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Adding a Swap File on Solaris

Adding a Swap File on Solaris

This is straight out of the man pages, but I had a hard time finding it the first time that I needed it. If you have a Solaris system that badly needs more swap but you don't have a free swap device available, you can create a file in the file system and add it as additional swap.

  1. Use mkfile to create a file suitable for a local swap area. For example, to create a 1GB swap file:

        /usr/sbin/mkfile 1024m /swap1

    where /swap is the name of the file to be used as swap space. Units for the size can be kilobytes (k), blocks (b), or megabytes (m).

  2. Tell the system to start using the file as swap:

        /usr/sbin/swap -a /swap1

    Use swap -l to verify that the swap file has been activated.

  3. /swap1 - - swap - no - ## add into /etc/vfstab to ensure activation on boot

How do I increase the maximum number of open files under CentOS Linux

How do I increase the maximum number of open files under CentOS Linux? How do I open more file descriptors under Linux?

The ulimit command provides control over the resources available to the shell and/or to processes started by it, on systems that allow such control. The maximum number of open file descriptors displayed with following command (login as the root user).

Command To List Number Of Open File Descriptors

Use the following command command to display maximum number of open file descriptors:
cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max


75000 files normal user can have open in single login session. To see the hard and soft values, issue the command as follows:
# ulimit -Hn
# ulimit -Sn

To see the hard and soft values for httpd or oracle user, issue the command as follows:
# su - username
In this example, su to oracle user, enter:
# su - oracle
$ ulimit -Hn
$ ulimit -Sn

System-wide File Descriptors (FD) Limits

The number of concurrently open file descriptors throughout the system can be changed via /etc/sysctl.conf file under Linux operating systems.

The Number Of Maximum Files Was Reached, How Do I Fix This Problem?

Many application such as Oracle database or Apache web server needs this range quite higher. So you can increase the maximum number of open files by setting a new value in kernel variable /proc/sys/fs/file-max as follows (login as the root):
# sysctl -w fs.file-max=100000
Above command forces the limit to 100000 files. You need to edit /etc/sysctl.conf file and put following line so that after reboot the setting will remain as it is:
# vi /etc/sysctl.conf
Append a config directive as follows:
fs.file-max = 100000
Save and close the file. Users need to log out and log back in again to changes take effect or just type the following command:
# sysctl -p
Verify your settings with command:
# cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max
# sysctl fs.file-max

User Level FD Limits

The above procedure sets system-wide file descriptors (FD) limits. However, you can limit httpd (or any other users) user to specific limits by editing /etc/security/limits.conf file, enter:
# vi /etc/security/limits.conf
Set httpd user soft and hard limits as follows:
httpd soft nofile 4096
httpd hard nofile 10240

Save and close the file. To see limits, enter:
# su - httpd
$ ulimit -Hn
$ ulimit -Sn

(1:30:06 PM) The topic for #solaris is: Read the welcome message before speaking || SunSolve, MSC, Email Center dead. Long live Oracle Support! || htt

