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piss funny cl post

I cheated on him, and he doesn't know (I feel so guilty (WeHo)) (next time no doubt)
Reply to: pers-36wzt-1247676288@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-30, 3:35PM PDT

Don't tell him , don't worry next time you get drunk you'll take it to the next level and give a stranger head. Bitches that drink alcohol ,can't control the urge. it's just a matter of time.
TIP= start charging cash, that way you'll wake up in the morning not only with a sore ass but with pocket money. Peace out.

* Location: next time no doubt
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Vintage Dungeons + Dragons Commercial




Solaris UNIX Add Static Routes


Linux FAQ / Howtos
Solaris UNIX Add Static Routes

Q. How do I add Static Routes under Solaris UNIX? My default gateway configured in /etc/defaultrouter, but what is the proper place to configure static routes for a Solaris UNIX server? Can you tell me exact configuration file name for a static routing?

A.. There are many ways to configure static routing under Solaris UNIX.
Task: Display current routing table

Use netstat command, enter:
# netstat -nr
Task: Delete a route

To delete a route, enter:
# route delete dest gateway
# route delete myhost myrouter
Method # 1: Set static routes using route command

Use route command to add static route on fly (dynamic modification of routing table), enter:
# route add dest gateway
# route add net netmask
# route add net
# route add host myhostname myrotername
The only drawback is static routes are not persistence i.e. routing will be deleted when Solaris box get rebooted.
Method # 2: Set static routing using /etc/gateways configuration for in.routed

The file /etc/gateways is act as configuration file for /usr/sbin/in.routed IPv4 network routing daemon. All you have to do is put static route per line using following format:

net Nname[/mask] gateway Gname metric value

Open config file:
# vi /etc/gateways
Append following entries:
net gateway metric 1 passive
net gateway metric 1 active

You must one of these keywords must be present to indicate whether the gateway should be treated as passive or active, or whether the gateway is external to the scope of the RIP protocol. A passive gateway is not expected to exchange routing information, while gateways marked active should be willing to exchange RIP packets. The keywoard passive should be used if you want the entry to be permanent.The keyword active should be used if you want in.routed to occasionally query the gateway host, and delte the route if it becomes inactive. See in.routed man page for further details.

Save and close the file. You can set default router in /etc/defaultrouter file.
Method #3 : Managing routing using routeadm command

Solaris has routeadm command which is used to administer system-wide configuration for IP forwarding and routing. IP forwarding is the passing of IP packets from one network to another; IP routing is the use of a routing protocol to determine routes. You need to use /etc/defaultrouter to setup the default route and /etc/gateways to set static routing. To start the in.routed, enter:
# routeadm -u -e ipv4-routing
To view current routing configuration, enter:
# routeadm
To stop the in.routed daemon, enter:
# routeadm -u -d ipv4-routing
Method # 4: Old way - Create a init script

Login as root and type the command:
# cd /etc/rc2.d/
# touch S99static-routes
# chmod +x S99static-routes
# vi S99static-routes
Write a shell script and append static route using route command itself:
route add net netmask 1
route add net netmask
Save and close the file.

I recommend using method # 2 to create static routing under Solaris UNIX. See following man pages for further details:
$ man in.routed
$ man route
$ man gateways
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1 Vireak Muth 01.19.09 at 1:59 pm

Good website for research
2 Brian 04.08.09 at 2:03 pm

good helpful information!
3 Giuseppe Sacco 04.21.09 at 5:48 pm

I found this site after trying using /etc/gateways on solaris 8. Solution #2 did not worked since in.routed will not be started when booting a system with a single nic.

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time in bar wasted - spend the time in the gym

time in bar wasted - spend the time in the gym

Monday, June 29, 2009

cups on netbsd

< leot> the_unamker: cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/cupsd /etc/rc.d/
15:55 < leot> the_unamker: echo "cupsd=YES" >> /etc/rc.conf

ok you use rooot on the unix box
16:21 < the_unamker> bam it worked
16:22 < the_unamker> Unsupported format 'application/postscript'!
16:22 < the_unamker> when i try and print test page lol
16:23 < leot> the_unamker: i think you need to install foomatic-filters-cups and foomatic-ppds-cups

pick lpd
pick exact driver postscript

young dems absolutly would blow up economy ---know nothing --think (obama ok)

young dems absolutly would blow up economy ---know nothing --think (obama ok)
Reply to: pers-2nzmf-1245889475@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-29, 3:09PM PDT

wrong shithead

it was you buddy dodd n frank and freddie fanny with your buddy the shithead beranake fed giving free governemtn money toeveryone

thats what caused the blowup shithead

a free market always adjusts

bush economy great if not for damn fed and mortgage bubble

onyl thing he did wrong was bailouts and thats under huge governemtn pressure

as if governemtn can fix the problem

read some austrain school aka real economics you marix keynesian misguided shitt bag!!

or anythign by ron paul

wise up!!

quit being a sheep!!

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 3:01 pm
Subject: Re: when obama spends more than usa has, that is tax increace (no where else get cash)

hey numb nuts, it was your president bush who after 8 years with a 10 year republi con congress behind him that caused this economic failure that obama is fighting. any new taxes will be a direct result of republi cons.
thanks for voting for the dumbest and most unpopular president in our lifetime.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: when obama spends more than usa has, that is tax increace (no where else get cash)

obama spending money hes doesnt have is rasing taxes on us all
thanks for voting for him

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 2:04 pm
Subject: Re: when obama spends more than usa has, that is tax increace (no where else get cash)

be sure to tune in your hero druggo limbaugh to suck his fat ass while he gives you his republi con lies

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 1:54 PM
Subject: Re: when obama spends more than usa has, that is tax increace (no where else get cash)

aw go fuck yerself commy

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 1:44 pm
Subject: when obama spends more than usa has, that is tax increace (no where else get cash)





irs shitheads fuck up again


I alraeady corrected two years

they basically take anything from your broker and count as income


why dont they simply ask broker the net?

fucking fools

I again have to send in the same info


they should pay me

why do democrats not liek when people get to vote on stuff? (heh heh heh)

why do democrats not liek when people get to vote on stuff? (heh heh heh)
Reply to: pers-j4wxn-1245395890@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-29, 10:55AM PDT

1 gay marriage voted and no is answer in CA
2 most were against dem majority bailout
3 most would vote to bring tropps home
4 most would vote to take all usa capital out of israel
5 most would vote to shutdown fed
6 msot would vote to let banks fail
7 most would vote to deny prisoners video game
8 most would vote to end carpool lane

Democrats and Laughable Global Warming (Bull Shit)

Democrats and Laughable Global Warming (Bull Shit)
Reply to: pers-2yprd-1245347213@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-29, 10:31AM PDT

Where do these democrats come up with this shit. Global warming? It a complete LIE!. There is NO SUCH THING! All it is another reason to raise taxes. This new energy tax from Obama will TRIPLE energy costs. Gas will be $9 a gallon. Fuck that. Put a good Republican in office and open up drilling. There is enough oil here and off the coast to last 100's of years....Drill baby drill! Fuck that so called clean energy. That is for liberal pussies! Give me OIL.

democrats hate america

democrats hate america
Reply to: pers-rh42a-1245284619@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-29, 9:59AM PDT

The Democrates in Congress are People who Truly Hate America......

The "Cap-and-Trade" bill will likely kill two or three real jobs for every so-called green job it creates.

211 House Democrats and 8 Republicans defiantly thumbed their noses at the will of their constituents and passed the largest tax increase in the nation's history.

If it pases in the Senate and Obama signs it into law.....

If That Happems:

1. your utility bills to increase by fifty percent.

2.Expect gasoline to rise to last summer's levels and above.

3.Count on the cost of food, clothing and anything else affected by fuel prices -- in other words, everything -- skyrocketing.

High Court Reverses Sotomayor, Sides With White Firefighters in Discrimination Case


anti obama funny bumper stickers

obama massively raising taxes

obama is raising taxes bigtime:
1 new bailout on way http://www.reuters.com/article/bondsNews/idUSN2816690420090628
2 obama breaks promise and raises taxes in your face, not even sneaky spend money doesn't has way so far, and then taxes must come up later to pay http://www.newsmax.com/headlines/obama_healthcare_tax/2009/06/28/229497.html
3 health care taxes: http://www.newsmax.com/headlines/obama_healthcare_tax/2009/06/28/229497.html
4 'eviro taxes" http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/climate_change_bill_costs/2009/06/28/229501.html

simple tax and spend idiot, running yes close to trillions through government dmv efficiency and wondering why rest of world caching up.......

you can't escape that capitalism wins....you can't do better

brl web language


Sunday, June 28, 2009

obama tax hike on the way


obama new stimulus


mitt romney


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

good and evil

good: netbsd, archlinux, iceWM, vlc, pidgin, aolserver, opera, firefox, firebirdDB, postgresql, haskell, common lisp, forth, squeak smalltalk, girl buying me a drink, hermosa beach

evil: IE, wordpress, redhat, centos, suse, windows, gnome, kde, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, sugarcrm, apache, mysql, java, php, python, perl, buying girl a drink, west LA

Thursday, June 25, 2009



order of the stick


richard jefferson get 29m for 2 years

The Spurs gave up Bruce Bowen(notes), Kurt Thomas(notes) and Fabricio Oberto(notes) to get the 6-foot-7 forward from the Bucks, who were eager to unload the $29.2 million owed to Jefferson over the next two seasons.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

print hex number

printf "%#x\n" "$((7*1024*1024*1024))"

balance of power

The balance of power shifts as soon as you blow your load.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

black cat in the black room

"It is very hard to find a black cat in the black room, especially if the black cat is not there."


