y.

Republicans -- King, N; Lee, N.


Democrats -- Butterfield, Y; Etheridge, Y; Kissell, N; McIntyre, N; Miller, Y; Price, Y; Shuler, N; Watt, Y.

Republicans -- Coble, N; Foxx, N; Jones, N; McHenry, N; Myrick, N.


Democrats -- Pomeroy, Y.


Democrats -- Boccieri, Y; Driehaus, Y; Fudge, Y; Kaptur, Y; Kilroy, Y; Kucinich, Y; Ryan, Y; Space, N; Sutton, Y; Wilson, Y.

Republicans -- Austria, N; Boehner, N; Jordan, N; LaTourette, N; Latta, N; Schmidt, N; Tiberi, N; Turner, N.


Democrats -- Boren, N.

Republicans -- Cole, N; Fallin, N; Lucas, N; Sullivan, N.


Democrats -- Blumenauer, Y; DeFazio, Y; Schrader, Y; Wu, Y.

Republicans -- Walden, N.


Democrats -- Altmire, N; Brady, Y; Carney, Y; Dahlkemper, Y; Doyle, Y; Fattah, Y; Holden, N; Kanjorski, Y; Murphy, Patrick, Y; Schwartz, Y; Sestak, Y.

Republicans -- Dent, N; Gerlach, N; Murphy, Tim, N; Pitts, N; Platts, N; Shuster, N; Thompson, N.


Democrats -- Kennedy, Y; Langevin, Y.


Democrats -- Clyburn, Y; Spratt, Y.

Republicans -- Barrett, N; Brown, N; Inglis, N; Wilson, N.


Democrats -- Herseth Sandlin, N.


Democrats -- Cohen, Y; Cooper, Y; Davis, N; Gordon, Y; Tanner, N.

Republicans -- Blackburn, N; Duncan, N; Roe, N; Wamp, N.


Democrats -- Cuellar, Y; Doggett, Y; Edwards, N; Gonzalez, Y; Green, Al, Y; Green, Gene, Y; Hinojosa, Y; Jackson Lee, Y; Johnson, E. B., Y; Ortiz, Y; Reyes, Y; Rodriguez, Y.

Republicans -- Barton, N; Brady, N; Burgess, N; Carter, N; Conaway, N; Culberson, N; Gohmert, N; Granger, N; Hall, N; Hensarling, N; Johnson, Sam, N; Marchant, N; McCaul, N; Neugebauer, N; Olson, N; Paul, N; Poe, N; Sessions, N; Smith, N; Thornberry, N.


Democrats -- Matheson, N.

Republicans -- Bishop, N; Chaffetz, N.


Democrats -- Welch, Y.


Democrats -- Boucher, N; Connolly, Y; Moran, Y; Nye, N; Perriello, Y; Scott, Y.

Republicans -- Cantor, N; Forbes, N; Goodlatte, N; Wittman, N; Wolf, N.


Democrats -- Baird, Y; Dicks, Y; Inslee, Y; Larsen, Y; McDermott, Y; Smith, Y.

Republicans -- Hastings, N; McMorris Rodgers, N; Reichert, N.


Democrats -- Mollohan, Y; Rahall, Y.

Republicans -- Capito, N.


Democrats -- Baldwin, Y; Kagen, Y; Kind, Y; Moore, Y; Obey, Y.

Republicans -- Petri, N; Ryan, N; Sensenbrenner, N.


Republicans -- Lummis, N.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Health Care Is Not a Right By Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D.

Health Care Is Not a Right

By Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D.

[AFCM also offers video of this lecture, or download a PDF suitable for printing (requires Adobe® Reader).]

Delivered at a Town Hall meeting on the Clinton Health Plan, Red Lion Hotel, Costa Mesa, California, December 11, 1993.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen:

Most people who oppose socialized medicine do so on the grounds that it is moral and well-intentioned, but impractical; i.e., it is a noble idea—which just somehow does not work. I do not agree that socialized medicine is moral and well-intentioned, but impractical. Of course, it is impractical—it does not work—but I hold that it is impractical because it is immoral. This is not a case of noble in theory but a failure in practice; it is a case of vicious in theory and therefore a disaster in practice. So I'm going to leave it to other speakers to concentrate on the practical flaws in the Clinton health plan. I want to focus on the moral issue at stake. So long as people believe that socialized medicine is a noble plan, there is no way to fight it. You cannot stop a noble plan—not if it really is noble. The only way you can defeat it is to unmask it—to show that it is the very opposite of noble. Then at least you have a fighting chance.

What is morality in this context? The American concept of it is officially stated in the Declaration of Independence. It upholds man's unalienable, individual rights. The term "rights," note, is a moral (not just a political) term; it tells us that a certain course of behavior is right, sanctioned, proper, a prerogative to be respected by others, not interfered with—and that anyone who violates a man's rights is: wrong, morally wrong, unsanctioned, evil.

Now our only rights, the American viewpoint continues, are the rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. That's all. According to the Founding Fathers, we are not born with a right to a trip to Disneyland, or a meal at Mcdonald's, or a kidney dialysis (nor with the 18th-century equivalent of these things). We have certain specific rights—and only these.

Why only these? Observe that all legitimate rights have one thing in common: they are rights to action, not to rewards from other people. The American rights impose no obligations on other people, merely the negative obligation to leave you alone. The system guarantees you the chance to work for what you want—not to be given it without effort by somebody else.