(1:30:06 PM) The topic for #solaris is: Read the welcome message before speaking || SunSolve, MSC, Email Center dead. Long live Oracle Support! || || galt: original 10 never had gnome
(1:30:23 PM) republican_devil: hey if vmstat shows 90 in W the 3rd colum yet box is not under ehavy load
(1:30:25 PM) republican_devil: what is wrong?
(1:32:25 PM) myrkraverk left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(1:32:41 PM) Stric: republican_devil: what does the man page say that the w column is?
(1:33:01 PM) republican_devil: waiting
(1:33:10 PM) republican_devil: all processes show sleep state
(1:33:20 PM) republican_devil: as they do on a healthy box
(1:33:34 PM) republican_devil: but on healthy box the vmstat is 0 0 0 in 1st 3 columns
(1:33:37 PM) republican_devil: weird
(1:33:53 PM) republican_devil: not sure howto pickout what porcess may be blocking and making rest wait??
(1:34:00 PM) Stric: and if you read the man page again, and pay attention this time?
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(1:41:38 PM) peerce: setient; i dunno what hd26 is. old school 10base** ethernet often used a DB15 that had clips rather than screw posts, this was called a AUI or MAU or something, and you needed an external transponder to turn that into 10base2, 10baseT, or thicknet (the original ethernet RG8 with vampire taps)
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(1:57:25 PM) k8ie: I love my job.
(1:57:51 PM) k8ie is now known as insomnia
(1:58:27 PM) HeatHawk[AP]: this the new job?
(1:59:11 PM) insomnia: well.
(1:59:21 PM) jzu_: Im at work, its 23.59 local time
(1:59:23 PM) insomnia: I'm waiting for a 25k to finish installing a domain
(1:59:45 PM) jzu_: replacing faulted HDD's
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(2:18:20 PM) setient: peerce: i had that db15 connector on my ipx/ipc's. i loved those machines. and it was aui :)
(2:18:29 PM) setient: and mmm thicknet
(2:18:29 PM) setient: aka bnc
(2:19:09 PM) setient:
(2:19:20 PM) setient: peerce: 14.4 fax/modem builtin (not upgradable), ISDN (needs a NT1 to work) and 10mbps ethernet (which needs a special cable to go to a AUI interface on the 3GX. The mini-26 to AUI cable is the same type that is used by Sparc5s and Sparc10s.)
(2:19:40 PM) peerce: ah. damn, I used to have some of those.
(2:19:48 PM) setient: i need one, fairly badly.
(2:19:58 PM) peerce: i tossed out all my old MAU/AUI stuff quite a long time ago
(2:20:43 PM) setient: i know
(2:20:47 PM) setient: it is just such a wierd piece of hardware
(2:20:50 PM) setient: iut makes a nice irc terminal
(2:21:00 PM) setient: and a conversation piece, considering it is a military grade laptop pretty much
(2:21:08 PM) peerce: its batteries probably turned into a brick of toxic salt ages ago :D
(2:21:52 PM) setient: it's real battery fails
(2:21:54 PM) setient: but the machine works fine
(2:21:55 PM) setient: it is neato
(2:22:09 PM) peerce: note old nicad batteries, the ooze is highly toxic
(2:22:37 PM) setient: just like i want a sun voyager
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(2:42:39 PM) jzu_: Sun Ray laptop would be neat
(2:43:00 PM) jzu_: but on the other hand.. you have Windows, Linux and Mac software clients these days :D
(2:43:07 PM) jzu_: and iPad client coming up
(2:43:24 PM) jzu_: so basicly any laptop will do :P
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(2:49:44 PM) rkeene: There's a Linux softDTU ?
(2:50:42 PM) setient: oo, they have pinouts and places to get the adapters. i might just have to pick myself up one.
(2:51:12 PM) peerce: how much ram? you might see if you can at least update it to 2.6 instead of 2.51
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(2:51:33 PM) peerce: newer than 2.6 is probably not a great idea on that ancient thing, but I know 2.6 ran fine on our SS4 pizza boxes
(2:55:24 PM) republican_devil: if linux then
(2:56:50 PM) peerce: netbsd is supposed to have a pretty good sparc port, but I've never used it
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(3:05:29 PM) needle_: hey peerce i ended up w/ 2k3 installed on that v40z although it does come w/ driver support for the card it is still dead slow, for example, maximizing a window, I have to wait and watch it redraw line at a time more or less :<
(3:05:48 PM) needle_: it's ok at least I can check my email and access irc and stuff
(3:05:56 PM) needle_: until i purchase a new laptop probably this weekend
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(3:09:28 PM) republican_devil: netbsd I find to be awesome
(3:09:35 PM) republican_devil: never saw it under hellacious load tho
(3:09:46 PM) republican_devil: but I think sicne thier scheduler is so new it should kick ass
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(3:12:33 PM) AJ_Z0: Thanks for sharing. Any other mindless banalities for us?
(3:14:11 PM) republican_devil: yo mama
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(3:14:50 PM) AJ_Z0: Great cellist
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(3:16:48 PM) republican_devil: I wonder if USA military will trying out railguns on sommali live pirate target bases
(3:18:16 PM) peerce: a couple strafing runs from A10's should do nicely. repeat until dead.
(3:18:36 PM) peerce:
(3:19:25 PM) republican_devil: I wana see a lead slug at mach 6 smak into a somali base
(3:19:41 PM) republican_devil: although they probly jsut kill some bison knowing aim being off 1 degree at taht range n stuff
(3:19:50 PM) republican_devil: take out patch of somali savvanah
(3:20:12 PM) republican_devil: youtube shows bomb like detonations from impact
(3:20:19 PM) republican_devil: from velocity
(3:20:21 PM) republican_devil: kinetics
