Friday, February 24, 2012

england lost ww1+2 to germany and capitalism is best

(1:14:38 PM) The topic for ##freebsd is: Welcome to ##FreeBSD || Last Security Advisory 2011-12-23 || FreeBSD: We're friendlier here || RTFM: || off topic #not-##FreeBSD || For advocacy join #freebsd-advocacy (1:14:39 PM) (notice) [freenode-info] channel flooding and no channel staff around to help? Please check with freenode support: (1:14:49 PM) lawful_evil: how si everyoien today???? (1:14:59 PM) lawful_evil: I am here to help nebies and figth commnism and marraige (1:15:11 PM) hever [] entered the room. (1:16:35 PM) Xbert left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (1:18:01 PM) gmoore: cant clear metadata on ada1: invalid argument. (1:18:06 PM) gmoore: gmirror: not fully done. (1:18:23 PM) melflynn: k (1:18:39 PM) Vutral [~ss@mirbsd/special/Vutral] entered the room. (1:18:56 PM) blakkheim: running "cpuset -j 1 -l 0" should give jail 1 access to only the first cpu core right? i'm still seeing all of them in top in the jail (1:19:14 PM) gmoore: im zeroing the whole disk now just to be certain (1:19:51 PM) Fish left the room (quit: Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5). (1:20:00 PM) AthomIk [] entered the room. (1:20:04 PM) AthomIk: hello (1:20:47 PM) AthomIk: i can run windows on vm with freebsd ? (1:21:09 PM) melflynn: gmoore: I'm trying to figure out where and why in the code it finds a provider invalid (1:21:10 PM) clowninasack left the room (quit: Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.). (1:21:12 PM) frogs: yes (1:21:26 PM) gmoore: thanks :) (1:21:49 PM) clowninasack [~clowninas@gateway/tor-sasl/clowninasack] entered the room. (1:22:30 PM) TvL2386: I'm loving zfs! Created a snapshot of all my volumes, did a rm -rf /* and could succesfully recover my (test) machine from the livecd (it wouldn't boot anymore of course) (1:23:00 PM) lawful_evil: yeah (1:23:06 PM) lawful_evil: slwoest aprt of machien si disk (1:23:14 PM) lawful_evil: but lets extend our use of it ad infinitiuuum (1:23:26 PM) lawful_evil: more should bee loking at (1:23:34 PM) lawful_evil: and making it run on N cpu (1:23:40 PM) lawful_evil: in my humble opinone (1:23:59 PM) TvL2386: how many times did I have to do an upgrade and had to cross my fingers because a rollback plan was not feasable... (1:24:16 PM) lawful_evil: lol (1:24:24 PM) lawful_evil: just patching soalris brings many websites down (1:24:32 PM) lawful_evil: comedy (1:24:44 PM) lawful_evil: I have continuous upgraded archlinxu withotu a hich for liek 7 years (1:24:46 PM) lawful_evil: lvoe it (1:24:55 PM) Zed` left the room (quit: Quit: Drama always seems worse than it is..). (1:25:03 PM) TvL2386: I think there's coffee in your keyboard lawful_evil (1:25:09 PM) Zed` [] entered the room. (1:25:26 PM) lawful_evil: probly other things too (1:25:31 PM) TvL2386: LOL (1:26:02 PM) TvL2386: I can relate, I've turned my keyboard at work upside down some time ago, started shaking it and a pile of breadcrumbs came out :D (1:26:51 PM) lawful_evil: weird matter (1:28:26 PM) lattera: TvL2386: one of the things I love about zfs is the ability to create boot environments (1:28:49 PM) jairavax left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). (1:28:53 PM) lattera: so before you do anything crazy, you create a new boot environment, reboot into it, then do your potentially disastrous task (1:29:05 PM) lattera: (like upgrading from 8-stable to 9-stable, for example) (1:29:29 PM) lattera: and if things go haywire, you just reactivate the old boot environment, reboot, and it's as if nothing ever happened (1:29:35 PM) TvL2386: woot lattera :D (1:29:49 PM) frogs: i clone the whole harddisk and do upgrade and note what had to be manually fixed and note and then reclone and redo until nothing unexpected happens, then do the real update (1:29:51 PM) TvL2386: lattera: I did not know about that, do you have any documentation/blogs? (1:29:56 PM) lattera: I wrote a small blog article about the subject: (1:30:37 PM) TvL2386: I'm gonna read that lattera, cause it sounds awesome! (1:30:46 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn Dianora alright well im confident i zeroed the end of the drive but still doesnt show up in gpart show and create/destroy/etc dont work. (1:31:06 PM) lawful_evil: if freebsd has zfs then why would anyone use solaris? (1:31:31 PM) TvL2386: lawful_evil: beats me :) I wanted zfs, I don't trust oracle, so I choose freebsd :) (1:31:32 PM) lattera: because of complete implementations of zfs, dtrace, zones, crossbow, etc. (1:31:48 PM) lattera: though I love jails, it still leaves a lot to be desired (1:31:57 PM) lattera: fbsd's implementation of dtrace is far from complete (1:32:03 PM) lattera: same with vnet (1:32:05 PM) TvL2386: what's dtrace? (1:32:12 PM) lattera: (1:32:31 PM) lawful_evil: TvL2386: Im with u brother (1:32:32 PM) Gipsy: lawful_evil: because they hope this fits your need (1:32:56 PM) lawful_evil: this? (1:33:14 PM) melflynn: gmoore: humor me and dd 2megs of /dev/random to ada1 (1:33:15 PM) lawful_evil: what vnet do again? (1:33:27 PM) Gipsy: lawful_evil: zfs (1:33:30 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn k gift Gipsy (1:33:42 PM) lawful_evil: Gipsy: can u please repeat the question (1:33:46 PM) TvL2386: cool! (1:34:54 PM) gmoore: melflynn: no difference, same errors for everything (1:35:28 PM) lattera: vnet is freebsd's competitor to solaris' crossbow: a virtualized networking stack (1:35:41 PM) scarcry [] entered the room. (1:35:50 PM) lawful_evil: so how is that better than jsut having virtual nics and