The right to life, e.g., does not mean that your neighbors have to feed and clothe you; it means you have the right to earn your food and clothes yourself, if necessary by a hard struggle, and that no one can forcibly stop your struggle for these things or steal them from you if and when you have achieved them. In other words: you have the right to act, and to keep the results of your actions, the products you make, to keep them or to trade them with others, if you wish. But you have no right to the actions or products of others, except on terms to which they voluntarily agree.

To take one more example: the right to the pursuit of happiness is precisely that: the right to the pursuit—to a certain type of action on your part and its result—not to any guarantee that other people will make you happy or even try to do so. Otherwise, there would be no liberty in the country: if your mere desire for something, anything, imposes a duty on other people to satisfy you, then they have no choice in their lives, no say in what they do, they have no liberty, they cannot pursue their happiness. Your "right" to happiness at their expense means that they become rightless serfs, i.e., your slaves. Your right to anything at others' expense means that they become rightless.

That is why the U.S. system defines rights as it does, strictly as the rights to action. This was the approach that made the U.S. the first truly free country in all world history—and, soon afterwards, as a result, the greatest country in history, the richest and the most powerful. It became the most powerful because its view of rights made it the most moral. It was the country of individualism and personal independence.

Today, however, we are seeing the rise of principled immorality in this country. We are seeing a total abandonment by the intellectuals and the politicians of the moral principles on which the U.S. was founded. We are seeing the complete destruction of the concept of rights. The original American idea has been virtually wiped out, ignored as if it had never existed. The rule now is for politicians to ignore and violate men's actual rights, while arguing about a whole list of rights never dreamed of in this country's founding documents—rights which require no earning, no effort, no action at all on the part of the recipient.

You are entitled to something, the politicians say, simply because it exists and you want or need it—period. You are entitled to be given it by the government. Where does the government get it from? What does the government have to do to private citizens—to their individual rights—to their real rights—in order to carry out the promise of showering free services on the people?

The answers are obvious. The newfangled rights wipe out real rights—and turn the people who actually create the goods and services involved into servants of the state. The Russians tried this exact system for many decades. Unfortunately, we have not learned from their experience. Yet the meaning of socialism (this is the right name for Clinton's medical plan) is clearly evident in any field at all—you don't need to think of health care as a special case; it is just as apparent if the government were to proclaim a universal right to food, or to a vacation, or to a haircut. I mean: a right in the new sense: not that you are free to earn these things by your own effort and trade, but that you have a moral claim to be given these things free of charge, with no action on your part, simply as handouts from a benevolent government.

How would these alleged new rights be fulfilled? Take the simplest case: you are born with a moral right to hair care, let us say, provided by a loving government free of charge to all who want or need it. What would happen under such a moral theory?

Haircuts are free, like the air we breathe, so some people show up every day for an expensive new styling, the government pays out more and more, barbers revel in their huge new incomes, and the profession starts to grow ravenously, bald men start to come in droves for free hair implantations, a school of fancy, specialized eyebrow pluckers develops—it's all free, the government pays. The dishonest barbers are having a field day, of course—but so are the honest ones; they are working and spending like mad, trying to give every customer his heart's desire, which is a millionaire's worth of special hair care and services—the government starts to scream, the budget is out of control. Suddenly directives erupt: we must limit the number of barbers, we must limit the time spent on haircuts, we must limit the permissible type of hair styles; bureaucrats begin to split hairs about how many hairs a barber should be allowed to split. A new computerized office of records filled with inspectors and red tape shoots up; some barbers, it seems, are still getting too rich, they must be getting more than their fair share of the national hair, so barbers have to start applying for Certificates of Need in order to buy razors, while peer review boards are established to assess every stylist's work, both the dishonest and the overly honest alike, to make sure that no one is too bad or too good or too busy or too unbusy. Etc. In the end, there are lines of wretched customers waiting for their chance to be routinely scalped by bored, hog-tied haircutters some of whom remember dreamily the old days when somehow everything was so much better.

Do you think the situation would be improved by having hair-care cooperatives organized by the government?—having them engage in managed competition, managed by the government, in order to buy haircut insurance from companies controlled by the government?

If this is what would happen under government-managed hair care, what else can possibly happen—it is already starting to happen—under the idea of health care as a right? Health care in the modern world is a complex, scientific, technological service. How can anybody be born with a right to such a thing?

Under the American system you have a right to health care if you can pay for it, i.e., if you can earn it by your own action and effort. But nobody has the right to the services of any professional individual or group simply because he wants them and desperately needs them. The very fact that he needs these services so desperately is the proof that he had better respect the freedom, the integrity, and the rights of the people who provide them.

You have a right to work, not to rob others of the fruits of their work, not to turn others into sacrificial, rightless animals laboring to fulfill your needs.

Some of you may ask here: But can people afford health care on their own? Even leaving aside the present government-inflated medical prices, the answer is: Certainly people can afford it. Where do you think the money is coming from right now to pay for it all—where does the government get its fabled unlimited money? Government is not a productive organization; it has no source of wealth other than confiscation of the citizens' wealth, through taxation, deficit financing or the like.

Health Care Is Not a Right

By Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D.

[Continued from Page 1]

[AFCM also offers video of this lecture, or download a PDF suitable for printing (requires Adobe® Reader).]

