Friday, June 3, 2011

dems try give more than 99 week unemploymet to union fucks, end all pensions, end unemployment

Well, I have a great example for you. Back in February, the Club for Growth key-voted a bill that would extend the "Trade Adjustment Assistance" program or TAA. This pro-union, redistribution scheme offers "assistance" to workers who lose their jobs to trade. First, the decision on what constitutes a job lost to trade is frequently abused, and the benefits handed out are on top of unemployment benefits. Also, the program is really just a big sop to Big Labor and it needs to be ended. President Obama wants an extension of the TAA bill in exchange for passage of three pending pro-growth free trade agreements.

However, Reuters reported this week that:

"...Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives, and the Club for Growth has issued a "key vote alert" calling on Congress to reject renewal of the expanded TAA program.

"TAA is duplicative (and overly generous) because the unemployed already have access to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits thanks to the many extensions already passed by Congress," the fiscally conservative lobby group said. After the Club for Growth statement, House Republicans pulled the TAA bill from the floor."

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