(3:20:52 PM) peerce: the complication is, the somalis have something like 100 ships captured at present, ranging from fishing boats to big freighters and oil tankers, along with a few 100 hostages
(3:21:14 PM) peerce: any direct assault is likely to result in significant losses
(3:21:22 PM) republican_devil: 100?
(3:21:25 PM) republican_devil: wow
(3:21:35 PM) republican_devil: why don we put bunties on heads so they hunt each other
(3:21:35 PM) peerce: i saw a list of the ships the other day.
(3:21:36 PM) republican_devil: lol
(3:21:52 PM) peerce: they've been clearing like $100M/year in ransom money
(3:21:55 PM) republican_devil: are rich americans allowed to send in private armies
(3:22:00 PM) republican_devil: and collect reward from usa government
(3:22:01 PM) republican_devil: ?
(3:22:08 PM) republican_devil: 100m?
(3:22:13 PM) republican_devil: so piracy si working?
(3:22:14 PM) republican_devil: how?
(3:22:18 PM) republican_devil: whos paying that money?
(3:22:22 PM) republican_devil: obama?
(3:22:24 PM) peerce: ship owners mostly
(3:23:08 PM) peerce: k, wikipedia says... As of December 11, 2010, Somali pirates are holding at least 35 ships with more than 650 hostages.
(3:23:21 PM) peerce: i thought the paper mentioned more
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(3:26:04 PM) republican_devil: wikipedia a little left wing for me but generally ok
(3:26:10 PM) republican_devil: 650 wow
(3:26:16 PM) republican_devil: why doesnt someone fuck them up
(3:26:26 PM) peerce: with that nick, anything short of adolf hitler is probably 'a little left wing'.
(3:26:50 PM) peerce: why don't you 'fuck them up
(3:26:53 PM) peerce: ?
(3:27:54 PM) republican_devil: adolf hitler is most lef twing possible
(3:27:57 PM) republican_devil: national socialist
(3:28:17 PM) republican_devil: hitler was a democrat
(3:28:58 PM) peerce: you're kidding, right? he was a pro-corporatist totalitarian, used 'democracy' as a means to an end.
(3:30:48 PM) peerce: A unionized public employee, a member of the Tea Party and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table there is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, looks at the Tea Partier and says, "Look out for that union guy--he wants a piece of your cookie."
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(3:36:57 PM) Alasdairrr is now known as AlasAway
(3:50:49 PM) republican_devil: not true
(3:51:02 PM) republican_devil: he was big governmetn dictaror a despot who had governmetn control corporations
(3:51:11 PM) gm152 left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
(3:51:31 PM) republican_devil: tea party says hey lets abolish IRS and do fair tax
(3:51:33 PM) republican_devil: awesome!
(3:51:48 PM) republican_devil: ceo also cant take any cookie unless csutomer gets good product
(3:51:52 PM) republican_devil: unlike politician
(3:51:56 PM) republican_devil: whos just a looter
(3:52:11 PM) republican_devil: most corruption is due to government not free market
(3:52:15 PM) peerce: uh huh.
(3:52:18 PM) republican_devil: great depresion caused by fed
(3:52:22 PM) republican_devil: fed established 1913
(3:52:25 PM) republican_devil: ya
(3:52:25 PM) peerce: never mind those corporate monopolies
(3:52:28 PM) republican_devil: you get it now
(3:52:40 PM) republican_devil: only monopoly can be government granted
(3:52:50 PM) republican_devil: such as cable n tv crap
(3:53:01 PM) peerce: ooooh, any flavor I want as long as its coke, since they buy out all the shelf space formerly held by independents
(3:53:14 PM) republican_devil: mitt romney 2012!
(3:53:28 PM) peerce: oh, you're a bible thumper AND a fascist? nice.
(3:54:34 PM) republican_devil: fascism is left wing
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(3:54:36 PM) gm152 [~glen@unaffiliated/ridout] entered the room.
(3:54:38 PM) republican_devil: I am capitalist
(3:54:42 PM) republican_devil: I am also polytheistic
(3:54:43 PM) gm152 left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(3:54:55 PM) republican_devil: comonism and fascism = big governemtn on one end
(3:55:00 PM) republican_devil: other end freeodm adn capitalism
(3:55:06 PM) republican_devil: sweden is failure
(3:55:10 PM) Funhouse: Von Mises is cool.
(3:56:00 PM) republican_devil: bastiat
(3:56:07 PM) Funhouse: Keynesians are screwing us over big time.
(3:56:10 PM) republican_devil: henry geroge was interesting
(3:56:19 PM) republican_devil: amazing how little covered in comon economics classes is gerogism
(3:56:24 PM) republican_devil: he was smarter than marx by far
(3:56:32 PM) republican_devil: marx was a fool
(3:57:38 PM) republican_devil: keynes said spend more than u got, and this magically make u rich
(3:57:44 PM) republican_devil: amazing
(3:57:49 PM) republican_devil: politicians of course love it
(3:58:20 PM) republican_devil: if you are going to be a commy, at least get into mass transit and government provided medicaine amd housing
(3:58:22 PM) republican_devil: housing is basic
(3:58:28 PM) republican_devil: governemtn provided clothing n food n housing
(3:58:32 PM) republican_devil: government produced
(3:58:37 PM) republican_devil: not some incentive crap
(3:58:47 PM) republican_devil: also governmetn produce oeprating ssytem
(3:58:49 PM) republican_devil: car
(3:58:50 PM) republican_devil: etc
(3:59:03 PM) republican_devil: bring together all the top physicists and get soemthign good going
(3:59:08 PM) republican_devil: dotn do this madate bs
(3:59:11 PM) republican_devil: thats hellish
(3:59:25 PM) republican_devil: the ciorruptino comes from sneeky corps who cant compete getting governemtn cheese
(3:59:30 PM) republican_devil: corruption
(3:59:36 PM) republican_devil: thats communism at its worst

