Friday, February 25, 2011

shmmax shmall oracel solaris tuning

The howto would read:

Find oracle shared memory on the box, which should be smaller than physical ram.

For example physical ram =40g, oracle shared memory = 30g.

Add three gigs to the oracle shared memory to get shmmax.

1024 to the third power[cubed] x 33 = shmmax=35433480192

Find page size on the box.

[root@lalvsdsidbla01 ~]# getconf PAGE_SIZE


Divide shmmax by page size to get shmall. shmall=8650752 [ shmmax / 4096]

Record the values in /etc/sysctl.conf.

Afterchecklign with everyone, and dba shut down oracle, run sysctl –p to change load the setting into the running linux kernel.

Have DBA Start oracle which should now be happy.


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