But, you may say, isn't it the "rich" who are really paying the costs of medical care now—the rich, not the broad bulk of the people? As has been proved time and again, there are not enough rich anywhere to make a dent in the government's costs; it is the vast middle class in the U.S. that is the only source of the kind of money that national programs like government health care require. A simple example of this is the fact that the Clinton Administration's new program rests squarely on the backs not of Big Business, but of small businessmen who are struggling in today's economy merely to stay alive and in existence. Under any socialized program, it is the "little people" who do most of the paying for it—under the senseless pretext that "the people" can't afford such and such, so the government must take over. If the people of a country truly couldn't afford a certain service—as e.g. in Somalia—neither, for that very reason, could any government in that country afford it, either.

Some people can't afford medical care in the U.S. But they are necessarily a small minority in a free or even semi-free country. If they were the majority, the country would be an utter bankrupt and could not even think of a national medical program. As to this small minority, in a free country they have to rely solely on private, voluntary charity. Yes, charity, the kindness of the doctors or of the better off—charity, not right, i.e. not their right to the lives or work of others. And such charity, I may say, was always forthcoming in the past in America. The advocates of Medicaid and Medicare under LBJ did not claim that the poor or old in the '60's got bad care; they claimed that it was an affront for anyone to have to depend on charity.

But the fact is: You don't abolish charity by calling it something else. If a person is getting health care for nothing, simply because he is breathing, he is still getting charity, whether or not President Clinton calls it a "right." To call it a Right when the recipient did not earn it is merely to compound the evil. It is charity still—though now extorted by criminal tactics of force, while hiding under a dishonest name.

As with any good or service that is provided by some specific group of men, if you try to make its possession by all a right, you thereby enslave the providers of the service, wreck the service, and end up depriving the very consumers you are supposed to be helping. To call "medical care" a right will merely enslave the doctors and thus destroy the quality of medical care in this country, as socialized medicine has done around the world, wherever it has been tried, including Canada (I was born in Canada and I know a bit about that system first hand).

I would like to clarify the point about socialized medicine enslaving the doctors. Let me quote here from an article I wrote a few years ago: "Medicine: The Death of a Profession." [The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought, NAL Books, © 1988 by the Estate of Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff.]

"In medicine, above all, the mind must be left free. Medical treatment involves countless variables and options that must be taken into account, weighed, and summed up by the doctor's mind and subconscious. Your life depends on the private, inner essence of the doctor's function: it depends on the input that enters his brain, and on the processing such input receives from him. What is being thrust now into the equation? It is not only objective medical facts any longer. Today, in one form or another, the following also has to enter that brain: 'The DRG administrator [in effect, the hospital or HMO man trying to control costs] will raise hell if I operate, but the malpractice attorney will have a field day if I don't—and my rival down the street, who heads the local PRO [Peer Review Organization], favors a CAT scan in these cases, I can't afford to antagonize him, but the CON boys disagree and they won't authorize a CAT scanner for our hospital—and besides the FDA prohibits the drug I should be prescribing, even though it is widely used in Europe, and the IRS might not allow the patient a tax deduction for it, anyhow, and I can't get a specialist's advice because the latest Medicare rules prohibit a consultation with this diagnosis, and maybe I shouldn't even take this patient, he's so sick—after all, some doctors are manipulating their slate of patients, they accept only the healthiest ones, so their average costs are coming in lower than mine, and it looks bad for my staff privileges.' Would you like your case to be treated this way—by a doctor who takes into account your objective medical needs and the contradictory, unintelligible demands of some ninety different state and Federal government agencies? If you were a doctor could you comply with all of it? Could you plan or work around or deal with the unknowable? But how could you not? Those agencies are real and they are rapidly gaining total power over you and your mind and your patients. In this kind of nightmare world, if and when it takes hold fully, thought is helpless; no one can decide by rational means what to do. A doctor either obeys the loudest authority—or he tries to sneak by unnoticed, bootlegging some good health care occasionally or, as so many are doing now, he simply gives up and quits the field."

The Clinton plan will finish off quality medicine in this country—because it will finish off the medical profession. It will deliver doctors bound hands and feet to the mercies of the bureaucracy.

The only hope—for the doctors, for their patients, for all of us—is for the doctors to assert a moral principle. I mean: to assert their own personal individual rights—their real rights in this issue—their right to their lives, their liberty, their property, their pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence applies to the medical profession too. We must reject the idea that doctors are slaves destined to serve others at the behest of the state.

I'd like to conclude with a sentence from Ayn Rand. Doctors, she wrote, are not servants of their patients. They are "traders, like everyone else in a free society, and they should bear that title proudly, considering the crucial importance of the services they offer."

The battle against the Clinton plan, in my opinion, depends on the doctors speaking out against the plan—but not only on practical grounds—rather, first of all, on moral grounds. The doctors must defend themselves and their own interests as a matter of solemn justice, upholding a moral principle, the first moral principle: self-preservation. If they can do it, all of us will still have a chance. I hope it is not already too late. Thank you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

php nginx example


uriel: gavino: ok, then go read k&R, the unix programming environment, sicp, and the practice of programming, and *then* come back and tell us all your wonderful ideas about programming

if you want to know how operating systems work reading the Lions book is also recommended ann on health care

March 17, 2010

Liberals keep complaining that Republicans don't have a plan for reforming health care in America. I have a plan!

It's a one-page bill creating a free market in health insurance. Let's all pause here for a moment so liberals can Google the term "free market."

