Monday, February 28, 2011

(1:30:06 PM) The topic for #solaris is: Read the welcome message before speaking || SunSolve, MSC, Email Center dead. Long live Oracle Support! || htt

(1:30:06 PM) The topic for #solaris is: Read the welcome message before speaking || SunSolve, MSC, Email Center dead. Long live Oracle Support! || || galt: original 10 never had gnome
(1:30:23 PM) republican_devil: hey if vmstat shows 90 in W the 3rd colum yet box is not under ehavy load
(1:30:25 PM) republican_devil: what is wrong?
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(1:32:41 PM) Stric: republican_devil: what does the man page say that the w column is?
(1:33:01 PM) republican_devil: waiting
(1:33:10 PM) republican_devil: all processes show sleep state
(1:33:20 PM) republican_devil: as they do on a healthy box
(1:33:34 PM) republican_devil: but on healthy box the vmstat is 0 0 0 in 1st 3 columns
(1:33:37 PM) republican_devil: weird
(1:33:53 PM) republican_devil: not sure howto pickout what porcess may be blocking and making rest wait??
(1:34:00 PM) Stric: and if you read the man page again, and pay attention this time?
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(1:41:38 PM) peerce: setient; i dunno what hd26 is. old school 10base** ethernet often used a DB15 that had clips rather than screw posts, this was called a AUI or MAU or something, and you needed an external transponder to turn that into 10base2, 10baseT, or thicknet (the original ethernet RG8 with vampire taps)
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(1:57:25 PM) k8ie: I love my job.
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(1:58:27 PM) HeatHawk[AP]: this the new job?
(1:59:11 PM) insomnia: well.
(1:59:21 PM) jzu_: Im at work, its 23.59 local time
(1:59:23 PM) insomnia: I'm waiting for a 25k to finish installing a domain
(1:59:45 PM) jzu_: replacing faulted HDD's
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(2:18:20 PM) setient: peerce: i had that db15 connector on my ipx/ipc's. i loved those machines. and it was aui :)
(2:18:29 PM) setient: and mmm thicknet
(2:18:29 PM) setient: aka bnc
(2:19:09 PM) setient:
(2:19:20 PM) setient: peerce: 14.4 fax/modem builtin (not upgradable), ISDN (needs a NT1 to work) and 10mbps ethernet (which needs a special cable to go to a AUI interface on the 3GX. The mini-26 to AUI cable is the same type that is used by Sparc5s and Sparc10s.)
(2:19:40 PM) peerce: ah. damn, I used to have some of those.
(2:19:48 PM) setient: i need one, fairly badly.
(2:19:58 PM) peerce: i tossed out all my old MAU/AUI stuff quite a long time ago
(2:20:43 PM) setient: i know
(2:20:47 PM) setient: it is just such a wierd piece of hardware
(2:20:50 PM) setient: iut makes a nice irc terminal
(2:21:00 PM) setient: and a conversation piece, considering it is a military grade laptop pretty much
(2:21:08 PM) peerce: its batteries probably turned into a brick of toxic salt ages ago :D
(2:21:52 PM) setient: it's real battery fails
(2:21:54 PM) setient: but the machine works fine
(2:21:55 PM) setient: it is neato
(2:22:09 PM) peerce: note old nicad batteries, the ooze is highly toxic
(2:22:37 PM) setient: just like i want a sun voyager
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(2:42:39 PM) jzu_: Sun Ray laptop would be neat
(2:43:00 PM) jzu_: but on the other hand.. you have Windows, Linux and Mac software clients these days :D
(2:43:07 PM) jzu_: and iPad client coming up
(2:43:24 PM) jzu_: so basicly any laptop will do :P
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(2:49:44 PM) rkeene: There's a Linux softDTU ?
(2:50:42 PM) setient: oo, they have pinouts and places to get the adapters. i might just have to pick myself up one.
(2:51:12 PM) peerce: how much ram? you might see if you can at least update it to 2.6 instead of 2.51
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(2:51:33 PM) peerce: newer than 2.6 is probably not a great idea on that ancient thing, but I know 2.6 ran fine on our SS4 pizza boxes
(2:55:24 PM) republican_devil: if linux then
(2:56:50 PM) peerce: netbsd is supposed to have a pretty good sparc port, but I've never used it
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(3:05:29 PM) needle_: hey peerce i ended up w/ 2k3 installed on that v40z although it does come w/ driver support for the card it is still dead slow, for example, maximizing a window, I have to wait and watch it redraw line at a time more or less :<
(3:05:48 PM) needle_: it's ok at least I can check my email and access irc and stuff
(3:05:56 PM) needle_: until i purchase a new laptop probably this weekend
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(3:09:28 PM) republican_devil: netbsd I find to be awesome
(3:09:35 PM) republican_devil: never saw it under hellacious load tho
(3:09:46 PM) republican_devil: but I think sicne thier scheduler is so new it should kick ass
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(3:12:33 PM) AJ_Z0: Thanks for sharing. Any other mindless banalities for us?
(3:14:11 PM) republican_devil: yo mama
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(3:14:50 PM) AJ_Z0: Great cellist
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(3:16:48 PM) republican_devil: I wonder if USA military will trying out railguns on sommali live pirate target bases
(3:18:16 PM) peerce: a couple strafing runs from A10's should do nicely. repeat until dead.
(3:18:36 PM) peerce:
(3:19:25 PM) republican_devil: I wana see a lead slug at mach 6 smak into a somali base
(3:19:41 PM) republican_devil: although they probly jsut kill some bison knowing aim being off 1 degree at taht range n stuff
(3:19:50 PM) republican_devil: take out patch of somali savvanah
(3:20:12 PM) republican_devil: youtube shows bomb like detonations from impact