stuf as usually (1:35:54 PM) lattera: but it's very immature when compared to crossbow (1:36:03 PM) lawful_evil: bonding etc. (1:36:32 PM) AthomIk: qemu exist on freebsd ? (1:36:34 PM) melflynn: get ada0 up and running, multi user and then see if it makes a diff, I'm pretty much out of ideas and still trying to find the code that marks a provider invalid lol (1:36:40 PM) AthomIk: or other vbox ? (1:37:00 PM) TvL2386: lattera: am I seeing it correctly and is your blog actually talking about multiboot, but within a single zfs pool? Where you can chose which volume to be root on boottime? (1:37:05 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn so just bail on gmirror entirely for now and boot off of ada0 alone? (1:37:14 PM) Zed` left the room (quit: Quit: Drama always seems worse than it is..). (1:37:23 PM) melflynn: yep (1:37:26 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn so all i should need to do is remount RW, edit fstab to change gm0 to ada0? (or is it ad8 for fstab?) (1:37:37 PM) Count_H left the room. (1:37:45 PM) lattera: TvL2386: yup, but not at boottime (1:37:46 PM) melflynn: ada0 yeah (1:37:52 PM) melflynn: and get rid of the /mirror/ part (1:38:06 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn ok. and how to i remount rw? i know i should know that but i dont :/ (1:38:13 PM) lattera: you run a script before you reboot that will activate the boot environment, then you reboot, and you'll automagically be in that new environment (1:38:35 PM) tnelson left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (1:38:38 PM) melflynn: mount -u -o rw / (1:38:50 PM) TvL2386: lattera: I see, that's cool :) (1:38:50 PM) gmoore^desk: k. going to do this now (1:39:24 PM) AthomIk: ok i have read freebsd jail, it s great, but if i wanna use a small windows vm, i can on freebsd ? (1:39:45 PM) TvL2386: lattera: is that doing something like setting mountpoints to none except for 1 volume (and reboot) (1:40:45 PM) TvL2386: lattera: or am I thinking to easily here :) (1:41:22 PM) lattera: it's a bit more complicated than that, but I linked to the manageBE script in that blog post (1:41:28 PM) lattera: so you can read the script and see what it's doing (1:41:36 PM) gmoore: melflynn: editing fstab now. what do i need to do to make the loader boot from ada0 by default instead of gm0 (1:42:13 PM) blakkheim: AthomIk: with virtualbox (1:42:16 PM) TvL2386: lattera: will do, interesting! (1:42:27 PM) lawful_evil: hmm (1:42:31 PM) gmoore: i thought it was loader.conf but its not (1:42:53 PM) lawful_evil: does linux support virtualized network stack and if so what? what is advantage over virtual nics and bonding setups? (1:42:53 PM) tmclaugh left the room (quit: Quit: tmclaugh). (1:43:36 PM) lattera: I haven't run linux outside of android for years, I don't know nor do I care, especially since this is ##freebsd (1:44:11 PM) melflynn: if / is correct in /etc/fstab, everything should go ok (1:44:30 PM) gmoore: but how does it know to look at ada0? (1:44:43 PM) gmoore: isnt it set to try to boot from mirror/gm0 (1:44:55 PM) Vutral left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (1:45:30 PM) melflynn: it doesn't look for ada0, it looks for the disk the bios hands it, boots, then tries to mount root from what it finds in /etc/fstab (1:45:40 PM) gmoore: o (1:45:43 PM) gmoore: ok ill reboot it now (1:45:49 PM) TvL2386: lawful_evil: what do you mean with "virtualized network stack" (1:46:38 PM) Vutral [~ss@mirbsd/special/Vutral] entered the room. (1:47:21 PM) lawful_evil: the crossbow or vnet apps (1:47:38 PM) agoldson [~abg3x@unaffiliated/apot] entered the room. (1:48:03 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn alright it came up without any issues. now, since i was in the middle of updating to 9.0, im going to finish freebsd-update install now (1:48:16 PM) gmoore^desk: to finish getting 9.0 (1:48:23 PM) TvL2386: I've got experience with linux bonding and virtualization using virtualbox, xen and kvm/qemu, but don't know how that's related to what your asking... it isn't? (1:48:25 PM) gmoore^desk: then ill go back to fiddling with gmirror shortly (1:48:27 PM) Kobaz: how do i list all network routes (1:48:43 PM) TvL2386: Kobaz: netstat -rn (1:48:43 PM) AthomIk: blakkheim: virtualbox run on freebsd ? (1:48:47 PM) AthomIk: hum hum (1:48:58 PM) blabber left the room (quit: Quit: leaving). (1:49:18 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn right now ive got it all fully functional just no longer gmirrored and my mirrored drive is now trashed :P so i'd like to set that up soon. once i finish the 9.0 update i can work on it from up here in multi user mode (1:49:35 PM) blakkheim: AthomIk: yes it doe (1:49:36 PM) blakkheim: s (1:49:46 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn maybe simply creating the gmirror volume from the 9.0 gmirror tools will work just fine? (1:50:03 PM) melflynn: omg, you have 9.0 kernel with 8.2 base tools? (1:50:22 PM) gmoore^desk: yes i was in the middle of updating to 9.0. that was the entire reason i was in this predicament :/ (1:50:29 PM) AthomIk: blakkheim: it s a great day for my lan :) (1:50:32 PM) gmoore^desk: that probably what was causing it? :/ (1:50:33 PM) AthomIk: thk (1:50:39 PM) melflynn: wow, that explains a *lot* (1:50:43 PM) gmoore^desk: shit. sorry :( (1:50:53 PM) gmoore^desk: ok well it's installing the 9.0 tools now (1:52:13 PM) gmoore^desk: "Please rebuild all installed 3rd party software and then run "/usr/sbin/freebsd-update install"" -- well this is going to take hours so ill have to return to the gmirror issue later (1:52:41 PM) Commander1024 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds). (1:52:44 PM) gmoore^desk: sorry, i didnt realize 8.2 tools / 9.0 kernel would cause problems for gmirror. also it seemed like that was the step that guy's blog was detailing. i apologize if i ended up wasting a ton of time for a nonexistant problem :( (1:52:45 PM) TvL2386: AthomIk: /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose i think (1:53:15 PM) melflynn: it's ok man, never occured to me to ask (1:53:55 PM) melflynn: do you have a 9.0 gpart now? (1:54:22 PM) gmoore^desk: yeah. ada0 is healthy and OK, running 9.0 kernel multi-user. i need to `portmaster -af` to rebuild all ports then finish the 9.0 install (1:54:32 PM) gmoore^desk: i dont have a gmirror anymore and ada1 is twisting in the wind (1:54:46 PM) melflynn: but is /sbin/gpart now 9.0? (1:55:18 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn im not sure. easy way to check? it may not replace all utils until after i do the rebuild (1:55:34 PM) melflynn: ls -l and datestamp I guess (1:55:46 PM) Indian_ [~Indian@unaffiliated/londonmet050] entered the room. (1:55:48 PM) hjbehling left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). (1:56:39 PM) Commander1024 [] entered the room. (1:57:59 PM) gmoore^desk: based on datestamp its from 6 minutes ago and i just did the freebsd-update install so yeah it looks like its the new one now (1:58:35 PM) Indian left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (1:58:35 PM) Indian_ is now known as Indian (1:58:35 PM) melflynn: ok, gpart create -s GPT ada1 (1:58:46 PM) gmoore^desk: safe to do in multi user mode fully booted? (1:58:58 PM) melflynn: yeah, the disk isn't mounted (1:59:05 PM) melflynn: or even "busy" (1:59:18 PM) gmoore^desk: k (1:59:31 PM) gmoore^desk: also i cant use atacontrol but i can use camcontrol and it sees both of these disks at ata0 and ata1 (1:59:37 PM) lawful_evil: what is main difference betwixt HAMMER and zfs? (1:59:42 PM) jairavax [] entered the room. (2:00:20 PM) gmoore^desk: leviathan# gpart create -s GPT ada1 (2:00:21 PM) gmoore^desk: ada1 created (2:00:23 PM) gmoore^desk: son of a bitch (2:00:24 PM) gmoore^desk: :/ (2:00:40 PM) gmoore^desk: sorry for being so fucking retarded (2:00:47 PM) melflynn: lol don't sweat (2:00:58 PM) melflynn: I won't forget easily :) (2:01:08 PM) melflynn: so it won't happen to me (yeah right) (2:01:22 PM) gmoore^desk: so do you think it's even necessary to follow his steps to convert both disks to GPT or can i just stick with BSD and try recreating a raid1 gmirror following ? (2:01:57 PM) melflynn: I would go with that guide, cause it creates labels (2:02:05 PM) melflynn: and gpt partitions (2:02:18 PM) melflynn: which means forwards compatible against any diskname changes (2:02:27 PM) AthomIk: TvL2386: ok thk (2:02:29 PM) rubendv left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). (2:02:46 PM) AthomIk: i prepare migrate from linux to freebsd (2:03:09 PM) XMen left the room. (2:03:39 PM) AthomIk: great probleme is my kvm pc, but with virtualbox i can create other (2:03:46 PM) AthomIk: and use jail (2:03:57 PM) AthomIk: for smtp and www (2:04:28 PM) gmoore^desk: melflynn what's up with that big WARNING on the freebsd handbook page though? "The following procedure is also incompatible with the default installation settings of FreeBSD 9.X which use the new GPT partition scheme. GEOM will overwrite GPT metadata, causing data loss and possibly an unbootable system." (2:04:36 PM) gmoore^desk: so basically gmirror + GPT = explode? (2:05:31 PM) rubendv [~rubendv@unaffiliated/rubendv] entered the room. (2:05:40 PM) gmoore^desk: maybe i will just say the hell with gmirror and not bother having the disks mirrored. (2:06:04 PM) AthomIk: and i search for smallest freebsd install (2:06:08 PM) AthomIk: how ? (2:06:13 PM) melflynn: as far as I know, that applies to mirroring /whole/ disks, as both have the same concept of "last sector" (2:06:41 PM) melflynn: if you mirror partitions one by one, then it shouldn't affect eachother. (2:07:21 PM) gmoore^desk: ahhhhh and i see, on the blog i was initially following, he mirrors root, usr, and var, not the whole disk (2:07:28 PM) gmoore^desk: i understand why it was broken in the first place now, as well. (2:07:41 PM) gmoore^desk: so yeah ill probably follow his instructions later. first im going to get all my ports updated. (2:07:52 PM) Edgeman left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (2:08:06 PM) clowninasack left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (2:08:10 PM) zerdman left the room. (2:08:53 PM) AthomIk: is openbsd pf like freebsd pf ? (2:09:00 PM) AthomIk: is = . (2:09:01 PM) AthomIk: ? (2:09:02 PM) blakkheim: freebsd pf is openbsd pf (2:09:14 PM) AthomIk: ok good (2:09:27 PM) AthomIk: thk (2:10:03 PM) blakkheim: some syntax might be different though since it's an older version (2:10:35 PM) AthomIk: blakkheim: freebsd pf is a older version of openbsd pf ? (2:10:40 PM) blakkheim: that's right (2:10:48 PM) anti_social: AthomIk: syntax in freebsd is the old syntax, really that and some minor config differences is only differnces (2:10:48 PM) AthomIk: exist other ? (2:10:56 PM) blakkheim: it's the last version before the config syntax changed, so they haven't updated it yet since it might cause problems (2:11:03 PM) blakkheim: though there's a debate about whether to or not (2:11:34 PM) AthomIk: xen port in freebsd is abbandoned ? (2:11:46 PM) anti_social: such as prior in FBSD you needed to recompile the kernel to be able to use altq for traffic shaping (not sure if