Perez Hilton Gets Punched By Will.I.Am Posse



Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

tutorial D




http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ ron paul rules


movie plot

(10:42:03 AM) 99 72: what about it
(10:42:22 AM) fiack: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120628/
(10:42:43 AM) fiack: a womanizer in new york learns to give up his sex addiction for to show real love for his dream girl
(10:42:57 AM) 99 72: great
(10:43:33 AM) 99 72: i'd be more interested watching a movie about a guy who gives up his marriage to become a playboy
(10:44:27 AM) fiack: LOL
(10:44:29 AM) fiack: yeah!!!!
(10:44:37 AM) fiack: or comes close to marriage
(10:44:39 AM) fiack: then goes
(10:44:44 AM) fiack: nAHHH
(10:45:08 AM) 99 72: in any case what he gives up will be his dream girl for brainless stupid bimbo with big cans
(10:45:19 AM) fiack: LOL
(10:45:25 AM) fiack: and then is HAPPY
(10:45:29 AM) fiack: then is HAPPY
(10:45:30 AM) 99 72: VERY

Zipper-based File/Operating system haskell



yes my t

typ agen

my typ

my type

my type

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Billionaire Stanford jailed in alleged $7B fraud


By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer Devlin Barrett, Associated Press Writer – 28 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Brash Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford was indicted and jailed Friday on charges his international banking empire was really just a Ponzi scheme built on lies, bluster and bribery.

The Justice Department announced charges against Stanford and six others who allegedly helped the tycoon run a $7 billion swindle. At a court hearing in Richmond, Va., a federal judge agreed with prosecutors that Stanford poses a flight risk and ordered him to remain in custody until a future detention hearing in Houston.

Among those charged were executives of Stanford Financial Group and a former Antiguan bank regulator who prosecutors say should have caught the fraud but instead took bribes to let the scheme continue.

Robert Khuzami, the enforcement director for the Securities and Exchange Commission, said investigators have built "an impressive criminal case from the rubble of this massive fraud."

If convicted of all charges in the 21-count indictment, Stanford could face as much as 250 years in prison, officials said.

Dick DeGuerin, Stanford's lawyer, said in a written statement that Stanford was "confident that a fair jury will find him not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing."

The indictment unsealed Friday in Houston charged Stanford and other executives at his firm falsely claimed to have grown $1.2 billion in assets in 2001 to roughly $8.5 billion by the end of 2008. The operation had roughly 30,000 investors, officials said.

Investigators say that even as Stanford claimed healthy returns for those investors, he was secretly diverting more than $1.6 billion in personal loans to himself.

Court papers charge Stanford and top executives orchestrated the massive fraud by advising clients to buy certificates of deposit from the Antigua-based Stanford International Bank. Stanford and the other executives were charged with wire fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Stanford was also charged with conspiring to obstruct an SEC proceeding.

While Stanford is less well-known than the infamous swindler Bernard Madoff, authorities say both men's businesses were based on the same type of scam — faking investment returns while attracting new investors to keep the operation afloat.

"This case is a typical Ponzi scheme, robbing Peter to pay Paul," said Gregory Campbell of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Authorities say they are investigating 100 other possible Ponzi schemes, although none on the scale of the Stanford or Madoff cases.

"We will find you, we will stop you, and we will make you pay for your crime," said Campbell.

Stanford, 59, has been working since February to challenge what his attorney called "the false accusations against him." DeGuerin said that rather than resulting from fraud or a Ponzi scheme, "the present insolvency of the Stanford Companies was caused by the SEC's heavy-handed actions, which have destroyed and continue to destroy much of the value" of the companies and their investors.

A group of cheated Stanford investors said in a statement that their losses "are devastating, as senior citizens are losing their homes, going without medical care, and becoming a burden on their children and families."

Stanford surrendered to the FBI Thursday and appeared in federal court in Richmond, Va., Friday afternoon, where authorities convinced Magistrate Judge Hannah Lauck to keep him behind bars for the time being.

Prosecutor Steven Tyrrell said at the hearing that more than $1 billion from Stanford's alleged scheme remains unaccounted for, and if anyone has access to it, it's Stanford.

The others indicted in the case were Stanford executives Laura Pendergest-Holt, Gilberto Lopez and Mark Kuhrt.

A separate indictment unsealed in Florida accused a fourth Stanford worker, Bruce Perraud, of destroying records important to the investigation.

Prosecutors charged Leroy King, the former chief executive officer of Antigua's Financial Services Regulatory Commission, with conspiracy to obstruct an SEC investigation.

In February, King told reporters the commission properly scrutinized Stanford's business.

Prosecutors allege King accepted more than $100,000 in bribes to help Stanford continue his fraud.

At his zenith, Stanford was a larger-than-life figure in Antigua. His enterprises there include a newspaper, two restaurants, a development company and the ornately landscaped Stanford cricket grounds, where he shook up the staid world of professional cricket last year by bankrolling the purse in a $20 million winner-take-all match.

Newly filed SEC documents accuse Stanford and his finance chief, James M. Davis, of conducting a massive Ponzi scheme" in which early investors were paid returns from money put in by later investors. Davis has been cooperating with federal investigators.

Jeff Tillotson, who represents Pendergest-Holt, chief investment officer of Stanford's parent company, told The Associated Press, "We obviously deny that our client has committed any crime." He has said she was "set up" by Stanford.


Associated Press writers Marcy Gordon in Washington, Larry O'Dell and Zinie Chen Sampson in Richmond, Va., and Linda Franklin and Regina L. Burns in Dallas contributed to this report

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Billy Joel and third wife Katie Lee split



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the beez makes fun of windows 7


jeff fox forth essential forth


Essential Forth

In most Operating Systems and programming languages a file system is below any database. In Forth a database is below any file system.

Over the years I have worked with lots of databases, databases on mainframes, minis, micros, and embedded computers. I've seen them evolve from flat files with fixed records to relational and distributed databases. I've seen the evolution of user interfaces and development tools. I've built them in lots of languages on different machines under different OS and using different tools. I've done the whole range and found 4GL and 'C' to be a nice mix when I used it. But I can see how Forth has always had an advantage in this arena.

When I first encountered Forth it was being widely used as both a development language and Operating System. One of the things that I liked about it was that as an OS and Integrated Development Environment it was smaller than many alternative Operating Systems without any application code or data. This left more room in memory and mass storage for application code and data. So programs that did the same thing as their non-Forth counterparts were not only more compact but there was more room to allow programs to be larger and more powerful.

The inventor of Forth, Charles Moore, said that Forth was invented to avoid the unsolvable problems in computer science, like the problems related to files. Files are handled differently in different Operating Systems or even on different versions of the same Operating System. So are directories, so are filenames, so are permissions, so are low level access mechanisms, and so is file caching, even character formats. All create compilications, problems, and require a great deal of effort for those spend their careers dealing with these same unsolvable problems again and again over the years. You solve the problems it creates for one application today, but tomorrow you have to try to solve it again in a different context. [Moore, 1999]

Early Forth was designed to free the programmer from the black boxes and restrictions that foreign Operating Systems and other languages imposed on programmers. They were designed to provide the highest performance for difficult problems and provide high quality, reliability, and maintainability. The nature of Forth is that it resembles the fourth generation database languages that we learned in the 80s. When it is time to define the scheme of our database data we just extend our language. We build our databases up from the dictionary and the memory and virtual memory managment words. They are as simple and early bound as possible but no more. [Moore, 1970] [Moore, 2001]

What is a file system? It is a very lazy form of database. Any database built on top of it will have a lazy foundation unless the OS has a file system fine tuned for streaming files and maximum performance on file and record access and caching in all cases. In reality most users have highly fragmented non-linear files and don't have the file system optimized for their important applications.

This is probably one of the greatest differences between Forth and C. C was designed to write an OS in which the concept is that everything is a file. Databases are built using the file system and C structures as the containers. In Forth we have the virtual memory system and dictionary instead, the concept of extensible database below file system level.

Now it is often argued that one can do the same thing as Forth databases using memory mapped files on conventional Operating Systems etc. And if those systems are as small and flexible as Forth systems, and provide fast boot times and provide direct mapped access to the mass storage and an extensible dictionary and code that if factored to pass arguments on a stack then well maybe, sort of, but that's Forth!