(3:20:19 PM) republican_devil: from velocity
(3:20:21 PM) republican_devil: kinetics
(3:20:52 PM) peerce: the complication is, the somalis have something like 100 ships captured at present, ranging from fishing boats to big freighters and oil tankers, along with a few 100 hostages
(3:21:14 PM) peerce: any direct assault is likely to result in significant losses
(3:21:22 PM) republican_devil: 100?
(3:21:25 PM) republican_devil: wow
(3:21:35 PM) republican_devil: why don we put bunties on heads so they hunt each other
(3:21:35 PM) peerce: i saw a list of the ships the other day.
(3:21:36 PM) republican_devil: lol
(3:21:52 PM) peerce: they've been clearing like $100M/year in ransom money
(3:21:55 PM) republican_devil: are rich americans allowed to send in private armies
(3:22:00 PM) republican_devil: and collect reward from usa government
(3:22:01 PM) republican_devil: ?
(3:22:08 PM) republican_devil: 100m?
(3:22:13 PM) republican_devil: so piracy si working?
(3:22:14 PM) republican_devil: how?
(3:22:18 PM) republican_devil: whos paying that money?
(3:22:22 PM) republican_devil: obama?
(3:22:24 PM) peerce: ship owners mostly
(3:23:08 PM) peerce: k, wikipedia says... As of December 11, 2010, Somali pirates are holding at least 35 ships with more than 650 hostages.
(3:23:21 PM) peerce: i thought the paper mentioned more
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(3:26:04 PM) republican_devil: wikipedia a little left wing for me but generally ok
(3:26:10 PM) republican_devil: 650 wow
(3:26:16 PM) republican_devil: why doesnt someone fuck them up
(3:26:26 PM) peerce: with that nick, anything short of adolf hitler is probably 'a little left wing'.
(3:26:50 PM) peerce: why don't you 'fuck them up
(3:26:53 PM) peerce: ?
(3:27:54 PM) republican_devil: adolf hitler is most lef twing possible
(3:27:57 PM) republican_devil: national socialist
(3:28:17 PM) republican_devil: hitler was a democrat
(3:28:58 PM) peerce: you're kidding, right? he was a pro-corporatist totalitarian, used 'democracy' as a means to an end.
(3:30:48 PM) peerce: A unionized public employee, a member of the Tea Party and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table there is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across and takes 11 cookies, looks at the Tea Partier and says, "Look out for that union guy--he wants a piece of your cookie."
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(3:50:49 PM) republican_devil: not true
(3:51:02 PM) republican_devil: he was big governmetn dictaror a despot who had governmetn control corporations
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(3:51:31 PM) republican_devil: tea party says hey lets abolish IRS and do fair tax
(3:51:33 PM) republican_devil: awesome!
(3:51:48 PM) republican_devil: ceo also cant take any cookie unless csutomer gets good product
(3:51:52 PM) republican_devil: unlike politician
(3:51:56 PM) republican_devil: whos just a looter
(3:52:11 PM) republican_devil: most corruption is due to government not free market
(3:52:15 PM) peerce: uh huh.
(3:52:18 PM) republican_devil: great depresion caused by fed
(3:52:22 PM) republican_devil: fed established 1913
(3:52:25 PM) republican_devil: ya
(3:52:25 PM) peerce: never mind those corporate monopolies
(3:52:28 PM) republican_devil: you get it now
(3:52:40 PM) republican_devil: only monopoly can be government granted
(3:52:50 PM) republican_devil: such as cable n tv crap
(3:53:01 PM) peerce: ooooh, any flavor I want as long as its coke, since they buy out all the shelf space formerly held by independents
(3:53:14 PM) republican_devil: mitt romney 2012!
(3:53:28 PM) peerce: oh, you're a bible thumper AND a fascist? nice.
(3:54:34 PM) republican_devil: fascism is left wing
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(3:54:38 PM) republican_devil: I am capitalist
(3:54:42 PM) republican_devil: I am also polytheistic
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(3:54:55 PM) republican_devil: comonism and fascism = big governemtn on one end
(3:55:00 PM) republican_devil: other end freeodm adn capitalism
(3:55:06 PM) republican_devil: sweden is failure
(3:55:10 PM) Funhouse: Von Mises is cool.
(3:56:00 PM) republican_devil: bastiat
(3:56:07 PM) Funhouse: Keynesians are screwing us over big time.
(3:56:10 PM) republican_devil: henry geroge was interesting
(3:56:19 PM) republican_devil: amazing how little covered in comon economics classes is gerogism
(3:56:24 PM) republican_devil: he was smarter than marx by far
(3:56:32 PM) republican_devil: marx was a fool
(3:57:38 PM) republican_devil: keynes said spend more than u got, and this magically make u rich
(3:57:44 PM) republican_devil: amazing
(3:57:49 PM) republican_devil: politicians of course love it
(3:58:20 PM) republican_devil: if you are going to be a commy, at least get into mass transit and government provided medicaine amd housing
(3:58:22 PM) republican_devil: housing is basic
(3:58:28 PM) republican_devil: governemtn provided clothing n food n housing
(3:58:32 PM) republican_devil: government produced
(3:58:37 PM) republican_devil: not some incentive crap
(3:58:47 PM) republican_devil: also governmetn produce oeprating ssytem
(3:58:49 PM) republican_devil: car
(3:58:50 PM) republican_devil: etc
(3:59:03 PM) republican_devil: bring together all the top physicists and get soemthign good going
(3:59:08 PM) republican_devil: dotn do this madate bs
(3:59:11 PM) republican_devil: thats hellish
(3:59:25 PM) republican_devil: the ciorruptino comes from sneeky corps who cant compete getting governemtn cheese
(3:59:30 PM) republican_devil: corruption
(3:59:36 PM) republican_devil: thats communism at its worst

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