Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frank Miller highly overrated

watchmen sucks and I think he is highly overrated by wikipedia in history of comics, I think really sad, since gods liek art adams not mentioned while this idiot is now revered and given films, while he sucks

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asdf said...

Was that a serious post? What are you, a 12 year old trying to sound intelligent on the internet? First of all dumbass, Frank Miller did NOT write Watchmen. Alan Moore did. And for you to say it "sucks" without much of a real reason only emphasizes your stupidity. Can you even construct a real sentence? Perhaps that's why you heavily dislike quality literature, it's beyond your own fucking comprehension. I just read more of your idiotic posts, it seems you're unable to type more than a short, unreadable phrase that primarily center around yourself bitching and moaning about things in the world you barely understand. Get a life and read a fucking book you degenerate moron.