Those who rely on extenal OS to provide the database containers for them often end up not only with files that take orders of magnitude longer to access, but fragmented files that take further orders of magnitude to process, and sometimes complications like the poor file interfaces in some famous Forths that combine with things like virus protection software to slow things down and complicate them by futher orders of magnitude. I have seen that in the workplace.

We have the examples of people just pulling code from libraries and using it as most C programmers will tend to do by reflex. The examples of Forth database code are attrocious. They bypass all the traditional things that Forth always did to beat other products on database software. They are pale copies of primitive file based flat databases using C style structures with runtime address resolution, terrible examples!

Chuck is too kind to say that the people doing this will do 100 times as much work as he and will write 100 times more code to do roughtly the same thing. But it will only be roughly the same thing. At the heart of Chuck early programs for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory or the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Kit Peak, or many of the early Forth system were databases. [Moore, 2001]

Forth Inc. got hundreds of users updating database records on the same computer in the old days on machines that were considered too small to host a modern Operating System. Because of nature of Forth they could host 300 users and a high performance database on machines when other people could only run toy Operating Systems designed for one user. Forth from those days demonstrates some important concepts such as:

A file system is really a database application.
A metacompiler is really a database application.
CAD is really a database application.
A high-performance database is not limited by a file system.

When recently asked in the comp.lang.forth newsgroup on usenet "What did Forth fix?" I half-jokingly said that other programming languages and Operating Systems were too big and too slow to write decent database systems. That appears to be the legacy of Forth. Other people said that other systems were black boxes. Chuck Moore, the inventor of Forth, replied that, "Forth solved the mega-software problem." That's the short version. Of course when asked, "How would you implement C style structures which are essential to my work?" Chuck's reply was his famous, "I wouldn't." [Moore, 2002]

That's because that's not how Forth works. Chuck would manually optimize everything to the maximum while more typically a C programmer would abstract the problem and hope that the compiler will optimize the code. If it uses files it cannot optimize the way Chuck would.

Chuck and I have gone over individual details before, how designing the database scheme for the application takes most of the time because it is all about making it optimal for the most frequently executed code. When done right most of the C style structure code optimizes away completely in the most common cases and allmost all the file code optimizes away. As Chuck said when talking about file code in somone else's program, "This is an opportunity to remove 100% of the code from this section of your program." The way Chuck does these things today the only cost is the inclusion of auto-increment instructions in the instruction set at the hardware level.

The Forth style is to build the highest performance foundation as close to the metal as possible and then put the Forth database right on that.

There is a whole generation who have a hard time separating the ideas pervasive in the C/UNIX world, where one of the most basic ideas is that 'everything is a file', from the essence of many computing problems. Many people cannot separate the Microsoft software from the Intel hardware from the essence of many computing problems. A danger of this trend is that this will result in not only file abuse, but total dependence on standard file systems or worse yet on proprietary file or OS standards. It also carries the danger that they may miss the entire idea behind alternative languages, Operating Systems, and hardware that may make better use of programmer and computer time.

GNU stands for GNU isn't UNIX. People sometimes use the term GNU as Gnu is New UNIX. But Forth, when it provides OS services in Forth, is definately not UNIX. As an Operating System it is just there to support Forth and Forth is just there to support a solution. It is a language and Operating System based on words, stacks, and database blocks. In a picture of a problem, a computer, and solution, Forth is part of the solution, not part of the problem. It imposes no formal requirements or standards on the solution, it exists as part of a well factored solution. [Moore, 1999]

Jeff Fox


[Moore, 1999] Moore, Charles H., 1x Forth, Charles Moore, Interview 4/13/99

[Moore, 1970] Moore, Charles H. and Leach, Geoffrey C., FORTH - A Language for Interactive Computing (pdf) (html), Amsterdam NY: Mohasco Industries, Inc. (internal pub.) 1970.

[Moore, 2001] Moore, Charles H., colorforth.com, 2001

[Moore, 2002] Moore, Charles H., Internet Chat, May 5, 2002

[Moore, 1999] Moore, Charles H., Dispelling the User Illusion, SVFIG, 5/22/99

Monday, June 15, 2009

US House to debate Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill


aolserver 4.5.1 on netbsd 5 up and running with tcl 8.5.7

Obama CON MAN Health Care (DC)

Obama CON MAN Health Care (DC)
Reply to: pers-mf2cx-1222638493@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-15, 10:17AM PDT

Listening to Obama talk about how his Health Care will cost ove a trillion yet save 900 hundred billion at the same time is like listening to a CON MAN.

What bullshit. We'll save 300 billion by avoiding this, avoiding that -- upgrading computers, offering free insurance to reduce emergency room visits by illegals, stamping out fraud -- all just words. All bullshit. Just like how he "created 150,000 jobs" while offering NO PROOF while unemployment went up 600,000. One thing we have found is that all his plans are based on what he admits are "overly optimistic financial projections" and all his expenditures run higher and have NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO SPEEDY FUNCTIONING. His plan he just explained said that these reforms will come in three years, or two years, but our taxes come this year. Before it's too late! Or else! You must pass this fast!

He speaks of how the government will help people be processed for their operations. Gee, really? How does that work in England, your model? HOrribly. He talks of a woman who after one surgery covered by her insurance, she was dropped, and has spent 6 months worrying about how to pay her next operation , and he will erase this! Bullshit. Under his plan, at 57, she would be denied the operation.

But his biggest lie is that if you like your current medical plan, you can keep it. LIES! Why? Easy. It is proven in his next words. He then goes on to say how insurance is crippling businesses, and this would allow them to drop their plans to save money. Your company will drop it. The other reason you will move is because if you receive health coverage from work, surprise, you'll be taxed on it. And the business will not have the tax deduction for it. It will quickly become a one-coverage nation. AND IF YOU PAY FOR YOUR OWN INSURANCE YOU WILL BE FINED! FINED! FOR PAYING FOR BETTER HEALTH CARE! I would be fired at least $1,500 for my own coverage.











Location: DC
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Sunday, June 14, 2009

venetian princess


Saturday, June 13, 2009


won bet, took hot girl home





Bloodninja: I lick your earlobe, and undo your watch.
Sarah19fca: mmmm, okay.
Bloodninja: I take yo pants off, grunting like a troll.
Sarah19fca: Yeah I like it rough.
Bloodninja: I smack you thick booty.
Sarah19fca: Oh yeah, that feels good.
Bloodninja: Smack, Smack, yeeeaahhh.
Bloodninja: I make some toast and eat it off your ass. Land O' Lakes butter all in your crack. Mmmm.
Sarah19fca: you like that?
Bloodninja: I peel some bananas.
Sarah19fca: Oh, what are you gonna do with those?
Bloodninja: get me peanuts. Peanuts from the ballpark.
Sarah19fca: Peanuts?
Bloodninja: Ken Griffey Jr. Yeaaaaahhh.
Sarah19fca: What are you talking about?
Bloodninja: I'm spent, I jump down into the alley and smoke a fatty. I throw rocks at the cats.
Sarah19fca: This is stupid.
Bloodninja: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives me some beer.
Bloodninja: Wanna Wrestle Stone Cold?
Bloodninja: Yeeaahhhh.
Sarah19fca: /ignore
Bloodninja: Its cool stone cold she was a bitch anyway.
Bloodninja: We get on harleys and ride into the sunset.


Bloodninja: Wanna cyber?
DirtyKate: K, but don't tell anybody ;-)
DirtyKate: Who are you?
Bloodninja: I've got blond hair, blue eyes, I work out a lot
Bloodninja: And I have a part time job delivering for Papa John's in my Geo Storm.
DirtyKate: You sound sexy.. I bet you want me in the back of your car..
Bloodninja: Maybe some other time. You should call up Papa John's and make an order
DirtyKate: Haha! OK
DirtyKate: Hello! I'd like an extra-EXTRA large pizza just dripping with sauce.
Bloodninja: Well, first they would say, "Hello, this is Papa John's, how may I help you", then they tell you the specials, and then you would make your order. So that's an X-Large. What toppings do you want?
DirtyKate: I want everything, baby!
Bloodninja: Is this a delivery?
DirtyKate: Umm...Yes
DirtyKate: So you're bringing the pizza to my house now? Cause I'm home alone... and I think I'll take a shower...
Bloodninja: Good. It will take about fifteen minutes to cook, and then I'll drive to your house.
DirtyKate:I'm almost finished with my shower... Hurry up!
Bloodninja: You can't hurry good pizza.
Bloodninja: I'm on my way now though
DirtyKate: So you're at my front door now.
Bloodninja: How did you know?
Bloodninja: I knock but you can't hear me cause you're in the shower. So I let myself in, and walk inside. I put the pizza down on your coffee table.
Bloodninja: Are you ready to get nasty, baby? I'm as hot as a pizza oven
DirtyKate: ooohh yeah. I step out of the shower and I'm all wet and cold. Warm me up baby
Bloodninja: So you're still in the bathroom?
DirtyKate: Yeah, I'm wrapping a towel around myself.
Bloodninja: I can no longer resist the pizza. I open the box and unzip my pants with my other hand. As I penetrate the gooey cheese, I moan in ecstacy. The mushrooms and Italian sausage are rough, but the sauce is deliciously soothing. I blow my load in seconds. As you leave the bathroom, I exit through the front door....
DirtyKate: What the fuck?
DirtyKate: You perverted piece of s**t
DirtyKate: F**k