Nearly every problem with health care in this country -- apart from trial lawyers and out-of-date magazines in doctors' waiting rooms -- would be solved by my plan.

In the first sentence, Congress will amend the McCarran-Ferguson Act to allow interstate competition in health insurance.

We can't have a free market in health insurance until Congress eliminates the antitrust exemption protecting health insurance companies from competition. If Democrats really wanted to punish insurance companies, which they manifestly do not, they'd make insurers compete.

The very next sentence of my bill provides that the exclusive regulator of insurance companies will be the state where the company's home office is. Every insurance company in the country would incorporate in the state with the fewest government mandates, just as most corporations are based in Delaware today.

That's the only way to bypass idiotic state mandates, requiring all insurance plans offered in the state to cover, for example, the Zone Diet, sex-change operations, and whatever it is that poor Heidi Montag has done to herself this week.

President Obama says we need national health care because Natoma Canfield of Ohio had to drop her insurance when she couldn't afford the $6,700 premiums, and now she's got cancer.

Much as I admire Obama's use of terminally ill human beings as political props, let me point out here that perhaps Natoma could have afforded insurance had she not been required by Ohio's state insurance mandates to purchase a plan that covers infertility treatments and unlimited ob/gyn visits, among other things.

It sounds like Natoma could have used a plan that covered only the basics -- you know, things like cancer.

The third sentence of my bill would prohibit the federal government from regulating insurance companies, except for normal laws and regulations that apply to all companies.

Freed from onerous state and federal mandates turning insurance companies into public utilities, insurers would be allowed to offer a whole smorgasbord of insurance plans, finally giving consumers a choice.

Instead of Harry Reid deciding whether your insurance plan covers Viagra, this decision would be made by you, the consumer. (I apologize for using the terms "Harry Reid" and "Viagra" in the same sentence. I promise that won't happen again.)

Instead of insurance companies jumping to the tune of politicians bought by health-care lobbyists, they would jump to the tune of hundreds of millions of Americans buying health insurance on the free market.

Hypochondriac liberals could still buy the aromatherapy plan and normal people would be able to buy plans that only cover things like major illness, accidents and disease. (Again -- things like Natoma Canfield's cancer.)

This would, in effect, transform medical insurance into ... a form of insurance!

My bill will solve nearly every problem allegedly addressed by ObamaCare -- and mine entails zero cost to the taxpayer. Indeed, a free market in health insurance would produce major tax savings as layers of government bureaucrats, unnecessary to medical service in America, get fired.

For example, in a free market, the government wouldn't need to prohibit insurance companies from excluding "pre-existing conditions."

Of course, an insurance company has to be able to refuse new customers with "pre-existing conditions." Otherwise, everyone would just wait to get sick to buy insurance. It's the same reason you can't buy fire insurance on a house that's already on fire.

That isn't an "insurance company"; it's what's known as a "Christian charity."

What Democrats are insinuating when they denounce exclusions of "pre-existing conditions" is an insurance company using the "pre-existing condition" ruse to deny coverage to a current policy holder -- someone who's been paying into the plan, year after year.

Any insurance company operating in the free market that pulled that trick wouldn't stay in business long.

If hotels were as heavily regulated as health insurance is, right now I'd be explaining to you why the government doesn't need to mandate that hotels offer rooms with beds. If they didn't, they'd go out of business.

I'm sure people who lived in the old Soviet Union thought it was crazy to leave groceries to the free market. ("But what if they don't stock the food we want?")

The market is a more powerful enforcement mechanism than indolent government bureaucrats. If you don't believe me, ask Toyota about six months from now.

Right now, insurance companies are protected by government regulations from having to honor their contracts. Violating contracts isn't so easy when competitors are lurking, ready to steal your customers.

In addition to saving taxpayer money and providing better health insurance, my plan also saves trees by being 2,199 pages shorter than the Democrats' plan.

Feel free to steal it, Republicans!

1130 Walnut, Kansas City, MO 64106

Friday, March 19, 2010

forth guide etc. blog funny

paul krugman should give back his nobel prise

10 things I wish I knew when younger

literate programming lguest

tax reform

welfare state

think about it

I think that paying people to not produce anything is dumb. There is limitless work to be done since there are unlimited wants. the problem is people getting paid to do jack shit or shuffle paper. Government specializes in this as do non competitive industries, the legal profession, and insurance and banking. Milton friedman videos on youtube or are fun to check out. If more freedom is allowed then people are not forced to buy bulshit. The bad 'businesses' fade, and only those who are chosen by people really voting democratically: with thier hard earned cash, prosper. Let the wana be self proclaimed intellectuals scream all they want that the masses have no taste. We don't want thier taste forced on us. Medicine you say? Get rid of the AMA and train 20,000,000 new doctors. If docs are needed pay them more and you will see people flooding to become one. Don't require 10 years of education before medical school. Start kids at 14. This whole useless high school and BA is waste of time. video tape lectures and have labs. Put info online. The obsession with grading and gpa is lame. Either you get 100% right or you retake the class until you do. That is how classes should be. You can't be in 3rd year math if you got D in first 2... crazy. Let education get cheaper and let market in. Unemplyed? construction jobs. No welfare. Welfare is paying people to not work. No. Everyone gets a construction job making more clean low cost housing.