you still need to or not) but in openbsd you don't need to do that (2:11:50 PM) lattera: freebsd can run as xen domu, but not dom0 (2:12:21 PM) AthomIk: yes i wanna a dom0 or use virtalbox, but it s anorther world (2:12:49 PM) AthomIk: xen 3 can run as dom0 in freebsd, no ? (2:13:07 PM) clowninasack [~clowninas@gateway/tor-sasl/clowninasack] entered the room. (2:15:05 PM) AthomIk: anti_social: is a great sing of french rocker, old...... (2:16:38 PM) AthomIk: ok now i have fresh install of freebd 9.0 (2:16:50 PM) AthomIk: how i can install kde (2:17:02 PM) AthomIk: and xdmcp (2:17:26 PM) AthomIk: have you the best way (2:18:20 PM) AthomIk: htop exist on freebsd ? (2:18:24 PM) AthomIk: incron ? (2:18:33 PM) lawful_evil: iceWM (2:18:36 PM) lawful_evil: forget kde (2:18:44 PM) AthomIk: lawful_evil: ok, (2:18:47 PM) AthomIk: how to (2:18:54 PM) AthomIk: send me the cmd (2:18:57 PM) Edgeman [] entered the room. (2:18:58 PM) AthomIk: is a test machine (2:19:11 PM) lawful_evil: pkg_add -rv icewm (2:19:17 PM) lawful_evil: then su - youruser (2:19:23 PM) lawful_evil: vi .xinitrc (2:19:29 PM) lawful_evil: or even beter (2:19:43 PM) blakkheim: AthomIk: htop on freebsd requires a lot of shit, try to get by with top (2:19:46 PM) lawful_evil: echo 'exec icewm' > .xinitrc (2:19:54 PM) lawful_evil: make sure you have xorg setup (2:20:03 PM) lawful_evil: meaning hald_enable=yes (2:20:12 PM) lawful_evil: and dbus_enable=yes are in rc.conf and you rebooted (2:20:18 PM) lawful_evil: after pkg_add -rc xorg (2:20:23 PM) lawful_evil: then (2:20:26 PM) lawful_evil: once all that done (2:20:29 PM) blakkheim: -c? (2:20:30 PM) lawful_evil: type startx (2:20:36 PM) AthomIk: ok first is pkg_add -rc xorg (2:20:54 PM) blakkheim: AthomIk: (2:21:10 PM) AthomIk: pkg_add: invalid option -- c (2:21:16 PM) blakkheim: he meant -v i think (2:21:56 PM) AthomIk: pfffff i read all doc 30 years, now help me for this day..... (2:22:04 PM) AthomIk: i am old man..... :D (2:22:25 PM) AthomIk: too much read doc, i think...... (2:22:39 PM) lawful_evil: rv (2:22:53 PM) lawful_evil: then open etc/rc.conf (2:23:04 PM) lawful_evil: copy the eable line for sshd (2:23:07 PM) AthomIk: lawful_evil: cool rv seem work :) (2:23:10 PM) lawful_evil: but repalce sshd with dbus (2:23:14 PM) lawful_evil: and another line with hald (2:23:20 PM) lawful_evil: so they enabled once u reboot (2:23:22 PM) lawful_evil: then (2:23:22 PM) chrisb left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). (2:23:26 PM) lawful_evil: su - youruser (2:23:33 PM) lawful_evil: do the .xinitrc (2:23:38 PM) lawful_evil: and type startx (2:23:51 PM) lawful_evil: yes after pkg_add -rv icewm as well (2:24:03 PM) lawful_evil: then get grey screen wait ferw sec (2:24:06 PM) lawful_evil: see dsdkotp (2:24:15 PM) lawful_evil: wait lil onger and get nice icewm desktop (2:24:22 PM) lawful_evil: hit lil xterm box on bottom left (2:24:26 PM) lawful_evil: and sart using it! (2:24:37 PM) lawful_evil: pkg_add -rv chromium (2:24:39 PM) AthomIk: ok i log all in (2:24:43 PM) lawful_evil: then type chrome to open chrome (2:24:45 PM) AthomIk: i read after (2:24:56 PM) lawful_evil: 1 seetup oxrg and get icewm (2:24:56 PM) AthomIk: thk lawful_evil (2:25:05 PM) lawful_evil: 2 do .xinitrc as youruser (2:25:08 PM) lawful_evil: 3 startx (2:25:15 PM) mah454 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (2:25:32 PM) AthomIk: i use openbsd, but not x in (2:25:38 PM) AthomIk: only x in my linux (2:26:10 PM) Edgeman left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (2:26:28 PM) AthomIk: now search another way, freebsd seem a good way linux/openbsd (2:27:09 PM) lawful_evil: well (2:27:28 PM) lawful_evil: I wouold jsut use one or other (2:27:37 PM) lawful_evil: if I wereu (2:27:41 PM) gmoore^desk: anyone knowledgable with ZFS? i had an 8.0 system with a ZFS raidz array which i had to do some tuning on to get performance to be good and not get any kernel panics. my main tuning was setting kern.minvnodes and kern.maxvnodes, and setting zfs.arc_min and arc_max. should i still have these values set in 9.0 with zpool 28 or should i leave them alone now? (2:27:47 PM) lawful_evil: backup your data somehwhere (2:27:55 PM) lawful_evil: and nuke your box to freebs to try it for few months gmoore gmoore^desk (2:28:17 PM) lawful_evil: gmoore handbook (2:28:19 PM) crest: gmoore^desk: freebsd 9.0/amd64 needs no more tuning for zfs with >4gb ram (2:28:27 PM) lawful_evil: adn arc cache msut be smaller if ur ram liimits (2:28:40 PM) lawful_evil: or lsiten to crest he wiser on this (2:28:46 PM) lawful_evil: im new to freebsd zfs (2:29:04 PM) crest: unless you want to use dedup (add 4gb ram per tb data) or tons of devices (2:29:08 PM) frogs: zfs seems like huge memory hog (2:29:32 PM) lawful_evil: yep (2:29:36 PM) lawful_evil: im not sure why all hype (2:29:41 PM) lawful_evil: over softraid 10 personally (2:29:47 PM) jason1234: frogs, i switched to debian with mdadm. (2:29:51 PM) crest: frogs: yes zfs eats memory for breakfeast, lunch and dinner (2:29:54 PM) lawful_evil: oh jesus debian (2:30:03 PM) lawful_evil: archlinux if linux (2:30:09 PM) jason1234: i'm getting by with ease. of course i'm mroe into archiving for a handful of boxes instead of performance. (2:30:20 PM) crest: lawful_evil: until it explodes during/after an update cycle? (2:30:23 PM) lawful_evil: i love huge boobs (2:30:30 PM) lawful_evil: archlinux rock solid (2:30:32 PM) jason1234: 8x1tb drives with 512mb ram, raid 5. :/ (2:30:32 PM) lawful_evil: never expods (2:30:53 PM) lawful_evil: tahts reedaht n debian n soalris sthing to explode (2:30:58 PM) lawful_evil: