Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mining? massive democrat issue, wow how about talking about number of people buying a house? Democrats do not work together with anyone they want things thier way or they lock up government, look at obama during the 14B budget battle in 2011, he said i cant send out social security check, even though he easly could haev and then cut from there as palin said, yet dems scream Palin is uncool or dumb, when she is 100% correct bootiack 1 second ago barrett babbling, dems so fucking desperate, and no if unions pour money into wisconsin locale thats not local money thats national money u fuckin hypocrit, and yes unions should face monopoly charges from anti trust law, since they are national corps who have laws that workers have to donate unwillingly like it or not, yet can attack any state, and that is unfair leverage, the people in that state are most important bootiack 1 second ago Wow they 2 question askers obviously democrats, and they bring up the criminal investigation that has nothing to do with the issues directly helping the democrat goon. bootiack 1 second ago democat trying to grab time, shut down lol bootiack 1 second ago

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