working nginx 0.8.34 config

# egrep -v '#|^$' conf/nginx.conf
user g;
worker_processes 1;
error_log logs/error.log;
pid logs/;
events {
worker_connections 1024;
http {
include mime.types;
default_type application/octet-stream;
log_format main '$remote_addr - $remote_user [$time_local] "$request" '
'$status $body_bytes_sent "$http_referer" '
'"$http_user_agent" "$http_x_forwarded_for"';
sendfile on;
keepalive_timeout 65;
server {
listen default_server;
server_name _;
return 444;
server {
access_log logs/ main;
location / {
root html/gavrig;
index index.html index.htm;
error_page 404 /404.html;
error_page 500 502 503 504 /50x.html;
location = /50x.html {
root html;
server {
access_log logs/ main;
location / {
root html/thoughts;
index index.html index.htm;
error_page 404 /404.html;
error_page 500 502 503 504 /50x.html;
location = /50x.html {
root html;

Thursday, March 18, 2010

file operations in io

obama loses cool

free everything

if health care should be free

why not free everything?

free house
free food

compiling nginx

comile zlib
unpack openssl and pcre but don't compile
point nginx configure to openssl and pcre dirs without compiling them yourself
then run make
make install

its want the folder of the openssl and pcre with the make files
for zlib nginx configure simply finds it after you do compile it with the configure -s make make install listed in the zlib FAQ

russ cox turtles all the way down


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fatloss stuff

ripped dude to emulate

health care bill doesn't have enough votes

democrats are evil and stupid should change its name to

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

shemale_hj: I think ending welfare and making anyone outa work do 1$ handjobs or construction would fix the economy

shemale_hj: I think ending welfare and making anyone outa work do 1$ handjobs or construction would fix the economy

no fre money, if outa work do 1$ handjobs OR construction

(16:29:18) acrilicsonmynads: mawwige
(16:29:36) dirty snachezz: what? ..
(16:29:52) acrilicsonmynads: is an institution
(16:29:56) acrilicsonmynads: maaaawige
(16:30:42) dirty snachezz: depend on the benifits package
(16:30:49) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:31:04) dirty snachezz: mine comes with a retirement plan
(16:31:31) dirty snachezz: and.. hookers are legal in auastria
(16:31:46) dirty snachezz: but illegal to have a pimp
(16:31:56) acrilicsonmynads: nice
(16:32:01) dirty snachezz: hookers rights
(16:32:11) acrilicsonmynads: thats a cause I can get behind
(16:32:38) dirty snachezz: i think that extra
(16:32:47) dirty snachezz: might needa credit card for that
(16:33:49) acrilicsonmynads: I think they could keeep penetration illegal but allow handjobs
(16:34:35) dirty snachezz: stimulus plan
(16:34:49) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:34:57) acrilicsonmynads: keynesian foolishness
(16:35:09) acrilicsonmynads: you can't stimulate an economy by paying people to do the wrong things
(16:41:10) acrilicsonmynads: obama is fukin up
(16:41:16) acrilicsonmynads: I can't wait for this falls elections
(16:41:18) acrilicsonmynads: :)
(16:41:25) dirty snachezz: wow imagein thaty
(16:41:34) acrilicsonmynads: I need to make sure I ama registered
(16:41:36) acrilicsonmynads: :)
(16:41:56) dirty snachezz: see the same people wo complained about bush are now complaining about obama
(16:42:15) dirty snachezz: If you really wana fight back pay cash
(16:42:48) dirty snachezz: I got compleatly out of debt in december .. No more fuckn credit cards
(16:43:06) acrilicsonmynads: i havent been in debt in 14 years
(16:43:21) acrilicsonmynads: outlaw creditcards
(16:43:27) dirty snachezz: You also didnt have a gold digger x wife
(16:43:30) acrilicsonmynads: let people spend what they have
(16:43:36) acrilicsonmynads: let the pressure from society change things
(16:43:39) dirty snachezz: yup
(16:43:39) acrilicsonmynads: LOL
(16:43:41) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:43:42) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:43:48) dirty snachezz: lol
(16:43:59) acrilicsonmynads: welfare is paying people to not work
(16:44:04) acrilicsonmynads: crazy shit
(16:44:13) acrilicsonmynads: at least make em work for it
(16:44:14) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:44:48) dirty snachezz: handjobs
(16:45:00) acrilicsonmynads: yeah
(16:45:09) acrilicsonmynads: hire women at massive wal mart liek handjob parlors
(16:45:13) acrilicsonmynads: charge $5
(16:45:15) acrilicsonmynads: or 1$
(16:45:22) acrilicsonmynads: and make them earn thier 40$ a day
(16:45:27) acrilicsonmynads: or pick apples
(16:45:28) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:45:38) acrilicsonmynads: fuckers learn to read a book quickly if alternative is shit work
(16:45:48) acrilicsonmynads: anyone unemplyed is so due to choice
(16:45:50) acrilicsonmynads: bigtime
(16:45:57) acrilicsonmynads: I am really sick of communism
(16:46:05) acrilicsonmynads: liberals like me need to make out voice heard
(16:46:09) acrilicsonmynads: down with communism
(16:47:07) dirty snachezz: X-P
(16:47:24) dirty snachezz: more pot houses
(16:47:38) acrilicsonmynads: what do men really want at the end of the day?
(16:47:53) acrilicsonmynads: what do men want when they get off work and its miller time
(16:47:54) dirty snachezz: beer and tities
(16:47:57) acrilicsonmynads: beer
(16:47:58) acrilicsonmynads: handjobs
(16:48:08) acrilicsonmynads: women make huge conspiracy to keep men hungery
(16:48:13) acrilicsonmynads: all over the work
(16:48:15) acrilicsonmynads: world
(16:48:26) acrilicsonmynads: what the hell I need 200,000 mercedes for
(16:48:34) acrilicsonmynads: I just want some ass
(16:48:37) acrilicsonmynads: and a cold beer
(16:48:42) acrilicsonmynads: and time to brag about how nice ti was
(16:48:50) acrilicsonmynads: maybe some vid games
(16:49:12) acrilicsonmynads: all those unemplyeed women can do handjobs
(16:49:17) dirty snachezz: live the dream.. live the dream
(16:49:19) acrilicsonmynads: all the men can do car wash
(16:49:22) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:49:32) acrilicsonmynads: I dunno what the hell you do with men
(16:49:34) acrilicsonmynads: oh I got it
(16:49:37) acrilicsonmynads: construction
(16:49:43) acrilicsonmynads: make the fucker swork building shit
(16:50:00) acrilicsonmynads: my pal richard made me laugh
(16:50:04) acrilicsonmynads: I said 1 dolar handjobs
(16:50:07) acrilicsonmynads: he said 1 cent
(16:50:08) acrilicsonmynads: lol

