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Where Wayne Stands:

Where Wayne Stands:

'My political career began in 1964 at age 3 when I handed out campaign literature for Barry Goldwater in my father's arms in Mt. Vernon, New York. Barry Goldwater is my hero and mentor. I pledge to carry on Barry's vision. I pledge that if elected, my first act is to give the power back to the people. It's your tax money, it's your government. I plan to return it to you!"
--Wayne Allyn Root

I stand for:
Fiscal Conservatism!
*Limited Government- run the federal government with one overriding goal- protect the dignity, rights, liberty and freedom of the individual.
*States' Rights- I support restoring the constitution, getting the federal government out of our lives, and solving problems at the most local level possible.
*I will sign pledge to NOT raise tax rates- PERIOD!
*I support drastically reduced & simplified federal taxes
*I support the elimination of death taxes.
*I support dramatically reduced government spending.
*I support cutting, shrinking and/or streamlining entire departments of the federal government- departments that based on the Constitution are not under federal jurisdiction.
*I support dramatically reduced government entitlement programs.
*I support dramatically reduced corporate welfare
*I support the hiring of fewer Government bureaucrats. And drastically lowering pensions and benefits for future government employees- these create massive debt and unfunded liabilities for taxpayers.
*I support ROOTING out government waste- to support this crucial goal, I will ask Congress to give the Government Accountability Office real power by elevating its chief, the Comptroller General of the United States, to a cabinet-level executive branch officer, with oversight over all federal programs and agencies. Under my plan, the Comptroller would have the ability to take government agencies to court to compel their efficient performance and to forcibly remove waste and pork.
*I support Social Security reform that creates ownership for senior citizens- I believe Social Security reform is a property rights issue. The money we pay into the Social Security system is our personal property. Each taxpayer should have ownership over that property- and therefore be allowed to leave that property in a will to their loved ones.
*I also believe in CHOICE as it applies to Social Security- all Americans should have the choice to create personal retirement savings accounts that give us ownership over our own retirement savings (the same right that federal employees and politicians enjoy).
*I support a balanced budget- to accomplish this goal, I pledge to cap discretionary federal spending (other than monies dedicated to military spending).
*I love the smell of vetoes in the morning- I will pledge to sign more VETOES than any President in history!
*I support the Line Item Veto. I will push relentlessly and tirelessly to make this a crucial part of the President's arsenal to fight the deficit, cut waste, and balance the budget.
*I support Lawyer Abuse Reform- to reduce frivolous lawsuits that cost American consumers billions of dollars.
*I support an immediate end to Affirmative action in awarding government contracts. This is reverse racism- PERIOD.
*I support a Free Market economy- Plain and simple, capitalism works. When government gets involved it creates distortion, dysfunction and disaster. I support free enterprise, reduced government regulation, and tax relief for entrepreneurs and small business, as well as personal responsibility for the individual.
*I stand for Workplace Freedom- I support Secret Ballots in the Union Organization Process. No one in America should be forced to join a union to keep their job. Nor should the voting process to determine unionization be open to coercion or intimidation. Workers should have the same rights as American voters to vote in secret.
*I support Freedom and Parental Choice in the Educational System- The constitution does not allow for federal government interference in the education of our children. As a matter of fact, the word "education" never appears once in the Constitution. We need to get federal government out of the education business. We need to give parents and students the freedom to pursue the education of their choice- just as my wife and I do by choosing to home-school our 4 children. I support giving parents control of the education of their own children, instead of government bureaucrats. I support utilization of school choice, vouchers or tax credits on the state and local level to increase education competition; encourage private, parochial and home-schooling; reward superior performance for educators; create magnet schools which give principals autonomy over budgets, hiring and firing; and streamline bureaucracy- giving our education dollars to teachers and kids, NOT bureaucrats and administrators.
*I support the total elimination of the Department of Education on the federal level. The more we spend on education, the WORSE the results, the more damage we do to our children. In 2000, the Dept. of Education budget was $33 billion. Today it is $64 billion. Has education improved? Have drop-out rates improved? Have reading or math scores improved? We've doubled the budget- yet the results are worse than ever. What a great example of bureaucracy, hypocrisy and waste. Hey a billion here and a billion there- pretty soon we have some real money at stake!
* I support a Free Market health care system- Let's get the federal government out of the health care business and leave it up to individuals. All Americans should have the freedom and rights to choose the health insurance, doctors, holistic healers, medicine and treatment they deem satisfactory. Let's utilize vouchers, tax cuts, and tax breaks to encourage individuals to buy health insurance. I stand strongly against nationalized health care- which takes away personal freedom and choice. Do we want the people in charge of Hurricane Katrina or the Walter Reed hospital scandal in charge of the entire health care system? This is a recipe for disaster.
*I support overturning McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform- it is a violation of our First Amendment rights to FREE SPEECH.
* I do support campaign reform in the form of mandatory term limits for all elected officials. If American citizens are ever going to get our rights and freedoms back, and limit the size and scope of government, we need to end the power and corruption of incumbency.
*I support Voting ballots in English-only. My goal is to reduce the cost of government. Therefore we must stop wasting taxpayer money by printing ballots and administering elections in multiple languages.
*I support the rights of citizens to bear arms. I believe in the Second Amendment- the part of our Bill of Rights that protects the individual right of all Americans to keep and bear arms. PERIOD. The first line of defense against terrorism is the armed American: let's start treating patriotic American gun owners with the respect they deserve for shouldering this great responsibility and taking the unrealistic pressure off of our National Guard (which cannot be everywhere at once). This makes infinitely more sense than putting gun owners in jail for owning guns that were perfectly legal in 1985, while we turn America into a vast arena of undefended potential terrorism targets. Gun laws are a failure- they fail to stop criminals from buying guns on the black market. Yet they leave law-abiding Americans defenseless at the hands of criminals.
***NOTE: If you haven't checked this site recently, I have strengthened my position on gun rights, due to the massive amounts of information that have been sent to me from well-informed gun owners across the nation. A special thank you to my Libertarian gun rights friends and fans. You are truly patriots.

