Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama Loses BIG TIME!....The 20 Trillion Dollar Man!!!

Obama Loses BIG TIME!....The 20 Trillion Dollar Man!!! 90 posts by 18 authors in alt.politics Tracey12 Post reply Jan 13 (9 days ago) Unexpectedly the situation is changing for the GOP. Although the Republicans have had few worthy candidates, and certainly no Ronldous Magus types, to their benefit the global economy is falling off a cliff. The EU has been making almost weekly deals withe P.I.G.S. to rescue them and the entire EU economy from certain disaster. The problem is, each week, the proposal is shot down by new data, or in this weeks scenario, the banks are refusing to help Greece under the current proposal. It is 99 percent certain that the EU is going to suffer a great recession, and now, with the complicating factors of PIGS defaulting on loans, the situation is dire indeed. Today, those in the know say that the global economy and the US economic picture are going to suffer a sharp downfall just about election time, thus Obama is almost certainly a one termer, thank HEAVENS! NO president has ever been reelected when the economy was faltering and it could be blamed on him. Obama will spend ANOTHER 4.8 TRILLION THIS YEAR ALONE! Meaning that we will be almost 20 Trillion in debt, and it took over 200 years to get to Ten Trillion, and only 4 to double that number to 20 Trillion Under Obama's increasingly iron fisted rule. GOODBYE UNCLE OBAMA! GOODBYE BIG SIS JANET BD NAPALITANO! GOODBYE AUTHORITARIANS! HELLO THE NEW REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT!!! LET FREEDOM REIGN!

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