Saturday, March 12, 2011

walker si right, end union pensions 100% not 10%

Walker, elected with 52 percent of the vote in November, said he hasn’t been fazed by weeks of demonstrations, saying “they have every right to be heard.”

“The countless numbers of taxpayers and millions and millions of people who live in this state, the middle-class taxpayers of this state, also have a right to be heard,” Walker said in a news conference. “They’re the ones who have had to pay the higher taxes and the higher burden of excessive government.”

Hundreds of protesters gathered inside the Capitol, filling stairways, hallways and bridges leading to the governor’s gallery, booing and chanting “Recall Walker.”

Walker signed the bill less than 24 hours after the state Assembly gave final approval, capping three weeks of protests at the Capitol. He also rescinded a warning to unions that he would fire 1,500 state workers, according to a news release. The governor said the bill’s passage ended the need to cut the workforce.

Democrats and organized labor called the bill an attack on workers and plan a rally outside the Capitol tomorrow.

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