no unemployment or welfare -- handjobs for 1$ instead

(16:29:18) acrilicsonmynads: mawwige
(16:29:36) dirty snachezz: what? ..
(16:29:52) acrilicsonmynads: is an institution
(16:29:56) acrilicsonmynads: maaaawige
(16:30:42) dirty snachezz: depend on the benifits package
(16:30:49) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:31:04) dirty snachezz: mine comes with a retirement plan
(16:31:31) dirty snachezz: and.. hookers are legal in auastria
(16:31:46) dirty snachezz: but illegal to have a pimp
(16:31:56) acrilicsonmynads: nice
(16:32:01) dirty snachezz: hookers rights
(16:32:11) acrilicsonmynads: thats a cause I can get behind
(16:32:38) dirty snachezz: i think that extra
(16:32:47) dirty snachezz: might needa credit card for that
(16:33:49) acrilicsonmynads: I think they could keeep penetration illegal but allow handjobs
(16:34:35) dirty snachezz: stimulus plan
(16:34:49) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:34:57) acrilicsonmynads: keynesian foolishness
(16:35:09) acrilicsonmynads: you can't stimulate an economy by paying people to do the wrong things
(16:34:49) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:34:57) acrilicsonmynads: keynesian foolishness
(16:35:09) acrilicsonmynads: you can't stimulate an economy by paying people to do the wrong things
(16:41:10) acrilicsonmynads: obama is fukin up
(16:41:16) acrilicsonmynads: I can't wait for this falls elections
(16:41:18) acrilicsonmynads: :)
(16:41:25) dirty snachezz: wow imagein thaty
(16:41:34) acrilicsonmynads: I need to make sure I ama registered
(16:41:36) acrilicsonmynads: :)
(16:41:56) dirty snachezz: see the same people wo complained about bush are now complaining about obama
(16:42:15) dirty snachezz: If you really wana fight back pay cash

(16:41:10) acrilicsonmynads: obama
(16:43:48) dirty snachezz: lol
(16:43:59) acrilicsonmynads: welfare is paying people to not work
(16:44:04) acrilicsonmynads: crazy shit
(16:44:13) acrilicsonmynads: at least make em work for it
(16:44:14) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:44:48) dirty snachezz: handjobs
(16:45:00) acrilicsonmynads: yeah
(16:45:09) acrilicsonmynads: hire women at massive wal mart liek handjob parlors
(16:45:13) acrilicsonmynads: charge $5
(16:45:15) acrilicsonmynads: or 1$
(16:45:22) acrilicsonmynads: and make them earn thier 40$ a day
(16:45:27) acrilicsonmynads: or pick apples
(16:45:28) acrilicsonmynads: lol
(16:45:38) acrilicsonmynads: fuckers learn to read a book quickly if alternative is shit work
(16:45:48) acrilicsonmynads: anyone unemplyed is so due to choice
(16:45:50) acrilicsonmynads: bigtime
(16:45:57) acrilicsonmynads: I am really sick of communism
(16:46:05) acrilicsonmynads: liberals like me need to make out voice heard
(16:46:09) acrilicsonmynads: down with communism
(16:47:07) dirty snachezz: X-P
(16:47:24) dirty sn
(16:46:09) acrilicsonmynads: down with communism
(16:47:07) dirty snachezz: X-P
(16:47:24) dirty snachezz: more pot houses
(16:47:38) acrilicsonmynads: what do men really want at the end of the day?
(16:47:53) acrilicsonmynads: what do men want when they get off work and its miller time
(16:47:54) dirty snachezz: beer and tities
(16:47:57) acrilicsonmynads: beer
(16:47:58) acrilicsonmynads: handjobs
(16:48:08) acrilicsonmynads: women make huge conspiracy to keep men hungery
(16:48:13) acrilicsonmynads: all over the work
(16:48:15) acrilicsonmynads: world
(16:48:26) acrilicsonmynads: what the hell I need 200,000 mercedes for
(16:48:34) acrilicsonmynads: I just want some ass
(16:48:37) acrilicsonmynads: and a cold beer
(16:48:42) acrilicsonmynads: and time to brag about how nice ti was
(16:48:50) acrilicsonmynads: maybe some vid games
(16:49:12) acrilicsonmynads: all those unemplyeed women can do handjobs
(16:49:17) dirty snachezz: live the dream.. live the dream
(16:49:19) acrilicsonmynads: all the men can do




pidgin font gtk

$ cat .gtkrc-2.0
gtk-font-name = "Verdana 16"