during patching or rpm bs (2:31:09 PM) crest: jason1234: increase to 4-8gb ram and zfs ist happy (2:31:23 PM) crest: ram is cheap these days (2:31:30 PM) jason1234: free computers are cheaper (2:31:42 PM) crest: cheaper than descent disks (2:31:51 PM) jason1234: 2.4 with 512, works flawless. (2:32:01 PM) crest: jason1234: not if you have to pay the power bill (2:32:11 PM) anti_social: crest: that sounds like a windows comment, ram is cheap these days so who cares if the software eats tons of it (2:32:53 PM) bankai_: it's not that at all, ZFS needs RAM in order to operate properly. There's no avoiding it (2:33:00 PM) jason1234: if i had a bunch of boxes pulling 720 and 1080, a bunch of torrents, etc. then yeah. but i only have my one laptop. (2:33:07 PM) crest: anti_social: zfs needs/wastes lots of memory. period. it offers a reliable, fast and easy to manage storage in return (2:33:11 PM) anti_social: it is cheap, but why should we just deal with huge memory hogging applictions just because it's so cheap (2:33:19 PM) Edgeman [] entered the room. (2:33:42 PM) crest: anti_social: the "alternative" is to invest in a good hw raid card (2:34:06 PM) frogs: i use ufs2 (2:34:17 PM) anti_social: crest: ok, I'm not judging it.. just saying I never liked the idea of having software that eats huge amounts of ram needlessly (2:34:33 PM) crest: anti_social: zfs is copy on write by design (2:34:33 PM) jason1234: creast, i was in need of massive storage then blazing speed. i dumped into 7Tb of redudancy, stuffed it in some box someone gave me for free, and it works good. once i get a good mobo, i'll just move cables and restart it as nothing happened. i'm not to worried. (2:34:38 PM) anti_social: I've never actually used zfs so I can't say from experience... usability wise it might be awesome (2:34:41 PM) melflynn: cause of your definition of need (2:35:18 PM) crest: anti_social: this requires zfs to update the whole meta data tree up to the root etc. this would be slower than in place modificatio without massive caching (2:35:52 PM) crest: anti_social: one of the core ideas behind zfs is to never modify live data on disk (2:35:54 PM) jason1234: i was more concerned to spend money to protect my data then move it faster over twisted pair :) once it's secure, then i'll concentrate on making it move faster. (2:36:05 PM) scarcry left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (2:37:26 PM) anti_social: crest: well, sounds interesting enough... I don't have nearly enough ram to use it though from what I've read (2:37:39 PM) anti_social: read in here that is... haven't really researched it much otherwise (2:38:17 PM) crest: a good raid controller is somewhere between $400 and $800. $800 get you >64gb ram to cache your data (2:38:56 PM) lawful_evil: 64g ram on the box right? (2:39:01 PM) lawful_evil: (2:39:01 PM) anti_social: the raid card is actually why I use FBSD on my file server over OBSD... native support (2:39:04 PM) Zelest [] entered the room. (2:39:05 PM) lawful_evil: this should be looked into more (2:39:31 PM) Zelest: might be a more vmware specific question.. but is there any reason for me to enable device polling in a virtual machine in vmware esxi? (2:39:34 PM) tscho [] entered the room. (2:39:41 PM) melflynn: tons of people don't need ZFS, or raid or even reliable disks. But the fact that you can sacrificing memory for data security, is a nice option and a subjective parameter. (2:39:41 PM) anti_social: granted, I hate this damn controller... but I suppose it gets the job done when it isn't completely locking the system up. (2:39:54 PM) crest: zfs implements raid, volume management and filesystem in one package (2:41:00 PM) crest: this allows some great improvments e.g. raid5 and raid6 without write hole (2:41:30 PM) lawful_evil: mogileFS and memcahced are nice, raid 0 the box, then let mogiel copy files around to different boxes, and let memcahced pick up slack for anything requested over n over quickly (2:41:35 PM) lawful_evil: perl thoi yekk (2:41:38 PM) lawful_evil: wish it all in tcl (2:45:54 PM) hever left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). (2:48:06 PM) gusto left the room (quit: Quit: leaving). (2:50:36 PM) agoldson left the room (quit: Quit: agoldson). (2:50:50 PM) Natch| left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). (2:52:09 PM) gmoore^desk: crest so with 8GB of ram i should remove the min/max vnodes and arc min/max and just let it go? (2:52:58 PM) VShell: lawful_evil, call me back when you've actually run a network of more than 3 computers. (2:53:05 PM) crsd: :D (2:55:03 PM) gmoore left the room (quit: Quit: gmoore). (2:55:22 PM) crest: gmoore^desk: freebsd 9 improved the autotuning. don't mess with the defaults unless you know what your're doing. most of this so called tuning guides are for freebsd 7x (2:58:39 PM) Gipsy left the room (quit: Quit: quit). (2:58:58 PM) gmoore^desk: can i comment out things in loader.conf using #? (2:59:05 PM) hever [] entered the room. (3:00:48 PM) zi: gmoore^desk: i think you will find your answer and more in /boot/defaults/loader.conf (3:01:01 PM) gmoore^desk: ah (3:01:07 PM) gmoore^desk is now known as gmoore (3:01:27 PM) sphenxes left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving). (3:02:22 PM) jhell_ [~89d8547e@unaffiliated/cmdlnkid] entered the room. (3:02:35 PM) dtcrshr left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). (3:03:17 PM) Zed` [] entered the room. (3:05:29 PM) lawful_evil: VShell: lol (3:05:34 PM) lawful_evil: myspace (3:05:42 PM) jhell left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds). (3:05:42 