"Government should be of the people, by the people, for the people. What part of that do politicians and government bureaucrats not understand? Government has no right to keep secrets from the people. The people are paying for it. It's THEIR government. They have a right to know everything going on. I will make government transparent. One big reality show. I will eliminate the back-alley deals, the smoke-filled rooms where secret deals are made. With me, what you see is what you'll get. I'll bring it all out into the open. The people will be back in charge."
--Wayne Allyn Root

Institute TOTAL TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY in government. EVERYTHING I do and decide as President will be open to public and media scrutiny.

Jury Rights I support an amendment being made to the US Constitution that would eliminate the practice of 'voir dire' (prosecutorial jury-rigging), make jury service optional, and clearly enumerating the right of the citizen-juror to judge the law in trials, as well as whether or not the law was broken. This amendment would also mandate that all jurors must be informed of their rights before the beginning of every trial. Such an amendment would clarify the vague language (referring to the "common law") of the 6th amendment to the US Constitution, and leave no room for tyrant judges and prosecutors to manipulate the law in favor of a conviction. Such an amendment has often been referred to as a "Fully Informed Jury Amendment."

*No more secrecy or cover-ups, no more smoke-filled rooms or back-alley deals.
*Drastically reduced foreign aid- stop funding countries that aren't our friends- utilize the carrot vs. stick.
*I support greater oversight of government spending and Pentagon spending.
*I support greater accountability and transparency at the United Nations. We must demand a cut in spending, waste, fraud and abuse of U.N. funds. We must be certain that American taxpayers no longer support activities counter to American interests and security.

"I will end the Nanny State. I will give personal responsibility back to the American people. The decisions on how to live your lives are yours. The decision on vaccinations for your children is yours. The decision on what to eat is yours. The decision on what to watch on your computer or television is yours. The decision to own a gun is yours. The decision to smoke or drink or gamble is yours. The decision to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is yours- as long as you accept personal responsibility. The job of government is not to protect you from yourself. Or to prosecute victimless crimes. Big Brother will no longer be open for business under my watch."
--Wayne Allyn Root

