Friday, June 22, 2012

write movies oh yeah everything is D&D, instead fo 1 or 3 D&D elements put 100 into movie

magic gods demons planar travel gods fighting golems cyclopses giants elves dwarves faery folk moving trees giant lizards dinosaurs goblins lizard men cthulhu gods wre wolves wights sons of yudkuss mind flayers rakshasas beholders evil priests necromancers summoners alchemists dungeons dragons giant bugs giant spiders anthropomorphic animals psionics fighting monks pirates ninjas assassins thieves guilds trolls orgres endless forests endless jungles skeletons skelton knights mummies orcs duergar rocs chimearae griffins ghols fetch oriental demons flying carpets genii rune swords artifical hand from alien being with powers ancient artifacts books of forbidden knowledge mauls death knights

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