Monday, March 15, 2010

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Try to determine how much RAM is currently being used per program.
# Note per _program_, not per process. So for example this script
# will report RAM used by all httpd process together. In detail it reports:
# sum(private RAM for program processes) + sum(Shared RAM for program processes)
# The shared RAM is problematic to calculate, and this script automatically
# selects the most accurate method available for your kernel.

# Author:
# Source:

# V1.0 06 Jul 2005 Initial release
# V1.1 11 Aug 2006 root permission required for accuracy
# V1.2 08 Nov 2006 Add total to output
# Use KiB,MiB,... for units rather than K,M,...
# V1.3 22 Nov 2006 Ignore shared col from /proc/$pid/statm for
# 2.6 kernels up to and including 2.6.9.
# There it represented the total file backed extent
# V1.4 23 Nov 2006 Remove total from output as it's meaningless
# (the shared values overlap with other programs).
# Display the shared column. This extra info is
# useful, especially as it overlaps between programs.
# V1.5 26 Mar 2007 Remove redundant recursion from human()
# V1.6 05 Jun 2007 Also report number of processes with a given name.
# Patch from
# V1.7 20 Sep 2007 Use PSS from /proc/$pid/smaps if available, which
# fixes some over-estimation and allows totalling.
# Enumerate the PIDs directly rather than using ps,
# which fixes the possible race between reading
# RSS with ps, and shared memory with this program.
# Also we can show non truncated command names.
# V1.8 28 Sep 2007 More accurate matching for stats in /proc/$pid/smaps
# as otherwise could match libraries causing a crash.
# Patch from
# V1.9 20 Feb 2008 Fix invalid values reported when PSS is available.
# Reported by Andrey Borzenkov
# V2.0 15 Jan 2010 From a report by Brock Noland
# about overreporting of RAM usage of his java progs,
# handle linux clones that have pids. I.E. that have
# CLONE_VM specified without CLONE_THREAD.
# V2.1 20 Jan 2010 Append [deleted] or [updated] to programs which are
# no longer on disk or have a new version available.
# Add a --split-args option to group programs based
# on the full command line, which could be used
# to monitor separate "pmon" processes for example:
# | grep [p]mon
# V2.2 16 Feb 2010 Support python 3.
# Patch from Brian Harring

# Notes:
# All interpreted programs where the interpreter is started
# by the shell or with env, will be merged to the interpreter
# (as that's what's given to exec). For e.g. all python programs
# starting with "#!/usr/bin/env python" will be grouped under python.
# You can change this by using the full command line but that will
# have the undesirable affect of splitting up programs started with
# differing parameters (for e.g. mingetty tty[1-6]).
# For 2.6 kernels up to and including 2.6.13 and later 2.4 redhat kernels
# (rmap vm without smaps) it can not be accurately determined how many pages
# are shared between processes in general or within a program in our case:
# A warning is printed if overestimation is possible.
# In addition for 2.6 kernels up to 2.6.9 inclusive, the shared
# value in /proc/$pid/statm is the total file-backed extent of a process.
# We ignore that, introducing more overestimation, again printing a warning.
# Since kernel 2.6.23-rc8-mm1 PSS is available in smaps, which allows
# us to calculate a more accurate value for the total RAM used by programs.
# Programs that use CLONE_VM without CLONE_THREAD are discounted by assuming
# they're the only programs that have the same /proc/$PID/smaps file for
# each instance. This will fail if there are multiple real instances of a
# program that then use CLONE_VM without CLONE_THREAD, or if a clone changes
# its memory map while we're checksumming each /proc/$PID/smaps.
# I don't take account of memory allocated for a program
# by other programs. For e.g. memory used in the X server for
# a program could be determined, but is not.

import sys, os, string
# md5 module is deprecated on python 2.6
# so try the newer hashlib first
import hashlib
md5_new = hashlib.md5
except ImportError:
import md5
md5_new =

if os.geteuid() != 0:
sys.stderr.write("Sorry, root permission required.\n");

if len(sys.argv)==2 and sys.argv[1] == "--split-args":
split_args = True

PAGESIZE=os.sysconf("SC_PAGE_SIZE")/1024 #KiB

def kernel_ver():
kv=open("/proc/sys/kernel/osrelease", "rt").readline().split(".")[:3]
for char in "-_":
return (int(kv[0]), int(kv[1]), int(kv[2]))