PM) jhell_ is now known as jhell (3:05:50 PM) lawful_evil: myspace not small vshell (3:06:00 PM) lawful_evil: lol (3:06:02 PM) blakkheim: i'm pretty sure myspace only has 3 users too (3:06:10 PM) VShell: and you never worked on it, lawful_evil. (3:06:13 PM) lawful_evil: loook I make 6 figs and have 6 fig net worth (3:06:16 PM) lawful_evil: Im 6-6 american (3:06:22 PM) lawful_evil: and I got no kids and live by beach (3:06:33 PM) VShell: can we have this guy kicked again? (3:06:35 PM) lawful_evil: Im an austrain school economics lover who repsects geosim and the singel tax (3:06:39 PM) lawful_evil: and I get hot chix (3:06:42 PM) lawful_evil: so relax (3:06:44 PM) gmoore: then why are you here (3:06:54 PM) lawful_evil: esp the brits who wont amdit englad lsot wtice to germany in ww 1+2 (3:06:58 PM) lawful_evil: jeesh get real (3:07:03 PM) gmoore: real talk: you're overweight and employed at a shitty job with a low income. now get out (3:07:16 PM) archeyDevil [~archeyDev@unaffiliated/archeydevil] entered the room. (3:07:17 PM) lawful_evil: whats wild is the psotgresql benchamrks from dagonflybsd (3:07:23 PM) lawful_evil: show scienticf linux beating freebsd (3:07:30 PM) lawful_evil: and archlinux si beter lnux than centos ro redhat (3:07:31 PM) lawful_evil: so wow (3:07:33 PM) lawful_evil: woo wee (3:07:41 PM) lawful_evil: no I am buff adn 6-06 (3:07:44 PM) lawful_evil: and my job kcisk ass (3:07:45 PM) lawful_evil: 6 figs (3:07:46 PM) lawful_evil: :) (3:07:48 PM) lawful_evil: 0 debt (3:07:56 PM) lawful_evil: 6 figs in stock market net worth (3:07:56 PM) Indian left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (3:07:59 PM) lawful_evil: 154iq (3:08:05 PM) lawful_evil: novellist published (3:08:08 PM) frogs: lawful_evil: freebsd syscalls reported to be much slower than other oses (3:08:09 PM) lawful_evil: published author (3:08:11 PM) lawful_evil: :) (3:08:26 PM) lawful_evil: well postgresql is nice (3:08:32 PM) VShell: oh fuck off. (3:08:39 PM) lawful_evil: id love to see bench amrk fo firebirdDB vs psotgresql (3:08:48 PM) lawful_evil: VShell: be civil now (3:08:49 PM) Zed` left the room (quit: Quit: Drama always seems worse than it is..). (3:08:56 PM) gmoore: no i agree get the fuck out (3:08:56 PM) samu: you make VShell unhappy (3:08:58 PM) samu: go away. (3:09:01 PM) lawful_evil: remember football players are much faster an more fit than soccer palyers (3:09:05 PM) lawful_evil: and more amssive too (3:09:07 PM) frogs: i think the_rat_god is ok (3:09:27 PM) lawful_evil: ;) (3:09:33 PM) You are now known as the_RAT_GOD (3:09:36 PM) the_RAT_GOD: oh yeah!! (3:09:46 PM) the_RAT_GOD: enland is now #7 economy? (3:09:52 PM) the_RAT_GOD: right head of econ powerhouse italy (3:10:08 PM) crsd: there's no such thing as "soccer" (3:10:11 PM) the_RAT_GOD: europe should be copying usa (3:10:15 PM) samu: You know (3:10:16 PM) the_RAT_GOD: usa more succful (3:10:19 PM) crsd: there's only one real football :-) (3:10:20 PM) samu: a few people suggested here (3:10:22 PM) samu: that you should go away. (3:10:26 PM) the_RAT_GOD: we ned no lecurre from our lesser little brothers across the sea (3:10:27 PM) samu: a little dog would have learnt by now. (3:10:30 PM) the_RAT_GOD: none atoll (3:10:37 PM) the_RAT_GOD: the usa is no1 baby (3:10:38 PM) the_RAT_GOD: no 1 (3:10:41 PM) the_RAT_GOD: dont u forget it (3:10:45 PM) the_RAT_GOD: no 1 standard of living (3:10:51 PM) the_RAT_GOD: even with 20mill illegal imigrants (3:10:53 PM) the_RAT_GOD: no1 baby (3:11:07 PM) the_RAT_GOD: none dare oppose the empire!! (3:11:27 PM) MarconM [~MarconM@unaffiliated/marconm] entered the room. (3:11:40 PM) samu: You know what, this is something like masturbation. He will not stop until he will not stop untill he feels relief. (3:11:43 PM) samu: Let's just leave him alone. (3:11:48 PM) MarconM: i has been installed freeebsd, but when i reboot show me the error boot " NO UFS" (3:11:49 PM) bsdwolf: utilize /ignore lawful_evil *pure bliss* (3:12:00 PM) MarconM: how i fix it (3:13:45 PM) melflynn: MarconM: what did you use to install? And is this a computer or VM? (3:14:36 PM) MarconM: melflynn computer (3:14:58 PM) MarconM: i installed before and works but now i dont now what happen (3:15:27 PM) melflynn: Does it still boot ok from the CD? (3:15:46 PM) melflynn: or dvd (3:16:15 PM) MarconM: cd (3:17:00 PM) the_RAT_GOD: nuke israel (3:17:08 PM) the_RAT_GOD: build nuclear pwoer stations (3:17:13 PM) the_RAT_GOD: separate seawater (3:17:18 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and run oxygen engine (3:17:20 PM) AthomIk: usa is good for all humans.... (3:17:23 PM) the_RAT_GOD: or electic car n train (3:17:29 PM) the_RAT_GOD: make middle east irrelevant (3:17:33 PM) the_RAT_GOD: end app governmetn school (3:17:35 PM) AthomIk: usa create pc, internet, and the free world (3:17:38 PM) the_RAT_GOD: usa way is beter (3:17:43 PM) the_RAT_GOD: true dat (3:17:49 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yep (3:18:05 PM) the_RAT_GOD: although we shoulda sided with germany n japan (3:18:09 PM) the_RAT_GOD: that was 1 big error (3:18:10 PM) AthomIk: but usa not create the camenbert, yes, a great problem :D (3:18:15 PM) the_RAT_GOD: histriacally (3:18:27 PM) the_RAT_GOD: why is food so abd in engladn? (3:18:31 PM) the_RAT_GOD: I mean (3:18:37 PM) the_RAT_GOD: your right acrooss sea from france (3:18:42 PM) the_RAT_GOD: #1 culinary place is world (3:18:47 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and short distance from italy (3:18:52 PM) AthomIk: the_RAT_GOD: yes germany is the land of ..... .... and