Thursday, March 10, 2011

bodybuilding society and sexual scarcity

imagine the msot unbelievable wanton slut imaginable ready to fuck at one seconds notice even when sick dirty tired or back from some onerous task

this is your average males daily life

the avg male would fuck 6 women a day he found attractive and never bother to know thier name ro face again and be quite happy with 6 new strange women the next

everythign you buy and work for it to try n get more sex
houses etcetc

bodybuilding comes into play to modify your body although insanely the body most women want a man to have is ridcules as faggy n twinky n too dfeminie

tons of harsh sprints n cardio and small wating for ripped frame maybe with lil curls for arm is wha twomen drool over

so the insanity fo humanity with wars and competion msut remain


homo insanicus

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