Bloodninja: Wanna cyber?
MommyMelissa: Sure, you into vegetables?
Bloodninja: What like gardening an s**t?
MommyMelissa: Yeah, something like that.
Bloodninja: Nuthin turns me on more, check this out
Bloodninja: You bend over to harvest your radishes.
MommyMelissa: is that it?
Bloodninja: You water your tomato patch.
Bloodninja: Are you ready for my fresh produce?
MommyMelissa: I was thinking of like, sexual acts INVOLVING vegetables... Can you make it a little more sexy for me?
Bloodninja: I touch you on your lettuce, you massage my spinach... Sexily.
Bloodninja: I ride your buttocks, like they were amber waves of grains.
MommyMelissa: Grain doesn't really turn me on... I was thinking more along the lines of carrots and zucchinis.
Bloodninja: my zucchinis carresses your carrots.
Bloodninja: Damn baby your right, this s**t is HOT.
MommyMelissa: ...
Bloodninja: My turnips listen for the soft cry of your love. My insides turn to celery as I unleash my warm and sticky cauliflower of love.
MommyMelissa: What the f**k is this madlibs? I'm outta here.
Bloodninja: Yah, well I already unleashed my cauliflower, all over your olives, and up in your eyes. Now you can't see. B**ch.
MommyMelissa: whatever.


Bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
BritneySpears14: Aight.
Bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, Bloodninja.
Bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
Bloodninja: Me too baby.
BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
Bloodninja: I cast Lvl 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
BritneySpears14: Hey...
Bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl 8 Penis of the Infinite.
BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it.
Bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty of the Beyondness.
BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
Bloodninja: Don't f**k with me biznitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
Bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl 2 Druid.
BritneySpears14: Don't ever message me again you piece.
Bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
Bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
Bloodninja: You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now.
Bloodninja: Baby?


Bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don't know how long I can keep it ready for you.
j_gurli13: thats ok. ok i'm a japanese schoolgirl, what r u.
Bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure.
j_gurli13: haha, ok lets go.
j_gurli13: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u on the neck.
Bloodninja: I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory.
j_gurli13: haha, ok, u know that turns me on.
j_gurli13: i start unbuttoning ur shirt.
Bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't wear shirts.
j_gurli13: No, ur not really a Rhinocerus silly, it's just part of the game.
Bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't play games. They f**king charge your ass.
j_gurli13: stop, cmon be serious.
Bloodninja: It doesn't get any more serious than a Rhinocerus about to charge your ass.
Bloodninja: I stomp my feet, the dust stirs around my tough skinned feet.
j_gurli13: thats it.
Bloodninja: Nostrils flaring, I lower my head. My horn, like some phallic symbol of my potent virility, is the last thing you see as skulls collide and mine remains the victor. You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn.
Bloodninja: F**k am I hard now.


BritneySpears14: Ok, are you ready?
eminemBNJA: Aight, yeah I'm ready.
BritneySpears14: I like your music Em... Tee hee.
eminemBNJA: huh huh, yeah, I make it for the ladies.
BritneySpears14: Mmm, we like it a lot. Let me show you.
BritneySpears14: I take off your pants, slowly, and massage your muscular physique.
eminemBNJA: Oh I like that Baby. I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: What the f**k, I told you not to message me again.
eminemBNJA: Oh s**t
BritneySpears14: I swear if you do it one more time I'm gonna report your ISP and say you were sending me kiddie porn you f((k up.
eminemBNJA: Oh s((t
eminemBNJA: damn I gotta write down your names or something


sweet17: Hi
Bloodninja: hello
Bloodninja: who is this?
sweet17: just a someone?
Bloodninja: A someone I know?
sweet17: nope
Bloodninja: Then why the hell are you bothering me?
sweet17: well sorrrrrry
sweet17: I just wanted to chat with you
Bloodninja: why?
sweet17: nevermind your an jerk
Bloodninja: Hey wait a minute
sweet17: yes?
Bloodninja: look I'm sorry. I'm just a little paranoid
sweet17: paranoid?
Bloodninja: yes
sweet17: of what?
sweet17: me?
Bloodninja: No. I'm in hiding.
sweet17: LOL
Bloodninja: Don't f**king laugh at me!
Bloodninja: This s**t is serious!
sweet17: What are you hiding from?
Bloodninja: The cops.
sweet17: gimme a f**king break
Bloodninja: I'm serious.
sweet17: I don't get it
Bloodninja: The cops are after me.
sweet17: For what?
Bloodninja: I'm wanted in three states
sweet17: For???
Bloodninja: It's kind of embarrasing.
Bloodninja: I had sex with a turkey.
Bloodninja: Hello?
sweet17: You are f**king sick.
Bloodninja: Send me your picture.
sweet17: why?
Bloodninja: so I know you aren't one of them.
sweet17: One of what?
Bloodninja: The cops.
sweet17: I'm not a cop i told you
Bloodninja: Then send me your picture.
sweet17: hold on
Bloodninja: Hurry up.
Bloodninja: Are you there?
Bloodninja: F**k you, cop!
sweet17: Hey sorry
sweet17: I had to do something for my mom.
Bloodninja: I thought you were trying to find a picture to send to me.
Bloodninja: When really you were notifying the authorities.
Bloodninja: Weren't you!?
sweet17: thats not it
Bloodninja: Then what?
sweet17: I don't want to send you the picture cause I'm not pretty
Bloodninja: Most cops aren't
Bloodninja: Then send me the picture.
sweet17: fine. What's your e-mail?
Bloodninja: Just send it through here.
sweet17: alright *PIC*
sweet17: Did you get it?
Bloodninja: Hold on. I'm looking.
sweet17: That was me back in may
sweet17: I've lost weight since then.
Bloodninja: I hope so
sweet17: what?!?
sweet17: that hurt my feelings.
Bloodninja: Did it?
sweet17: Yes. I'm not that much smaller than that now.
Bloodninja: Will it make you feel better if I send you my picture?
sweet17: yes
Bloodninja: Alright let me find it.
sweet17: kks
Bloodninja: Okay here it is. *PIC*
sweet17: this isn't you.
Bloodninja: I'll be damned if it ain't!
sweet17: You don't look like that.
Bloodninja: How the hell do you know?
sweet17: cause your profile has another picture.
Bloodninja: The profile pic is a fake.
Bloodninja: I use it to hide from the cops.
sweet17: You look like the Farm Fresh guy lol
Bloodninja: Well, you look like you ATE the Farm Fresh guy....
Bloodninja: Not to mention all the groceries.
sweet17: Go f**k yourself
Bloodninja: I was going to until I saw that picture
Bloodninja: Now my unit won't get hard for a week.
sweet17: I shouldn't have sent you that picture.
sweet17: You've done nothing but slam me.
sweet17: you hurt me.
Bloodninja: And calling me the Farm Fresh guy doesn't hurt me?
sweet17: I thought you were bullcrapping me!
Bloodninja: Why would I do that?
sweet17: I can't believe that cops are after you
Bloodninja: I can't believe Santa lets you sit on his lap..
sweet17: F((K YOU!!!
Bloodninja: You'd break both of his legs.
sweet17: You're a F**KING A**HOLE!
sweet17: I've been teased my whole life because of my weight
sweet17: and you make fun of me when you don't even know me
Bloodninja: Ok. I'm sorry.
sweet17: No you aren't
Bloodninja: You're right. I'm not.
Bloodninja: HAARRRRR!
sweet17: I'm done with you
Bloodninja: Aww. I'm sorry.
sweet17: I'm putting you on ignore
Bloodninja: Wait a sec
Bloodninja: We got off on the wrong foot.
Bloodninja: Wanna start over?
sweet17: No
Bloodninja: I'll eat your kitty
sweet17: You'll what?
Bloodninja: You heard me.
Bloodninja: I said I'd eat your kitty.
sweet17: I thought you said you couldn't get it hard after seeing my picture
Bloodninja: Do I need a hard-on to eat your kitty?
sweet17: I'd like to know that the man eating me out is excited yes
Bloodninja: Well I'm not like most men.
Bloodninja: I get excited in different ways.
sweet17: Like what?
Bloodninja: Do you really wanna know?
sweet17: I don't know
Bloodninja: You have to tell me yes or no.
sweet17: I'm afraid to
Bloodninja: Why?
sweet17: cause
Bloodninja: cause why?
sweet17: well lets see
sweet17: you say you have sex with turkeys. You call me fat. then you wanna eat me out
sweet17: doesn't that seem strange to you?
Bloodninja: Nope
sweet17: well its strange to me
Bloodninja: Fine. I won't do it if you don't want me to
sweet17: I didn't say that
Bloodninja: So is that a yes?
sweet17: I guess so.
Bloodninja: Ok. I need your help getting excited though.
Bloodninja: Are you willing?
sweet17: What do you need me to do?
Bloodninja: I need you talk like a pirate.
sweet17: ???
Bloodninja: When I start to go limp... you say "HARRRR!!!"
Bloodninja: ok?
Bloodninja: Hello?
sweet17: You can't be serious
Bloodninja: Oh yes I am!
Bloodninja: It's my fantasy.
sweet17: this is retarded
Bloodninja: Do you want it or not?
sweet17: Yes I want it.
Bloodninja: Then you'll do it for me?
sweet17: sure
Bloodninja: Ok. Here we go.
Bloodninja: I gently remove your panties and being to massage your thighs.
Bloodninja: You get really juicy thinking about my tounge brushing up against them
Bloodninja: I softly begin to tounge your wet kitty.
Bloodninja: I run my tounge up and down your smooth c**t.
sweet17: mmmm yeah
Bloodninja: uh oh ...going limp.
sweet17: Har
Bloodninja: You gotta do better than that!
Bloodninja: Your picture was really bad.
Bloodninja: Ahhhh. Much better. I feel your kitty get more moist with every stroke.
Bloodninja: I softly suck on your cl*t bringing it in and out of my mouth.
Bloodninja: Your juices run down my chin as your scent makes its way to my nose.
Bloodninja: I begin to feel empowered by your femininity.
sweet17: mmmmmm you are good
Bloodninja: I feel your thighs tighten as I suck harder
Bloodninja: going limp
sweet17: HARRRRRRR
Bloodninja: Mmmm I grab your swelling buttocks in my hands.
Bloodninja: You begin to sway back and forth.
Bloodninja: going limp
sweet17: this is stupid
Bloodninja: ...still limp
Bloodninja: Do it!
Bloodninja: I turn you around to lick your a**hole.
Bloodninja: I pry apart that battleship you call your ass.
Bloodninja: I see poo nuggets hanging from the hair around your ass.
sweet17: WTF?!?!?
Bloodninja: They stink really bad.
sweet17: OMG STOP!!!
Bloodninja: I start to get fed up with your ugly ass
Bloodninja: I tear off your wooden peg leg.
Bloodninja: I ram it up your ass.
Bloodninja: Then I pour hot carmel over your head.
Bloodninja: And turn you into a f**king candy apple...
Bloodninja: I kick you in the face!
sweet17: F**K YOU A**HOLE!!
Bloodninja: The celluloid from your cheeks hits the side of the cabin...
Bloodninja: Your parrot flys away.
Bloodninja: ...going limp again.
Bloodninja: Hello?
Bloodninja: Say it!
Bloodninja: HAARRRRRR!!!!!