japan too :D (3:18:59 PM) the_RAT_GOD: hek import some thai n chinese great food (3:19:11 PM) the_RAT_GOD: germany land of hot tallwomen with big tits (3:19:15 PM) the_RAT_GOD: not short falt 1s (3:19:18 PM) the_RAT_GOD: falt women (3:19:22 PM) the_RAT_GOD: i loved swedish guy (3:19:29 PM) the_RAT_GOD: said viking ake over coast town kill all ugly women (3:19:32 PM) the_RAT_GOD: n weak men (3:19:33 PM) the_RAT_GOD: enslave rest (3:19:38 PM) the_RAT_GOD: so get hotter women voer time (3:19:40 PM) the_RAT_GOD: lol (3:19:45 PM) melflynn: MarconM: is it a clean install? Was not an upgrade? (3:19:46 PM) the_RAT_GOD: AWSOME (3:19:46 PM) AthomIk: the_RAT_GOD: ok, you must install unbutu i think :D (3:19:56 PM) the_RAT_GOD: well I jsut isntaleld illumian (3:20:11 PM) MarconM: melflynn yes .. its a clean install dualboot (3:20:14 PM) the_RAT_GOD: i got linxu 3.2.7 with archlinux (3:20:15 PM) MarconM: but i did before (3:20:16 PM) the_RAT_GOD: withotu compiing (3:20:19 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and freebsd 9 (3:20:22 PM) AthomIk: the_RAT_GOD: drug is not the really good way :D (3:20:24 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and next is dragonfly 3 (3:20:29 PM) VShell: oh WOULD YOU SHUT UP. I currently have an entirely screen full of utter /nonsense/ from the_RAT_GOD. (3:20:40 PM) the_RAT_GOD: VShell: ge a job (3:21:00 PM) bsdwolf: VShell: its lawfull_evil (clone) I think (3:21:17 PM) frogs: it's gavino (3:21:21 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yep (3:21:23 PM) VShell: bsdwolf, it is. (3:21:31 PM) the_RAT_GOD: in the flesh (3:21:35 PM) bsdwolf: both on /ignore (3:21:37 PM) crsd: I can write such BS only if I'm uber drunk :D (3:21:54 PM) the_RAT_GOD: im drnunk on success (3:21:59 PM) the_RAT_GOD: im polytheistic (3:22:03 PM) the_RAT_GOD: gods i love myself (3:22:10 PM) the_RAT_GOD: never amrry gents (3:22:12 PM) the_RAT_GOD: never do it (3:22:13 PM) crsd: with which hand? (3:22:14 PM) the_RAT_GOD: I wont (3:22:17 PM) the_RAT_GOD: vtoe republican (3:22:21 PM) the_RAT_GOD: vote republican (3:22:24 PM) the_RAT_GOD: i do (3:22:30 PM) anti_social: what an absolutely idiot (3:22:32 PM) the_RAT_GOD: communism doesnt work (3:22:38 PM) the_RAT_GOD: why get outa bed in morning with communism (3:22:48 PM) anti_social: absolute* (3:22:49 PM) the_RAT_GOD: no 154iq (3:22:54 PM) the_RAT_GOD: tech you a lot (3:22:59 PM) the_RAT_GOD: student boy living in mo basement (3:23:02 PM) the_RAT_GOD: get a job (3:23:16 PM) anti_social: get an education (3:23:19 PM) anti_social: :) (3:23:20 PM) the_RAT_GOD: when u get 6 fig net worth 0 debt gime a call (3:23:21 PM) the_RAT_GOD: lol (3:23:23 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yeah (3:23:25 PM) the_RAT_GOD: thats right (3:23:27 PM) the_RAT_GOD: you arent me (3:23:28 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yeah (3:23:30 PM) AthomIk: job is for poor people....... (3:23:30 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yep (3:23:33 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yeah (3:23:34 PM) VShell: the_RAT_GOD, I have no debt. why? because I don't live in America. (3:23:42 PM) the_RAT_GOD: funny I have 0 debt too (3:23:46 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and 6 fig net worth (3:23:50 PM) the_RAT_GOD: funny eh chappy? (3:23:57 PM) frogs: cos nobody will loan you money? (3:24:06 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and i dont live in freezing cold in 10x20 flat (3:24:07 PM) VShell: I have at no point in my 18 years of being alive ever been in debt. (3:24:09 PM) AthomIk: the_RAT_GOD: where are you live ? (3:24:16 PM) samu: Why are you even talking to him? (3:24:17 PM) the_RAT_GOD: los angeles (3:24:19 PM) the_RAT_GOD: CA (3:24:19 PM) Natch| [~natch@] entered the room. (3:24:29 PM) anti_social: I call bullshit, you have the mentality of someone that flips burgers at McDonalds the_RAT_GOD (3:24:33 PM) AthomIk: the_RAT_GOD: what time have you ? (3:24:36 PM) the_RAT_GOD: you call your mama (3:24:40 PM) the_RAT_GOD: 324pm (3:24:41 PM) anti_social: if even that (3:24:44 PM) the_RAT_GOD: pppft (3:24:45 PM) VShell: AthomIk, the Great and Powerful Capitalist United States of America that can Do No Wrong, obviously. (3:24:54 PM) samu: You guys just turn him on. (3:25:02 PM) the_RAT_GOD: you gusy should look into trend trading (3:25:10 PM) samu: and he keeps typing this shit, making garbage in our logs. why, ffs, why. (3:25:11 PM) the_RAT_GOD: its brillaint strategy for traing stocks (3:25:16 PM) the_RAT_GOD: remember i told u (3:25:19 PM) the_RAT_GOD: trend trading (3:25:25 PM) samu: the_RAT_GOD: no, we shouldn't, and YOU should shut up. (3:25:28 PM) VShell: samu, because the mods here are never around. (3:25:29 PM) the_RAT_GOD: capitalism is awesome (3:25:32 PM) AthomIk: VShell: never forget usa is born with europeen, free europeen (3:25:38 PM) samu: Nobody cares about you, nobody cares about america, nobody cares about the bullshit you're sayinh (3:25:40 PM) the_RAT_GOD: I wish obama chockes o tea n crumpets with brits (3:25:46 PM) the_RAT_GOD: we wwant him gone!! (3:25:55 PM) the_RAT_GOD: europe is less successful than usa (3:25:58 PM) megaTherion: VShell: ignore is the magic word :) (3:25:59 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and should realise (3:26:00 PM) AthomIk: VShell: capitalism is not a usa creation...... (3:26:03 PM) the_RAT_GOD: captialism not communism works (3:26:06 PM) the_RAT_GOD: and copy usa (3:26:11 PM) the_RAT_GOD: we can help u not be failures (3:26:15 PM) AthomIk: just a adaptation (3:26:24 PM) the_RAT_GOD: lower governemtn