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The redhead in xfile is butt

In book I found out supposed to be hot.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

fuck unions end all pensions no pay for sit on ass

Friday, February 25, 2011

shmmax shmall oracel solaris tuning

The howto would read:

Find oracle shared memory on the box, which should be smaller than physical ram.

For example physical ram =40g, oracle shared memory = 30g.

Add three gigs to the oracle shared memory to get shmmax.

1024 to the third power[cubed] x 33 = shmmax=35433480192

Find page size on the box.

[root@lalvsdsidbla01 ~]# getconf PAGE_SIZE


Divide shmmax by page size to get shmall. shmall=8650752 [ shmmax / 4096]

Record the values in /etc/sysctl.conf.

Afterchecklign with everyone, and dba shut down oracle, run sysctl –p to change load the setting into the running linux kernel.

Have DBA Start oracle which should now be happy.


easy mod rewrite

ssh expect example

Simple expect ssh example

This expect script would be called from a shell script, and would ssh to the host passed as an argument (argv), perform the command specified, and disconnect. (Thanks, Tiger O.)


set timeout 1
set cmd {uname -a}

spawn ssh root@$argv
expect_after eof { exit 0 }

## interact with SSH
expect "yes/no" { send "yes\r" }
expect "password:" { send "rootpasswd\r" }

expect "# "
send "$cmd\r"
expect "$cmd\r"
expect "(.*)\r"
send "exit\r

Thursday, February 24, 2011

at first I was like...but then I was like..

at first I was like

but then I was like:

oil prices soar under obama who quietly ignores as election looms

government fuckheads at FCC

more stupid lawyer shit

Finger Trees: A Simple General-purpose Data Structure Ralf Hinze and Ross Paterson. in Journal of Functional Programming16:2 (2006), pages 197-217

one of many examples showing how uneducated kfx is on #cat-v

(12:23:20 PM) rhialt0: its engrained from teachers who are losers of society mostly, and many times wana be actors
(12:23:26 PM) kfx: engrained

engrainedpast participle, past tense of in·grain
Verb: Firmly fix or establish (a habit, belief, or attitude) in a person. More » - Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary

yes engrained, fucktard

nothing is worse than a pseudo intellect who thinks eveyone is making mistakes when he himself is ignorant, what a maroon