Wellhung: Hello, Sweetheart. What do you look like?
Sweetheart: I am wearing a red silk blouse, a miniskirt and high heels. I work out every day, I'm toned and perfect. My measurements are 36-24-36. What do you look like?
Wellhung: I'm 6'3" and about 280 pounds.I wear glasses and I have on a pair of blue sweat pants I just bought from Walmart.I'm also wearing a T-shirt with a few spots of barbecue sauce on it from dinner...it smells funny.
Sweetheart: I want you.Would you like to screw me?
Wellhung: OK
Sweetheart: We're in my bedroom.There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser and night table.I'm looking up into your eyes, smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge.
Wellhung: I'm gulping, I'm beginning to sweat.
Sweetheart: I'm pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest.
Wellhung: Now I'm unbuttoning your blouse.My hands are trembling.
Sweetheart: I'm moaning softly.
Wellhung: I'm taking hold of your blouse and sliding it off slowly.
Sweetheart: I'm throwing my head back in pleasure.The cool silk slides off my warm skin.I'm rubbing your bulge faster, pulling and rubbing.
Wellhung: My hand suddenly jerks spastically and accidentally rips a hole in your blouse.I'm sorry.
Sweetheart: That's OK, it wasn't really too expensive.
Wellhung: I'll pay for it.
Sweetheart: Don't worry about it.I'm wearing a lacy black bra.My soft breasts are rising and falling, as I breath harder and harder.
Wellhung: I'm fumbling with the clasp on your bra.I think it's stuck. Do you have any scissors?
Sweetheart: I take your hand and kiss it softly.I'm reaching back undoing the clasp. The bra slides off my body. The air caresses my breasts. My nipples are erect for you.
Wellhung: How did you do that? I'm picking up the bra and inspecting the clasp.
Sweetheart: I'm arching my back. Oh baby. I just want to feel your tongue all over me.
Wellhung: I'm dropping the bra. Now I'm licking your, you know, breasts. They're neat!
Sweetheart: I'm running my fingers through your hair. Now I'm nibbling your ear.
Wellhung: I suddenly sneeze. Your breasts are covered with spit and phlegm.
Sweetheart: What?
Wellhung: I'm so sorry. Really.
Sweetheart: I'm wiping your phlegm off my breasts with the remains of my blouse.
Wellhung: I'm taking the sopping wet blouse from you. I drop it with a plop.
Sweetheart: OK. I'm pulling your sweat pants down and rubbing your hard tool.
Wellhung: I'm screaming like a woman. Your hands are cold! Yeeee!
Sweetheart: I'm pulling up my miniskirt. Take off my panties.
Wellhung: I'm pulling off your panties. My tongue is going all over, in and out nibbling on you...umm... wait a minute.
Sweetheart: What's the matter?
Wellhung: I've got a pubic hair caught in my throat. I'm choking.
Sweetheart: Are you OK?
Wellhung: I'm having a coughing fit. I'm turning all red.
Sweetheart: Can I help?
Wellhung: I'm running to the kitchen, choking wildly. I'm fumbling through the cabinets, looking for a cup. Where do you keep your cups?
Sweetheart: In the cabinet to the right of the sink.
Wellhung: I'm drinking a cup of water. There, that's better.
Sweetheart: Come back to me, lover.
Wellhung: I'm washing the cup now.
Sweetheart: I'm on the bed arching for you.
Wellhung: I'm drying the cup. Now I'm putting it back in the cabinet. And now I'm walking back to the bedroom. Wait, it's dark, I'm lost. Where's the bedroom?
Sweetheart: Last door on the left at the end of the hall.
Wellhung: I found it.
Sweetheart: I'm tuggin' off your pants. I'm moaning. I want you so badly.
Wellhung: Me too.
Sweetheart: Your pants are off. I kiss you passionately-our naked bodies pressing each other.
Wellhung: Your face is pushing my glasses into my face. It hurts.
Sweetheart Why don't you take off your glasses?
Wellhung: OK, but I can't see very well without them. I place the glasses on the night table.
Sweetheart: I'm bending over the bed. Give it to me, baby!
Wellhung: I have to pee. I'm fumbling my way blindly across the room and toward the bathroom.
Sweetheart: Hurry back, lover.
Wellhung: I find the bathroom and it's dark. I'm feeling around for the toilet. I lift the lid.
Sweetheart: I'm waiting eagerly for your return.
Wellhung: I'm done going. I'm feeling around for the flush handle, but I can't find it. Uh-oh!
Sweetheart: What's the matter now?
Wellhung: I've realized that I've peed into your laundry hamper. Sorry again. I'm walking back to the bedroom now, blindly feeling my way.
Sweetheart: Mmm, yes. Come on.
Wellhung: OK, now I'm going to put my...you know ...thing...in your...you know...woman's thing.
Sweetheart: Yes! Do it, baby! Do it!
Wellhung: I'm touching your smooth butt. It feels so nice. I kiss your neck. Umm, I'm having a little trouble here.
Sweetheart: I'm moving my ass back and forth, moaning. I can't stand it another second! Slide in! Screw me now!
Wellhung: I'm flaccid.
Sweetheart: What?
Wellhung: I'm limp. I can't sustain an erection.
Sweetheart: I'm standing up and turning around; an incredulous look on my face.
Wellhung: I'm shrugging with a sad look on my face, my weiner all floppy. I'm going to get my glasses and see what's wrong.
Sweetheart: No, never mind. I'm getting dressed. I'm putting on my underwear. Now I'm putting on my wet nasty blouse.
Wellhung: No wait! Now I'm squinting, trying to find the night table. I'm feeling along the dresser, knocking over cans of hair spray, picture frames and your candles.
Sweetheart: I'm buttoning my blouse. Now I'm putting on my shoes.
Wellhung: I've found my glasses. I'm putting them on. My God! One of our candles fell on the curtain. The curtain is on fire! I'm pointing at it, a shocked look on my face.
Sweetheart: Go to hell. I'm logging off, you loser!
Wellhung: Now the carpet is on fire! Oh noooo!


