Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rush, Malzberg: Weiner Already Plotting Comeback

Rush, Malzberg: Weiner Already Plotting Comeback

Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 06:45 PM

By David A. Patten
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The high-profile resignation of New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner on Thursday came amidst speculation on Capitol Hill that his apology and departure from Congress are calculated preludes for another run at public office — possibly even in the special election to be held for the seat he’s vacating.

“He will run again,” popular New York City radio host and New York City insider Steve Malzberg tells Newsmax. “Whether it’s for mayor or Congress, he’ll be back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even ran for his own seat again!

“The guy is such a narcissist: He thanked his parents for instilling their values into him,” the radio host said. “He went back to the place where he announced his first campaign, as if this was some triumphant return.

Talk show giant Rush Limbaugh stated that Weiner’s resignation address Thursday came across as “a campaign speech for his next stab at elective office, whenever it is that he takes it.”

Limbaugh added: “I’m sure he’s already planning the Anthony Weiner Comeback Kid routine.”

Former Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett, now chief congressional correspondent for the National Journal, bolstered these scenarios when he reported on Malzberg’s radio show Thursday that there is widespread speculation on Capitol Hill that Weiner may actually run to get his own seat back in the upcoming special election in the fall.

Garrett described the entire Weiner episode as “the savage self-decapitation of a political career.”

Garrett said he sees three scenarios for Weiner’s future, one of which would involve running for the special election for his own vacated seat. Garrett said he has talked to Democrats on the Hill who “theorize it’s possible,” based on what he described as Weiner’s “enormous ego.”

Weiner’s two other options, according to Garrett: A wealthy constituent could find Weiner a job in his congressional district in Brooklyn. Another option would be for a “well-financed sugar daddy in the liberal Democratic world” to offer Weiner a sinecure at a think tank where he could write articles and make cable television appearances attacking Republicans.

Garrett also said Weiner could write a mea culpa book to help him work his way back into the mainstream.

In his interview with Newsmax, Malzberg scoffed at the notion Weiner could get elected in hardboiled New York, in the wake of the scandal over the lewd images he sent to women via his twitter account.

“He might run in the special election, but no way he’d be re-elected, absolutely not,” Malzberg tells Newsmax. “And mayor -- you’ve got a Christine Quinn whose going to run on the Democratic side. She a gay president of the city council. How’s Weiner going to position himself against her?”

But Malzberg said there’s no doubt in his mind that liberal firebrand Weiner “envisions himself as absolutely being in politics. No doubt about it -- that’s how sick I believe he is.”

Malzberg predicts the mainstream media will abet Weiner’s campaign to rehabilitate his image.

“Look, they’re going to have him on The View,” he said. “And they’re going to tell him, ‘Oh, you’re so wonderful, how’s your wife?’ And the pity machine is going to roll out.”

At one point in his speech, Weiner seemed to focus primarily on himself, stating that he was stepping down “most importantly so that I can continue to heal from the damage that I have caused.”

The scene turned ugly, however, when unidentified hecklers berated Weiner and interrupted his statement. One could be heard shouting: "Bye-bye pervert!"

Weiner won’t be getting much sympathy from the conservatives he excoriated for so many years.

Talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh blasted Weiner’s apology address on Thursday, calling him a “vicious, mean-spirited man” who as a congressman frequently lost his temper on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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