Thursday, March 3, 2011

(1:03:42 PM)cugel: man go direct

(1:03:42 PM)cugel: man go direct
(1:03:44 PM)cugel: gooooo
(1:03:45 PM)cugel: direct
(1:03:49 PM)cugel: I should write a book
(1:03:52 PM)cugel: goooo direct
(5:14:30 PM)cugel:
(5:14:38 PM)cugel: get hadnfull of cash
(5:14:43 PM)cugel: and find a woman in NEED
(3/3/2011 11:06:48 AM)cugel: duude
(11:20:16 AM) rhialto: the trend !
(11:20:48 AM) rhialto: IWM @ $82.80
(11:21:08 AM)cugel: rules!!!
(11:21:12 AM)cugel: discipline!
(11:21:17 AM)cugel: man stickign to simple rules
(11:21:22 AM)cugel: fckign sticking to rules motherfucker
(11:21:23 AM) rhialto: it works !
(11:21:25 AM)cugel: man
(11:21:28 AM)cugel: the power of rules
(11:21:30 AM)cugel: RULES
(11:21:35 AM) rhialto: i got 3000 shares
(11:21:52 AM) rhialto: might get some more
(11:26:32 AM)cugel: WHY NOT!!!
(11:26:42 AM)cugel: man if u follow ruels in gym u get good body!
(11:26:59 AM) rhialto: went this morning but unfortunately i had no fun
(11:30:20 AM)cugel: obviously followed 0 rules u fool!!
(11:30:40 AM) rhialto: well i just wanted to go even to show up it is hard for me
(11:30:52 AM) rhialto: are you going later ?
(11:31:28 AM)cugel: run run run!!
(11:31:31 AM)cugel: run my gut away!
(11:31:35 AM)cugel: eat less!
(11:31:36 AM)cugel: man
(11:31:41 AM)cugel: i feel like being single again
(11:31:46 AM)cugel: girl is mental pain and work
(11:32:21 AM) rhialto: well all you have to do is to meet her onece or twice a week
(11:39:12 AM)cugel: man she wants 6
(11:39:16 AM)cugel: and mad if i dont text
(11:39:17 AM)cugel: man
(11:39:20 AM)cugel: i am being a PUSSY
(11:39:25 AM)cugel: women want monopoly
(11:39:29 AM)cugel: SAY NO
(11:39:32 AM)cugel: that should be my rtule
(11:39:35 AM)cugel: no monopoly
(11:44:11 AM) rhialto: that's right man Tom says it too, " just say no ! "

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