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

home schoolers beat public schoolers every time

(10:44:57 AM) The topic for #cat-v is: - Timeo Drepper et dona ferentem.
Unknown command.
(10:45:19 AM) You are now known as rhialt0
(10:45:56 AM) KBme: sl: u ues lunix?!
(10:46:59 AM) sl: ¬.
(10:47:02 AM) sl: no.
(10:49:45 AM) bjorkintosh: KBme, winblow$.
(10:52:05 AM) Fish- [] entered the room.
(11:09:01 AM) sl: geos
(11:19:04 AM) nickaugust: sl: [9736:-2109334072:1455854243:ERROR:base/] This is frequently caused by incorrect permissions on /dev/shm. Try 'sudo chmod 777 /dev/shm' to fix.
(11:19:40 AM) nickaugust: still runs like shit and outputs this ---^
(11:19:49 AM) nickaugust: no /dev/shm here though..
(11:20:06 AM) nickaugust: im thinking the bsds dont do that
(11:20:43 AM) EthanG: /dev/shm is an ancient linux hack
(11:21:02 AM) EthanG: almost nothing has used it for years
(11:21:09 AM) nickaugust: a shared memory implementation it seems
(11:21:20 AM) nickaugust: wtf is chromium doing using it then
(11:21:26 AM) EthanG: hahaha
(11:21:53 AM) EthanG: it does sound a bit saner to me than other shm but I don't really know
(11:22:35 AM) kfx: /dev/shm is how you do IPC if you're a complete twat
(11:22:39 AM) EthanG: I don't think anything uses it, but it's still in the libraries because posix
(11:22:40 AM) qi [] entered the room.
(11:22:55 AM) aiju: "because posix"
(11:23:09 AM) kfx: hurr durr ulrich
(11:23:13 AM) aiju: haha
(11:24:14 AM) goblin_ [] entered the room.
(11:24:29 AM) EthanG: hehe
(11:24:30 AM) nickaugust: ok goodbye chrome. ive had enough of this.
(11:24:35 AM) chi left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
(11:24:50 AM) qi is now known as chi
(11:25:13 AM) rhialt0: lol
(11:25:31 AM) goblin left the room (quit: Read error: Operation timed out).
(11:25:44 AM) nickaugust: operas got a javascript console right? lets see how this goes..
(11:26:01 AM) bjorkintosh: opera's a very powerful instrument.
(11:26:09 AM) bjorkintosh: are you sure you're qualified to download it?
(11:26:14 AM) kfx: I've got a powerful instrument for you
(11:26:15 AM) EthanG: heheh
(11:26:39 AM) nickaugust: heh
(11:30:12 AM) Fish-: /dev/shm is used everywhere in linux
(11:44:57 AM) Capso [none@about/networking/] entered the room.
(11:47:55 AM) nickaugust: sl: actually it is runny a lot better now. thanks :)
(11:48:05 AM) nickaugust: s/runny/running
(11:48:20 AM) KBme: hhahaah runny shm
(11:48:25 AM) KBme: it's called a memory leak
(11:49:06 AM) nickaugust: i think it falls back on another method if it doesnt find /dev/shm
(11:51:02 AM) aiju: it's not leaking memory, it's being generous about ressource usage
(11:51:15 AM) kfx: lhahaha
(11:52:17 AM) aiju: they don't like being called "memleaks", they prefer "underreferenced memory locations"
(11:52:30 AM) KBme: lol
(11:54:35 AM) nickaugust: so am I correct in assuming that i wouldnt get electrocuted if my laptop falls in the bathtub with me when its plugged in as long as the converter part doenst fall in?
(11:54:36 AM) KBme: that's a quote right there
(11:54:53 AM) KBme: try it
(11:55:26 AM) aiju: nickaugust: whom are you plotting to kill?
(11:55:47 AM) nickaugust: heheh i just always use my laptop in the bath tub and ive read it would be ok but ive always wondered
(11:55:55 AM) aiju: what the fuck
(11:56:20 AM) KBme: srsly
(11:56:22 AM) aiju: that might void your warranty
(11:56:42 AM) KBme: wtf do you do in the bathtub with a laptop?
(11:56:47 AM) nickaugust: kfx: you went to school, is this going to kill me or not?
(11:56:49 AM) goblin_: wa
(11:56:51 AM) aiju: watching child porn, i presume
(11:56:57 AM) goblin_: supposedly watching porn
(11:57:08 AM) nickaugust: what an obituary
(11:57:21 AM) kfx: nickaugust: I recommend not putting electronics into any body of water that also contains you
(11:57:49 AM) Capso: what?
(11:57:53 AM) Capso: kfx: terrible advice
(11:57:57 AM) Capso: nickaugust: try a microwave
(11:58:03 AM) aiju: note how some laptops use several kilovolts for the backlight
(11:58:11 AM) KBme: nickaugust: yahoo answers aren't actually a good thing to base your life on
(11:58:15 AM) kfx: aiju: yeah but the amperage is so low!
(11:58:24 AM) dv-:
(11:58:39 AM) aiju: dv-: AHAHAHA
(11:59:16 AM) Capso: KBme: yahoo answers consists of highly point-awarded professionals. if you were going to listen to anyone, it would be the professionals with caricatures as avatars.
(11:59:26 AM) rinukkusu [] entered the room.
(11:59:47 AM) Capso: "I'm a professional." -"Oh yeah? What's your avatar?"
(12:00:31 PM) KBme: lol that picture is fucked up
(12:00:55 PM) jumzi: dv-: Safety first!
(12:00:55 PM) aiju:
(12:01:39 PM) aiju:
(12:02:23 PM) kfx: oh god not sa shit
(12:02:24 PM) rinu left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
(12:08:43 PM) aiju: wikipedia admins are hilarious, too
(12:08:58 PM) aiju: like that guy who deleted the main page because someone else told him it wasn't possible
(12:09:15 PM) bjorkintosh: nickaugust, do you arbitrarily consume copious amounts of pcp when you're bored?
(12:10:27 PM) nickaugust: hahaha im serious i dont think it would kill you
(12:10:40 PM) aiju: nickaugust: it would kill the fucking laptop
(12:10:45 PM) nickaugust: well no shit
(12:11:14 PM) aiju: to quote from Woyzeck, "who would get upset about a man? A MAN? if it just were a lizard which died, but A MAN?"
(12:11:43 PM) bjorkintosh: nickaugust, it may not, but what could possibly be so fucking important that your laptop must follow you to your bathtub?
(12:11:51 PM) bjorkintosh: don't you take time to think in the shower?
(12:12:10 PM) bjorkintosh: if it's THAT important, forgo the showers.
