Saturday, June 25, 2011

archlinux again wins the admin award as best operating system in the world

its been 12 months

no other operating system has risen to de throne archlinux as the best os in the world
1 upgrade whole system piece by peice, rolling release, including kernel, no compiling, all binary
2 latest stable bianries of most packages, no compiling like gentoo, no old stuff like bsd
3 compile easily msot free apps since its linux, want ghc 7? to program haskell? no problem!!!, bsd and solaris had many problyems correctly compiling free project code
4 jfs resiser zfs ext4, and btrFS on the way to stable, usable now
5 with latest 2.6.39 kernel enjoy most stable least buggy kernel now, with all massive performance improvements, without having to trust redhat or debian to get around to it, or to get around to brinign thier userspace up to it, arch is there now, and will most of the time be there first
6 easy install via usb key and easy install menu unlike nixos
7 gobolinux is intersting candidate but the bugginess of its scripts kept it back
8 solaris is not even in running for lack of binary upgrade, system overcomplexity, problems compiing free softweare mostly developed on linux [ghc etc etc etc] and zfs instability when you run apps that must fight zfs for resources
9 netbsd came close but old pacakges and no rolling upgrade in binary form killed it
10 freebsd is a staunch competitor but its old binary pacakges, and inability to upgrade over major versions in all binary way archlinux allows means pain down the road, come back to arch in 1 year, run pacman -Syu and box is ready to go with latest kernel, no compiling :)

and so archlinux remains #1 until plan9 gets a friendlier user interface ro some docs, or another system goes rolling binary release :)

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