I.F.: You ready yet? Im bearing to go!
SexyKarla17: Yhea im slipping out of my clothes right now, what do you look like?
I.F.: a Kodiac bear
SexyKarla17: ?
I.F.: Im soft naked, fuzzy and waiting for you to come mount me
SexyKarla17: Oh I love cute fuzzy bears, I walk up and get on top of you stroking your soft hair, kissing you gently as my move my way down your stomach
I.F.: I growl to warm you my cubs are near
SexyKarla17: huh?
I.F.: Bears get f**kin pumped when anyone is near their cubs
Sexkarla17: yhea hehe dont be silly..
SexyKarla17: I love how you growl as I continue to kiss you, while taking off your pants.
I.F.: Bears dont wear pants and you should cover yourself in Honey now
SexyKarla17: hehe you would love to lick that off me huh. I pour honey all over my warm wet body waiting for you to start licking it off me slowly
I.F.: I sniff the air to see where the sweet scent of the honey is coming from, while slowly snorting and walking towards you
I.F.: I Growl again, and start to bite you
SexyKarla17: Yhea that feels good..ooooo...not too hard now
I.F.: I bite harder peeling flesh from your stomach, and look up into your eyes to show you my mouth dripping with your warm blood mixed with honey, I then I let my cubs rip apart your limbs and play with you like a ragdoll.
SexyKarla17: what the f**k?
I.F.:uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh and im spent.


I.F.: My s**t is hard you ready to jump aboard?
1hOttYeVe: oh yea im so wet right now
I.F.: Why you just shower?
1hOttYeVe: no im wet for you
I.F.: Did you ever play with supersoakers when you were a kid? or that gator s**t you would dive and slide down, there was that badass pool at the end of it.
1hOttYeVe: What the f**k are you talking about? You wanna cyber or not?
I.F.: I do! Sorry...I just didnt know why you were wet...then you say your wet for me, and im thinking I didnt even throw water on you...
I.F.: Im sorry lets continue!
1hOttYeVe: alright then...I walk over to you and start kissing your neck and chest
I.F.: I pop like 16 boners
1hOttYeVe: what the f**k!
I.F.: what?


Partner6: So you're really a 18 yr old girl right?
J-Dogg: Yeah, J for Julie.
Partner6: So whats with the "Dogg"
J-Dogg: Uh, It's cause I'm into the latina gangs and shit. You know, rollin with tha homies and shit.
Partner6: Oh, uh ok thats cool. So you ever seen a gun?
J-Dogg: Yeah like I got 6 guns.
Partner6: Thats cool, so you wanna see my gun?
J-Dogg: hehe, of course baby.
Partner6: I pull off my pants and show you my "gun".
J-Dogg: Ohh, it's so big.
Partner6: Yeah, what you want to do?
J-Dogg: Umm, i guess stroke it or something.
Partner6: It likes that.
J-Dogg: aight.
Partner6: Keep talking to me baby...
J-Dogg: I kiss you on the mouth, hard, but then gently.
Partner6: Mmmm, daddy like.
J-Dogg: I unzip my pants...
Partner6: Yes, show me what you got.
J-Dogg: I pull out my schlong, and rub it on your breasts...
Partner6: WTF?!
J-Dogg: Oh s**t, I meant, your schlong! your schlong!
Partner6: I've had it with you queers trying to cyber me, I only f**k women...
J-Dogg: S**it just don't shoot me man, I wasn't serious about the guns I have, I'm unarmed!
Partner6: You dips**t.
J-Dogg: I whimper to myself...
J-Dogg: please don't shoot me Mr.


J-Dogg: I see you in line at the supermarket. Our eyes meet.
Partner8: Who the f**k are you?
J-Dogg: I mouth the words to you, as if in slow motion:
J-Dogg: F**k me, F**k me.
J-Dogg: My wishes are like poetry in your eyes. We want this moment to last forever.
Partner8: OMFG are you trying to cyber me?
J-Dogg: We are like two dancers, for whom the music never stops. I Kiss the top of your hand. You are taken aback by the bulge that forms in your thigh.
Partner8: Is that like cancer?
J-Dogg: If cancer is our love, then I hope you don't have the technology of chemotherapy.
Partner8: Good one romeo.
J-Dogg: You grab the bulge that you feel. you think it must be taking over your mind, theres nothing else you can think of. My tubesteak to you is like a beautiful japanese haiku.

The salmon swim at night.
Towards your room.
The snow and the moon.

Partner8: that was never a haiku.
J-Dogg: To your light bulb I am the Thomas Edison of your sex. Withought my light you would be lost in a sea of darkness.
Partner8: That made even less sense than your "haiku"
J-Dogg: So you ready to f**k then?
Partner8: You unbutton my pants, spew your load at the sight of my underwear, and your spent.
J-Dogg: ...
Partner8: ?
J-Dogg: I'm spent.


Jdogg: Hey
QT-Pie: Hey
Jdogg: whats goin on
QT-Pie: Nothing. Who are you?
Jdogg: Jdogg. Wanna cyber?
QT-Pie: what does that mean?
Jdogg: what are you wearing?
QT-Pie: T-shirt. Jeans.
Jdogg: Garter belt?
QT-Pie: Ummm...no.
Jdogg: Are we gonna cyber or not?
QT-Pie: uh, okay.
Jdogg: Sweet, I start by rubbing your ass all around. You love this.
Jdogg: You're wet already. I can smell your p*ssy stink from here.
QT-Pie: WHAT?!
Jdogg: I execute standing position 12 from the Kama Sutra. Passion fills the room. Your head is close to the ceiling fan.
Jdogg: You leave everything to Jdogg.
Jdogg: I am completely inside of you. You are my dick puppet. I put on a little play.
QT-Pie: This is weird. I should go.
Jdogg: I drop you on the ground, and lay a stripe down your back.
QT-Pie: A stripe?
Jdogg: I need a sandwich.
QT-Pie: You're a freak.
Jdogg: I was great. You loved it.





Friday, June 12, 2009






empire_builder end the fed
11:49 empire_builder make government spedn onyl what it taken in
11:49 empire_builder straight up
11:49 empire_builder no selling debt instruments to other governments
11:49 empire_builder no selling bond or any debt at all
11:49 empire_builder by governemtn
11:49 empire_builder pay for its services with taxes
11:49 empire_builder simple
11:49 empire_builder and cut everything real thin
11:49 empire_builder let free merkat produce
11:49 empire_builder video tape professors
11:50 empire_builder end insurance industry
11:50 empire_builder its deadwirfght

I had dream of having sex in a parking lot with a girl i didnt know her name bending her over a parked car while people are in other end of parking lo

I had dream of having sex in a parking lot with a girl i didnt know her name bending her over a parked car while people are in other end of parking lot

Thursday, June 11, 2009

event driven programming


UPDATE: Bernanke is worried HR 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve is Gaining Momentum FAST!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bitch management lol


improved aolserver index.adp

set uptime [ns_info uptime]

if {$uptime < 60} {
set uptime [format %.2d $uptime]
} elseif {$uptime < 3600} {
set mins [expr $uptime / 60]
set secs [expr $uptime - ($mins * 60)]

set uptime "[format %.2d $mins]:[format %.2d $secs]"
} elseif {$uptime < 86400} {
set hours [expr $uptime / 3600]
set mins [expr ($uptime - ($hours * 3600)) / 60]
set secs [expr $uptime - (($hours * 3600) + ($mins * 60))]

set uptime "${hours}:[format %.2d $mins]:[format %.2d $secs]"
} else {
set days [expr $uptime / 86400]
set hours [expr ($uptime - ($days * 86400)) / 3600]
set mins [expr ($uptime - ($days * 86400) - ($hours * 3600)) / 60]
set secs [expr $uptime - ($days * 86400) - ($hours * 3600) - ($mins * 60)]

set uptime "${days}Days\n[format %.2d $hours]Hours\n[format %.2d $mins]Mins\n[format %.2d $secs]Secs"