(12:12:26 PM) kfx: you guys are just pussies
(12:12:35 PM) aiju: kfx doesn't shower
(12:12:50 PM) nickaugust: i have an old claw foot tub with a board across it with my books and notebooks and i use my laptop in here as well. sometimes i stay in here all day
(12:12:56 PM) nickaugust: i write code in the bath! :)
(12:13:09 PM) bjorkintosh: no you don't.
(12:13:15 PM) bjorkintosh: it's bad for your back.
(12:13:24 PM) aiju: i write kot (german sit) into the toilet
(12:13:26 PM) aiju: *shit
(12:13:29 PM) nickaugust: i also have a stand up desk to balance it out
(12:14:48 PM) aiju: i wouldn't even read in the bathtub
(12:14:50 PM) aiju: precious books!
(12:14:54 PM) bjorkintosh: nickaugust, why not conduct an experiment.
(12:15:10 PM) bjorkintosh: drop the laptop into a tub full of water, and then stick your hand into it.
(12:15:20 PM) kfx: no it would blow the fuse too soon
(12:15:26 PM) bjorkintosh: take laptop out, and smack your self for stupidity.
(12:15:37 PM) nickaugust: also there are those relays that blow
(12:15:40 PM) nickaugust: on bathroom plugs
(12:15:43 PM) kfx: bjorkintosh: are you under the impression that the electricity would just float around in the water until his hand showed up
(12:15:50 PM) kfx: yeah, ground-fault indicators
(12:16:03 PM) aiju: it leaks from the bend wires in the computer
(12:16:06 PM) bjorkintosh: kfx. he'd submerge it himself.
(12:16:13 PM) aiju: it's so fast (GHz!) that it can't get the corner
(12:16:15 PM) aiju: so it leaks
(12:16:17 PM) bjorkintosh: that way he can let go quickly.
(12:16:28 PM) nickaugust: i wonder if i would get electrocuted if i dropped my laptop in bjorkintosh's moms mouth while she was giving my balls a tounge bath?
(12:16:33 PM) bjorkintosh: though, i don't see how laptops and water mixing would be good for the laptop.
(12:16:50 PM) bjorkintosh: no. she'd spit it out first.
(12:17:05 PM) kfx: nickaugust: you might try tossing it into her cavernous tang
(12:17:24 PM) nickaugust: bjorkintosh: ill conduct an experiment after she drops you off at school :)
(12:17:32 PM) nickaugust: kfx: hahahaha
(12:17:44 PM) bjorkintosh: i'm homeschooled.
(12:17:53 PM) kfx: it shows
(12:18:14 PM) aiju: altruism.
(12:18:30 PM) jumzi: Lol, can someone be homeschooled?
(12:18:37 PM) aiju: jumzi: in the US
(12:18:49 PM) aiju: i think it's legal in france, too
(12:18:56 PM) rhialt0: homeschoolers get perfect SAT scores 1600 a lot, and get physics free rides
(12:19:03 PM) rhialt0: its bigger in the south
(12:19:09 PM) nickaugust: of course you can! where you from jumzi ?
(12:19:18 PM) rhialt0: homeschool kids on avg 1 year ahead of non home schooled
(12:19:31 PM) nickaugust: well the schools in the US are horrid so..
(12:19:36 PM) jumzi: ah, ic... that's where the brighter kids normally comes from the south right?
(12:19:43 PM) kfx: hahahahahah
(12:19:43 PM) nickaugust: lol
(12:19:54 PM) rhialt0: no its more bible belt there is an anti jewish indoctrination feel down there
(12:20:01 PM) rhialt0: I mean they married at 23 many times
(12:20:02 PM) aiju: hahahhahaha
(12:20:05 PM) rhialt0: chruing up
(12:20:05 PM) jumzi: Anyhow, who said school where about learning stuff
(12:20:08 PM) rhialt0: churching
(12:20:09 PM) kfx: rhialt0: you're leaving out the part about homeschooled kids being horribly asocial asperger's-suffering weirdos
(12:20:19 PM) rhialt0: nah that jsut hollywood stereotype
(12:20:30 PM) kfx: no it really isn't
(12:20:33 PM) rhialt0: most are calmer n cooler with less atttiude loearned in pub tuffguy schools
(12:20:34 PM) aiju: rhialt0: could you please fucking use verbs
(12:20:38 PM) rhialt0: more polite and cultured overall
(12:21:04 PM) jumzi: School is about cheating, trying to get out of assignments and essentially learning the real world
(12:21:12 PM) kfx: 16:20 < rhialt0> more polite and cultured overall
(12:21:15 PM) rhialt0: in illinos 50% f 8th graders can't read
(12:21:18 PM) aiju: school is about learning that school is just bs
(12:21:22 PM) kfx: nothing 'cultures' you like only talking to your mother for twenty years
(12:21:39 PM) aiju: rhialt0: wow
(12:21:45 PM) aiju: american schooling truly sucks
(12:21:46 PM) rhialt0: home schooled doesnt me kept in basement
(12:21:54 PM) rhialt0: lol
(12:21:59 PM) aiju: and i've been worried that 10th graders in germany don't know the word "transcendental"!
(12:22:06 PM) kfx: aiju: don't listen to that bullshit, it's a lie
(12:22:19 PM) kfx: homeschooled kids are worse than scientologists about their respective little cults
(12:22:31 PM) bjorkintosh: that is not accurate. homeschooled kids get to interact with other people.
(12:22:32 PM) aiju: hahaha
(12:22:36 PM) aiju: homeschooling is illegal
(12:22:38 PM) aiju: in germany
(12:22:40 PM) jumzi: well tbh, i can't tell crap from a little more crap
(12:22:42 PM) rhialt0: homeschooled kids are better educated adn more socially calm and worldy
(12:22:56 PM) aiju: we can't change more than two words in our old phrases
(12:22:56 PM) kfx: "socially calm"
(12:23:02 PM) kfx: nobody will talk to them they don't have a choice
(12:23:03 PM) rhialt0: kids n public schools start smoking week adn trying to be cool and get huge union kinda attitude
(12:23:07 PM) bjorkintosh:
(12:23:16 PM) kfx: god I hate it when kids start smoking week
(12:23:17 PM) nickaugust: its like any schooling, if your teacher is an idiot you're probably in trouble
(12:23:17 PM) bjorkintosh: aiju, that's for you ^
(12:23:18 PM) aiju: rhialt0: do you happen to be home schooled? :P
(12:23:20 PM) rhialt0: its engrained from teachers who are losers of society mostly, and many times wana be actors
(12:23:26 PM) kfx: engrained
(12:23:26 PM) nickaugust: im so high on week right now