spedning (3:26:26 PM) the_RAT_GOD: more innovation (3:26:31 PM) samu: VShell: we'll see if anything can be done with that. (3:26:32 PM) the_RAT_GOD: yep (3:26:39 PM) VShell: the_RAT_GOD, Obama is the only candidate who pretends to give a shit about LGBT rights atm. I'm more than happy with him there. (3:26:43 PM) anti_social: is that why, without communist china loaning the US money they would be completely broke? (3:26:49 PM) the_RAT_GOD: obama is a fool i agree (3:26:58 PM) anti_social: amongst many other countries we owe shit tons of money to (3:26:58 PM) the_RAT_GOD: usa trades with chian yes (3:27:11 PM) the_RAT_GOD: usa should cut gov spending 50% (3:27:14 PM) the_RAT_GOD: for starters (3:27:19 PM) VShell: the_RAT_GOD, the USA is in rather heavy debt to China. (3:27:22 PM) the_RAT_GOD: end all pensions and governmetn gruip school (3:27:29 PM) VShell: shouldn't China be bankrupt, according to you? (3:27:36 PM) the_RAT_GOD: well china purchases tbills (3:27:36 PM) melflynn left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 10.0.1/20120208060813]). (3:27:39 PM) VShell: instead it's growing :) (3:27:42 PM) the_RAT_GOD: no (3:27:44 PM) dubellz: the_RAT_GOD: could you possibly be more civil in here (3:27:51 PM) the_RAT_GOD: chian has adopted many capitalist things england hasnt (3:27:56 PM) the_RAT_GOD: thats whats funny (3:28:04 PM) the_RAT_GOD: china experimetning with very freedom england denies (3:28:09 PM) the_RAT_GOD: with its silly social theories (3:28:17 PM) the_RAT_GOD: keyens reall was a bastard (3:28:30 PM) the_RAT_GOD: england has a lot to answer for ientellectually (3:28:33 PM) the_RAT_GOD: from keyens (3:28:34 PM) VShell: England is actually leaning more towards US-style capitalism for some reason I can't fathom. (3:28:37 PM) the_RAT_GOD: that bastrd (3:28:44 PM) the_RAT_GOD: becaus it works (3:28:46 PM) VShell: or at least London is. (3:28:51 PM) the_RAT_GOD: eveyroen richer when gov spends less (3:28:52 PM) anti_social: one thing is for sure, the_RAT_GOD makes me completely aware of the US educational system failure (3:28:52 PM) const: please take this to #not-##freebsd tyvm (3:28:54 PM) VShell: nah, because a bunch of banks want it. (3:28:58 PM) the_RAT_GOD: I ont get how anyone have any other idea (3:29:02 PM) the_RAT_GOD: history clearly shows (3:29:02 PM) VShell: anti_social, <3 (3:29:03 PM) the_RAT_GOD: ah well (3:29:19 PM) the_RAT_GOD: avg eprson richer under capitalism its true (3:29:22 PM) the_RAT_GOD: avg guy rich (3:29:24 PM) the_RAT_GOD: car (3:29:26 PM) the_RAT_GOD: washer (3:29:27 PM) the_RAT_GOD: house (3:29:29 PM) AthomIk: humm is the freebsd way....... (3:29:37 PM) the_RAT_GOD: freebs is boring (3:29:37 PM) AthomIk: gay land for all..... (3:29:42 PM) the_RAT_GOD: hadnbook too good (3:29:47 PM) the_RAT_GOD: you need me to fill the airtime (3:29:49 PM) AthomIk: humm i return on microsoft os :D (3:30:13 PM) Zed` [] entered the room. (3:30:31 PM) VShell: crees, or one of the other mods, can we get the_RAT_GOD banned or quieted for spamming? (3:30:44 PM) landonf [~landonf@unaffiliated/landonf] entered the room. (3:30:56 PM) anti_social: good call (3:31:03 PM) samu: VShell: we actually can't. (3:31:13 PM) VShell: samu, I've noticed. (3:31:14 PM) anti_social: *sighs* (3:31:17 PM) samu: We can, however, do other cool stuff. (3:31:49 PM) AthomIk: hummm freebsd user cannot control irc..... (3:31:59 PM) AthomIk: was is das ? (3:32:41 PM) vwbusguy left the room (quit: Read error: Operation timed out). (3:33:33 PM) scarcry [] entered the room. (3:33:51 PM) AthomIk: strange irc is here.... (3:35:19 PM) samu: ]:-> (3:35:36 PM) anigma left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). (3:36:49 PM) the_RAT_GOD: heh (3:37:10 PM) The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat. You will be automatically rejoined in the chat when the account reconnects. (3:37:49 PM) The topic for ##freebsd is: Welcome to ##FreeBSD || Last Security Advisory 2011-12-23 || FreeBSD: We're friendlier here || RTFM: || off topic #not-##FreeBSD || For advocacy join #freebsd-advocacy (3:38:10 PM) lawful_evil: i dont get why people lvoe communism, and direct comparison of tools. (3:38:20 PM) You are now known as RATGOD (3:38:23 PM) RATGOD: I dont (3:38:52 PM) hever left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). (3:39:31 PM) RATGOD: I mean the english really teach kids they beat germany in ww1+2 (3:39:40 PM) RATGOD: I mean germany kicked thier aSS (3:39:45 PM) RATGOD: usa jumped in and saved them (3:39:47 PM) samu: go away. (3:39:51 PM) RATGOD: if left alone germany run europe (3:39:52 PM) VShell: I see that the American political system has forced you to believe there are only 2 possible options to any decision you can make. (3:39:54 PM) RATGOD: self denial (3:40:09 PM) RATGOD: see ego is experesed in economics (3:40:21 PM) RATGOD: u cant understand that capitalism and non control from top works (3:43:28 PM) RATGOD: that bekham is not that good looking (3:43:34 PM) RATGOD: he jsut skinny spanker (3:43:39 PM) RATGOD: and soccer is a fag sport (3:43:44 PM) RATGOD: now rugby (3:43:47 PM) RATGOD: those guys are more legit (3:43:56 PM) RATGOD: soccer shoudl be retired (3:44:02 PM) RATGOD: and rugby become what socer is now (3:44:07 PM) RATGOD: thats mroe a real sport (3:44:29 PM) RATGOD: ask the american (3:44:32 PM) RATGOD: cmon euros (3:44:36 PM) RATGOD: ask a american anything (3:44:44 PM) The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat. You will be automatically rejoined in the chat when the account reconnects.

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