*More Freedom, Liberty & Rights for individuals
*End warrantless wiretaps immediately
*I oppose Eminent Domain by government- our government will NOT take private property under my watch.
*End the pointless (and expensive) prosecution of victimless crimes- end the police state/Big Brother. Billions of taxpayer monies are wasted by the investigation and prosecution of victimless crime.
*The war on drugs is a failure- this is one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money. Let's start with legalization of medical marijuana- this is a states' rights issue. The federal government has no constitutional right to interfere in this issue versus states that have approved the use of medical marijuana by individuals.
*I support Internet Freedom. I support the legalization, regulation & taxation of Online Gaming (just like U.K.). Prohibition has been proven a failure. Let's legalize, regulate and tax this growing industry- thereby bringing in billions of dollars in new tax revenues that we can use for deficit reduction, homeland security, or the war on terror.
*I will protect the rights and freedoms of American citizens to decide end of life issues- The Terri Schiavo Right to Die crisis should not have been a federal issue. Under my leadership, we will never again allow the federal government to interfere in personal decisions such as the freedom of individuals to choose to end their life with dignity. These are better left to the voters of each state.
*I oppose censorship and federal interference in the entertainment business-I support freedom of expression and oppose government censorship and over-regulation of entertainment, communications, media or technology. I support allowing the free markets to determine those choices. It is not the federal government's role to determine viewer choices. If viewers don't like what they are watching or hearing, they have the ultimate choice- CHANGE THE CHANNEL!
*I oppose a National ID card for Americans. Think of the implications- the same people responsible for the Veterans Administration boondoggle, when a lost laptop resulted in 40 million names going AWOL, now want to hold all our names and personal information for safekeeping? Perhaps they didn't get the memo- the only thing that we, the people, need protecting from is big government!
*I stand strongly for Free Market Healthcare. I will protect American consumer's rights and freedoms to choose holistic, natural, alternative health care products and services. I stand strongly against the FDA's attempt to regulate vitamins, herbs, healthy alternative products, and holistic health care services. In America- a country built on the principles of freedom and free markets- all consumers have the right to choose any healthy, holistic, natural remedy, product or healer they want to. To put these choices under the FDA's "Guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Medicine" is the best possible example of Big Brother eroding our rights and freedoms. It is a blatant violation of consumer and patient rights.

"Abortion is a states' rights issue. Education is a states' right issue. Medical marijuana is a states' rights issue. Gay marraige is a states' rights issue. Right to Die (typified by the Terri Schiavo crisis) is a states' rights issue. Come to think of it, almost every social issue of our day is a States' Rights issue. Let's get the federal government out of our lives."
--Wayne Allyn Root

STRONG on national defense and war on terror.
*Support our troops with the best weapons, protective body and vehicle armor.
*Illegal Immigration- I support securing our borders. We must first secure our borders to control the entry into our country of foreigners who pose a threat to the security, health, property or economic well-being of Americans. We must secure our bordersbefore we can deal with the issue of how to deal with illegal immigrants already in our country.
*I support making it easier for LEGAL immigrants with education & high tech skills to work legally in the USA.
*I oppose public funding and entitlements for illegal aliens.
*But I support providing a "Path to Citizenship" for 12 to 15 million illegal immigrants already here. Make it strict, difficult, and expensive- award citizenship only to those with no criminal record; who have proof of paid taxes; who learn mastery of the English language and American history; and who agree to pay a steep fine.

"Government screws up everything. If government says black, you can bet it's white. If government says sit still for your safety, you'd better run for your life!"
--Wayne Allyn Root

The WAR in Iraq:

*Learn the lesson that "Nation Building" is a failure of epic proportions- we are not the world's policeman. We do not have the right to stuff our beliefs of Democracy down the throats of other countries around the globe. Even if we did, Iraq proves we cannot afford it.

*One more lesson: Government wastes money. Government by its nature is corrupt. The military-industrial complex wants to expand government to increase its power and influence. We need strict oversight over defense contractors and private companies like Haliburton and Blackwater. Even during a time of war, I do not find it acceptable to allow our tax dollars to be wasted, or American taxpayers to be taken advantage of. Corporate welfare and waste is just as bad (and expensive) as welfare and entitlements for private citizens.

*Let's keep our military and national defense strong. One way to ensure this is to dramatically reduce foreign aid (especially to our enemies) and foreign military bases across the globe.

*It is time for South Korea, Japan and Western Europe to take responsibility (and pay) for their own national defense.

*Let's use the savings from these cuts in defense spending to increase the pay of our courageous U.S. military personnel.

"The legacy I want to leave is simple and straight-forward. I want to be known as the man who took the power away from the government and gave it back to the people. Who cut government down to size. Who took the side of the individuals versus government. Who let the taxpayers keep more of their own money. Who rewarded the people that produced all the wealth, started the businesses, took the risks, created the jobs, made the payrolls, and paid the taxes. Who cared about the rights, freedoms and liberty of the people. Who protected the constitution. Who made all Americans, Libertarians."
--Wayne Allyn Root

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