(12:23:27 PM) rhialt0: no
(12:23:28 PM) kfx: wana
(12:23:35 PM) jumzi: yeah weed is terrible, it killed ghandi
(12:23:49 PM) aiju: hahaahhaah
(12:23:51 PM) kfx: rhialt0: you wouldn't happen to be an 8th grader from illinois
(12:23:58 PM) rhialt0: having an independant mind is most important thing in learning
(12:24:08 PM) kfx: it's spelled "independent" you cultist
(12:24:33 PM) ***aiju finally gets independent right!
(12:24:33 PM) rhialt0: I mean there are dozens of examples fo home schoolers getting 1600SAT and physics scholariships to big universities
(12:24:41 PM) kfx: dozens of examples
(12:24:45 PM) kfx: out of millions of children
(12:24:47 PM) kfx: sign me the fuck up
(12:24:47 PM) rhialt0: probably 100s
(12:24:57 PM) bjorkintosh: my g/f was homeschooled...
(12:25:00 PM) bjorkintosh: she made it to cornell.
(12:25:05 PM) bjorkintosh: she's as NUTS as fuck-all.
(12:25:06 PM) kfx: bjorkintosh: that's probably why she had to settle for you
(12:25:09 PM) rhialt0: you have greater chance of producing a winner by homschooling
(12:25:10 PM) jumzi: i want kfx:s school
(12:25:16 PM) kfx: homschooling
(12:25:17 PM) rhialt0: better change of drugged otu loser from pub school
(12:25:19 PM) nickaugust: kfx: youre cracking me the fuck up right now
(12:25:21 PM) kfx: otu
(12:25:25 PM) aiju: rhialt0: learn some fucking statistics
(12:25:28 PM) rhialt0: now if uriel opened a school.......
(12:25:32 PM) bjorkintosh: hahaha
(12:25:35 PM) kfx: needs more periods then we'll listen
(12:25:51 PM) KBme: .
(12:25:56 PM) rhialt0: kfx school lol
(12:25:59 PM) bjorkintosh: completely NUTS i tell you.
(12:26:07 PM) aiju: the best school is
(12:26:08 PM) aiju: ORANGE SCHOOL
(12:26:09 PM) bjorkintosh: jumzi, in the US, this is the case.
(12:26:27 PM) bjorkintosh: because public schools are so poorly funded overall.
(12:26:46 PM) kfx: homeschooling is what happens when you have a father who is paranoid about government indoctrination and a mother overwhelmed with incestuous urges
(12:26:58 PM) jumzi: bjorkintosh: Well, if you don't have any cash you don't deserve a deacent education
(12:27:00 PM) rhialt0: or you want a winner
(12:27:01 PM) aiju: hahahahhahahahhahaha
(12:27:01 PM) kfx: basically all homeschooled kids are paranoid molestation victims
(12:27:03 PM) jumzi: ITS CALLED EVOLUTION!!!!
(12:27:04 PM) rhialt0: no druggy from public school
(12:27:15 PM) kfx: note the paranoia about drugs
(12:27:17 PM) rhialt0: they schould calcualte cost fo sending student to a pub school
(12:27:22 PM) rhialt0: and give to parent who home schools
(12:27:23 PM) bjorkintosh: jumzi, we have cash, but the good lord put our oil under arabian soil. clearly, we have to bomb them to get what we want.
(12:27:25 PM) kfx: that's his biggest objection to schools
(12:27:31 PM) rhialt0: that be friggin awesome
(12:27:34 PM) kfx: he's terrified of weed
(12:27:43 PM) jumzi: bjorkintosh: I didn't mean the country
(12:27:48 PM) aiju: i've only had three drug experiences in school
(12:27:54 PM) jumzi: three!?
(12:27:55 PM) rhialt0: what are statistic of weed use at public schools hmm
(12:27:57 PM) rhialt0: those be fun
(12:27:58 PM) rhialt0: lol
(12:28:05 PM) kfx: I can't think of a single successful person who has never smoked weed
(12:28:06 PM) kfx: not one
(12:28:08 PM) aiju: (1) kids smoking (2) ethanol in chemistry (3) ester in chemistry
(12:28:15 PM) nickaugust: kfx: there are dozens of examples
(12:28:20 PM) kfx: nickaugust: hahahaha
(12:28:27 PM) kfx: the last three presidents of the USA smoked weed
(12:28:32 PM) kfx: hell, the last guy was a cokehead
(12:28:39 PM) kfx: number of homeschooled presidents: none
(12:28:44 PM) nickaugust: obama hits the bong for sure!
(12:28:46 PM) rhialt0: obama smokes cigarettes but acts liek he smokes weed, nuked eocnomy
(12:28:50 PM) rhialt0: :)
(12:28:50 PM) aiju: i love how parents get obsessed about toxic fumes
(12:28:56 PM) nickaugust: or is that a cultural stereotype?
(12:28:58 PM) kfx: benjamin franklin never got elected president because he dropped out of elementary school
(12:29:07 PM) aiju: w/e from, dangerous plastics, chemistry lessons
(12:29:11 PM) rhialt0: most weed smokers white hippies probly
(12:29:11 PM) aiju: but then children fucking smoke
(12:29:17 PM) rhialt0: [doesnt have stas in front of him]
(12:29:26 PM) jumzi: lol
(12:29:32 PM) kfx: now rhialt0 is a cultist, a child molester, AND a racist
(12:29:33 PM) kfx: good work
(12:29:41 PM) rhialt0: lol
(12:29:42 PM) jumzi: Everyone smokes weed
(12:29:45 PM) rhialt0: news to me
(12:29:48 PM) aiju: no
(12:29:49 PM) aiju: i smoke week
(12:29:54 PM) rhialt0: although I always wanted to start my own cult
(12:29:57 PM) jumzi: everyone above 16
(12:29:57 PM) rhialt0: that would be cool
(12:30:01 PM) rhialt0: I Be the JESUS
(12:30:09 PM) rhialt0: king fo the jews!
(12:30:14 PM) kfx: rhialt0: you're probably the worst spokesperson for anything ever
(12:30:21 PM) goblin_: 21:29 < kfx> now rhialt0 is a cultist, a child molester, AND a racist
(12:30:21 PM) aiju: jumzi: fyi i'll be turning seventeen next month, prepare to give me some weed :P
(12:30:23 PM) bjorkintosh: jesus was homeschooled.
(12:30:26 PM) goblin_: southerner?
(12:30:27 PM) rhialt0: YES!
(12:30:28 PM) kfx: "guys homeschooling doesn't make you retarded" *acts like a retard*
(12:30:30 PM) bjorkintosh: see how great that worked out?
(12:30:45 PM) jumzi: ... and oranges
(12:30:53 PM) rhialt0: I would totally get chix if I was a cult leader
(12:31:02 PM) aiju: rhialt0: yeah, 12 year old chix
(12:31:03 PM) jumzi: I reckon that's hard now
(12:31:38 PM) rhialt0: yuck
(12:31:44 PM) rhialt0: u perv
