Friday, December 23, 2011

facts and democrats are not friends

fact: fed is illegal fact: income tax is unconstitutional fact: debt of 10T from t total 16T and counting under obama is just raisign taxes fact: global warming disproved fact: welfare it 755 of gdp, while defense is 20% and invents everything fact: all welfare programs have result opposite of intent fact: overspending and bailout simply are given to obamas friends fact: 2008 caused by government banking fed fannie freddy al same gov banking thanks demrats dodd frank and friends! fact: austrain economics and was is smeared as spply side IS economics, while kenesian economics has been debnked and is simply politcs for debt spending, sending more than it takes in by government and hiding it by delaying payment and possibly default with a deficit fact: fed has loaned to other countries, which is treason fact: 4 dollar gas from 1.50 under bush is the smallest part of the obama inflation, where the real snake lies is backfilling all the exorbitant housing prices to be normal, since the state taxes based on price, letting housing slide down to 1992 prices as it should would reduce gov incoem hugely, and put more pressure than ever to stop democrats overspending fact: public school is not constitutional fact: FDR made great depression great fact: fed failed in 19020s 1998 and 2008 with 1000s of phd in keyensian economics from princeton and ivy league etc fact: unregualted computer industry is one of main economics miracle of usa, hmm unreguled=success, while car corps with unions and tons fo governmetn protections n tons of lawyer fee can't make a sellable competitive car and need bailouts

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