Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cliff's Notes: 9 year old boy goes to school and tells the counselor that his mom and sister are dead at home. PD show up and find a woman and a 10 year old girl dead, a man beaten to within an inch of his life (he may/may not recover) and an "unharmed" 4 year old boy. More details come out over the course of a week or so, that the mom and daughter had been sexually assaulted as well. Seemingly unrelated, a couple women are randomly attacked, one woman got away, but one was raped. The perp left his Cleveland Indians hat on the rape attack. They're finally able to catch the scum, and DNA links him to the attack on the family at home. Turns out he used a "claw hammer" to bust in and attack this family in their own home. As of right now, the news is reporting that it appears he picked his victims randomly- they look like crimes of opportunity.

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