(12:32:08 PM) perdix left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(12:33:29 PM) aiju: you're the child molester here
(12:33:39 PM) kfx: I'd probably trust a child pornographer before I trusted someone who was home schooled
(12:33:46 PM) aiju: hahahahahahahahaha
(12:33:56 PM) kfx: I mean, at least the pervert has a job
(12:34:04 PM) jumzi: Ah! The maturity of IRC :D
(12:34:06 PM) aiju: HAHAHA
(12:34:50 PM) goblin_ is now known as goblin
(12:37:22 PM) nickaugust: kfx: and by child pornographer im assuimg you mean his incestious mother
(12:37:40 PM) kfx: "child pornographer" "home schooler" what's the difference really
(12:37:51 PM) aiju: kfx: the former has many social contacts
(12:38:01 PM) nickaugust: we really should keep an eye on this rhialt0 guy. he might bring guns to scho... oh yeah
(12:38:10 PM) rhialt0: oh wait
(12:38:19 PM) rhialt0: ideally i would be at home!
(12:38:20 PM) rhialt0: lol
(12:38:31 PM) kfx: you should bring a gun to school rhialt0
(12:38:37 PM) kfx: shoot all the teachers and then all the students
(12:38:42 PM) kfx: watch as nobody notices or cares
(12:38:47 PM) aiju: hahaha
(12:38:49 PM) aiju: this is US?
(12:38:55 PM) rhialt0: kfx public schools fail harder than home schoolig, no matter what u say, and home school kids are ust fine socially
(12:38:57 PM) rhialt0: :)
(12:39:08 PM) rhialt0: your feelings notwithstanding
(12:39:12 PM) rhialt0: ;)
(12:39:21 PM) rhialt0: end public education
(12:39:23 PM) rhialt0: :)
(12:39:27 PM) kfx: "in other news, some homeschooled kid shot himself. I guess he decided to skip the next ten lonely years of his life. homneschooling advocates are reporting this as his having 'skipped a few grades.'"
(12:39:32 PM) rhialt0: end all union pensions
(12:39:40 PM) nickaugust: hahahahahahahah
(12:39:47 PM) aiju: kfx: hhahaha
(12:39:48 PM) rhialt0: end capital gains tax!
(12:39:54 PM) rhialt0: end IRS use flat tax
(12:39:58 PM) rhialt0: end income tax
(12:40:03 PM) rhialt0: end real estate taxes
(12:40:07 PM) kfx: end rhialt0
(12:40:09 PM) rhialt0: any more questions?
(12:40:15 PM) kfx: yes
(12:40:29 PM) kfx: if homeschooling is so great, why do you have no grasp on basic economics?
(12:40:33 PM) rhialt0: ya in normal school 2 ids shoot 40
(12:40:35 PM) rhialt0: :)
(12:40:40 PM) rhialt0: more productive on that stat!
(12:40:45 PM) kfx: I can't even understand you
(12:40:48 PM) rhialt0: score one for pub school!!!
(12:40:49 PM) kfx: speak english
(12:40:52 PM) aiju: didn't he say he wasn't homeschooled?
(12:40:56 PM) kfx: 16:40 < rhialt0> ya in normal school 2 ids shoot 40
(12:40:59 PM) kfx: seriously what does this mean
(12:41:11 PM) aiju: he fucked forty 2 year olds
(12:41:16 PM) kfx: gross
(12:41:21 PM) aiju: it's paeodophile language
(12:41:27 PM) rhialt0: 2 kids shoot 40
(12:41:41 PM) aiju: this refers to cumshots, i think
(12:41:45 PM) kfx: hahahah
(12:42:06 PM) dv-: you sure know a lot about pedophiles aiju
(12:42:17 PM) rhialt0: colorado!
(12:42:23 PM) kfx: dv-: he's reading up on homeschooling
(12:42:28 PM) rhialt0: public school rocks!
(12:42:43 PM) kfx: rhialt0: what about that homeschooling incident that was in the news
(12:43:01 PM) aiju: was Hitler home schooled?
(12:43:01 PM) rhialt0: what about AIDS?
(12:43:11 PM) rhialt0: what about somali pirates??
(12:43:24 PM) kfx: folks this is what happens with home schooling
(12:43:34 PM) aiju: somali pirates were home schooled
(12:43:36 PM) kfx: never learned to communicate with other human beings
(12:43:45 PM) kfx: I'm sure his parents understand whatever the hell he's on about
(12:43:49 PM) kfx: but nobody else ever will
(12:43:53 PM) aiju: hahahahaha
(12:43:57 PM) aiju: Hitler outlawed home schooling
(12:44:01 PM) aiju: according to liberal logic
(12:44:56 PM) rhialt0: ben franklin was
(12:45:06 PM) aiju: was what? hitler?
(12:45:10 PM) rhialt0: einstein was considered retared
(12:45:10 PM) kfx: and he never got elected president, did he
(12:45:15 PM) dv-: the US is more like nazi germany than any other nation in the world
(12:45:18 PM) rhialt0: henry ford didnt have mba
(12:45:19 PM) kfx: rhialt0 is also considered retarded
(12:45:20 PM) zcram: Heil!
(12:45:22 PM) rhialt0: now edison
(12:45:24 PM) rhialt0: EDISON
(12:45:27 PM) rhialt0: lets atlk about edison
(12:45:29 PM) aiju: 21:45 < rhialt0> einstein was considered retared
(12:45:31 PM) aiju: common myth
(12:45:34 PM) rhialt0: was linus home schooled?
(12:45:36 PM) kfx: rhialt0: anyone from the last, oh, hundred years or so
(12:45:40 PM) zcram: Tesla was concidered....?
(12:45:42 PM) aiju: einstein had superb marks in school
(12:45:56 PM) rhialt0: no eistein was sonisered retared by one teacher
(12:46:02 PM) rhialt0: keynesian economics is a myth
(12:46:10 PM) dv-: well that's true

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obama debt denial

defund obama care

bachamn end planned parenthood aid AWESOME

law enforcement could get WI dem hiding senators LOL'DemocracyDoesn-tComebyHidingOut-/2011/02/18/id/386561

law enforcement could get WI dem hiding senators LOL'DemocracyDoesn-tComebyHidingOut-/2011/02/18/id/386561

law enforcement could get WI dem hiding senators LOL'DemocracyDoesn-tComebyHidingOut-/2011/02/18/id/386561

alaska wont enact obamacare

walker speaking truth!'DaringtoSpeakTruth-/2011/02/18/id/386602

tea party finds 14 dem wisconsin senators in hiding in Il LOL

puerto rico slashes spending with great results

end all union pensions immediatly, no pay for not working


a ten

why forth

4th forth compiler

In the USA according to the left wing DEFENSE is 20% of spending, yes DEFENSE which INVENTS EVERYTHING GUESS HOW MUCH IS WELFARE?

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