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Plan 9 from Bell Labs - http://9fans.net | http://lsub.org/who/nemo/9.intro.pdf
Topic set by vt3 on Sat Dec 08 2007 02:31:58 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
Plan 9 from Bell Labs - http://9fans.net | http://lsub.org/who/nemo/9.intro.pdf
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03:06 eMBee where are you reading this?
03:07 ferret_thinner http://cat-v.org/quotes
03:07 ferret_thinner unix creator or close said supposedly
Squeak Smalltalk: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/IRCPortal | Squeak 3.10.2: http://ftp.squeak.org/3.10/ | http://squeak.org/Documentation/
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Help fund 6.0 development with fundraiser 2009! http://netbsd.org/donations/ || Check out the official NetBSD.org/docs and user-supported wiki.NetBSD.se docs
Topic set by sjamaan on Fri Jun 05 2009 00:05:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
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03:08 Spaz ._.
03:08 Spaz sprays ferret repellent
03:09 Spaz YazzY, i'm always wrong. but this statement is right.
03:09 Spaz :p
03:09 YazzY hehe
03:09 YazzY it's like "thanks god i'm atheist2
03:09 YazzY it's like "thanks god i'm atheist"
03:09 Spaz mhm :P
03:09 ferret_thinner better to have a god
03:09 ferret_thinner just not christain one
03:09 ferret_thinner lol
03:09 ferret_thinner mine are odin poseidon and hastur
03:09 Spaz does not require an imaginary friend
03:10 Spaz i outgrew that when i was 8
03:10 ferret_thinner I wonder what would happen if I did 5000 pushups a day
03:10 YazzY so last year?
03:10 ferret_thinner id get huge
03:10 Spaz YazzY, touché.
03:10 YazzY :)
03:10 Spaz YazzY, actually, 10 years ago :p
03:10 ferret_thinner ig to a fat belly
03:10 ferret_thinner I got slim down
03:10 ferret_thinner i can exeriise
03:10 ferret_thinner or eat smaller
03:10 YazzY Spaz: wow, i'd never guess!
03:10 ferret_thinner seems ahrder btu eatin smaller faster way
03:11 Spaz YazzY, i know it's spectacular. :P
03:11 ferret_thinner exercise can only burn 300 calorie at a time
03:11 YazzY Spaz: yah, you're awsome
03:11 ferret_thinner how do you get good enuf with c to actually contribute to netbsd
03:11 Spaz :P
03:11 ferret_thinner thats liek godlike power for me
03:12 aperturefever replaced: http://www.universetoday.com/2009/05/26/more-researchers-say-liquid-water-present-on-mars-now/ and http://www.universetoday.com/2008/09/29/snow-is-falling-from-martian-clouds/
03:12 Spaz aperturefever, @_@
03:12 ferret_thinner science has existed for 100 years to house feed everyone in mansions
03:12 ferret_thinner with top food
Help fund 6.0 development with fundraiser 2009! http://netbsd.org/donations/ || Check out the official NetBSD.org/docs and user-supported wiki.NetBSD.se docs
[Mibbitian] ferret_thinner
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barry bonds got married to ugly chick now cleaners for him


hilarity and book idea

02:39 *** feret_mercedes joined #netbsd
Help fund 6.0 development with fundraiser 2009! http://netbsd.org/donations/ || Check out the official NetBSD.org/docs and user-supported wiki.NetBSD.se docs
Topic set by sjamaan on Fri Jun 05 2009 00:05:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
02:39 ChanServ [#netbsd] http://www.NetBSD.org - Welcome. This channel is for NetBSD support and related discussions. Chatting is allowed, but keep it friendly.
02:39 feret_mercedes where is riastradh
02:39 feret_mercedes or asau
02:40 feret_mercedes ass ow
02:40 feret_mercedes I should be in charge of netbsd t shirts
02:40 feret_mercedes I would get netbsd 60k
02:40 feret_mercedes ez
02:40 feret_mercedes ee zzz
02:40 feret_mercedes "Linux, who cares? --NetBSD--"
02:41 feret_mercedes "Solaris, why bother? --NetBSd--"
02:41 feret_mercedes lol
02:41 feret_mercedes "Redhat, cmon admit you hate it like that kid from 5th grade: NetBSD"
02:42 *** Multichil joined #netbsd
02:42 Viking667 Why doesn't it run on everything? Oh wait, it does. NetBSD
02:42 *** Viking667 quit ("Second star to the right, and straight on until morning")
02:43 *** chris_osx left #netbsd ("Ex-Chat")
02:45 feret_mercedes oh snap
02:45 feret_mercedes "Hey bitches, bow down, I know NetBSD!"
02:48 feret_mercedes haskell on netbsd
02:48 feret_mercedes ;)
02:48 feret_mercedes might b k00l
02:48 feret_mercedes or fuck ti common lisp
02:48 feret_mercedes where is paul graham
02:48 feret_mercedes common lisp he said is best vehicle for gettign lots fo work done
02:48 feret_mercedes I love it
02:48 feret_mercedes his book exercises in ch2 are fucking me up tho
02:49 hackkitten Ada > *
02:49 hackkitten ^--^
02:49 feret_mercedes lol
02:49 feret_mercedes that one guy won a contest with ada and netbsd
02:49 feret_mercedes then talked about how he hasnt even gotten into its concurrency
02:49 feret_mercedes haskell seems awesome for concurrent stuff
02:50 feret_mercedes I went to a shemale bar tonight and it was freakin awesome.
02:50 feret_mercedes got a number
02:50 feret_mercedes I wana fuck.
02:51 hackkitten ....
02:52 Spaz lulz.
02:53 KordeX how do we know that it's summer? because of people like him.
02:53 hackkitten I wish that hunting down certain groups of people wasn't illegal~
02:53 Spaz 34C (94F) predicted for today.
02:53 Spaz -_-
02:53 replaced nasty feret boy
02:54 replaced hackkitten: like?
02:54 feret_mercedes well on the upside I enjoy using a netbsd desktop with iceWM, vlc, opera
02:55 feret_mercedes I should write a really dumb book on netbsd
02:55 feret_mercedes liek netbsd for tards
02:55 feret_mercedes and I bet 100s mroe would use it
02:55 feret_mercedes just me writing
02:55 feret_mercedes show howto compile apache
02:55 feret_mercedes lamp
02:55 feret_mercedes some toher absic crap
02:55 feret_mercedes other basic crap
02:55 feret_mercedes but people be liek wow this book is really accesible and not fula crappy jokes

maleolani hot and wise pull hair

maleolani hot and wise pull hair

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

irish jig


volunteering now paid with cash snaked from taxpayers thanks obama commy


happy hour

blue: they should have hand job place with big screen and beer (11:26:53 AM) richardgreen: yeah YEAH OHHH YEAHHH

(11:22:36 AM) richardgreen: I wasn't too impressed last time I was there
(11:22:50 AM) richardgreen: lakers rule
(11:23:03 AM) richardgreen: I wonder how they will do tonight
(11:23:24 AM) richardgreen: they better kick ass
(11:24:07 AM) blue: they will romp
(11:24:10 AM) blue: or lose bad
(11:24:17 AM) blue: cuz no one watch if total slaughter
(11:24:37 AM) blue: maybe nba tell refs to go oralndo way
(11:25:02 AM) richardgreen: I think it may be fixed
(11:25:09 AM) blue: ;)
(11:25:13 AM) richardgreen: think about all the money involved
(11:25:17 AM) blue: yeah
(11:25:23 AM) blue: each game lots of tickets
(11:25:25 AM) blue: and food
(11:25:26 AM) richardgreen: yeah YEAH
(11:25:29 AM) blue: better to go 7
(11:25:41 AM) richardgreen: food, beer. tickets, etc....
(11:25:56 AM) richardgreen: I hope it goes 5 or 6 with lakers victory
(11:26:12 AM) blue: and hookers
(11:26:13 AM) blue: for after game fucking
(11:26:24 AM) richardgreen: nothing like a good after game romp
(11:26:43 AM) blue: or hand job as u watch game
(11:26:51 AM) blue: they should have hand job place with big screen and beer
(11:26:53 AM) richardgreen: yeah YEAH OHHH YEAHHH
(11:26:56 AM) blue: LOL

obama says tax wealthy for health care communism anyone


Congressman Ron Paul Talks Foreign Policy: New Face, Same Policy


Gingrich at Republican Fundraiser Says Obama’s ‘Already Failed’


Monday, June 8, 2009

kevin mchale was awesome

sick moves

house haskell os


haskell has fast threading concurrency and parrallelism NICE



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

gibbons trading guy sounds smart


Gibbons' Trading

63.2% stock trading profit in 2008

19.0% stock trading profit in 2009

Average stock trading Profit +23.8% per year

The world's #1 Trend Following Market Model

The world's #1 Market Timer

Timer Digest 2002/2007/2008 Timer of the Year

Timer Digest 2008 #1 Long Term Timer of the Year

Timer Digest #1 Long Term Timer for the last 3 Years

Timer Digest #1 Long Term Timer for the last 5 Years

How have we performed?

From 12/30/2003 to 12/31/2008 a $100 investment in the S&P 500 is now worth $81.23*

From 12/30/2003 to 12/31/2008 a $100 investment in the S&P 500 using Gibbons' trading signals is now worth $188.33*

*data according to Timer Digest's Special Annual Report (1/26/2009)*


About Gibbons' Trading

Gibbons' Trading LLC is a Las Vegas based company engaged in proprietary trading, research, and publishing. The company's managing partner is Michael Gibbons who earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University at Long Beach in Economics. He was a pioneer in computerized market analysis, having used it for trading and research since 1971. For twenty six years, Michael was a broker and trading advisor working for some of the nation's largest investment firms. He was one of the first to discover and employ stock index arbitrage in the early 1980s.

Ten years ago, Michael Gibbons created the Value Trading Method (VTM) which is a proprietary trading system that is an amalgamation of trend following and pattern recognition. It uses a minimal number of parameters so as to not reduce statistical degrees of freedom.