#return Private,Shared
#Note shared is always a subset of rss (trs is not always)
def getMemStats(pid):
global have_pss
mem_id = pid #unique
Rss=int(open("/proc/"+str(pid)+"/statm", "rt").readline().split()[1])*PAGESIZE
if os.path.exists("/proc/"+str(pid)+"/smaps"): #stat
digester = md5_new()
for line in open("/proc/"+str(pid)+"/smaps", "rb").readlines(): #open
# Note we checksum smaps as maps is usually but
# not always different for separate processes.
line = line.decode("ascii")
if line.startswith("Shared"):
elif line.startswith("Private"):
elif line.startswith("Pss"):
mem_id = digester.hexdigest()
Shared=sum([int(line.split()[1]) for line in Shared_lines])
Private=sum([int(line.split()[1]) for line in Private_lines])
#Note Shared + Private = Rss above
#The Rss in smaps includes video card mem etc.
if have_pss:
pss_adjust=0.5 #add 0.5KiB as this average error due to trunctation
Pss=sum([float(line.split()[1])+pss_adjust for line in Pss_lines])
Shared = Pss - Private
elif (2,6,1) <= kv <= (2,6,9):
Shared=0 #lots of overestimation, but what can we do?
Private = Rss
Shared=int(open("/proc/"+str(pid)+"/statm", "rt").readline().split()[2])
Private = Rss - Shared
return (Private, Shared, mem_id)

def getCmdName(pid):
cmdline = open("/proc/%d/cmdline" % pid, "rt").read().split("\0")
if cmdline[-1] == '' and len(cmdline) > 1:
cmdline = cmdline[:-1]
path = os.path.realpath("/proc/%d/exe" % pid) #exception for kernel threads
if split_args:
return " ".join(cmdline)
if path.endswith(" (deleted)"):
path = path[:-10]
if os.path.exists(path):
path += " [updated]"
#The path could be have prelink stuff so try cmdline
#which might have the full path present. This helped for:
#/usr/libexec/notification-area-applet.#prelink#.fX7LCT (deleted)
if os.path.exists(cmdline[0]):
path = cmdline[0] + " [updated]"
path += " [deleted]"
exe = os.path.basename(path)
cmd = open("/proc/%d/status" % pid, "rt").readline()[6:-1]
if exe.startswith(cmd):
cmd=exe #show non truncated version
#Note because we show the non truncated name
#one can have separated programs as follows:
#584.0 KiB + 1.0 MiB = 1.6 MiB mozilla-thunder (exe -> bash)
# 56.0 MiB + 22.2 MiB = 78.2 MiB mozilla-thunderbird-bin
return cmd

for pid in os.listdir("/proc/"):
if not pid.isdigit():
pid = int(pid)
if pid == our_pid:
cmd = getCmdName(pid)
#permission denied or
#kernel threads don't have exe links or
#process gone
private, shared, mem_id = getMemStats(pid)
continue #process gone
if shareds.get(cmd):
if have_pss: #add shared portion of PSS together
elif shareds[cmd] < shared: #just take largest shared val
if cmd in count:
count[cmd] += 1
count[cmd] = 1

#Add shared mem for each program
for cmd in cmds:
cmd_count = count[cmd]
if len(mem_ids[cmd]) == 1 and cmd_count > 1:
# Assume this program is using CLONE_CM without CLONE_THREAD
# so only account for one of the processes
cmds[cmd] /= cmd_count
if have_pss:
shareds[cmd] /= cmd_count
total+=cmds[cmd] #valid if PSS available

if sys.version_info >= (2, 6):
sort_list = sorted(cmds.items(), key=lambda x:x[1])
sort_list = cmds.items()
sort_list.sort(lambda x,y:cmp(x[1],y[1]))
# list wrapping is redundant on =pyk3 however
sort_list=list(filter(lambda x:x[1],sort_list)) #get rid of zero sized processes

#The following matches "du -h" output
#see also
def human(num, power="Ki"):
while num >= 1000: #4 digits
num /= 1024.0
return "%.1f %s" % (num,power)

def cmd_with_count(cmd, count):
if count>1:
return "%s (%u)" % (cmd, count)
return cmd

sys.stdout.write(" Private + Shared = RAM used\tProgram \n\n")
for cmd in sort_list:
sys.stdout.write("%8sB + %8sB = %8sB\t%s\n" % (human(cmd[1]-shareds[cmd[0]]),
human(shareds[cmd[0]]), human(cmd[1]),
cmd_with_count(cmd[0], count[cmd[0]])))
if have_pss:
sys.stdout.write("%s\n%s%8sB\n%s\n" % ("-" * 33,
" " * 24, human(total), "=" * 33))
sys.stdout.write("\n Private + Shared = RAM used\tProgram \n\n")

#Warn of possible inaccuracies
#2 = accurate & can total
#1 = accurate only considering each process in isolation
#0 = some shared mem not reported
#-1= all shared mem not reported
def shared_val_accuracy():
if kv[:2] == (2,4):
if open("/proc/meminfo", "rt").read().find("Inact_") == -1:
return 1
return 0
elif kv[:2] == (2,6):
if os.path.exists("/proc/"+str(os.getpid())+"/smaps"):
if open("/proc/"+str(os.getpid())+"/smaps", "rt").read().find("Pss:")!=-1:
return 2
return 1
if (2,6,1) <= kv <= (2,6,9):
return -1
return 0
return 1

vm_accuracy = shared_val_accuracy()
if vm_accuracy == -1:
"Warning: Shared memory is not reported by this system.\n"
"Values reported will be too large, and totals are not reported\n"
elif vm_accuracy == 0:
"Warning: Shared memory is not reported accurately by this system.\n"
"Values reported could be too large, and totals are not reported\n"
elif vm_accuracy == 1:
"Warning: Shared memory is slightly over-estimated by this system\n"
"for each program, so totals are not reported.\n"