Saturday, December 10, 2011

ron paul should be president

just follow the constitution no fed no income tax balanced budget no federal shit states do most stuff policing world giving tax money bailouts case law bullshit

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global said...

Ron Paul is the most transparent, intelligent hope that we have for a leader. He has common sense strategies, real solutions, and by far the best ability to represent the US in foreign Policy and improving the position of the USA worldwide.
he is focused on keeping our country safe, he's solid strong, and a go-getter with common sense solution to balancing the budget, and improving our country all the way around. He doesn't loose his cool, doesn't have naive stupid body language and demeanor that would ill represent our country when in front of other cultures leaders. These other "wanna be" clowns are so incredibly naive and uneducated with regards to cultural sensitivities and how to respectfully and intelligently conduct themselves, it's scary! our next president needs to not only focus more on straightening out and strengthening our USA, but have clear knowledge of how to negotiate, and represent our best interests in positioning the USA and improving the respect received internationally. Paul is not Flashy- trying to get a ticket off his looks, not a rah rah cheerleader. but this guy has balls. He's got solid strategies. Paul's transparent and honest with the public, he's all about exposing the truth to the citizens of the country regarding the Political dishonesty , corporate cover-ups , and offering well thought out common sense plans and solutions to improve our privacy, our rights, and economy!
He's NOT someone we have to worry about disgracing us or embarrassing us in front of other cultures and foreign leaders with stupid gestures or dumb shit coming out of his mouth without thinking. he's clearly more intelligent and far more intellectual than any of his current competition. I may not agree with 100% of his positions , (he could do much better with regards to woman's privacy, woman's right to proper access to health care and choice), but he's far more on target on most issues where his competitors are not even close! Too bad he's not an independent. a perfect ticket would be Ron Paul/Hillary Clinton as VP!