Gibbons' Trading clients include large traders, banks, forex dealers, hedge funds, brokers, insurance companies, risk management firms, and many institutional money managers. His fees for his services and publications are among the highest in the world. Gibbons’ Trading LLC offers four financial publications. All trades are determined by proprietary price-based analysis and the trend as defined by his VTM trading method.

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

Michael Gibbons

Current Market Analysis

My current VTM trading signals and specific trades are reserved for subscribers only. The VTM is a proprietary price based trend following and pattern recognition method of trading that uses a minimal number of parameters so as to not reduce statistical degrees of freedom. The accuracy and profitability of VTM trades continues to be consistent with acceptable deviation from the mean. The VTM over ten years of real time trading has proven to be among the most profitable trading methods in the world.

In my view, the development of the VTM is one of the great achievements in trading history and essentially provides a way for traders to solve the Kobayashi Maru. It has turned trading on it's head by following the simple premise that we want to go long when the market is going up and we want to go short when the market is going down.

My Model Portfolio stock index trades have been profitable 74.3% of the time and have made a net profit of $35,246,450.00 over nine years of real time trading history.

I am Timer Digest’s 2008 Timer of the Year and I won this honor in 2002 and 2007 as well. Timer Digest monitors over a 100 of the world’s top market timing/trading models, and the very word “timer” implies that I am a market timer- I am kind of, but only in the sense that my short-term trend trades are correct a very high percentage of the time. I developed my short term VTM (Value Trading Method) Trading System on very short term measures of trend, that while discretionary, are based on systematic patterns. A trend is something that repeats, and if you examine the buy and sell signals, you can see that when I buy the S&P it generally moves higher and when I sell, it tends to move lower.

Below are my trades submitted to Timer Digest for the S&P 500 cash (SPX) covering late 2007 and all of 2008 with the resultant profit and loss. As you can see, far from having losses, I achieved the best trading record in my history.L 11/8/07 1474.76 71.87
S 12/11/07 1477.65 2.89
L 12/19/07 1453.00 24.65
S 4/8/08 1372.54 -80.46
L 4/17/08 1365.56 6.98
S 5/2/08 1413.90 48.34
L 6/10/08 1358.44 55.46
S 6/18/08 1350.93 -7.51
L 7/2/08 1261.52 89.41
S 7/23/08 1282.18 20.66
L 9/8/08 1267.79 14.39
S 9/19/08 1255.08 -12.71
L 9/23/08 1188.22 66.86
S 9/25/08 1209.18 20.96
L 10/16/08 946.43 262.75
S 10/30/08 954.09 7.66
L 11/11/08 898.95 55.14
S 11/28/08 896.24 -2.71
L 12/9/08 888.67 7.57
Last 12/31/08 903.25 14.58

Total 666.78

Gibbons' Trading Blog:


The Trend is your Friend and all profitable trading is based on trend following- even if traders don’t consciously know it.

The reality is, most hedge funds make money on the long side of the market. That is, to get and maintain their clientele, they must focus on long only trades. To attract clients, they generally must claim they are fundamentalists, as technical analysis (specifically market timing) is out of favor at the moment. Now trading the long side of the market based on fundamentals (whatever they are), is still premised on the existence of a trend. That is, since the trend is the basis of all profit, the market has to be moving in your direction to make a profit. If you buy at A and sell at B, and the trade was profitable, the market went up-or trended (at least for as long as you were in the trade). Very few people can correctly define trend; I will do that here: it is something that repeats. So funds that trade the long side of the market, still require the existence of a trend to make a profit. Therefore, all those that would deny that they are trend followers are in fact, trend followers. They may not be consciously aware of it, but metaphysically, they are relying on the presence of trends to make money. Their methodologies may not be trend following algorithms, but nonetheless, they are in bed with true trend followers-even if they are not aware of it. The directional movement of a market determines dollar profit. If the S&P 500 goes from 1000 to 1500 and we are long, we make 500 points of profit less fees. The move from 1000 to 1500 was something that repeated-the S&P kept going up. The directional movement was up caused by the presence of a trend. Therefore, any attempt to deny that the trend is the basis of all profit, is a logical contradiction. True trend followers eliminate the rationalizations-they just admit they need trending markets to make money, and act accordingly.

The Buy and Hold Myth

The period of history the buy and hold advocates don’t want you to know about is 1929 to 1954. The highest close for the Dow was 381.17 on 9/3/1929 before the beginning of the great bear market, and it took 25 years to get back to “even” on a nominal basis (not counting inflation). The Dow closed above 381 for the first time on 11/23/1954 after the high in September 1929.

No one would have held stocks for 25 years and no one will hold stocks now- they are selling and will continue to sell en masse until everyone hates the stock market and no one even cares what it does from day to day. At this point, we will see true capitulation and the start of a new bull market.

Buy and hold? Stocks for the long term? It was irrational when it was first promoted and is still irrational. The reason it is irrational is because markets trend both up and down. The trend is the basis of all profit, so you cannot make a profit if you are opposite the trend. If you had bought the S&P 500 ten years ago, you would be down 32% not counting inflation- and you would be down over 50% with inflation. Oh yes, I know the academic argument that if you hold your losing trades long enough, history has shown you will make a profit. I can assure you that no investor has the discipline to stay with losing trades for the several 20-30 year bear market periods in market history to get back to even.

Buy and hold is a scam promoted by Wall Street for the gullible, and would you believe most people still accept this notion? The reason I make money in the markets is because the vast majority of investors are fools- and my VTM capitalizes on their perpetual foolishness (actually they are idiots because they cannot or will not acknowledge the cardinal importance of the trend).

I have a few clients who have been buying select stocks and/or refusing to go short for much of 2008 and so far in 2009. The result- they are decimated financially because they thought they were smarter than the market. If you buy and hold you have to make money eventually- right? They got conditioned like lab rats to buy stocks because of the propaganda they got from an industry that makes money by getting people to buy the stocks they and others are selling. The mutual fund industry is a high cost and underperforming scam perpetrated by the Wall Street elite. They don’t like trend traders like myself- we negate the buy and hold myth.

Investors have been in an uptrending market since 1974 and cannot adjust to a downtrend because of their lab-rat conditioning and intellectual inability to check their premises. This year’s historic decline is an expensive lesson for many and it stresses the importance of remaining flexible and not holding any opinions about markets. I have no opinions that I act on- I only act upon VTM buy and sell signals. If you do what the market is doing you make a profit- if not, you join the millions of market losers. And, rest assured, if you insist on buying stocks in a downtrend, I will be on the other side of your trade along with my hedge fund clients most of the time. I’ll take your money and have all of this year.

If you are one of the losers, take a long/hard look at yourself in the mirror. If you are not doing what the market is doing, you are letting your ego supersede reality which is the definition of self-delusion. Self-deluded investors lose a lot of money in markets. If you want to stop losing, you first need to start winning. While the VTM is not a sufficient condition to win, it is a necessary condition. I will continue to provide my clients with the best trend following method in the world and you can take that to the bank.

We make money in downtrends because we go short. My VTM trend following trading system simply goes with the flow which is the rational thing to do at all times. Obviously if the vast majority of so-called “investors” have losses this year, they are not trend followers. Trend followers such as myself have record profits. If you are in the market to make a profit, how can you logically trade without regard to the trend?

Observe the magnitude of the market losses this year shown by the ”smartest guys in the room” that made money in stocks by simply being fortunate enough to have caught the greatest bull market in history. Even Warren Buffett has lost his ass in this decline, with Berkshire down 31.7 in 2008. You see, most people (including Buffett) made money in stocks by luck- not skill, because we have been in a long term bull market since 1974. They established great long term track records because there was never a large enough trend to the downside to significantly impact their performance. Anyone that bought stocks had an edge simply because of the uptrend which was the basis of all profits made by simply buying stocks. Now the long term trend is down, and we can see clearly that the luck has run out for those that do not respect the power of the trend. The real lack of market acumen and trading skill is now exposed for all to see. The biggest winners in the past are now among the biggest losers.

Bill Miller’s Legg-Mason Value Fund was down 55% in 2008 because he is not a trend follower and only buys and holds stocks. He and others are “value investors” (whatever that means) which is based on the premise that stocks go low enough so they can be bought and sold later at higher prices. But this assumes that what goes down will not continue to go down. What if the S&P 500 drops 800 points as it just has, and the stocks that seemed to be great values keep going down? In my view, his long term track record was more luck than skill. Now there is no more luck and the lack of regard for the trend has greatly tarnished his investment record.

Are you aware that there is virtually no discussion of trends and what they are by anyone in the investment community? Now, why would that be since the trend is the basis of all profit? The reason that the word trend is anathema is because you will be out of the market or short about 50% of the time. Out of the market 50% of the time? That’s bad for business on Wall Street. Anything bad for the buy and hold business is not going to get much coverage. You also don’t need analysis and financial news, since trend following models are not based on fundamentals or news events. Eliminate those from the equation, and you have a lot of unemployed people. Again- bad for business.

Do you get the concept that is being established here? Forget the buy and hold myth promulgated by the thousands of shills for the Wall Street Gang- the trend is your friend.